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  1. Shiv sena seeks support with NCP and congress and forms govt. Maharashtra is a gone case now.
  2. Starts today. Djokovic is the favourite to win, faces Berrettini in his first match.
  3. Happy Diwali everyone!
  4. I know tamil. I had trouble understanding his. But the intent behind it was nice. This will help erase the image created in TN that the BJP is an anti-Tamil party.
  5. Lol I started this thread back in 2013. Now it's proving to be true. He is the best all-rounder since kapil dev. He might not catch him in terms of impact. But Jadeja is truly overlooked in terms of performances.
  6. What do you guys think of Medvedev's run and consistency this summer . On a winning streak. Just made 6 consecutive finals. Back to back tournament wins without dropping a set. Two masters wins this year. Clearly the leader of the Next Gen. His game may be unorthodox/unappealing to some but his personality is something new. I do have a doubt if he's using substances. I feel he should be tested. I know they do random drug tests, so he can't get away with that for a longer time. But still ,such sudden consistency and performance, is almost big-4 like.
  7. Like I said , living depends on genetics. Obviously if you and me, without the longevity genes, try all this, well kick the bucket sooner than later. Now as for the social custom, that's prove. Drinking and smoking together, really brings people together. I've know many people who've sorted out differences over a drink or two. Bob Marley, a stoner, was probably one of the most influential musicians of his time. His songs were very deep and meaningful. But like you said in the above post, It's all about moderation. Drinking in moderation ajd limit will work in the long run. If you are young, preferably in your 20s, you can afford to have a few more beers, or hard drinks, provided it is not regular. Maybe twice a month over the weekends ought to keep it under control. As you grow older, limit it to one drink or two , that too only on special occasions.
  8. Which was the better series? I felt 2005 was better overall. 2019 was better until the last two series, which was pretty much one sided and a formality.
  9. One of Nusrat's best compositions. Especially the OSA 15 min version. One of the best composers and musicians to come out of the Sub-continent.
  10. Yea, which is why people drink alcohol with side dishes. I prefer drinking before eating. Drinking after eating, isn't really fun for beer and most types of hard liquor, stomach becomes too full. Only wine and certain aperitif suit that.
  11. Mixing dilutes/reduces the alcohol by volume(ABV%) in the stomach. Liver damage is also lesser. Neat is good in minimum quantity. Shots are the most dangerous, health wise and hangover wise.
  12. I have never tried 8-9 drinks. I think my body wouldn't handle it, I'd pass out. It depends on size of the body, and I'm 5'5 and 60 kgs, so 8-9 drinks wouldn't suit me. I usually stop at 6. If it's beer, then 3-4 if it's 650 ml. Weed is nice if it's on joint form. Weed with rock, reggae, classical bollywood are rhe best combos. Weed with Bong hits me hard. I wouldn't be able to enjoy it. I've never had much of a weed tolerance. I've had weed and alcohol at the same time , pretty nice and smooth if it's in the right combination.
  13. Mostly if u mix drinks, chances of getting hangovers are less. It's only when you drink neat, you have a higher chance of getting a hangover . I for one have never got a hangover. I drink only one or two pegs neat, and the rest mixed. It depends on body functioning as well. I have had bad trips from weed though, one time I had it thru bong, I was almost unconscious .
  14. He is also batting in one of the weakest bowling eras. Most of the great bowlers of today's have either declined or just started their test career.
  15. Alcohol and Marijuana brings people together. Most philosophers arise when they are either stoned or drunk. As for living long, it all depends on genetics. The world's oldest person, Jeanne Calment lived for 122 years, she smoked , drinked, ate chocolates, till 114-115 years.
  16. Underrated/underperformed films that haven't got enough credit: Masoom (very underrated movie, with realistic touches and performances, nice music as well.) Guide(rated highly but underperformed, possibly one of the best Indian movies) Pyaasa(same as above) Naya Daur Anand(one of the best indian movies of all time , deserves more praise) Maachis(one of the most underrated movies of the 90s) Satya Sarfarosh Aankhen(the 2000s one starring Amitabh Bachchan, not the govinda one) Dil Chahta Hai(one of my fav movies, fun to watch, feel good movie, a trendsetter in Indian cinema). Swades(huge disappointment at the box office, but truly the best SRK film till date.)
  17. I6MTW

