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  1. bones

    What would be your All time Asia ODI XI

    ODI XI? Does anyone even care?
  2. So this nonsense again? I guess it's time to recycle old crappy topics again. From the 80s onwards, the mighty Aussies dominated and so the bulk and core of the team should be with them. I hate to say it to you guys but I think the only 2 Asians who I would place in the side are Sehwag and possibly Sanga, but even then you might pick Gilly who was more destructive. Wasim Akram and especially Tendulkar are so over rated. Sure they've got impressive ODI stats, but in tests there have been better guys and guys who don't wilt against the best or under pressure.
  3. bones

    Kohli in tournament finals

    Kohli is a champion ODI batsman and I love watching him bat when in full flow. He's got time to sort out his record in finals, but that is not what he should be judged on. He's still got a lot to do in the format that matters the most. For a guy with his stroke making ability, his patience and defence have been found wanting. He will improve I'm sure.
  4. bones

    TOP 5 all rounders of all time

    I think based on the stats in the only form of the game that matters, from the big 4 all rounders. Imran Khan is ahead of the other 3. In fact if you put aside any bias you might have for someone from your country, it's not even close. Imran's bowling is almost as good as Hadlee's and his batting is way better. His bowling is far superior to Kapil and Botham. Sobers is top of the pile of course, but I would put Miller, Khan and Kallis at 2,3 and 4. Any of them could be interchanged. I would pick Gilchrist as no 5. Not sure why he isn't in the category as an all-rounder. Kapil might make a top 10, but no way is he above the guys mentioned above. So I would have it as follows. 1. Sobers. 2= Miller 2= Khan 2= Kallis 5= Gilchrist
  5. The problem with you and it appears you're not alone in this matter is, you have full blown hatred for Pakistanis and so none of your comments can be taken seriously. Pakistanis do have a culture of marrying cousins, but based on the global figures, as a sheer nmber India has more inbreeding. The stats show Pakistan has 6% more inbreeding, but the overall number is higher in India. So it's not likely India has sorted out this issue either. Since no demographics are officially released regarding the elections you cannot say that one party has more x or y voters. But if students are part of the reason why Corbyn was so successful, kudos to him, these students will be the mature adults of the future. I completely disagree on the point about people voting for Corbyn, it's quite clear that the reason why the Tories lost so many seats was that they focused almost entirely on Brexit and Labour focused on a wider area or at least that was the impression given to the public. Seems like you are blinded by racism and hatred. Grow up, learn to be more tolerant cause you're making a fool of yourself.
  6. Firstly, bat first and bat big is a general rule that's gone through the ages in cricket. It for obvious reasons, firstly less pressure piling up the runs and of course easier defend when you have a huge total on the board. However you have to add in other factors when making a decision. Will the pitch deteriorate? Weather, strengths and weaknesses of the teams. Based on all these factors, it wasn't as bad of a decision as Indians are making out. The only thing I would have said is, Pakistan had been bowling very well first in England, so maybe taking them away from that would have been a good idea.
  7. Before this post I thought you were a troll, now I know you're not. You're a monkey without a clue. Firstly, population doesn't quite equate to economical success (GDP for example). If that was a factor, China and India would be at the top of the pile, they're not. I agree on that Pakistan shouldn't get half of the money if they play a bilateral series, but they should get a fair amount. If more people watch from an Indian perspective because India are playing their chief sporting rivals, then surely that should be considered a factor when sorting out the finances. You mention Pakistanis supporting Corbyn. I'm not sure how you come to that conclusion, they make up 1.2 million of the 64million in the UK, even if every single one of those 1.2 million was eligible to vote (some aren't due to nationality status and/or age) then there's still millions more votes required to add up to the figure that Labour had this general election. Also you really shouldn't speak about things you have no idea about. Here in the UK people aren't voting for the leaders, they are voting for parties and it just so happens that Corbyn is a leader of one of those parties. Corbyn might go, but his party will continue.
  8. What's with India and to a lesser extend Pakistan's obsession with limited overs cricket? Until either of these sides tours and wins in Australia you can't really brag about much. I know it's difficult for Indians and Pakistanis to contemplate this, but ODIs and T20 are low skilled matches full of garbage. In India especially, ordinary batsmen are glorified because of their feats on the flat tracks served up everywhere.
  9. bones

    India vs Pakistan since 2003 Centurion

    Not sure now that Misbah and Younus are retred, perhaps given that fact I'd pick India. But Pakistan's test side is very good, they posed far more problems for us here last year than India did on their last tour.
  10. bones

