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  1. I6MTW

    Australian Open 2019

    Maybe, but based on the matches so far, Nadal will cruise to the 4th round. His serve seems to be more deadly and revamped. Even if de Minaur channels his inner Hewitt wouldn't trouble Nadal unless Nadal gets injured again. For de Minaur to out grind/push nadal, he would need to play and retrieve balls to the level of djokovic or peak Ferrer to stand a chance.
  2. I remember starting a topic about this 5 years ago, I don't know where the thread is, and if anyone remembers it. I said jadeja is the best Indian fielder of all time, I got trolled massively. Now in hindsight, my analysis was correct. I can laugh and enjoy my analysis and predictions, for the usually come true.
  3. I6MTW

    Australian Open 2019

    De Minaur right now doesn't have the weapons to trouble Nadal, nor the fitness and muscle mass to last another long gruelling match after today. This is going to be bad for De Minaur. I see Nadal-Berdych to be the real matchup. Berdych turning back the years and looking in deadly form.
  4. I6MTW

    Andy Murray could quit any time

    Sad end. I wasnt a fan of his tennis, but enjoyed some of his matches with djokovic and other players. Truly a legend of the sport. Played in the toughest era of all time, won 3 slams, made finals of all the GS's. Won 14 masters titles. Completed 7 out of 9. Won a total of 45 titles in the era of the big 3. Most wins against them as well. Plus the two Olympic gold medals. He deserves an AO after making 5 finals. But sadly, not to be. Just imagine, how his career wouldve turned out after 2016, if he was healthy, he could've carried the momentum, and won a few more slams. But that 2016 season destroyed him.
  5. He was obviously joking, he said it sarcastically. Can't be taken serious.
  6. I6MTW

    ATP World Tour 2019

    Agut beats Stan, Djoker, and berdych to win a 250 title. One of the most impressive 250 wins in recent years. Agut starting to become a nightmare match up for Djokovic in recent years.
  7. I6MTW

    ATP World Tour 2019

    I expect Kachanov and Zverev to make break throughs this season.
  8. I6MTW

    ATP World Tour 2019

    Djokovic seems to be tanking. Afraid of facing the stanimal! EDIT: Spoke too soon! Anyway Djokovic vs Stanimal would be a good one, especially at the AO. Djokovic far from invincible, rusty in patches.
  9. I6MTW

    ATP World Tour 2019

    Federer, Nole, and Stan looking good so far.
  10. I6MTW

    Thackeray [ Film ] !!!

    Bal Thackeray despite all his criticism and negative image, was one of the first politicians to acknowledge the massacre of Kashmiri Hindus in the 80/90s and even gave shelter and scholarships/seats in universities to them.
  11. Exactly! There were so many patriotic Muslims for the country, It's how we progressed after independence, the lack if upliftment, growth, mindset of the people, appeasement of minorities while frowning upon our own Hindus etc. There will always be one problem or the other by another race. This is just one of them.
  12. I agree this conflict between Muslims and Hindus would not have been there, and favouritism towards minorities might have decreased. But We'd still be facing wars across the border because of terrorism and kashmir(remains a question mark) and cases like cow lynching, communalism vs secularism arguments because of minorities of other religions(christianity) and dalit and other castes. Eg. Sikh riots. BUT 2002, 1993, and Kashmiri pandit genocide would not have happened if there were no Muslims. Since this is a speculative debate, there are various situations which can be considered especially the one which I pointed out earlier(individual achievements by Muslims, diversity, origin of Sufism in India etc).
  13. I am fully aware of what the actual history is! I don't believe British and Mughals gave us this/that etc. India would've still developed without them. A classic example is most of the scientific discoveries by Europeans(Newton,einstein,galileo) had already been discovered 1000s of years before by the Indians. So, no I'm not using that excuse. What I meant was, after independence, had all the Muslims gone to Pakistan or elsewhere, the achievements in various fields all around the world credited to India would be different, because there was a share of it contributed by Muslims and I already pointed it out. Some of them are extraordinary and without them the respective field would've been ordinary. Eg. Ar Rahman and his contribution to music(winning an Oscar for India), Dr. Abdul Kalam(I needn't say more), then in the field of Indian cinema(Dilip Kumar one of India's greatest actors, father of method acting, there's a saying before Brando there was Dilip Kumar. Then there's Nawazuddin Siddiqui, one of the best actors currently, Irrfan Khan, nawazuddin siddiqui, then some directors and poets who are famous for their work, I don't want to go on about that. In fact one of India's greatest singers(Rafi) was a Muslim. So you would lose all of these if Muslims had left India. Now I'm in no way arguing that India was great under mughals or british, there are various accounts that state otherwise. But they did bring diversity in all aspects. So that is a case to be noted. Only thing is that the diversity is what's causing problems with unity and political parties playing the minority card etc
  14. If all the Muslims had left India, mind you, the achievements by Indian Muslims in various fields so far, would not have happened. There were some Indian Muslims who had achievements at the world level. We would have far less to boast about. Some Eg. Ar Rahman, Abdul Kalam, various Indian actors such as Nawazuddin siddiqui, naseerudin shah, irrfan Khan, dilip Kumar, etc just to name a few.
  15. I6MTW

    Best mobile phone

    Redmi note 5 pro/note 6 pro ASUS ZENFONE MAX PRO m1/m2 Oppo realme 1/2 etc

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