    2019 US Open

    There's also Tsitsipas, Zverev, Shapovolav etc who are basically of Russian DNA. Future Gen is going to be full of Russian studded stars. Medvedev can def improve on his aggressive ability, even in the Final I saw him turn from def to aggressive , coming to the net often, serve and volley etc. He has the game to succeed on grass. With the future of tennis, it would be more about the drama and vibes behind the match than the matches itself. Tennis quality would've gone down, but personality and drama between the players in terms of rivalries, and interactiom with the crowds would've increased. Bianca is definitely the most interesting of the lot. Ostapenko serve is too atrocious for me to watch. Her playing style is nice though. I wanna see how Coco Gauff does, given how much she's come at such a young age .
  18. Well most of his retirements and clowning came before 2010 etc. Since 2011 he had only retired when he was injured. Though I find it disrespectful that he doesn't finish the matches but that's a different story. Nole hasn't thrown in the towel in those matches with Stan. He was simply outplayed in most of them bar 2016 and 2019 USO where he was either injured or out of form. Those returns were because of his great ROS, all he had to do was get the return back in play and then play it point by point. Not saying Nole has the best mental strength of all time, thay belongs to Borg, Sampras etc. Even Nole has choked a few matches, but no one has shown 100% determination, mental strength and resilience, that's not possible. Nadal gets afraid too often when he becomes dominated by an opponent. Like against Nole , Federer , Fognini etc. He starts making silly mistakes like in Madrid 19, USO 15 etc. Nole hasn't shown fear on the court like Rafa does. Nadal becomes nervous when things become dire for him. Federer is up and down in the mental strength department, in the sense he is always known to have choked many matches, MPs, CPs etc but he's also fought back from being down and saving matches. Two sets down, most MPs saved etc. So he's bipolar in that department.
  19. Yea, Sampras had the best second serve. If Federer had a second serve as good as Sampras he would've converted the several MPs which he had missed while serving out.
  20. Difficult to compare Fed's and Sampras serve. Sampras obviously had one of the best serves of all time. But the court speed and conditions were different back then. How effective would Sampras's serve and volley technique be in today's time? His serve would be handled quite well by the big 3 and other certain top players. Same could be argued for vice versa. Big 3 in 90s conditions also would have been different.
  21. Replace mental strength, determination and stamina of Rafa with Nole. Rafa's mental strength is overrated, sure he had the unusual never give up atitude and endless stamina when he first came onto the scene , but in the past decade it has been Novak who has shown resilience and determination to overcome his biggest rivals. Plus Novak has better stamina than Rafa at both of their physical peaks. He played 3 back to back 5 hours matches and won a GS, I forgot which tournament it was. Mental strength of Rafa has been overrated over the years. Initially he deserved the praise, but he has choked and shown fear against certain opponents over the past years. Rafa fears Novak. Since 2017, he feared Federer. He has a mental block against Kyrgios, he totally disrupts his rhythm. Then there is Fognini their rivalry is similar to the Djokovic wawrinka rivalry. Fognini knows how to play him in and out. Even in Montreal when he was injured on one leg, he took a set and trobled Nadal the most. Nadal fears these opponents. When he has fear he tends to show it on the court. He has choked in matches before, almost did so yesterday, did once in 2015 against Fognini. He choked in crucial moments in Madrid 2019 against Tsitsipas. He was missing basic volleys and smashes. His net game suddenly became laughable because of the pressure of not having won a single tournament till that point.
  22. I6MTW

    2019 US Open

    Sure Med's technique and playing style is unorthodox especially the forehand of his has been a major weakness in the past, but it has improved and he is also improving . Just a year ago nobody thought he'd be top 10 or even a GS Finalist/Winner. Two years ago, people were saying he was nothing special, no technique , will not make it to the top, probably the most unimpressive of the next gen etc. But look where he is now. He was running on fumes the entire tournament, fatigued, cramped, close to retiring in the early rounds. But, he pulled thru, and almost completed one of the greatest comebacks in a slam final against a Big 3. Nadal's level was pretty average but you have to understand this was Med's first GS final as well plus he has not had much exposure to Nadal's game, played him only once and bent over massively. He was the only option remaining after Fed and Noles exit, and Wawrinka and Dimitrov's lack of display after convincing wins. If Del Potro was healthy he would've had a nice opportunity to take this title and grab his second GS, but sadly injuries have screwed him. But, question is, will this be his only GS final? Will other next gen players rise to the top , show consistency and become regulars at GS's. If that happens Medvedev has tough work. Will this loss in the final motivate him or break him down? Will he show consistency in GS from now, or will he be MIA for some time like most Next Genners after a successful run. If he does succeed, I'll be rooting for him after the big 3(Federer mainly) retires and if no other next gener performs in slams, his personality, ice cold demeanor, trolling the crowd(didn't like it at first, felt like it was WWE drama like but now I felt it was an excellent response to this NY crowd) are all a breath of fresh air. His playing style isnt the most exciting to watch though. But neither is Djokovic's and Murray's but they have plenty of fans. He's like a servebot pusher, though he does have other skills and variety but he mostly servebots and pushes from the baseline, like a Monfils. Though his exact playing style reminds me of a Murray-Simon-Djokovic prototype. (50% Simon, 40% Murray,10%Djokovic). I think in the future, the ATP will become Ike the WTA of now, random slam winners peaking out of nowhere, and maybe the one dominant guy(Medvedev taking the role of Serena in this case) WTA on the other hand have nice promising and exciting talents who've shown exciting tennis, fearless attitude, etc. Bianca Andreescu is going to be the future star of Woman's tennis, not Osaka, not Kenin. She has everything, the exciting all court and variety game modeled after Kim Clijsters, the looks, the fearless attitude , and winning mentality(11-0 against top 10 players), nice personality off the court as well. She could be the female version of Federer in the WTA with her game and playing style.
  23. Nadal and Djokovic both no 1 . Both are interchangeable in their gamesmanship attitude. Nadal today and Nole at the FO.
  24. I6MTW

    2019 US Open

    Exactly!! Average 40 secs between serve. Yet he gets a penalty only once in a while. Even in the final game, he was past the serve clock but the umpire didnt give him one. Medvedev is the real deal. Extreme mental strength, unseen and unheard of. 99% of the players other than the big 3, would've given up after being 2 sets down, but Medvedev came back. He almost came back again after being a double break down. Almost took it to 5-5 as well. Ice Cold demeanor. Crowd was pathetic as always. Nadal didn't even play that well. He just tried to disrupt Medvedev's Momentum. It's amazing how Medvedev came this far. He was under the radar of Next Gens. Nobody expected him to reach to the top. The focus was all on Zverev, Kyrgios, Tsitsipas, Shapovolav, etc. But this guy had achieved more than any of them. This is an asterisked win for Nadal. He almost choked the championship. The only difference between Nadal and Federer's choke was he was up a double break instead of a single break. Which is why he was able to regroup and and serve out the match. Both had 2 CPs wasted but Federer was up only a single break. This was almost no different to Fed's choke.
  25. Age will stop him as his game is hand eye coordination based.
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