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  1. Next PC by Crybaby Kohli- 'Graeme Smith is no longer my friend'
  2. During Sampras' time variance from USO/AO/SW19 to RG was much much greater than what we have in cricket today. It was practically unheard of to have all court dominance in the 90s. But in cricket you have a few players who do well across conditions.
  3. Off topic but AO was never taken seriously by tennis stars till the 90s, so they can be excused. Look at the participation of AO in the 70s and 80s if you don't believe me. AO was played on grass till late 80s, USO was played on grass till mid 70s, only RG was always on clay. Borg didn't win USO but he reached 4 finals each time losing to ATGs. His channel slam for 5 consecutive years alone puts him in the GOAT discussion even though he retired by the age of 25. McEnroe and Connors didn't disgrace themselves in RG, they did OK. Lendl made 2 SW19 F. After surface homogenization it has become very easy to win all 4, post 2001 SW19 plays like clay in the latter stages, USO surface is very slow (almost blue clay) and from 2008 to 2015 AO was plexicushion (very very slow). Earlier you needed to make great adjustments to win across surfaces and IMO only Agassi did the career grand slam when it was really tough.
  4. Excellent article, what is Sridhar even doing with this bunch? With so much $$$$ can't BCCI hire someone better than this buffoon, apparently Shastri also favours him . According to this article, last 4 years before this series our success rate in slips and gully against the quick bowlers is 42% , damning statistic !!! Why is Kohli unwilling to accept that we have a serious catching problem? Before the tour a reporter pointed this out and Kohli showed his passive aggression, this is heartbreaking stuff for our bowlers.
  5. Still is the best in Asia averaging 65+ and unlike sabka pyara Kohli he doesn't go MIA on turners .
  6. Surprised to see Saleem Malik, Imran and Miandad ranked so high. Only 1 Lankan in the top 20 is kinda unexpected.
  7. Link pe click kar, only top 20 and bottom 20 shown here. http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?batting_positionmax1=7;batting_positionval1=batting_position;class=1;filter=advanced;home_or_away=2;opposition=1;opposition=2;opposition=3;opposition=4;opposition=5;orderby=batting_average;qualmin1=12;qualval1=matches;size=150;team=25;team=6;team=7;team=8;template=results;type=batting He is averaging 27.42 sandwiched between Manjrekar and Rameez Raja.
  8. Upsets happen but 1st time I saw an upset massacre. Had the margin been narrow I would have moved on but 180 runs !!!!!
  9. The real joke is on us, that CT F looks even more embarrassing in hindsight.
  10. He got Du Plessis out yet again when he was batting on 4 but Rahul dropped it. How is it his fault, what do you expect him to do? In spite of all the drops he needed to pick a 10fer on a pitch which wasn't exactly a big turner?
  11. @putrevus How effective do you think Maharaj was? Isn't he like an expert in non Asian tracks? Was he not thoroughly outbowled by Ashwin? If so many catches are dropped what can the bowler do, I am asking this question again, if a batsman gets 10 consecutive howlers in a 5 test series and ends up averaging 35 odd, was he good or bad? Shami is our leading wicket taker. http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/records/bowling/most_wickets_career.html?id=12081;type=series How is he more disappointing than Bumrah/Steyn/Pandya ? He even averages better than Rabada !!!
  12. Criteria: Batsmen from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh Batting positions 1 to 7 because batsmen+keeper usually bat in the top 7. Min 12 matches because Rohit Sharma has played 12 matches outside Asia. Venue: Outside Asia excluding minnow Zimbabwe, even Rohit hasn't played there. Only Aus, Eng, NZ, SA, WI considered. Go to the link below to see the entire list if you are interested, 98 players have fulfilled this criteria. http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?batting_positionmax1=7;batting_positionval1=batting_position;class=1;filter=advanced;home_or_away=2;opposition=1;opposition=2;opposition=3;opposition=4;opposition=5;orderby=batting_average;qualmin1=12;qualval1=matches;size=150;team=25;team=6;team=7;team=8;template=results;type=batting Allow me to present top 20 and bottom 20 (scroll down for the 2 tables but before doing that keep sharp objects away from sight ) Rahane is the best Asian batsman outside Asia (min 12 matches) having scored 1312 runs in 17 matches at an average of 54.66 with 4 100s and 7 50s. I won't necessarily call him better than Dravid/SRT/Gavaskar/Miandad because in their cases the sample size is much larger. Still shows how good Rahane has been outside Asia. Rohit Sharma is at number 14 from bottom. He has 502 runs in 12 matches at an average of 23.90, no 100 and just 2 50s . But according to Crooked Kohli horses for courses, overseas conditions, assess the conditions, intent blah blah blah blah. P.S. Even on the intent front Rahane is ahead of Rohit. Outside Asia Rahane's SR is 53.96 while Rohit's is 44.46 (http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?batting_positionmax1=7;batting_positionval1=batting_position;class=1;filter=advanced;home_or_away=2;opposition=1;opposition=2;opposition=3;opposition=4;opposition=5;orderby=batting_strike_rate;qualmin1=12;qualval1=matches;size=150;team=25;team=6;team=7;team=8;template=results;type=batting)
  13. 1. BCCI offered to send the test specialists to SA around December 20, they refused because they wanted to attend Virushka's reception and get selfies clicked with Bollywood stars. 2. Rahane would have done better than Rohit Sharma simply because he has better tools to succeed in these conditions, moreover Maharaj wouldn't have bothered him on these pitches. 3. How can you expect batting performances when you make every batsman feel insecure about his spot and shove 'intent' down the throats of players who have a different way of approaching things? 4. Bowlers let them off the hook or fielders? 11 dropped catches don't ring a bell? A bowling attack of Marshall/Mcgrath/Hadlee/Akram/Warne will lose its head after 11 dropped catches !!!! 5. Shami is the leading wicket taker from our side and is by no means a letdown. 6. Ashwin had 6 catches dropped of his bowling in the 2nd test. He comprehensively outbowled Maharaj who himself destroyed Lyon in SA's tour to Aus in 2016 end. Ashwin delivered an ATG spell in the 1st innings of Centurion and had the fielders co operated it would have been a matchwinning 7fer. If fielders drop catches, bowler gets the blame. So applying your logic every time a batsman gets a howler should the blame fall upon the batsman?
  14. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    I have an inkling that after the SA series no Dhoni chamcha will have a place to hide. Such comparisons only reduce the quality of ICF, what next, Starc vs Unadkat or ABDV vs Karthik?
  15. Thank you , reinforces my point.

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