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  1. I6MTW

    Why did you vote for the party ?

    I feel BJP was overconfident in 2004. Which showed the result. Even this BJP was overconfident till Dec 18. Then after the Assembly elections of MP, RJ,CH, etc they did course correction just in the nick of time. It paid off.
  2. I6MTW

    2019 French Open

    Starts Sunday. Nadal is favourite as always. Any doubts regarding his clay chances this season were erased the moment I saw his draw. Seriously how may easy draws can a playwr get? When was the last time Nadal had a difficult draw? All qualifiers in his quarter, the toughest players are Goffin and Nishikori, that's saying alot. They should just hand the title to Nadal. All the other contenders will tire themselves out in Novak's half and face a fresh and confident Rafa in the final.
  3. I6MTW

    Andy Murray could quit any time

    He is most likely going to play with Kyrgios in Wimbledon. Jamie said he doesn't want to play with Andy and compromise his chances of winning the tournament.
  4. I6MTW

    Who should replace Rahul Gandhi in Congress?

    Shashi Tharoor is the best option. Amrinder singh is too old, or else I would've suggested him. Even Nandan Nilekani is also a good option.
  5. Yes, you can google it. Cameron Diaz 1992 tape john Rutter. Plus there are other videos as well. I don't want to post any porn videos or links here, or else I would've posted the link.
  6. Cameron Diaz started as a softcore actress before entering into the mainstream industry. Anyway I don't understand how it would matter, since as a person she is a nice woman. Considering people in India get famous just for winking or attending an RCB match, it doesn't seem that far fetched or bad that a pornographic actress becomes a bollywood actress. I'm pretty sure, in other countries there might be some who've acted in porn movies before entering into the film industry.
  7. There are a lot of Tv show actresses, wwe stars and hollywood actresses that have done porn (softcore, etc) before becoming famous. Eg. Cameron Diaz , Sandra Bullock, a lot of the GOT stars etc
  8. I6MTW

    Publications to ignore

    There is a reason why the TOI is called the toilet paper of India. They put fake news, shitty headlines, a lot of mistakes in their publications. They encourage trolling or celebrities. The Hindu is anyway better than TOI, only drawback is their political ideology(even TOI is leaning left after their pulwama headline), otherwise everything else is covered well.
  9. Alot of the Game of thrones actors were pornstars as well, I heard.
  10. I6MTW

    This season of GoT has been disappointment

    Hmm, maybe I'll give it a shot.
  11. I6MTW

    England gloating thread

    Honestly if pitches are going to be like this, then the WC CAN be one by the team with the strongest batting..All England needs to do is score 350-400 every match in the group stages, and in the knockouts 300 is enough because of the pressure situation. They certainly bat as deep as possible(no 11 for * sake), and it is not as if their bowling is bad, certainly better than our bowling in the past when we have won tournaments, or the bowling of some other teams of the past. Eng bowling can deliver especially if their batting fires for them.
  12. I6MTW

    ATP World Tour 2019

    Rome always has the worst scheduling. For such a prestigious tournament it's sad. Tournament has been lackluster. A couple of nice matches here and there, but scheduling spoiled a tournament which could've had great lineups QF onwards. Instead we had players who were fatigued and tired from playing two matches in a day, who either withdrew or bent over.
  13. I6MTW

    Greatest tennis rivalry and why?

    Done and dusted. Djokovic really should've just given a walkover or key Diego/delpo deal with nadal if he was gonna be this tired/bad. He should've let it happen at RG. Still a 10% tiredovic who was clowning with horrible shot selection from time to time, managed to take a set of Rafa. He's still in Rafa's head, a fresh Djokovic at his best vs Rafa will be a tough battle. He'll fancy his chances.
  14. I6MTW

    Andy Murray could quit any time

    Most likely will only play doubles from now on. Even for Wimbledon reports are saying he might play doubles only, if he gets fit in time.

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