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  1. waqar was extremely quick (expected to be 150+) only for 2 years: 90-91. he played for surrey during that period and alec stewart has said in an interview that waqar was the quickest he kept to. just before 1992 world cup he got a back injury and after that he could not produce extreme speeds but still quick enough. he got another back injury during 96 and after that his speed came down to 130-140 range. akram was never an out and out pace bowler. but he could bowl quick (probably around 145) during his first 7-8 years. since his other skillsets were too good for any batsmen he never had to bowl quick to get wickets.
  2. If there were no speed guns today, after 10-15 years people can easily say steyn was a trundler and they will be able to find enough video clippings to prove it as well.
  3. only towards the end of his career vaas dropped down to 120s. when he started he was around 135-140 range.
  4. He looks like a part time bowler. Even associate nations have better quality bowlers. Can't think about these kind of bowlers opening for India.
  5. Samson has to perform in ranji and vijay hazare to get into Indian team. Random brilliance in Ipl is not enough.
  6. Risk of exposing our players to bookies. Should never play bilateral games in places like uae, singapore, malaysia, ...
  7. Great if the speeds are correct. Let's see if he can maintain similar speeds in 2nd innings.
  8. Is this a mistake? Does he look this much quick visually? I saw only few overs and he never looked like going above 135.
  9. He has good control, loop, dip and reasonable turn. Some of his deliveries were the seam position does not wobble drifts. Some he bowls with a wobbled seam does not drift. Will be interesting to if kuldeep gets selected ahead of ashwin and jadeja on foreign pitches. I also think kuldeep and chahal can make an attacking spin combo in lois. Both ashwin and jadeja struggles to pick wickets in middle overs in lois.
  10. Am a supporter of lodha committee recommendations except a few ones. But removing funds for Mumbai cricket association cannot be justified as they are the biggest contributer to Indian cricket.
  11. Sick of this guy.
  12. Great news! Surprised that even state teams can financially afford coaches with international reputation like Watmore.
  13. We need to find good wrist spinners to have an effective spinning option in overseas conditions. Even though their overall first class records are avg, both kuldeep and chahal had very good ranji last year. Giving chance to them is the only way to find if they are good enough. Even though an indian spinner does not have excellent first class records he can be effective against teams like eng, nzw, sa, and aus as batmen from those countries are poorer against spin compared to our domestic batsmen.
  14. Depends on the individual ... some considers cheating as a very serious aligation and some not. Some considers an aligation towards a national team as an aligation towards the nation and some not.