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  1. Gollum

    The ATP Tour 2018

    **** fest by Fed , congrats Nole on this historic achievement.....truly a champion player. Based on what I have seen in Rogers Cup and Cincy, Nadal is the clear favorite and Nole is 2nd best bet. Draw will have to open up very kindly for Fed to make a deep run there, his ground game is non existent, his ROS is horrendous.
  2. Boycs- 'These guys are used to batting on flat, dry, non-bouncing pitches in India and plundering easy runs. The new ball does not do much and the shine does not last long. Batsmen are king and can play lots of shots straight away. Do not expect it to get any easier at Trent Bridge, because that is where Anderson excels. His bowling figures are exceptional in Nottingham and Stuart Broad will be up for the challenge with his home crowd behind him'.
  3. Gollum

    Test Cricket is Best Cricket

    Soul crushing when we lose, soul uplifting when we do well....only test cricket does that.
  4. Gollum

    First Lady of Pakistan

    Wife of COAS is First Lady? WTF So you admit Pakistani democracy is a sham and Imran is just a puppet of the true ruler, the COAS? And then you guys tell he has a democratic mandate. You have scored a self goal here
  5. Gollum

    Mad respect to Indian bowlers

    I'd say Bhuvi in English conditions is as good as Zak. He's as good as the best in the business. Ofc Zak trumps him everywhere else including reverse swing but we have Shami in that department. We are really missing Bhuvi this time. Sreesanth is a seam bowler and he is a headcase. RP Singh had a good 18 months that's it, though he could swing it in that brief period of time. They are anyway weak compared to the current bunch. I back post 2014 Ishant to do better than either of their prime versions even in swinging conditions.
  6. Gollum

    Mad respect to Indian bowlers

    'All at their best' is a very convenient choice of weapon. If Bhuvi/Bumrah/Shami/Pandey had bowled at their best this line up wouldn't have crossed 80. If Srinath/Venky were at their best max 140, if Wasim/Waqar/Shoaib at their best max 60...you get the picture? Rarely are all the bowlers at their best at the same time. Every match a couple have great outings, 1 has a stinker and 1 doesn't really threaten. You have to look at the overall picture. Even when it came to Kumble-Bhajji they were hardly ever at their best the same time. If all bowling attacks have all bowlers firing at the same time batsmen will have no place to hide, even a Lanka will appear unbeatable. The Kohlis and Smiths always give due respect to the best bowlers and milk others, even the greatest batsmen are wise enough to target the weak links to get their runs. On a given day this attack will outperform our 2007-2010 attack handily with a 90% success rate, literally no comparison. And not talking about injury..the moment you take out Zak from that attack it is Bangladesh level. Take out this team's best 2 bowlers and still they will be competitive.
  7. Gollum

    Mad respect to Indian bowlers

    This attack is unconventional. They look listless for periods of time, then suddenly bowl a few unplayable ones, many magic deliveries and dismiss the batsmen..LOL it's funny but gets the job done. Reminds me of the great Pak attack of the past...not consistent or disciplined but had the ability to bowl wicket taking deliveries all of a sudden and run away with the match. We are relentless in Asia and somehow get the job done in our own unique way in overseas conditions...overall a great package and the best we have ever had, I mean look at the depth. In the 80s, 90s or 2000s injuries to our main bowlers would have meant carnage...here we still have resources to continue the fight.
  8. Gollum

    ENGvIND The dropped catches tracking thread

    So many balls flew in between the slip cordon, catchers and keeper were often left staring at each other. Commentators raised our slip cordon formation a few times on air, needs better geometry.
  9. Gollum

    Who’s looking forward to another ass-whoppin’?

    @dandaroy hazir ho
  10. I remember when an Imam was killed in Canning a few years back. Whole of rural South Bengal was thrown into chaos and thousands of Hindus became displaced people overnight, huge exodus which was blacked out by media. It was UPA in Centre and TMC in state, 100s of Hindu homes were burnt to ash. Here we have sadhus/priests being killed but Hindus will maintain peace and trust the police like they always do. Yet at the end of the day Hindus are always intolerant and savage while poor innocent Muslims can never be blamed to preserve India's secular fabric.
  11. Priest, sewadar killed; tongue of one cut off, three others critically injured in brutal attack in Haryana mandir LINK This is becoming too frequent now, won't rule out opposition hand in fomenting chaos in BJP ruled states. So much hue and cry over fictitious church attacks in 2015...now priests and sadhus in North India are being actually murdered and grievously injured. Earlier today some temple devotees (mostly women) in a procession in UP were attacked with iron rods in a peaceful locality.
  12. Gollum

    Time is running out for KL Rahul

    No, where did I say drop him? He needs some tough love, fame has gone way over his head and his attitude won't help him realize his potential. He was thriving under Kumble, now we know the type of character Shastri is. KLR needs to refocus, reset his priorities and aim to let his bat do the talking...not Page 3 events or planted stories about his dating life. All I see these days is an immensely talented yet lazy kid who refuses to work on his shortcomings, polar opposite of Kohli....as I said earlier he is the cricket version of Kyrgios.
  13. Gollum

    Time is running out for KL Rahul

    140 runs in 11 innings with HS 36, still not good enough. SA and Eng are tough for Asian batsmen but don't warrant such disgraceful stats. Cook is an ATG on his last legs, nothing left to prove...when he was Rahul's age he was winning MOMs in India and Australia, not just England. Jennings is rubbish, I can't understand what ECB sees in him. I hold Rahul to higher standards but right now he is exhibiting a game that won't match up to lowly Pakistani standards...we have higher batting benchmarks. Today was a glorious chance to get a 100, shame he got out after a good start.
  14. Gollum

    First Lady of Pakistan

    Looks like we have a triggered Insafian on ICF , what an attitude defending subjugation of women and patriarchal society ...ab banega Naya Pakistan.
  15. Gollum

    India currently has best bowling line up in world

    Deal with it haters.

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