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  1. Tennis :2017 season

    Fed deserves a lot of credit for what he has achieved this year after a 6 month long career threatening injury break. But how good has Ljubicic been for him !!!! This BH change must be credited to the coach who himself had one of the best 1HBH of the modern era. Ljubicic has made Fed believe that there is more to his game than endless BH slices (works only on grass courts) and mad net rushes. Edberg screwed over Fed's head turning him into Roddick 2.0 with his crazy unnecessary net rushes and zero ground game in the 2014-16 period. You can't expect to win majors in the modern era just having a deadly serve and great volleying skills, that would have worked in the ultra quick courts of the 90s but not anymore. Fed went 0-4 in majors against Nole with his stupid tactics and godawful ground game but he was completely outplayed only in SW19 2015 and AO 2016....I believe even peak Fed would have had trouble staying with Nole in those 2 matches. SW19 2014 and USO 2015 were there for the taking if only he had Ljubo in stead of Edberg in his box. Now the way things have proceeded this year, I really shouldn't complain but I wish Fed had skipped Montreal and played Cinci with proper preparation. He played Montreal carrying a paunch after an extended family vacation, not to forget his decision to attend a Cold Play concert till late night, 10 hours before his 1st match . Nadal winning his 3rd USO since 2010 while Fed last won in 2009 and Nole with only 2 USOs is so unjust...... how can any proper tennis fan make peace with the fact that Nadal has more USOs than Nole despite being a far inferior HC player than him?
  2. Tennis :2017 season

    I agree his US open draw was grave injustice to tennis and humanity, but my point still stands. This was his best post USO run since 2013 which was the last time you saw him get success in the latter part of the year. Djokovic, Murray, Stan, Kei etc were out.... I agree that helped him but 2014-16 Nadal would still have made a fool out of himself with this competition. Nadal is a poor HC player (relative to other ATGs) and so the bar isn't so high for him, taking those things into consideration he was operating at his best possible level after SW19.
  3. Laxman's 281 is the best test innings for me. But in ODIs and T20s I would rate Viv's 189* and Husseys 2010 WC SF blitz as the best.
  4. Looks like the cracker ban didn't help reduce air pollution as the intellectuals were claiming, just like the odd even gimmick. SC reconfirming its stupidity and uselessness yet again.
  5. Why a Diwali firework ban won't help Delhi's pollution http://edition.cnn.com/2017/10/17/asia/diwali-fireworks-delhi-pollution/index.html
  6. Cow discussion thread

    BSF jawan Deepak Kumar Mandal, attacked on Oct 16 by cow smugglers in Tripura, succumbs to injuries http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/bsf-deepak-kumar-mandal-cattle-smuggling-tripura-india-bangladesh-border/1/1071981.html Tragic news, this is happening with alarming frequency in the states bordering Bangladesh (since September 2nd week, 4 BSF guards have laid down their lives trying to stop these *). High time we have shoot at sight orders when dealing with these cow smugglers, Shaheed Deepak Kumar didn't fire a single shot at the mob in spite of having a fully loaded rifle. Pretty sure that even if one of these smuggling scumbags had died, #NotInMyName clowns would have shut down half the metros with their BS.
  7. Got to learn from the Tamils. They brought their state to standstill when jalikattu was banned, Delhiites have confirmed their status as cowards, even more than the present day Bengalis.
  8. My hate-o-meter goes off the charts only when some guy blows himself up in the middle of the street, indulges in machete acrobatics or when there is religiously motivated abduction, rape, genocide, forceful conversion etc. Otherwise I am a pretty chilled out guy who has more important stuff to worry about. Having said that I confess holding a negative opinion about Islam and Muslims, mostly the Sunnis. I don't have any reason to hate you, but rather than worrying about my comments/mindset you should worry about the present state of Islam and Muslims. I am not alone here, millions of well meaning individuals have a negative opinion about your religion, not all are Islamophobes by birth. As long as normal Muslims play the victim card 24x7 crying conspiracy, Islamophobia, etc there is no solution to this menace. While there are major faults with all religions, including Hinduism, Sikhism and Christianity, Islam is on some other level. Another issue with Islam is that it is too rigid unlike the more flexible faiths that mended their ways to adapt temporally, I don't see that ever happening with Islam. I am sorry if my post offends you, I don't have anything personal against you.
  9. Happy B’day to the World Cup 2011 Hero Gambhir

    You do realize that Vijay has the best record in Aus/Eng/SA combo by an Indian opening batsman after Gavaskar (Sunny didn't play in SA, still my point stands). Even at their peaks Viru and Gambo were never as good as MV in tough overseas conditions.
  10. Tennis :2017 season

    Fed smashes Nadal to win the Shanghai Rolex Masters. Glorious day.
  11. WC 2019 is done and dusted. No point following ODI cricket till then.
  12. Sri Lanka's cricketers refuse to tour Pakistan

    May be there could be more to it. Their fellow players including icons like Jaya, Sanga and Samaraweera almost died in that attack. If I were a Lankan cricketer I wouldn't want to be in Pakistan either.
  13. Is Murali Vijay's form a matter of concern?

    MV seems like a batsman who gets bored while playing on pattas/against weak bowling units. He brings out his best against tough bowling and on tough pitches. Even in the period where he was averaging 35 odd, he was our best batsman in some of the matches against SA and NZ on treacherous tracks. I am sure he will bring out his A game when he sees Rabada and Morkel across the 22 yards on a spitting green mamba. He is the key in the overseas assignments, probably our most technically accomplished batsman in those conditions along with Rahane. Dropping him for Dhawan will be harakiri IMO, as much as I love Jatt ji he will be slashing thin air in those conditions, a better Dhawan (Sehwag) was made to look like a novice in SA/Eng on more occasions than not.
  14. Brilliant post as usual man. Makes a whole lot of sense now.

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