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  1. But historically Pakistan have flunked many times in WI. They seem to have a weird mental block there post 2000 and have snatched too many defeats on the cusp of glory. Hope the trend doesn't change. WI are missing Darren Bravo here.
  2. 1-0 Pakistan. Hope Windies bounces back and at least salvages a drawn series.
  3. Here are the bravehearts who laid down their lives for Bharat Mata. From all corners of India, hope all of us are united just like them in our eternal condemnation of left wing terrorists and their ilk.
  4. http://www.firstpost.com/india/sukma-naxal-ambush-here-are-the-names-of-25-crpf-personnel-killed-in-mondays-maoist-attack-3403622.html At least 25 CRPF personnel were killed and six wounded in Chhattisgarh's Sukma district on Monday, the deadliest attack by naxalites targeting security forces this year. The naxalites mounted the assault around 12.25 pm in Kalapathar area of south Bastar region, one of the worst-hit by Left-wing extremism in the country. Inspector Raghubir Singh, the commander of the 99-member CRPF company which was attacked by Maoists was also among the 25 personnel killed in the deadly ambush. The names of the others, all belonging to the 'Delta' company of the 74th battalion of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), are: Sub-Inspector KK Das, Assistant Sub-Inspectors Sanjay Kumar, Rameswar Lal, Naresh Kumar, Head Constables Surender Kumar, Banna Ram, LP Singh, Naresh Yadav, Padmanabhanand and Ram Mehar, Constables Saurabh Kumar, Abhay Mishra, Banmali Ram, NP Sonkar, KK Pandey, Vinay Chandra Burman, P Alagupandi, Abhay Kumar, N Senthil Kumar, N Thirumurgan, Ranjit Kumar, Ashish Singh, Manoj Kumar and Anup Karmakar. The six injured have been identified as ASI R Chembram, Constables Mahender Singh, Jitender Kumar, Sher Mohammed, Lachhu Oraon and Sonawane Eashwar Suresh. We don't deserve these heroes. No amount of RIPs or condolences can repay what they have done for all of us.
  5. Yes he is the guy that rolled out a greentop in Nagpur, 2004 to hand over the series to Aussies. A traitor just like his master, Sharad Pawar.
  6. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/sukma-encounter-attackers-took-away-radio-sets-survivors-couldnt-call-for-help/articleshow/58352255.cms Surprised there was no thread on this. Condolences to the families of the deceased, RIP to our bravehearts. To hell with the left wing terrorists and their sympathizers. To hell with our HM Rajnath Singh and shame on Modi. During UPA rule, media rightly blasted them after terror attacks but shamefully these media outlets, afraid of those in power are letting this government go scot free in spite of a pathetic report card on internal security matters. To hell with bhakts who put Modi above the country and are rushing to defend their deity on social media in spite of the heavy losses. Even though I am a BJP supporter, I believe they should face scrutiny over the disastrous shows on various fronts. Modi's blatant lie that all terror acts would stop after demonetization fall flat in the light of recent events.
  7. Thanks.
  8. Hey man, what is the meaning of Banjo? 1st time I am coming across this.
  9. Someone pass this info to our JNU jholawalas. Umar Khalid, Shehla Rashid, Kanhaiya Kumar will absolutely love this news. Or not?
  10. If Sunnis truly believe that they are the chosen ones, that their religion/culture is so much more superior to the rest, why do they choose kafir countries like India/Germany/UK/France and not Sunni-Islamic countries like Pakistan, UAE, Saudi etc? Right from their birth they seem to hate Jews, Christians, Hindus, Shias, Ahmedis, Buddhists, Jains but somehow always settle in the countries of the much maligned infidels.
  11. Her social media feed suggests she is a very devout Hindu. Will be very surprising if she does convert to Islam. Inter faith marriage is perfectly fine as long as both partners celebrate both their religions in equal measure like SRK-Gauri are doing. Hope Zak follows the SRK path and not the Pataudi path.
  12. Hindus hardly ever convert their spouses, it is always the other way round. I don't mind interfaith marriages but people shouldn't convert after/for marriage. I respect SRK because he allowed Gauri to practise Hinduism, that shows he is a tolerant man who respects other people's faith from the bottom of his heart. But there are 1000 other instances of Christian/Muslim people converting their Hindu spouses. You shouldn't tell me what I should feel good or bad about. I have my own views about this subject, I would never convert a Christian/Sikh girl if I marry her. If Zak allows her to remain Hindu I will salute him, if not I will dislike him for the rest of my life.
  13. Desperate times call for desperate measures. There is only one man in India who can bring other ICC members to their senses. The People's President, The Great One, The Most Electrifying Man In All Of Sports Administration, The Corporate Champion, The Apex Predator, The Essence Of Excellence, The Tamil Aristocrat, The Mastermind Of Offensive Innovation, The Pitbull, The Face That Runs The Place, The Champ That Runs The Camp, The Eighth Wonder Of The World, The Beast From The East, The Widow Maker, The Brain, The Man With A Plan, The Face Of Fear, The Best There Was/Is And Ever Will Be, The Sorrow Of Pakistan, The Savior Of India, Captain Charisma, Voice Of The Voiceless, The Cerebral Assassin, The Juggernaut, The Sultan Of Swag, The Immortal King Of Kings...............
  14. What do you think needs to be done to better our research output in present circumstances? Assuming our education system stays as it is(practically speaking) what can we do? Where do you think an institute like IISc falls short in spite of being such a big name in India and attracting a great pool of talent?