    India vs Pakistan since 2003 Centurion

    You're a funny poster, I've been following your posts recently and I have to say I've not seen many people post as much biased junk as you. You can't seem to assess things properly. If India chooses not to play with Pakistan, both India and the fans can't then moan about the H2H, not that anyone should really give a sh*t about that. Pakistan under Misbal were an awful side, I agree with you on that. But even under Misbah they still had an attack if they showed up could hurt anyone, that's part of the reason why they flourished in the format of cricket that matters. I don't know what an aaney series is, but if you using green wickets as an excuse, lol. Go watch stick cricket highlights ffs. Green wickets are the heartbeat of this sport. If it wasn't for green wickets then this sport might only exist in India.
  11. bones

    India vs Pakistan since 2003 Centurion

    Let me give my perspective on this. Firstly it's quite evident that Pakistan have historically been better than Indian. Pakistan had a superior side right from the 70s through to even the early 00s. In fact I think the 2003 Centuiron match you mentioned, even then that was a good Pakistan. India have been stronger mentally which is the most important factor, in the big matches and some of those are really memorable. 2003 was actually less memorable than 1996 for some reason. However all of that counts for sh*t. It could be 100-0 either way and in my opinion fans shouldn't lose sleep over it. ODI cricket is meaningless. It is now and has been for a long time. The actual record you need to look at is the H2H in tests and the test series results. Unfortunately both of these countries have historically prepared flat tracks which have produce so many draws. But from this sample we can see the series are 4-4 between them but in dividual tests Pakistan lead by 12-9. So based on this figure and not World Cups, or other mickey mouse ODI matches, it's fare to say Pakistan have been the better test side. I don't want to see Australia vs England in an ODI series or T20 series, even Aus vs England in a WC final would do nothing to excite me. But give me a 5 test huge summer of Ashes cricket anyday. The same should apply to you guys you should only care about the test results, a 5 match series with 5 good cricket wickets and not the usual highways they produce will give us the information we all want. Right now a 5 match test series between the two sides on good wickets would be fascinating. If it were to happen, I'd probably put my money on Pakistan, but ever so hesitantly.
  12. Again I didn't know what Mauka Mauka is until this comment and had to read up on it. Again, correct me if I'm wrong but this appears to be an Indian sports ad prior to previous Pakistan vs Indian matches where they highlight Pakistan losing and not being able to celebrate. In other words Mauka Mauka is a song created by the blue side of the border taking the piss out of their rivals for their H2H records in the big matches. So if after years of being on the receiving end, if the Pakistanis are then giving India a bit of payback by singing a song that was aimed at them, what is wrong? I mean it's a song, it's not like it's anti-Indian chants and protests. Let them enjoy it, it's their time, just as it has been for you and other Indians over the years. As for how Pakistani fans are behaving, from what I can see, they've been no different to what Indians have been like in their wins. I'm one of those works in an office with a lot of Indians and Pakistanis and believe me, the Indians dished out just as much in 2011 as the Pakistanis have in 2017. In fact some of the Pakistanis were a bit on the tame side, perhaps to do with them fasting. Didn't know what the word ghatiya meant, so had to google and it returns the result as inferior. So you're calling Pakistani fans inferior, when actually I've seen nothing this tournament or in previous tournaments to suggest one is better than the other. I really think you need to calm down, it seems like you haven't accepted this defeat properly and are picking on other minor things to write abusive stuff about Pakistan and the fans. Chill out, they won a big match vs their rivals, provided they not harming anyone, let them celebrate. You've had plenty of opportunities to celebrate in the past and you will continue to do so.
  13. Surely rather than target them for what they've said you shoudl have a go at Sehwag for instigating it? I mean you seem to completely ignore the fact that by in large the baap-beta comment has been coming from the blue side of the border. I'm sure Pakistani fans and players have done just as bad in the past, but in this instance it was primarily because of Sehwag's comments. Why choose to completely ignore that?
  14. bones


    Trust me when I say this. If the opening point you're making is about the decision after a toss and not the actual performance during the match, then you really don't know what sport is about. Win or lose the toss, bat first or 2nd, you have to perform. India did not lose this match at the toss, they lost it over the course of the match, where they were soundly beaten in every area.
  15. bones


    But what if Pakistan had won the toss and elected to bat? Should India have given up on the match after losing the toss? Winning the toss can be an advantage, but on a true wicket where the surface doesn't deteriorate throughout, it shouldn't have that much of an impact. India lost 1 match, albeit a huge match against their chief rivals, but they reached the final. Which means they were 2nd best thing tournament, I think you're going overboard. It's not like India right now are as powerful as the Taylor, Waugh or early Ponting Aus sides.

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