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  1. I am sure we will get these kind of pitches. Many Saffers are still butthurt at the pitches we dished out for them in 2015, on social media they are literally baying for blood . Du Plessis was quite vocal about pitch doctoring before the Lanka series, pretty sure he will want revenge. Moreover CSA-BCCI relations are at an all time low, so we should mentally prepare for an ambush in the savanna. I expect the LOI edition to have pattas to compensate for the test pitches. I don't mind actually because we have a better shot on mambas than on the kind of decks we got served in 2013.
  2. Bhai I only said what I read, based on my sources (Indian as well as European authors), I don't believe Rani Padmini existed. Ofc I don't deny Jauhar and Islamic brutality against the dharmic religions. I have no love for the medieval Islamic rule or the vast majority of Muslims who are alive today and I am not justifying Khilji here, my post was based purely on my reading about the subject. If the movie glorifies the evil pervert Khilji we can all protest but we don't even know much about the movie. CBFC is yet to even watch & certify the movie. Based on the trailer Khilji looks like a barbarian pervert and SLB himself said that there is no scene glorifying him in the movie. For me this story is fiction, if it were about Khilji's gay partner Malik Kafur's pillage in South India (actually documented and not based on a poem written after 300 years !!!!) I would have protested but not here. A movie about that bitch Haseena Parkar irritates the hell out of me but not Padmavati. And one thing you have to remember is the Muslim historians exaggerate the **** out of any conquest/genocide. If they killed 10 they will write 1000, if 100 women committed Jauhar, they will write all the women in that country set themselves ablaze. Jauhars after the Battles of Khanwa, Chanderi etc have been chronicled in Islamic texts and they take great pleasure in such events. If there were a famous queen like Rani Padmini and 16000 women had committed Jauhar in Chittor you can bet your ass that Muslims would have devoted 10000s of books celebrating the event. Moreover Khilji's affair with Kamla Devi was well documented as was his gay affair with Malik Kafur by contemporary sources like Khusrau yet I wonder why Padmini didn't find a mention? In the poem she is a princess from Ceylon but Sinhalese texts (the most unadulterated source of history in the SC) don't have any record of such a princess.
  3. Caption - For Ashwin's reaction

    But Sridhar told me this is how you take a catch !!!!
  4. Exactly. Even in this side our 2 main MVPs, Ashwin and Che don't fit the 6 pack criteria that Captain Brat wants to inculcate. Granted they haven't exactly translated their success overseas but that is more to do with technique than fitness, eg Ash the batsman is more technically equipped to score in those conditions while Ash the bowler has some shortcomings. Nothing at all to do with fitness. Kohli may well develop an 8 pack and run 100m under 11s but can he give a guarantee that he will be as safe a catcher as VVS, Viru and Sachin? I wish our players learn how to play the moving ball and at least hold on to 80% of the catches (a low bar I agree but seeing that past 2 years I will take 80% in a heart beat) before the SA tour else we are going to get humiliated.
  5. @mishra Padmavati indeed isn't history. The character is based on a Mughal era epic poem and and only after that copied/adapted/cited by Hindus who have now started worshiping her as a Goddess. I did a lot of reading about medieval history a year back and and have thus come to this conclusion, no mention of it in either our sources or Islamic sources who otherwise glorify such stuff and exaggerate things to make themsleves look 10X more powerful than they actually were. The saga of Rani Padmini gained traction only during our freedom struggle when she was incorrectly presented as a historical figure, mainly to mobilize Indian youth against invaders (this time the Brits). Locals from Chittor use this story for tourist collection, nothing more nothing less. It boggles my mind how this controversy even erupted in the 1st place. Kamla Devi and Devala Devi on the other hand were real characters and a movie on them could perhaps justify more outrage unless you count in the fact that Kamala Devi herself was a shrewd manipulator who requested Khilji to abduct her own daughter and get her married to Khizr Khan, Alauddin's eldest son. I mean if those 2 Devis had no problem getting passed around like parcels amongst various foreign invaders, why on Earth should we care about such beings?
  6. All these yo yos and DNA tests aren't going to develop technique or improve catching skills. Kohli better work on his skills in stead of showing off, test cricket is the real deal and gimmicks won't lead you to success.
  7. When did he not score in swinging/seaming conditions in the 90s (peak Sachin)? Granted in ODIs he was inferior to Lara in difficult conditions but some of his test knocks in SA, Aus, Eng in the 90s were pure gold.
  8. Kohli pick KL Rahul - so much for ICF conspiracies

    Dhawan in T20s ahead of Rahul and now on a green mamba ahead of MV Kohli you suck !!!!
  9. You forgot spinning tracks and overcast conditions.
  10. Kohli pick KL Rahul - so much for ICF conspiracies

    What is the point OP is trying to make? There was no way KL Rahul could have been dropped today after that stellar series against the Aussies in March. Had he not played Dhawan today, may be I would have called him unbiased, this team is looking more like Kohli and Friends rather than Team India.
  11. Sehwag for me no matter what because he can tear anyone apart on a flat pitch, a genuine matchwinner like Ashwin is with the ball. Kohli is not even in the picture because even on flat decks if overhead conditions are cloudy, gloomy etc he falls apart. But if you take the combo:flat pitch+clear skies+tripe bowling he will be slightly above SRT and Dravid.
  12. FTB without a shadow of doubt, scary part is he is in his peak years now...not a newbie or veteran. Compare this to SRT's peak years, let us not even get to the quality of bowling during those days. Kohli SRT comparisions must stop, any person who dares bring this FTB in the same sentence as true greats like SRT, Lara, Viv etc should not be taken seriously. Even a 19 year old Sachin was twice the batsman this brat is ever going to be in his lifetime. Sure he has the fame and $$$ but Kohli will never be a test great for me, this must be the 1st decade since pre SunnyG days that we don't have a single test batsman who we can say is in the top 3-4 in the world.
  13. Dhawan got out exactly the same way as I expected, no adjustment as per conditions......how will this inferior version of Sehwag cope in SA/Eng? Had he fought out the tough phase even scoring say 6(50) I would have respected him more, this nonsense won't work against better bowling units on spicy pitches. #BringBackVijay
  14. Aravinda De Silva's average was 43, Thilan Samaraweera averaged 48+. Same story here.

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