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  1. I6MTW

    Roger Federer completes 100 Titles

    Amazing! True legend! Unparalleled in the sport. GOAT Now time for Project 110.
  2. Obviously, war is not the solution. War will lead to a huge destruction of both the countries and its economy, not too mention if both of them start using nuclear weapons, then there is no winner, the whole world will suffer.
  3. Yea, Kamal has declined. alot, particularly in this century. But yeah, his works, along with Mohanlal, Dilip, ANR, and some others etc are at the top of Indian cinema.
  4. Already answered in my other post. I regard him highly as an actor. Not gonna comment on his personal incidents.
  5. I consider him a great actor in the sense, he basically introduced method acting to the sub continent. His acting was more realistic, as well as natural compared to others. He influenced many acting generations to come. Even Kamal Hassan, amitabh have all initiated dilip Kumar in one way or another. Now im not supporting dilip kumars actions or whatever he did in the past. I can't really comment on that as I don't have much information on that. But I do regard , Dilip Kumar, the actor highly. Similarly to Kamal as well. I tend to differentiate professional life and personal life.
  6. Dilip Kumar got an award by Pak? Well , then not really gonna dispute that one, he has been acting even before partition I think and is perhaps the greatest actor produced in the subcontinent. Anyway how is he in the same league as Fidel Castro, Gaddafi, and Abdullah Gul?
  7. I think only the very educated Pakistani's actually know the real situation of Pakistan. Most of the Pakistani's are illiterate and follow only the paid media by government and military, giving the wrong opinion and image of India to them. Educated Pakistani's know that the govt and military is in control of the whole state and is funding terrorism to the country.
  8. For this who are aiming at a war or a full fledged attack, here's some new perspective on why it won't or shouldn't happen:
  9. Yeaaa, Tamils and Bengalis used to be one of the most intelligent and truly intellectual of the Indians back in the day. But sadly, they've all become a shadow of the past.
  10. An Indian(Tamil) Muslim speaks about the attack from his viewpoint. Read the comments from Instagram followers. Most of then are Tamils, they're theory is that it was planned by bjp. @Gollum @veluthis is what I meant about anti-national , even if what he said has some fact, most of the Tamils are pro-islam with the Notion that not all Muslims are bad, only very few etc. For this who don't know Tamil ask me or velu for the translation.
  11. They are not really secular or liberals. They're just pseudo secular , and pseudo liberal. They don't even know the actual meaning or ideology behind the term. As a fellow liberal, a true liberal, secular will criticize and look at all aspects of life(an issue) with a broad minded approach. Most of them are either minority appeasing, or following certain far left/communist agendas.
  12. India has one of the largest tennis followings in the world! A huge market for the ATP. Im sure they will lose huge viewership if atp matches are banned.
  13. I6MTW

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    Lol, it is times like these where we need a trump everywhere(though still not certain if he's actually serious about preventing Islamization or its just a gimmick by him)
  14. Lol seeman himself is a Christian!
  15. I6MTW

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    Okay!, Maybe the one's I have interacted with are the exceptions.

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