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  1. Having said that OP is right, if we can't defeat a weakened Aussie team this year, we probably will never win there. Quite disgraceful actually that we haven't won there in these last 70 years while they have won in India 4 times.
  2. Even if we win that thrill or sense of satisfaction won't be there because our 2 main tormentors in those conditions will be missing, even more farcical than 2003-04 tour because at least there Warne wouldn't have done much damage even had he played, last tour Warner got 3 100s, Smith got 4 100s and 800 runs. This is like a visiting team coming to India and playing us with Pujara and Kohli missing. Eng tour however is an acid test because they bullied us in the last 2 tours over there, we have never won more than a match in Eng since 1985, besides 2012 ka badla bhi lene hai, ghar me ghuske unhe unki aukaat dikhane ka time aa gaya ab toh.
  3. Hardik Pandya...

    I am not against him in tests per se, just that he shouldn't be a guaranteed starter. Give him a couple of matches and if he can't do jack, play 4 quicks+Ash/Jaddu or Ash, Jaddu and 3 quicks...depending on conditions. Need to be flexible because this guy is really inconsistent and IMO is not outstanding in either discipline.
  4. Hardik Pandya...

    Will be stuck with this clown for 5 tests in Eng because according to KKK/Bot he has aggression and a good yoyo score.
  5. India vs Pakistan ICC WC 2019 match on June 16

    Hope we have a decent captain instead of that peacenik buffoon Kohli.
  6. What pisses you off?

    I am not an early riser, so azaan throws me off my routine every now and then, I specifically mentioned the early morning azaan because other 4 times in the day, I am awake. Another thing I live very near a mosque, so it gets very loud.
  7. What pisses you off?

    Fake accents Men who control their women Overly religious people Annoying relatives who have made it a mission to know what you're up to, those who poke their noses in other's personal life..not friends because I cut off friendship if I believe they are too nosy or indulge in gossip mongering behind my back. People who can't use dustbin, people who piss on sidewalks, paan spitting piggies.....basically all the filthy littering idiots Those who indulge in smack talk about Indian Army and freedom fighters, latter includes Gandhi and Nehru...so many ICFers piss me off regularly. Nose pickers, smelly people, people coughing without covering mouths....have to deal with such kind every time I take public transport. People who mistreat animals Loud talkers, serial honkers, annoying stupid birds who create cackle during dawn and dusk time....hate excessive unwanted noise.
  8. What pisses you off?

    Early morning Azaan and Friday afternoon 1 hour blah blah blah on mosque loudspeakers. Unfortunately my place of residence has always been withing a 500 m radius of a masjid ever since I moved to cities....never faced this problem in Bengal because there were no mosques in industrial townships there. Burqa clad women in public places, more than disgust I get legit scared...scary scary people. Cutting of animals on Bakrid...can't they do it in a mosque/slaughter house/govt designated open area? Why do these barbarians do such filthy stuff in their houses, in both Bengaluru and Hyderabad I lived in a locality with significant M pop, so the cries of the bakras had a bad effect on my psyche. My friends from Mumbai say the Muslims there slaughter animals even in housing societies and apartment terraces...YUCK, no wonder M areas are so filthy.
  9. Terrible idea. We have dew problem in SC, moreover we are surrendering our strengths to accommodate this nonsense. We should play D/N tests only in Aus/NZ, that too only because of time difference. What next, 4 day tests? Bloody fads all of them.
  10. The cake smearing Indian birthday tradition?

    This is pathetic, happening after every damn match, all teams are into this nonsense full time.
  11. His bowling has declined in short formats but he has put some effort in the fielding department, since that SA series he must have caused more direct hit run outs than any other Indian cricketer. Also hasn't dropped many, at least by Indian standards. Also his batting in T20 when he isn't trying to imitate ABDV is decent.
  12. Ashwin's captaincy in this IPL season

    Yes, he is similar to Warne in that regard.
  13. Captaincy Ratings (Indian captains)

    Following only Kings XI matches, that too just because of KL Rahul. Must say Ashwin gives good vibes as captain.

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