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  1. I6MTW

    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

    I have had similar experiences at my home. I would play NFAK music in the car or at my home and there would be criticism from eveywhere saying he is because, tf is this etc. I would say you wouldn't understand this music and FYI he has one of the highest vocal ranges and versatility in alaps etc etc. Once I played Allah Hoo and when those alaps started to come in, everyone said change this ****, it's horrible etc. So yeah even ive had similar experiences. But Allah Hoo is actually a very good composition. It's nice to listen too. Very meaning full and the alaps are amazing. Im not religious myself but certain religious songs do send you into a trance.
  2. I6MTW

    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

    Each to their own I guess, in order to fully judge a singer u have to listen to their live uncut performances. Even I never had the patience to listen to performances that goes on for hours, be it Carnatic or Hindustani. But sometimes during those performances you'll find them engaging in high level alaps, sargams, vocal ranges etc. I listen only for that. Or else the edited versions on saavn, gaana etc are much easier to listen to. As for Bollywood popularising NFAK, I agree they have been doing that since the 80s and 90s when he was at his peak. He was the most copied artist. But, his compositions were very good, some of his qawalis(Allah Hoo, Yeh Jo halka halka suroor hai, sanu ek pal chain, mere Rashke Qamar and so many more) were very good, he good at composing, creating music, improvising on lyrics during live performances etc. So his praise and hype was well deserved. It's difficult to say who is the greatest singer of subcontinent or even all time for that matter but NFAK is up there at the top as one of them. He certainly is the greatest of his genre.
  3. I6MTW

    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

    The reason why I compared both is because yesudas is also a Carnatic singer but he is not nearly as talented as BMK.
  4. I6MTW

    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

    Nice! I have listened to Dr.BMK before. One of the highest rated Carnatic singers. I'd rate him above Yesudas(who gets more praise ).
  5. I6MTW

    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

    But even BMK used to drink, and there were rumours he'd have a peg or two before performing. As for connecting with audience, most of the great singers/musicians were very good at connecting with the audience. NFAK was very good at doing that, sending audiences into a trance. He did so all over the world, even foreigners would sit and listen to his music while being intoxicated at concerts.
  6. I6MTW

    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

    I know Carnatic music. You don't have to tell me about it. It originated from purandara dasa from my state Karnataka. And I have listened to the Carnatic stalwarts like Balamurali Krishna, Yesudas, Nithyashree Mahadevan, os arun etc. As for Hindustani, I have listened to pandit bhimsen Joshi, bade Ghulam Ali Khan, etc. Now I know very well about Nusrat Fateh ali Khan, and I have been listening to him before all these Bollywood remixes. I have seen his live performances and recordings on YouTube. Ik for a fact that Nusrat possessed one of the widest vocal ranges ranging from extreme high to low. He had a six octave vocal range. Most musicians don't even cross 3 or 4. He was well versed in Hindustani music and could perform various different raagas such as raaga darbari, deepak, saraswati, durga etc. He would go on for minutes when he performed a raaga. So I know what is said when I made that comment. You should listen to his live performances they are much different than the recorded versions in studio. I don't rate lata mangeshkar as indias greatest singer. She might have a case as well as rafi(probably more so) but it is impossible to judge who is India's greatest singer because of the different styles and art forms of singing there is. You cannot compare a classical singer and a film singer. And you cannot compare a classical singer with a rock , jazz, pop, or even western classical/opera singer. Both are different styles, while one may find it easier to learn these after learning Indian classical(since it is one of the more difficult forms) but that doesn't mean one can sing everything after learning Indian classical. This is a common myth which I don't agree.
  7. I6MTW

    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

    It is sad that he had to go so early. He easily had another 2-3 decades of his work. He was really starting to cement his place at the top of world music! He wouldve been a household name all over the world had he been alive now!
  8. I6MTW

    Stan Lee creater of Spider Man, Iron Man died

    No replies to this? RIP Stan Lee. He was responsible for the creation of one of the most popular comic enterprises in the world! Many famous superheroes have become icons and household names because of him.
  9. I6MTW

    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

    Oh yeah! Missed that!
  10. I6MTW

    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

    Some of his best works: Akhiyaan udeek dhiyan Allah Hoo Mere Rashke Qamar Nit khair manga Sanu ik pal Tum ek ghorakh danda ho Yeh Jo halka halka suroor hai
  11. I6MTW

    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

    True, but he could sing other genres like ghazals, hamds, naats, nasheeds etc, and he was well trained in Hindustani music, he could sing in various different ragas and pitches, purely classical, he was no less than bhimsen Joshi and bade Ghulam Ali Khan. His voice had a six octave vocal ranges. One of the highest there is.
  12. I6MTW

    2018 ATP Finals

    Starts today! Federer, Nishikori,Thiem,and Anderson are in Group Lleyton Hewitt. Djokovic,Isner,Cilic,and Zverev are in Group Guga Kuerten. Djokovic remains the favourite this year for the title.
  13. I6MTW


    Then is it not distracting for the bowler if the batsmen decides to switch hit or reverse sweep before the ball is delivered? What about those incidents? Same should go for both ways. It's biased towards the batsmen.
  14. I6MTW

    Happy Diwali to All !!!

    Happy Diwali guys!

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