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  1. Arshdeep action is not suited for bowling quick.
  2. How about standardizing the cricket pitch?

    Unpredictability of pitches is an advantage and beauty of the game which most other sports don't have.
  3. What are the speeds of pak and bangladesh bowlers?
  4. Facepalm moments by playing XI

    for some unknown reason everyone seems to be out of their comfort zone.
  5. Prithvi Shaw

    Being shorter gives a batsman an advantage in balance because the person has a lower center of gravity and hence more body balance than a person with more height. Body balance is one of the key aspects of batting.
  6. Prithvi Shaw

    That was a list A match. I was referring to first class matches.
  7. Zero preparation, poor selections, far too many soft dismissals... Still we got into winning positions in both the tests. Infact in both tests, we were just 1 good session away from win. So that means we are not that falling behind sa. Few things falling in place and I believe we can beat this sa team in their home.
  8. Prithvi Shaw

    The best bowling attack he has played so far in first class cricket is against karnataka with vinay and mithun and he failed in both innings. Better to pick him in A team and see how he plays against international quality bowlers on difficult pitches before considering him for senior team.
  9. Parthiv Patel should open

    like a sacrificial lamb?
  10. KM Asif - 90 mph Kerala Pacer

    good thing is he seems to generate pace without much effort. smooth repeatable action as well.
  11. Shikhar Dhawan!!!

    This is a valid point. Kohli is too passionate about the game that I dont believe he will do anything that is against the interest of the team. He wants to take on the sa attack rather than play the pujara kind of game.
  12. Steve Smith technique

    Getting square on is the worst position a batsman can get into. Him getting far too accross is also very poor technique. How is gets away with all these poor techniques is a mistery. Maybe his other skills are far too good. Like out of the world eye sight, hand eye cordination, head position, body balance while playing the shot,...
  13. Shikhar Dhawan!!!

    Shaw looks like he has a better technique than dhawan and iyer. Although we cant be very sure until he plays better quality bowlers.
  14. Shikhar Dhawan!!!

    International cricket is not a place for learning. They should learn things in domestic and A team. Dhawan should be replaced with rahul in the eleven. In test squad we should consider openers like panchal, samrath, agarwal, prasanth chopra.
  15. Bumrah needs to be tried in Test matches

    majority of his career, srinath could only move the ball in. he still had a decent test career. he could have got a bucket load more wickets if he figured out the proper length for test cricket early in his career. bumrah bowls 135-145, can move the ball in, keep some ball straight and most important he is relentless with his line and lengths. i don't think a bowler needs more than this to be successful in test cricket.

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