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  1. These evil *ers are spitting on doctors and nurses trying to help them, must be put down like rabid dogs.
  2. Real question is how did the third guy miss out? Look at the longing in his eyes...
  3. Madness तब्लीगी जमात की जांच करने पहुंची पुलिस पर मस्जिद से पथराव, 15 के नाम FIR, 4 गिरफ्तार Also in Ahmedabad
  4. Can some of these oldies stop whining already? Dhoni gave UV all possible support he could (even in test cricket), same with Kohli....in fact he should have been dumped earlier. Lost it post cancer. Valid points about need of mental conditioning coaches in our system.
  5. 4 tested +ve in Assam, they were present in the Nizamuddin gathering.
  6. From TJ's gathering, couple of Malaysians in the Ranchi mosque tested +ve, 10 in Andaman !!!!
  7. Yeah sure, we saw the magic of UPA for 10 years, never going back to that dark era. Modi the so called disaster has handled this crisis better than many developed countries' leaders....against much worse odds, if he is a disaster worry about the first world leaders.
  8. UK might be in lockdown mode for 6 months. India too should extend this lockdown, no room for complacency.
  9. 1000s of those Tablighi loonies are untraceable They need to be jailed but what about Delhi Police and HM Amit Shah? Delhi intel? Were they sleeping?
  10. You know things are bad when libbus and AAPis are condemning these assholes....FUKC Tableeghi Jamaat, now the #1 menace in South Asia when it comes to spreading the virus
  11. Modi is a great PM, nobody is flawless. People of India in general are happy with him, thank you.
  12. Very difficult to prove that. Even terrorists might do genuine charity either as part of ideological duty, image makeover or to widen the recruitment net. Point is if someone is hostile towards my country I wouldn't want outflow of $$$ to his/her foundation no matter what the crisis is. That automatically rules out anyone close to ISI/PakMil, might be assets or sympathizers, doesn't matter. Maybe these 2 found themselves on a sticky wicket because of friendship, but tell me if you and I are friends and we have some transaction would either of us involve third party? Here we are talking about people from countries which almost went to war a year back and having all time low relations. What's worse Afridi keeps abusing our army, democracy, judiciary, culture/religion, state of affairs etc. while our boys have to maintain decency? That isn't friendship, that is abuse, Gambhir gives it back in the same language while Dhoni, Tendu will tackle it via indifference. Fine let these 2 Singhs be the large hearted Punjabi bros of Pakland, but let them be aware of sentiments of their fellow countrymen as well.
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