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  1. Sachin Tendulkar screwed over Indian cricket, great player but disgusting person off field.
  2. We dropped 15 catches in this series, 2 less than England who were equally atrocious. Rahane biggest culprit with 4 drops . Dhawan dropped 3 in Edgbaston, missed Lord's and was mercifully kept out of slips in the final 3 tests. KLR was the standout catcher from both teams. Most unlucky bowlers were Shami and Ishant...both had 5 catches (each) dropped off their bowling.
  3. Gollum

    Tennis: US Open 2018

    Nole is da King what a stirring comeback !!!!
  4. Gollum

    ENGvIND The dropped catches tracking thread

    Series over, we dropped 15 and England 17.
  5. Gollum

    ICF leaving/taking break thread

    I will be gone for some time, won't be back next series.....some miracle has to happen to get me actively involved in the forum. Last time I was off the forum it was for 18 odd months. Busy with my personal life/work and have to cut down on internet time drastically. Still hanging around to update the dropped catches thread and special thanks to @sscomp32 who will provide the videos, you will get a comprehensive picture of our catching this series after this test if over. Don't want to leave that thread incomplete, it may be of some use for interested parties to carry the analysis and discussion forward. Will miss many posters here (not naming them lest I forget somebody), more than the cricket or players, it was always the members who ensured I had such a gala time here. Hopefully my schedule eases and our maharathis surprise us for a change sooner rather than later/never.
  6. These cocksuckers are beneath my contempt man. Similar sensation as during 0-8 days, now I am older and wiser..won't fall into the illusive oasis of achhe din of Indian cricket again, humongous amount of time can be better spent on more worthwhile endeavors.
  7. Not that active for the past few days man.
  8. Gollum

    ENGvIND The dropped catches tracking thread

    Just our drop catches will do man, there aren't many English fans on this forum who would participate in a discussion about their catching post this series. I intend to take a long break from ICF. But I will edit the OP of this thread after this match, don't want to leave the job half complete.
  9. Officially more depressed than 0-8. Lost all interest in cricket and probably will never even make an attempt to rekindle interest. Nice journey with ICF, enjoyed my stay but time to move on. Cheers and Adios.
  10. No rule that we need an offie in the squad. Ashwin should be benched for 6 months at least, let Jadeja and Kuldeep play against WI and Aus. We can take a call after next year's WC. Right now no outstanding offie I can think of, Jayant Yadav is an inferior version of Ashwin but he can be the 3rd option for home tests, others aren't suited for test cricket.
  11. Ashwin can still keep his place in SC tests, wouldn't relegate him yet. Moreover he isn't good enough in T20 to play TNPL.
  12. Gollum

    Is this true?

    India is a large and diverse country, there is no singe culture. Google Kambala or Jallikattu and you can add 2 more pictures, do some more research and then maybe 100 more.
  13. Gollum

    Peta preaches Hindus

    PETA never ceases to amaze me.
  14. Gollum

    How was that not a no-ball??

    May be Joel Wilson doesn't like to over rule on-field decisions, conclusive reason to overturn and all that ****.
  15. Kohli survives courtesy a howler.

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