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  1. Gollum

    Dinda replies back to his haters

    Lara came all the way to India to have a photo clicked with Royal Bengal Tiger, this is the respect beghairat Indian fans show him, shame on all of you. Even Sallu Bhai is intimidated
  2. Gollum

    Dinda replies back to his haters

    Talent-wise Dinda was no less than Rabada, Cummins, Bumrah....only that Dhoni didn't know how to handle genuine speed demons. Dinda's leap reminded me of Lillee, headband like Waqar, aggression like Hulk, intelligence like Tony Stark, roar like Khal Drogo, poker face like Night King, celebration like CR7, swag like Jules Winnfield....I can go on and on but don't want to shame his haters. Tiwary, Dinda, Saha..that's 3 Bengal players who suffered because of the perjurer, another addition to the long list of crimes committed by MSD. My shraap to him
  3. Gollum

    Dinda replies back to his haters

    Pride of Bengal, our Royal Tiger. Make fun of him and suffer my infinite wrath.
  4. Gollum

    Performance of Indian spinners in IPL 2019

    I saw a bit of M Ashwin, good prospect.
  5. Gollum

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    About time we get angry button, shocked button, scared button on ICF...merely upvotes, likes, trollvotes can't cover the range of emotions I feel when I see some of the posts. TMC is the worst thing that happened to Bengal, makes Left Front days look good.

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