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  1. Umpire screwing us over again. Why didn't we take the review?
  2. Greatest innings by an Indian in ODIs since I started watching the game. Now that the loser men have made me give up on them, these women have given me a reason to smile. Be it Olympics or board exams or UPSC, our ladkiyan have proved that they are no less. Go girls, win the cup.
  3. Kohli kaun? All hail Queen Kaur. Greatest WC innings by an Indian batter since Kapil's 175.
  4. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/hyderabad/Records-show-no-organ-donation-from-Telangana-Muslims/articleshow/53608829.cms So for Muslims, accepting organs from infidels is hunky dory but donating organs is haraam. I find this staggering. This is a 2016 story and what prompted me to check this out was a piece of news they kept on playing in a local Kannada TV about a Muslim man being the 1st from his religion to donate his organs(kidneys) in Mysuru, he was braindead and his family after lots of persuasion by doctors went ahead with the move. After 69 years finally a Muslim from Mysuru donated his organs, no kidding !!!! Organ donation is very common among Hindus and Christians(with priests leading the way in the latter), that too because of increased awareness in the past few years. When I did a bit of digging I found out that Muslims never donate their organs but are ever ready to accept from non Muslims. Sometimes they curse the kuffars because the donor is supposedly an idol worshipper and destined to hell, like it happened with a Namboothiri woman in Kerala. Incidentally only in 2016 did a Muslim for the 1st time ever donate his kidneys in Chandigarh, I kid you not. http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/muslim-donates-organs-2872544/ This is a statistical marvel, this is utter selfishness. More people from my own family have donated/pledged their organs than 18 crore Muslims of India. What do Muslim majority countries do? Does the holy Quran command these sorts of things or do clerics misinterpret and add their own tadka.
  5. Veda Krishnamurthy played an absolute blinder. Not only is she a great fielder but also a hard hitting batsman, the way she went ballistic after over 44 was a sight to behold. Well played Mithali Raj, felt that in the earlier matches she was playing a bit too conservatively. Great to see Kaur spend some time in the middle. Epic victory for us, I never thought we would beat NZ, let alone by 185 runs !!!! Against Australia we need to be aggressive. 220-230 will never work against them. We must go all out and even if we collapse, never mind. Conservative cricket will never work against Lanning and Perry. Hopefully we bat 1st, they have lost most of their matches chasing 250+ in the last 4 years. If they bat 1st I guess it is game over for us, Mithali can't repeat the stupidity of Kohli is she wins the toss. They hardly ever lose batting 1st. Minimum they will score 270 against us and no way is any team(including England) chasing 270 against Australia. On a good day they will set a target of 330 and a massacre will ensue. We need to bast 1st and hopefully score around 260-270. Come on girls !!! I want a RSA-India final.
  6. I love Sonia Shenoy and Gargi Rawat.
  7. By your heroes I meant Congress. Why were they sitting idle for 60 years w.r.t border issue? I spent my childhood in Bengal, it is virtually second home for me. Throughout the years CPM and Congress workers would enable illegal immigration and provide them ration card, voters ID etc for vote bank purposes. Ask any Bengali here, he will tell you. It's no secret, how millions of Bangladeshis have entered India and skewed demographics...anyone who has been in Bengal knows this firsthand.
  8. You can thank 60 years of Congress rule and 35 years of Left Front rule in WB for causing this problem in the 1st place. Why didn't they seal the border then? As usual BJP has to do everything from scratch because your heroes have done nothing useful w.r.t border issue in spite of so many terms.
  9. How can NDTV communalize every single criminal incident to malign Hindus and BJP? Sawan Rathod was burnt alive because he was Hindu(his dying statement) but NDTV then was quick to clarify that there was no communal angle in his murder. WTF?
  10. Hmm that was me. That comment(I am glad) was tongue in cheek and aimed at OP who spends half his day digging up negative stories about India. But I don't really expect a biased, agenda driven individual like you to understand that.
  11. Apparently that maid also stole Rs 10,000 from the house where she was working. She was caught red handed by the owner who took her to the police station. This was the trigger that made the mob attack the society. Apparently all maids in that society are from a nearby slum called little Bangladesh, every single one of them is an illegal Bangladeshi immigrant. The society members knew they were hiring illegal Bangladeshis, they too should cop some blame because cheap labor is a priority for them and not national security. God knows how many of these illegals are roaming free in this country, huge national security threat and because they breed like rabbits they change the demography and culture of he place where they stay in a short span of time.
  12. But the 2014 WT20 finals wasn't fixed right? Effing moron. Only suspicion for me till this day is that 1996 WC SF and with Azhar as captain, you never know?
  13. Name one country where Muslims live in peace with other religions.
  14. Me a vegetarian. I do consume milk and cakes(most aren't eggless). Haven't eaten cake for over a year now but can't give up on milk and yogurt. Boy I do love my paneer and soya curries.
  15. I am done with Indian cricket. Started watching tennis and hockey more religiously thanks to the nepotism, corruption, lobbies, Bunty Sajdeh, Kumble-Kohli saga, BCCI-CA-SC b__chodi, in fact the entire Indian cricket system. Mostly here on ICF for chit chat and political news. Last time I stopped following cricket was after 0-8 under Dhoni and before that after 2007 CWC. But on both occasions the test series in South Africa brought me back to support Team India. Hopefully this year's RSA tour has a similar effect on me.