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  1. OK so Yogendra Yadav was on a debate tonight (India Today) with Amit Malviya and shared a story. Video isn't put up but I will link an old source dealing with the same. LINK I have seen dhimmitude but this one takes the cake. No wonder this chewt community has so many servile cowards. Bhai hansi ruk nahi rahi. Sardesai and Yadav were all serious, almost crying and Amit was trying to control his laughter. Gandhi has made Hindus a qaum of cowards. Kya secularism secularism karte hai yeh log? Faak Muslims have it so easy here, 15% population has 80% majority underneath its feet. As @surajmal said, slavery is genetic.
  2. Gollum

    One issue with many Ind batsmen

    Jadeja is probably the most selfish cricketer I have ever seen. Selfishness is a much bigger issue in T20s and ODIs, can't fathom how he keeps getting selected in these formats, not that he is some ATG LOI all rounder for whom exception can be made.
  3. Gollum

    Imran Khan's Naya Pakistan

    Hindu sisters abducted, converted, married off on Holi eve in Pakistan LINK @Alam_dar is this being covered in Pak media? From what I gather they are trying to black out this development including the so called leftist 'Dawn'. Any word from the Pakistani PM? Feel for minorities in our neighboring countries. How long will our libtards, dhimmis, Congress ecosystem and the evil Left block citizenship for Pak based minorities? They are going to kill/convert them all.
  4. Doubt she would have received adverse judgement is she were alive.
  5. If such a calamity has to befall this great country I hope either Capt. Amarinder Singh or Nitish Kumar (even Naveen Patnaik but Odisha is an uphill battle for BJD). If Mamata becomes PM time to leave this world, anyone but that lady. I wish JJ were alive, she would have been a decent PM candidate.
  6. Gollum

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    She said she cursed him and then he died amidst cheers by BJP party workers. She is yet to be acquitted while Karkare had no case against him w.r.t his alleged torture of her, besides he isn't alive to defend himself from these allegations. He died defending the country, what have those cheering BJP morons sacrificed for the country? So in your opinion Karkare, Salaskar, Kamte aren't true "bravehearts"? They were all honored with Ashoka Chakras, should we take them away because a suspect terrorist lady emboldened by her political masters is making inflammatory statements?
  7. Gollum

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Sadhvi Pragya insulting braveheart Hemant Karkare BJP by choosing her as MP candidate has raped nationalism, this must go down as one of the most disgraceful political decisions of all time. It is ok to be a bhakt, but not andh bhakt. Pathetic to see so much support for this terror suspect. People of Bhopal, now is the time to use NOTA.
  8. Today Hindus had their democratic right snatched away in West Bangladesh, but all izz well... Also peaceful TMC leaders were caught on camera provoking their cadre to attack and lynch security personnel. Only solution is President's Rule followed by fresh election in curfew like environment, booth officers should be brought from other states.
  9. Weakest RSA squad ever in WC history. Phelku is pretty decent actually, current Morris hasn't done much to warrant selection. I would have dropped Amla and picked young Zubayr Hamza at no 3 with Kock/Markram as openers. Amla is too limited, selfish and with a pathetic record in ICC tourneys. Zubayr wouldn't do much better/worse than Amla but at least would have gained vital experience, considering he is expected to be their mainstay in 4 years time. Anyway this looks like a middling side, not top 3 material IMO. Batting is pants. Amla Kock Markram Du Plessis JPD Miller Phehlu Rabada Shamsi/Steyn Ngidi Tahir
  10. Gollum

    Pakistan's provisional world cup squad announced

    Me too, I am sure Eng/Oz/Ind will take the top 3 positions. Battle up for 4th with 5 candidates (NZ, WI, Pak, RSA, BD), ruling out Lanka and Afg.
  11. Gollum

    Pakistan's provisional world cup squad announced

    With so many wristies in the 10 teams, the middle over battles will be highly tactical. We have the best spin arsenal, our only chance.
  12. Gollum

    Pakistan's provisional world cup squad announced

    2019 could be the hottest summer on record in England, spinners will play a huge role. Reckon most teams (except Oz) will opt for 2 quicks, 1 pace AR, 2 spinners.
  13. Gollum

    Pakistan's provisional world cup squad announced

    Reckon this will be the starting XI: Imam Fakhar Babar Haris Hafeez/Malik Sarfraz Faheem Imad Shadab Junaid Shaheen Doesn't strike me as a side that can challenge Eng/Oz/Ind.
  14. Gollum

    Pakistan's provisional world cup squad announced

    Amir is a must in English conditions, and is a big match player, Junaid has a suspect action too. Very surprising must say. And Hafeez-Malik in MO is pathetic, currently both are Rayudu/DK type batsmen. And lack of potent spinners will ensure Pak doesn't make it to SF.
  15. Gollum

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Truly shocking videos emerging from Bengal, why aren't central forces using force to counter the TMC goons?
  16. Gollum

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Mukesh Ambani backs the INC candidate.
  17. Gollum

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    BJP worker found hanging in West Bengal's Purulia
  18. BJP worker found hanging in West Bengal's Purulia
  19. Gollum

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Proxy voting, Hindus not being allowed to vote in peaceful areas, Hindu women being attacked and molested, * Bengal.
  20. Gollum

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    BJP winning in Bhopal is a given, don't need Sadhvi for that. It's their fortress, won there every single time since 1989 and all by huge margins.
  21. Bengal is burning right now. Sent from my SM-G350E using Tapatalk

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