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  1. Virat Kohli VS Anil Kumble - Backstage Brawl after the CT F
  2. Though of responding but nah don't want to waste my time on Bunty's employees. Send our regards brickbats to him, will ya !!!!
  3. Look's like Bunty has sent his man to ICF for crisis management
  4. 7 deadly sins of Anil Kumble

    Kuldeep Yadav is a product of Anil Kumble: Suresh Raina https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/cricket/australia-in-india/kuldeep-yadav-is-a-product-of-anil-kumble-suresh-raina/articleshow/61052044.cms Other sources: http://zeenews.india.com/cricket/disagreement-over-kuldeep-yadavs-selection-during-india-australia-test-series-starting-point-of-anil-kumble-virat-kohli-feud-2010520.html https://www.thequint.com/sports/cricket/virat-kohli-bcci-unhappy-anil-kumble http://www.thehindu.com/sport/cricket/kohli-kumble-at-loggerheads/article18619466.ece
  5. 1. Asked the team to improve its catching and each player to take minimum 50 catches per day to accomplish the same. 2. Wanted Kuldeep to play the Ranchi test against Australia, proposal got shot down by Kohli. In Dharamsala when Kohli got injured, Jinx-Kumble went ahead and picked Kuldeep anyway. 3. Asked Kohli to elect to bat 1st in case he won the toss in the CT final against proven chokers/mental midgets Pakistan. 4. Heavy on player's pockets, 50 $ fine for any player late for team meetings/team bus/training etc. Strict disciplinarian, eg masseurs giving fixed schedule lest the players barge, fixed gym timings, diet/nutrition charts to improve fitness. Kumble was such a khadoos that to help out the players he himself followed their strict diet charts lest they be tempted to cheat/binge on unhealthy stuff. 5. Buddy programme where 2 players were paired so that they help each other in feedback/communication etc in the nets. Eg Ashwin was paired with Pujara so that Ashwin could improve his batting while Ashwin helped Che improve his spin bowling. 6. Consistency in selection. Dropped Karun Nair after a 300 because at that stage Rahane was a permanent and couldn't be dropped based on 1 test match. Also how dare Kumble remained unbiased seeing that Karun too was from his home state, Karnataka, blasphemy in Indian cricket. 7. Backed youngsters like Kuldeep, Rahul, Nair, Jayant etc. Even though Rahane got his place back after the Karun 300, still Kumble picked the youngster in the Aus tests in spite of fervent opposition by the captain. Youngsters were groomed and backed by Kumble, are bhai is this no country for old men?
  6. http://www.financialexpress.com/sports/anil-kumble-wanted-virat-kohli-to-bat-first-in-champions-trophy-final-against-pakistan-report/730706/ https://www.crictracker.com/anil-kumble-wanted-india-bat-first-final-pakistan/ Also a thread about this on this very forum Reg Kuldeep: http://www.thehindu.com/sport/cricket/kohli-kumble-at-loggerheads/article18619466.ece https://www.thequint.com/sports/cricket/virat-kohli-bcci-unhappy-anil-kumble http://zeenews.india.com/cricket/disagreement-over-kuldeep-yadavs-selection-during-india-australia-test-series-starting-point-of-anil-kumble-virat-kohli-feud-2010520.html
  7. Bunty Sajdeh: The super-agent

    The real axis of evil.
  8. @Forever Indian spot on. I agree with your assessment. I also wonder about the extent of the role of Bunty Sajdeh in all of this. Bunty and Kohli are clearly working towards a plan where all possible threats to Kohli and Rohit will be eliminated so that there is a a 3 way split in the pie (Kohli will ofc get the largest share). That alone explains his asinine team selections where no one is allowed to feel secure. Different excuses are put forward to justify the absurd selection policy because tbh there is no rational way to explain the dichotomy between 'current form' and 'horse for courses'- the twin pillars which are being used at various points to unsettle certain players. Kumble wouldn't have allowed any of this, he was a fair guy who believed in a certain thought process and his decisions were consistent. No way could Kohli have wielded so much power with a thorough professional like Kumble around, Shastribot is a tool in the hands of Kohli to get what he wants. Shastribot is the highest paid coach in the world and he doesn't need to even coach, 24x7 sycophancy and he gets richer by 1.2 million USD every year. Bevda never had any interest in helping our team get better, poora din Kohli kaa * chato and raat ko sutta-daaru ki dukaan khojo. Kohli without any checks/balances can improve his brand value, and Bevda ain't complaining....both made for each other. Think of it from Kohli's angle, he wants to be the unchallenged monarch of Indian sports. He needs Bollywood to increase his reach and hence his choices of Bunty and Anushka. He doesn't give a **** about Team India, it's all about personal records, global reach and bank balance. Ideally he would need no coach but then who's the fall guy? There has to be a coach so that he becomes the fall guy to absorb criticism, Kohli's skin is too thin and ego too fragile to handle criticism. So he needs a coach, who will he choose? A man with impeccable integrity and pride/patriotism or a drunken, shameless, well connected gigolo? Choice is simple really, Shastri not just acts like a wafadar slave dog of Kohli but he also knows how to tackle criticism no matter how foolish it all looks. Remember his whining when Nasser Hussain correctly called India's opposition to DRS as disgraceful. Watch how shamelessly that BCCI ka kutta defends his master and plays the 'jealous' card. Over the years Shastri has proved himself to be a loyal kutta to whomever he serves, now he serves Kohli. He can shrug off critics in his own way and through his connections with ex players and media persons, he can influence them to take the heat off Kohli. When Kohli was 1st appointed captain I didn't share the optimism of fellow ICFers. Kohli the batsman is not Kohli the man, now he has proved himself to be a dangerous politician with enormous powers, a master puppeteer who is using his public image and connections to benefit only himself, he is the Sauron of Indian cricket. When Julius Caesar tried to overthrow the Republic in favor of tyranny he was stabbed to death by many those who foresaw the doom of dictatorship, who will ensure the same in Indian cricket? We didn't halt post 2011 Dhoni, in stead we celebrated him and suffered immensely, same thing will be repeated here. Kohli will do more damage to Indian cricket than good, and his reign will run its course, Indian cricket ka kuch nahi hoga, we were always minnows and will remain so because that is our aukaat. All the U-19 success and talent talk is hogwash, nothing good will ever come out of it.
  9. Will be easier to impose Hindi on them and voila, all problems in India solved in a jiffy
  10. Kohli stopped listening to him by then. 2 days before the F he abused Kumble and then went against Kumble's suggestion to bat 1st.
  11. Haven't seen his batting, now that you mentioned may check out when he bats. Unfair to comment on a player I haven't seen live.
  12. Kumble victim of politics???

    Karma always finds a way to hit back, Kohli getting a firsthand taste of it now.
  13. Keepers don't have that much competition, batsmen and quicks have lots of competition.

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