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  1. In subcontinent kuldeep needs to be played only if we play 3 spinners. Given ashwins and jadejas record in subcontinent, it will be foolishness to drop either of them. Also ashwin is as good as a specialist batsman in sc conditions. Outside SC kuldeep can be the lone spinner.
  2. May be we will see kohli suggesting msk prasad as new keeper and then msk prasad can select himself into the team.
  3. How good is prasanth chopra? anyone watched him play? he had a very good last season.
  4. Split captaincy will solve the problem of too much power on single person. That in itself will solve lot of our problems.
  5. Being in the selection panel and then convincing shastri to apply who himself had declared that he would apply only if the job is guaranteed. Pathetic from Sachin.
  6. Is there a way to find his stats in knockouts and tournament finals (loi)?
  7. Don't read much into performance against this wi team. He will be really tested against tougher opponents. Better to judge him after 20-25 games.
  8. Then it is going to be a useless tour. Remember last time sa gave us national highways in A tour.
  9. Which world are these guys living. What is the head coach doing if he does not give instructions or delegate work to sub coaches.
  10. Good selection!
  11. Very poor from Sachin being in the selection panel and then asking shastri to apply. Even if he didn't guarantee shastri selection, this atleast means he will be baised while considering shastri selection.
  12. Watched him live in one first class match 4-5 months back. Can't remember which tournament. Unfortunately he was trundling at low 130s and looked not much interested. Am not saying he will be a failure in tests but it's better not to put too high expectation.
  13. Shankar looks strong and has a decent action. With some guidance he should be easily able to hit 130+ consistently. His batting looks very solid as well. We should get him into the team as early as possible. Even if he don't play he can improve a lot by being part of the team.
  14. We should play both. As of now it's hard to say who is better. We will be able to judge after they play 20-25 games for India.