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  1. Priyank Panchal vs Shreyas Iyer

    Iyer can be selected in the odi team though. In place of rahane.
  2. Priyank Panchal vs Shreyas Iyer

    Pachal has better chance as he is an opener. It will be hard to break into test middle order.
  3. Surprising to know he was in jail. I enjoyed watching him bowl. His action was very fluent.
  4. Yes u r right if we are talking precise time.
  5. Many keepers collect the ball 1 or 2 feet behind the stumps. Dhoni most of the times collect it in line with the stumps. That seems to help him do stumping 1 or 2 seconds quicker than other keepers.
  6. Bumrah should be in test team ASAP

    It will be idiotic now not to try bumrah in tests.
  7. Bhuvneswar Kumar 20 matches 17 wickets at avg of 54

    We should try out lots of new bowlers in loi instead of being satisfied by current 3 of shami bumrah and bhuvi. Guys like siraj, nathu singh and khejrolia should be given wild card entries in less important series.
  8. Bhuvi as 3rd seamer in SA Tests

    only shamis position in bowling lineup is guaranteed. rest we need to pick from umesh, bhuvi, inshant, bumrah and siraj on form.
  9. Forget about important matches. We don't give chance to young players even in low profile matches/series.
  10. The myths propagated by Sachin detractors

    Normally the debate happens between people who watched him during the 90s vs who watched him post 2000. Both are in a sense right. Sachin was a class apart during the first half of his career. He turned into a mere accumulator in the second half.
  11. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Good action. Looks quick for a 17 yr old. How strict is age verification at jr levels in pak?
  12. In subcontinent kuldeep needs to be played only if we play 3 spinners. Given ashwins and jadejas record in subcontinent, it will be foolishness to drop either of them. Also ashwin is as good as a specialist batsman in sc conditions. Outside SC kuldeep can be the lone spinner.
  13. Shastri wants Tendulkar as batting consultant

    May be we will see kohli suggesting msk prasad as new keeper and then msk prasad can select himself into the team.

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