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  1. Impossible. Hamari utni bhi aukaat nahi hai, we have literally no presence inside Pakistan.
  2. Amazing transformation From Stiffback Sachin To Brokeback Sachin
  3. When Jat bhai goes on a rant, we are all entertained .
  4. Missed you bhai, now try to stay unbanned till the end of elections.
  5. 200s/300s on those kind of pitches have rarely (if ever) been achieved even by the top-tier ATGs. But anyway I am in agreement with you that it was a screw up from our side.
  6. Still tricky af, like all 4th innings chases are. Besides what if some of the Lankan batsmen develop 'stiff backs' ? Almost exactly 20 years back (Jan-Feb IIRC) we had another exciting run chase curtailed because of the very same reason.
  7. Irrespective of the result here, now it is beyond doubt that Lanka is an inconvenient opponent (test) for RSA. Just like how England is for us, WI/Pak for England, India for Aus/Lanka/WI, Aus for Pak/NZ......
  8. Gollum

    We have found a savior for Indian middle order :)

    Not a bad idea considering the present state of our middle order, I mean surely he can't do worse ?
  9. Not from me I agree we lost because of our mistakes, whole bunch of them all addressed and oft repeated on this forum. But inspite of that we could have won if not for ABDV. Stats may not show but his runs were worth their weight in gold. For those pitches, they weren't all cameos !!! 60 odd in Cape Town after we reduced them to 10/3, a counter attacking cameo in 2nd dig when we could have bowled them to a sub 100 score....80 odd in Centurion when the match was in the balance. He was a big difference.
  10. TBH what Lanka did in the 1st test was a miracle, no amount of preparation can help in doing what they did, once in a lifetime performance. No logical explanation as to how that unfolded, just pure magic that we see once every 20 years. Put the same Lanka in that situation 99 more times and they will fail in all of them.
  11. I don't think Lanka will win this test, SA have too much pride to lose so easily to an Asian side at home. Without ABDV, we will rout this SA team anywhere in the world except England. Winning the Oz series was a relief because in the future RSA shouldn't be that big a challenge, but we may have to wait for a long time to win in Oz again.
  12. Drama in light of FATF meet.
  13. If Lanka chase this, what will it make of our 4th innings efforts in recent times?
  14. Nope he hardly bowled in 1st test, 2/20 or something. In 2nd test 5-6 straightforward catches were dropped off his bowling, otherwise that was a sure shot 10fer. Blame our catching, can't win a series after dropping 12 catches while the series is alive.
  15. You cross USA: They will bomb you to the 18th century You cross Russia: Your future generations those that manage to survive the onslaught will never forgive you for the calamity you brought upon them You cross China: Spend rest of your life in concentration camps, waiting, begging and praying for death You cross tiny Sri Lanka: You will be terminated like vermin, your brethren will be forced to inferior status for eternity You cross 1.3 billion mighty, potential economy/military powerhouse India: No cricket for next 3 months, kadi ninda, no Bollywood, kadi ninda, jumla, kadi ninda, election rallies, kadi ninda, nationalistic slogans, kadi ninda, BMKJ, kadi ninda...till the next attack comes

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