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  1. PETA who were so active during jallikattu case not protesting here, puzzling?
  2. 3rd greatest Asian batsman after SRT and Sunny.
  3. Whilst I strongly disagree with beef ban and vigilantism in the name of protecting the cow, this incident was distasteful. Slaughtering a calf in full public view just to protest beef ban is uncalled for. Take the case to court, arrange protests, take out marches instead.
  4. My apologies, I am referring to the extremist type Sunnis here, if I haven't worded my sentence properly. I have edited that part.
  5. Casualty is increasing every day. Many Filipino soldiers and policemen have been beheaded by the pigs. 42 school employees are still missing while another 20 odd church goers have been taken hostage. Wonderful start to Ramzan.
  6. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/26/world/middleeast/egypt-coptic-christian-attack.html?_r=0 http://edition.cnn.com/2017/05/26/africa/egypt-shooting-coptic-christians/ Another day, another senseless attack on minorities by extremist Sunnis. Seriously will this death cult ever stop? I am done with these violent, blood thirsty, ungrateful, intolerant pigs.
  7. Whole world has to unite against this tumor, no more geopolitics and diplomacy. There is no place in the world where these pigs haven't given trouble.
  8. It is critical now, Islamists have taken over the city, burnt a cathedral and are beheading all people who are unable to answer questions on Islam(like in Kenya University attack), basically all non Muslims. All women non wearing hijab are being butchered with machetes. ISIS flags being raised all over the city, in schools, colleges, hospitals, even the town hall. This is unprecedented, ISIS taking control over an entire city of population > 2 lakhs and not in West Asia. This will provide some serious inspiration to radical Sunni Islamists all over the globe to attempt takeover of a city. I am fed up with IS nonsense, high time Sunnis start taking some responsibility, whole world has had enough of these people now.
  9. They toured India after 26/11 and were supposed to stay in Taj Mumbai for a test there. When we were mourning they were there for us, I will never forget their unbelievable gesture. More reasons to tour there now and repay their kind act.
  10. Islam seriously needs reformation. Who will take the initiative?
  11. RIP to victims but Brits need to take a hard, long look at themselves. If 26/11 was a gun attack, Kashmiri jihadis are rebels/freedom fighters and Uri attack a just punishment for lackluster Indian soldiers( all courtesy British media/politicians and public)...... this and so many other attacks in the foreseeable future in England are fair game too. You can't have different definitions of terrorism bases on the countries affected. Indian and African lives matter as much as Caucasian lives. India proposed the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism in UNGA way back in 1996 when West was oblivious to terrorism while India was facing the brunt of Pak sponsored jihadism. It has still not been ratified today.
  12. Yup by making sure Kashmir is lost forever. Spineless HM, brain dead PM, useless GOI.
  13. Since it is a BJP ruled state, it isn't jungle raj. Nothing to see folks, let us target only states ruled by non BJP.
  14. Print media>>> any news channel.
  15. Why are we going to WI after what happened in ICC? We don't need WICB, why are we being such wimps here? First recover $42 mn from them for the damages caused by their incomplete tour here in 2014.