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  1. Marriage : Imran Khan's hat-trick

    The way some of the Pak cricketers like Afridi, Shoaib idolize Imran, who's to tell one of them isn't in that ninja costume sharing the bed with their master? How can one ever know who hides behind those curtains?
  2. I am enjoying Kohli fail and Rahul ace all tests. I want Rahul to kick sand into Kohli's eyes the next time they meet, just like Smith made Kohli his personal b!tch, hope KLR comes out on top of VK every damn time, at least in IPL which has significant viewership.
  3. How rubbish is Kohli's captaincy?

    He will be our captain in 2019 WC bhagwan maaf karo. WC/W20/CT jeetna iske bas ki baat nahi hai, mannat karo ki kam se kam humari Pak ke khilaf streak barkarar rahe.
  4. Humble pie for Dhoni haters

    Only an idiot like Kohli can make Dhoni a hero, actually this match tells more about the brat's T20 captaincy skills than about Cool's batting.
  5. Name famous Kannadigas or people from Karnataka

    No I never heard of him till this post of yours. Apparently he got Dadasaheb Phalke award, so must be a hotshot.
  6. Name famous Kannadigas or people from Karnataka

    Rajni is a Marathi, got his fame in TN...so not surprising people miss out his bus conductor days in Bangalore. I think he qualifies as Tamil, he is literally a Tamil God LOL.
  7. India vs Pakistan ICC WC 2019 match on June 16

    However much I dislike Dhoni, he at least put Pak in their place in these world events. Only once did he captain us to a loss (CT 2009) but that was partly due to an umpiring error against Raina which effed up our chase. MSD had nerves of steel and Indo-Pak matches are played 80% in the mind and only 20% on the field. It all boils down to that and I won't trust a headcase like Kohli to keep his mind in control, the minute things go awry the obnoxious knob will start flapping his hands like a retard chicken and make funny faces whilst abusing all and sundry, literally zero leadership for the group in such situations...... The legendary Polish chess GM Tartakower once said "Tactics is what you do when there is something to do, strategy is what you do when there is nothing to do". Same funda applies to cricket: White ball cricket is all about the former, test cricket is mostly strategy. Dhoni is a gifted tactician, Kohli is a better strategist hence a better test captain. It was a mistake by BCCI to make Kohli ODI/T20 captain because tactics is the soul of white ball cricket and unfortunately our hero is a big zero in this department, is it a coincidence or bad luck that he is yet to win a single IPL trophy with a gun team after so many attempts? Answer is a resounding NO... It is more or less given that we aren't winning the 2019 edition under Kohli but the least we can hope is a SF spot and win against Pak. If he can't even deliver that his stint will be confined to the dustbin, FFS even Azhar has a 3-0 record against Pak in WCs, that too against gun teams led by stalwarts like Imran and Wasim...this Pak whilst not exactly rubbish still doesn't have the quality 90s Pak had. It is beyond Kohli to match Dhoni's 2011 and 2015 leadership, this edition will tell us whether he is at least comparable to Azhar or not.
  8. Name famous Kannadigas or people from Karnataka

    Holy *, Guru Dutt was Kannadiga...never would have guessed !!!! His real name is Vasanth Kumar Shivshankar Padukone as per wiki......mind blown, and here I was thinking Kannadigas have such nonsense actors.
  9. Name famous Kannadigas or people from Karnataka

    Sir Raman spent a lot of time in Calcutta as well, in fact his peak work (incl Raman Effect which fetched him Nobel) was when he was in the City of Joy....can we claim him as a Bong as well ?
  10. Name famous Kannadigas or people from Karnataka

    Many scientists spent time in Bengaluru because of IISc, Raman Research Institute, etc...it was our research centre for majority of the last 70 years, but not all are Kannadigas. CV Raman was a Tamil Iyer IIRC.
  11. Worst IPL Celebrations!

    How is Kohli screaming like a banshee and stealing limelight from others not on anyone's list?
  12. Gambhir Contrast this with the shenanigans of nalayak besharam perjurer Dhoni who not only doesn't know when to bow out but also makes fake C grade movies extolling his non existent virtues and self-sacrificing nature. Looking back at the 2012 CB series makes me even sadder, the way SRT-Gambo-Viru were publicly humiliated and kicked around by a petty man to cover his own ineptitude, almost led the public to believe in his moves back then...scheming, backstabbing politician. Yograj ne sahi kaha tha, just like Ravana, this arrogant terrible human being will fall to the Earth one day and beg for pity..... I for one can't wait to see Dhoni pay for his sins, cricket is a great leveler and his past will come to haunt him one day.
  13. Egg should be in the right pic, how is it junk food? Besides no protein, fat in right side, only veggies and fruits...no balance in diet.
  14. Name famous Kannadigas or people from Karnataka

    Thanks for the info. I will not confuse Konkanis with Kannadigas in the future, are these 2 languages radically different? I thought Konkani was based in Goa because I did my college there and found locals to be either Marathi speaking or Konkani speaking. Reg Sri Sri I am not sure he is Kannadiga, AOL is based in Bengaluru but not sure about his mother tongue. I have seen him speak many languages, even Bengali !!! Again I think my list isn't accurate because my college friend with surname Hegde was Marathi speaking. Even CNR Rao could be Telugu speaking, after all IISc is based in Bengaluru and attracts scientists from all over India. You will have to correct me on those.

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