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  1. Gollum

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    10 seats for Congress? @velu has DMK gone mad? In 2014 national elections, INC had less vote % than even BJP....man Stalin is even dumber than RaGa.
  2. Easiest decision we'll ever have to make, garbage industry.
  3. Gollum

    Saudi Arabia to invest $100 billion in India

    You forgot to tag some eminent bhakts Now a barrage of troll votes incoming.
  4. Mehbooba Mufti wants to give Pakistan PM Imran Khan a chance on terror LINK BJP's erstwhile alliance partner folks . Mehbooba Mufti mocks cry for justice, seeking revenge being 'Anpad-Gawar'? Same lady who wouldn't utter one word of condemnation against the stone pelters and local jihadis like Burhan Wani.
  5. Gollum

    Indian Media reaches new depths

    Kim K? Priyanka Chopra? You find them hot? Baaki aur koi mile nahi kya?
  6. Libtards join forces with twitter to ban handles that exposed anti-nationals who were celebrating and mocking our forces post the attack.
  7. Gollum

    Indian Media reaches new depths

    Nothing, she is mediocre...both in looks and brains department.
  8. Gollum

    Indian Media reaches new depths

    She's bang average. Forget Barkha, Sagarika...we have plenty of nice ones in our side, much better than the Pak ladyboys.
  9. Gollum

    Indian Media reaches new depths

    Makeup ka kamaal.
  10. Gollum

    Indian Media reaches new depths

    I know, fukc Indian judiciary....hate that oligarchy. I was referring to that statement but in a different context....Modi needs to wake up, needs to be proactive.
  11. Gollum

    Openers in ICC and World Events (Stats)

    @zen Is this thread a part of the greater war regarding Rohit Sharma that some of you guys have been busy with the last couple of days? If yes I will bring my popcorn and you guys have a blast.
  12. Gollum

    Openers in ICC and World Events (Stats)

    I checked the stats. Srikanth consistently played at a faster pace than Greenidge, Haynes who had SR in 60-65 range. 1983, 87 WCs were played with red ball making opener's job that much more difficult...different strategy those days when survival was key in the 1st 15-20 overs against good/great quicks in tougher batting conditions. He struggled in the group stages of 1983 WC and the whole of 1992 WC where he played his final match. But in 1983 F, 1985 and 1987 his numbers will be like average 45, SR 80+ which is phenomenal for that era. Plus he delivered in the 2 big finals we won. Shastri played only for himself, what more to say about him?
  13. Gollum

    Openers in ICC and World Events (Stats)

    Rohit and Kohli have a lot to prove in this WC. Great overall returns or something special in SF/F......then no one will question them.
  14. Gollum

    Openers in ICC and World Events (Stats)

    Don't go by stats alone. Srikanth was immense in 1983 final against 4 pronged WI pace attack and right throughout 1985 WCC including final (top scorer, high SR). Even in 1987 he was quite good overall. Expected from SRT but Dada and Dhawan too deserve special praise. Shastri's SR though

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