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  1. I6MTW

    Sheila Dikshit passes away

    No thread about this? She died of cardiac arrest.
  2. I6MTW

    Tribute to the process

    No, just your average college in Tamil Nadu. Trust me they say a lot worse when it comes to Dhoni vs retirement and India. Ridiculous BS like Dhoni is perfectly capable of playing till 23. The most technically strong player in the country. Best cricketer in the world. Other things like India should lose because they are not allowing Dhoni to play at an older age(lol as if selectors want Dhoni to retire). Even factually incorrect statements like, in other countries , cricketers are allowed to play until the 40s but in India we have become arrogant and money minded etc.
  3. I6MTW

    India vs WI Tour Squad Announced

    Nothing will happen guys, unless India fails to win the WC at home and loses test no 1 ranking plus world test championship.
  4. I6MTW

    Wimbledon 2019

    Started today. Djokovic the firm favourite (easy path to the final) followed by Federer.
  5. I6MTW

    Wimbledon 2019

    Still, in hindsight, a lot of positives to take out of this match if you are a Federer fan. Negatives as well, but the positives were there as well. I mean nobody expected him to dominate the match against Djokovic in the first place. Everyone thought it would be straightforward victory for Djokovic especially after the mentally exhausting SF against Nadal. But Fed did well, except in key moments such as the TB and the 8-7 game in the 5th. Most of the Federer fans, including me are disappointed because of that. Otherwise Federer played well tactically. Not like his prime years, but the best in recent years against Djokovic.
  6. I6MTW

    Tribute to the process

    Most of my collegemates are Dhoni fans and they rate the process highly. In fact, so much that they apply it in their real life measures and tactics. They take inspiration by "the process". They aren't worried about the "results".
  7. NZ I think were weaker than compared with the NZ teams of the past. I think bowling wise, this NZ team was the best.
  8. I6MTW

    The best ODI ever

    What about the 438 match?
  9. Gladiator never actually happened. I mean it's based on roman history and facts etc but the characters and exact plot never happened. Braveheart happened but not in the way the movie was taken. The actual events and the one's depicted in the movie were totally different. Movie is inaccurate. But, still I like the movie. One of my favs, in the historical genre along with Gladiator.
  10. Oh, so that Dhoni can analyse the par score in Australian pitches?
  11. I'll believe it when I see it. What about t20s?
  12. Yes. If a match is tied, then a super over will be conducted to determine the winner. And if the super over itself is tied, then the team which scored more no of boundaries will win the match. And if boundaries are tied, then I think it goes to the team which finished higher in the group stage(though this I am not sure, I remember reading a coin toss to decided the winner also somewhere).
  13. ICF is anti-Dhoni. Someone who is anti-Dhoni will not be selected.
  14. Yes exactly, I started a thread on that. But, a petition should be signed for the world cup to be shared between England and New Zealand.
  15. I6MTW

    Will NZ ever win a WC?

    I felt this was their best chance. So close, yet so far. Heartbreak. Now, I don't see them coming close to a WC victory again in the near future. Let's face it, they got this far because of luck and peaking at the right time. Their actual level was quite mediocre, especially batting wise bar Williamson. Next WC is in SC which NZ will not do as well. I don't see any domestic talent in NZ for NZ to have convincing runs in ICC tournaments in the future. After the current lot retires/goes pass their prime, NZ will regress to the level of SL and SA. Out of all the major teams in cricket, NZ will be the only team without a WC win(I don't count Bangladesh yet). They deserve it for being consistent in ICC tournaments for the past 30 years. But, I don't see them winning a WC in our lifetime. I could be wrong.
  16. I6MTW

    Wimbledon 2019

    I'm still trying. One of the things giving me solace was Federer beating Nadal convincingly and keeping up with Djokovic physically for 5 hours at the age of 38 almost beating him in his second best surface, looking the fresher out of the two at the end of the match. Federer's legacy may or may not strengthen, Federer may have his records broken, remembered for his loses. But one thing Federer will always be remembered for was taking tennis to new heights, one of the most pleasing games to watch, a true all court player, a person who went from a total brat to one of the finest sportsman in the world, plus the ability to comeback from devastating losses is a trademark of Feds. Right from 2005 till now. Federer's mental strength is underrated in that part. He may choke in crucial times , but the ability to not let that affect him and to comeback stronger in the next match is to be appreciated. Other players have let devastating/close losses destroy them. But not Federer, he has suffered the most close and devastating loses but still he comes back ,able to compete with the best players at this age.
  17. Lol, Dhoni's innings was worse than a hangover for me.
  18. It's tough. Just take a break for a while. Remember that they played well enough to even get to the position they were in. Time heals everything. Who knows, they're might be other opportunities in the future. But, as of now taking a break, focusing on other more important things/activities can help you cope.
  19. I6MTW

    Wimbledon 2019

    Agree. The same way I felt. When Federer got the break at 8-7 after being a break down 4-2 I was elated. I got vibes of AO 17. But I was still uncertain whether Federer would be able to serve it out for the championship. Then Federer struck a few first serves and aces and got to 40-15. I thought the legacy was secure. The greatest GS victory in perhaps this century. But then tactical errors at 2 championship points followed by shanks onto the net, Djokovic broke back. Once Djokovic broke back, I knew the match was done. Over. So close. I still imagine what would've happened if Federer converted the MPs. On top of that, the devastating WC final, NZ missing out on a technicality in what has perhaps the greatest ODI of all time. Only the result ruined it. Even the Nimbu tie-break at 12 all was a questionable introduction. It had its reasons, but questionable considering the situation and intensity at that time. The tie-break kinda spoilt the match. Anti-climatic. Who knows what would've happened had the match continued, maybe W 09? Maybe not. Anyway I am definitely taking a break from sports. Need one after this.
  20. I6MTW

    Moeen and Adil avoid haram

    A lot of Nusrat Fateh ali Khan's compositions had lyrics about alcohol and intoxication in them.
  21. I6MTW

    Moeen and Adil avoid haram

    The almighty Allah has definitely blessed the English Cricket team. They have avoided sin by appointing two muslim players in their team. Now soon the rest of them will be on the path towards righteousness.
  22. I6MTW

    Wimbledon 2019

    I sense a decline from Djokovic. Still enough to beat almost everyone else in the tour. But his level in Wimbledon was nothing special. On HCs there are a lot of players who do well there unlike Grass where the current generation struggles. RBA and Wawrinka on HCs are nightmares to Djokovic. Even Thiem does well in USO.
  23. I6MTW

    Wimbledon 2019

    Federer played well tactically bar the TBs and on championship points. Probably his best match against Djokovic in recent years. It was purely mental. So many UEs and shanks which wasn't there against Nadal in the SF. Djokovic also wasnt near his high level. Not like 2015 W final.
  24. That's always the case almost everywhere in the world. Djokovic is always the third wheel behind Fed and Nadal. But I can see why he's not liked sometimes. He behaves fake at times, desperately wanting to be liked. And sometimes whining when things don't go his way, as shown in the French Open SF last month. So its incident like those where Djokovic's popularity will never rise. He's known as the villain who came and dominated when the other two fan bases were high on popularity.

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