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  1. Curling is in Winter Olympics, this thread is about Summer Olympics. We don't have infra, awareness or a single high quality athlete in ice/snow based sports .
  2. what are you talking about?
  3. Potential medal winners for India at Tokyo Olympics Tokyo Olympics 2020: Time running out for Indian shotgun shooters to find the target for Olympic slots
  4. Bajrang Punia wins gold at Tbilisi Grand Prix LINK Our brightest hope, though he is 3rd favorite in his weight class behind a Japanese guy and an American Greek kid named Yianni something, an NCAA champ who is already talked up as a future superstar. They had a match a couple of months back at MSG which Punia lost narrowly.
  5. Athletics Federation of India aims big in Olympics The Athletics Federation of India (AFI) feels an elusive Olympic medal may be within the country’s grasp at the Tokyo Games next year if all goes to plan. Sounds delusional. Only Neeraj Chopra has some chance of finishing in the podium but he hasn't competed for a while now, a shoulder surgery earlier this year has ruined his flow. More on that HERE But progress is progress, even if our athletes don't win Olympic medals they got to start somewhere, like the IAAF Diamond League, step by step.
  6. Tokyo Olympics 2020: Sports analytical company Gracenote predicts India to win 14 medals – 1 gold, 5 silver and 8 bronze If this comes true I will be over the moon.
  7. Let us keep track of our athletes (and others if necessary) in the run up to Olympics 2020. Qualifications, test events, selection and what not. Indian Men's Hockey Team Hammers New Zealand 5-0 to Win Olympic Test Event Lost to NZ in the group stage, like in white ball cricket they are our bogey team, so 5-0 is a good result. Also beat Japan and Malaysia in the group stage and SF. Yet to qualify and didn't play much this year, so a positive result overall. Women too won the event ahead of Australia, China, Japan but Aussies fielded their junior team, their proper team is too strong for us, but yeah Japan did beat us in Asian Games gold medal match...Indian Women’s Hockey Team Beat Japan 2-1 To Win Olympic Test Event Again women are yet to qualify.
  8. Big only in SC which is historically the worst sporting region on the planet....hell even in Afg it is behind football Almost a dead sport in SENAW, not much to talk about elsewhere. A sport run by South Asians, otherwise would be long dead. Yeah cricket is a minor sport, even more minor than rugby, badminton. Indian cricket has no outstanding achievement to talk about, even with limited competition these prima donnas have been failures for most part. Rkt bhai, cricket choro and back other sports. Whatever little was left to celebrate, Bewda-Rat have finished that also.
  9. Remove Priyanka Chopra as Goodwill Ambassador: Pakistan Human Rights Minister to UN as the old saying goes how does one country produce so many ? Btw this lady looks like the morbidly obese version of the villainess of the movie/cartoon '101 Dalmatians'.
  10. TMC neta Mohammad Alam and associates Zaidul, Jainal, Afidul gang rape poor woman for asking refund of cut-money The woman had demanded the return of Rs.7,000 paid as cut money for a house after the house was not allocated LINK 1 LINK 2 LINK 3 Jungle raj.
  11. Not to forget the Ishrat Jahan case and his role in clearing her name against all contrary evidence.
  12. LOL at Bakis being so down the list, they caused the greatest post WW-2 genocide in the name of racism. Dunno about other countries but hear of many racism related complaints from acquaintances based in W, E and SE Asia, esp Gulf/Singapore/Malaysia. But we have to improve A LOT, final ranking is immaterial, the fact that we find ourselves on that list is pathetic.
  13. I welcome if Muslim scientists are shown, hell Kalam was and is an inspiration to all of us and like him many Muslims must be doing stellar work in ISRO, DRDO, BARC, IGCAR etc. Role models they are. But why not focus on the mission instead of all the moral posturing and virtue signaling? Is it necessary to show some of the Hindu customs in bad light and make the son of the leading female scientist convert to Islam? What link does that have with the central theme, I just don't get it. Accommodation may be a problem elsewhere but in ISRO, seriously? All these places have their own acco for employees and this is never a problem...in fact in isolated places like Sriharikota they go the extra mile to ensure all the employees have acco within their campus, and these are top scientists involved in a major project we are talking about.
  14. Indian crop strongest in the world, best ever from one country: Kramnik SPORTSTAR CB TH A blue storm is coming landfall by 2030, something the world has never seen before @FischerTal Thrilled and proud to see such high words of praise, legendary GM Vladimir Kramnik joins fellow world champs (only 6 living !!!) Kasparov, Anand, Carlsen in his assessment...and he is a Soviet chess school product !!!!! If Kramnik and Garry are rating us over USSR of old, there has to be something. So done with cricket, jokers led by Rat/Bewda/MSK will soon finish the interest of most of the serious cricket fans. But heroes will emerge in other disciplines, led by people who actually care about the country and aren't sold out. We will show the signs in 2020 Tokyo (Tokyo Olympics 2020: Sports analytical company Gracenote predicts India to win 14 medals – 1 gold, 5 silver and 8 bronze) and soon other sports will have their glorious moments. Time to stop caring about these Indian cricket losers who can't win **** in a minor sport played by handful of nations.....while fellow countrymen and women are accomplishing greater feats in much more competitive endeavors.
