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  1. An option for BCCI going forward.

    that situation is there even now rite?
  2. An option for BCCI going forward.

    that will be selectors responsibility. not players choice.
  3. 3 different teams for 3 formats. all 3 teams playing against different countries at the same time. this means different coach and management teams for each team. factors 1) far too many matches happ in a year and plaerys are finding it difficult to keep themselves fresh physically and mentally 2) we have around 30 first class teams. considering around 15 probable players from each team, we are choosing from a big list of around 450 players. just 15 players get to represent the nation from around 450 players is not good for the growth of the game. if we have 3 different teams, around 45 players get to represent nation at the same time. 3) more revenue for bcci. we can play around 25 test matches, 50+ odis and any number of t20s in a year. 4) most important question will be if we can maintain quality with different set of players 5) if we look at our current test team: vijay, rahul, pujara, rahane, shami, umesh, ishant, ashwin, jadeja are only playing tests. ie, 9 out of 11 players are specialists. so test and odis teams can maintain quality without sharing players imo. t2o we can easily play an ipl performers 11 and be very competitive. 6) for very important series or tournaments, players like kohli can play irrespective of format what do you guys think.
  4. if we open with dhawan and he plays well, then we are in trouble.
  5. Greatest fast bowling spell you have seen

    Akthar very much could be they one with max no if such spells. From a sheer value point akrams 2 balls in 92 world cup was jaw dropping. Johnson against eng, Wahab against watson were really treat to watch. From indian bowlers srinath against sa in a test match was fiery and ishant ahainst ponting as well.
  6. Modern day intl batsmen are different from you buddy. They can practice 160 kph day in day out using bowling machines. True 150 plus can trouble a batsman. But any lesser if the bowler is not accurate or dont have skills like moving the ball, these batsmen will murder them. Have you seen bangla batsmen playing varun aarons 145 plus balls as like they are 120 kph? Tait, tino best, de lang, sami are some examples. Am not saying 145 kph is of no use. But the bowler must be accurate as well as have other skills. On the other hand if you are an 135-140 bowler and can move the ball off seam, you can trouble any batsmen. Bounce is another important factor that can trouble top class batsmen. Another factor is 90% of modern day batsmen are technically weak. Even best in the business like smith, warner, kohli are weak against seam movement but they can easily handle speed. That also makes bowlers who can move the ball off the seam both ways more valuable than bowlers who rely on pace alone.
  7. 135 to 140 is more than enough if a bowler can pick wickets. this guy looks more refined than just a rookie bowler. if he keeps picking wickets in coming matches, definitely should give a chance in A team.
  8. hard to say if its 150. should be around 140.
  9. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    do you guys think his (porel) head is falling a bit at the time of delivery or is it only me. if so, he can loose a good amount of speed and control due to that. also I think he is not following through enough. doing that as well can increase pace.
  10. Siraj trundles at 130 in first class. Only in limited overs his speed gOt to 140s. Not yet good for tests. Bumrah is the best option for 3rd seamer. But since he is not picked for sl series cant expect him to be in sa series.
  11. When will Kohli comes out of Dhoni's shoes?

    If a captain can't make his own decisions even after around 40 matches, someone else should take over the job. rohit sharma can easily be the odi captain and anyone in this team can be made t20 captain. that will also solve the problem of too much power on one person.
  12. Siraj - not impressed

    good that he was not picked in 3rd t20. it is never going to help judge him. he should play odis against sl.
  13. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Thanks! talha looks good. ruman raees not impresive. wahab is wahab riaz? I thought wahab reaz is a new guy.
  14. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    any videos of these guys with bowling speeds?

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