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  1. renjith

    RIP Ramakant Achrekar

  2. This is simply being blown out of proportion. As if these guys did some heinous crime. Ball tampering is very much part of the game whether it is legal or not. Many past players especially from Pakistan might die laughing at this melo drama.
  3. I don't find anything wrong in head coach getting more than the assistant coaches. call to include staff from eng tour is a good one though.
  4. whether mayank look international material or not or he has issues in his technique or similar things doesn't matter. this sort of performance simply cannot be discarded. certainly he can be picked ahead of the likes of kedar yadav, dinesh karthik, ... don;t think batting position in lois matter much for modern day players.
  5. renjith

    The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    Agree he always play high risk game. But we can never write -off a batsman in this sort of form. Given there is no vacancy in top order, he can be given an opportunity in loi middle order.
  6. renjith

    The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    problem with mayank is he is too flashy and looks like getting out anytime.
  7. renjith

    Surprised to see Thakur playing for india

    our selectors use some kind of delayed queue algorithm. thakur was in the reckoning 1-2 year back and he should have debuted then. likes of saini, khejrolia, khaleel, lalit yadhav, deepak chahar were not in the picture that time around. following this mechanism, saini and khaleel will debut in 2020 when they will be horribly out of form and when nagarkoti and mavi will be giving excellent performance in domestics.
  8. renjith

    This Torture must end !!!

    pant at 4 is a bad idea as his technique is poorer than iyer. pant should replace dhoni and play at 6. we need to give chances to rahul/shankar/hooda/rana/mayank at 4 and 5 positions. rana can be an interesting choice as a left hander at 4 will be a big advantage.
  9. renjith

    Deepak Hooda, the finisher India needs.

    It is meaningless to play a 37 year old at #7.
  10. renjith

    Deepak Hooda, the finisher India needs.

    The team management is making a mess of odi middle order. It seems like kohli and shastri do not want anyone to settle down in those positions. Rahul was kicked out after just 3 innings. Iyer succeeded in 2 innings still was not continued with. In case of pandey and karthick they seem to be doing some lotto before each match to see if they needs to be played. Seriously deserving players like hooda and shankar are not even picked in team. God knows Wat plan they have in mind for the world cup.
  11. Hood and vjiay shankar could solve a lot of problems in our odi team. Can't understand why this is so difficult for the management and selectors to understand.
  12. players mature by playing first class cricket. first class cricket is much more than just a selection criteria for test team. consistent performance in 2 consicutive fc seasons is a good criteria for even odi team. atleast 1 season is a must. it is a good criteria for the quality of a player.
  13. renjith

    Why not Khalil Ahmed

    One season is fine. 6 games won't hurt much. More than that these guys will turn into trundlers.
  14. renjith

    Why not Khalil Ahmed

    for batsmen and spinners its good to get 2 fc session exp. but for quick bowlers too much bowling in fc may turn out as a problem.

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