  15. Chill man, just a way to connect to one's roots like cricket and movies, more like a get together and food, cultural activities etc...I doubt there is any malice. OP said 50 people attended the gathering, how many Indian origin Brits are there? How is it a big fuss? Nothing treasonous either, if you set aside a few days out of the year in these kind of events that is fine, OP isn't shouting 'India India' all year and putting down his new country. If India-UK relations were hostile you would have a point. But the relations are great at nearly every level, India is still part of Commonwealth group of nations (voluntarily), our people have never harmed UK, we dig Brit culture (incl the royalty ), speak common language, model citizens everywhere (caveat: only outside India) etc. If you don't agree with previous para both countries have shared history and I-day is to mark the end of colonialism, an evil practice which even right thinking Brits and other Europeans disapprove of. So in an ideal world even Brits should join in the celebrations , no matter what anyone says colonialism was a dark chapter (morally) in European history. Brits lost the moral right to rule us post the end of WW-II, freedom struggle was long drawn, full of sufferings and vitally a non-violent movement which should be remembered. I-day of India is a great day to cherish and an example for humanity because our forefathers did it by following ahimsa (for most parts) against brutal colonial state machinery, a feat unprecedented then. Not saying it out of hyper-nationalism or something, just that our independence movement was so different and morally/ethically a cut above similar movements elsewhere.
  16. Ok some of my friends watched the movie yesterday and it seems the twitter talk I saw are mostly true. Standard appeasement tactic by Bhaiwood...AK is just another opportunist, Vidya Balan was always like that and she had finalized her role as Kamala Das in that Mollywood biopic (Aami), before criticism by Hindus made her leave that project. Vidya's son Islamized, willing to convert but the dad is an intolerant Hindutva bigot cos he got concerned on seeing his son reading Quran, disrespecting Ganesh, using Islamic phrases etc. And the part about intolerant Hindus refusing to give the Muslim scientist accommodation, the usual veg/non-veg crap etc are true. Standard Bollywood stuff.
  17. Terrorism justified under intl law as per these Pakistanis
  18. By creating fake news and forcing their ministers to spam them:
  19. Two village-level BJP leaders killed in separate districts of Bengal Stopped keeping track of these murders post election, at least 15 BJP workers have been murdered since verdict day in Bengal.
  20. For those who watched this movie, Is any of this true? These guys often spread fake news, RW twitter seems outraged. @Switchblade
  21. Connection to their ethnicity, place of forefathers etc. I guess not all celebrating were British citizens per se, but still no problem if British citizens of Indian origin want to meet up, pay homage to their land of origin (in some way almost everyone had a role in freedom struggle, be it something as simple as going swadeshi by their great grandparents), participate in some cultural activities etc. They don't have too many avenues to get in touch with their roots...max Indan movies/songs, cricket and other sports, cultural events, festivals, Indian PM visit etc...I-day celebrations come under that cover. Many Americans take pride in their Italian/Irish/Mexican ancestry if I am not wrong...agree with @coffee_rules's point about this not being treason. If you wanna participate ok, if you identify completely as an American and don't want to that is also fine. If you are bored of such events understandable, many of my colleagues didn't turn up for flag hoisting ceremony in the campus this time....you are a US citizen, don't need to feel guilty even if you miss it. Full freedom as is common especially in that part of the world. But it will be advisable to maintain some sort of link with India (general point, nothing to do with I-day), just my opinion. Being Indian origin is your identity and if tomorrow you have a major problem, apart from US govt only GOI will even bother to spare a thought for you. People in India will have some sort of emotional connection with you and if you make it big Indians will celebrate your success, right or wrong that is what we are. Apne toh apne hote hain...unless you forcefully reject your connection to India a la Bobby Jindal People would be curious to know what it is all about, cos not many here know about the significance of 4th July. No one will protest, just some curious, surprised faces and who knows some may even join you as long as there are refreshments on offer US is not an enemy country, if there were a Pak or Chinese (lesser problem, common in Kolkata) procession obviously things could end differently. If Bangladeshi procession I would personally lodge a police complaint, had enough of those illegals....but unlikely to ever see them come out in the open cos they are good at maintaining low profiles, mixing with locals, getting documents one way or the other, feigning and avoiding spotlight, very cunning.
  22. What does that tell about Indian people who kept voting for the party of slaves and crooks? Look at how many common Indian citizens prostrate before that Italian chor rani, *ing slaves. And Priyanka because her sarees, nose and hairstyle remind them of Indira !!! Even recently the people of MP voted out a rare good CM in Shivraj Singh Chouhan which brought in that dynasty sycophant and 84 rioter as CM....try to make sense of that.
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