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  1. I6MTW

    Best Historical war/action films

    Yeah, I heard of it. I can always watch it subtitles as well. Have no issues :). Have to see Downfall as well.
  2. I6MTW

    Best Historical war/action films

    Ok will check them out. Have to find a good website to see directors cut of KOH for free.
  3. I6MTW

    Yeh Meri Family

    Yea but like I said, in terms of Indian serials/dramas it's a start. As good as it gets.
  4. I6MTW

    Yeh Meri Family

    Really? Sacred Games is the best show to come out of India so far.
  5. Lol, this also from your "friends uncle"?
  6. I6MTW

    What happened to tennis

    As of this September, all the slam winners are 30 years of age at least. Youngest slam finalist is thiem(25). If the big 3 domination(or big4/5 if you believe in that) continues for the next few years. Then all of the Gen Useless will be 30 years and next gen mid 20s. Thats two generations that haven't stepped up.
  7. If India wants to keep their no 1 ranking then they should keep winning and concentrating at home.
  8. I6MTW

    [ BBC Sport ] Top 5 test batsmen !!!

    Lol last two years jadeja has a better average and performance batting wise than Rohit.
  9. I6MTW

    Bollywood's most impactful films

    Actually, come to think of it, most of dilip kumars movies were quite influential. Truly one of, if not the greatest Indian actor. During the time of theatrical acting and over emoting , dilip Kumar carved a niche for himself with his natural, subtle acting. He didn't overact or over emphasize, his was purely methodical. He was an inspiration for the succeeding generations. Theres a saying " before there was Marlon Brando there was Dilip Kumar". India's first method actor.
  10. That holds true for anyone though, not just celebs. Plus for celebs they have two lives, public and personal. And after all its the public which hypes up celebs and idolizes them. Thus creating a perception that they are first class citizens etc. Its easier to build an image/or stunt with the public. They'll believe what they see.
  11. I6MTW

    Best Historical war/action films

    Lol Mohenjo-Daro really? And lagaan and 1942 are not historical films. Even though they are set in a earlier time period and all(British era).
  12. I6MTW

    Best Historical war/action films

    I have to see Ben hur. How is it? Kingdom of heaven I heard is not that good. Original that is. I heard the directors cut is fantastic. Same for Troy as well. Spartacus is another good classic.
  13. Lol that's around my age but your posts are quite cynical for your age . I agree people at not be what they seem, it could be true but unless the proof is in the pudding we cannot tarnish anyones image and assume they're like that.
  14. I can do 3 kg in 15. Literally
  15. Saw Gladiator, Braveheart, 300, and The Patriot recently, which brought me to this topic. So many great cult classics over the years. This genre had so many inaccuracies as well. Braveheart had only 2-3 accurate things in the whole movie. List out the best ones over the years and your favourite ones.

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