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  1. You don't even know where I am from or my posting history, doesn't matter all are anonymous here. Cheap shot where? Expressing admiration is cheap shot? Josh, jazbaa, junoon, daleri, swag comment is inaccurate? Do you even understand the meaning of half the terms you are using? You think India (apart from remote NE and Andaman tribes) has more than one race ? Do you subscribe to those mischevious British/foreign theories, many Pakeez swear by them to compensate for other areas where they lack.
  2. Why so triggered? Easy with the words, if I start giving back mods will have a busy time here. So I'll be polite and say that you are the most stupid poster I have ever come across in any message board. In fact not even sure whether you are a bot or khota of the padosi type.
  3. As if they would have sent players when the occasion is all about Bongobondhu. Now watch their fake tears and victim mentality on full display. Yo ICC so eviil, yo BCCI so Islamophobic, BJP=Nazi=Hindutva=Modi=Hitler=KFC=CIA=Mossad....deal with it morons. This is just the start .
  4. Exactly, only Naarthies should be allowed to play for India, esp from Delhi, Punjab, Haryana irrespective of performance. They have aggression, josh, jazbaa, junoon, daleri, swag.... so that counts for everything.
  5. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood disgusted me no end because of the portrayal of Bruce Lee. Fukc Tarantino, running down an Asian icon like that, emasculating him and making him so out of character. No wonder China banned it.
  6. Agantuk left a deep impression on me, had only heard about it but never watched it till recently. Ray's last movie and Utpal Dutt was having a lot of health problems whilst shooting...even he died soon after that. If I have to recommend a Bengali movie (that is easily available on torrent with subtitle) I would ask you guys to check it out. Good quality as well unlike other masterpieces of Ray's.
  7. Same, letdown because of the hype. Still a better movie than 99% Bollywood flicks. How is the Telugu industry? I didn't like Bahubali , earlier Tamil and Telugu movies were similar and many crossover actors but it seems Kollywood/Mollywood have surged ahead.
  8. I always thought Ameer was a tool of the highest order based on his comic political activism and links with Seeman. But boy can he act !!! This song is dope.
  9. South film makers are more creative than the Bollywood folks, more willing to take risks and rooted in local culture....has been true esp this decade. No wonder Anurag Kashyap draws inspiration from down south. @Mariyam you watched the South Indian movies the others have mentioned here or does the MI-CSK rivalry extend to all facets of life ? @Ankit_sharma03 @Stan AF @The Dark Horse @velu you guys watched Subramaniapuram...apparently it inspired Anurag to make GOW.
  10. Gollum

    Superhero films

    Shout out to desi Espiderman Full movie on YT
  11. Gollum

    Indore !!!

    Kathi roll>>>>whatever cucumber sandwich you get in what's that place you call. KolkataBambipav
  12. Gollum

    Indore !!!

    That's it, you Bombay/Mumbai (choose one name damn it) folks are out of order, first @Mariyam and then you. Kolkattans assemble, these Vada Pav, Misal Pav munchers want war, let us give them war. Opening salvo: best puchka in the world Resign or suffer you evil bambis
  13. Gollum

    Indore !!!

    Yam talking about street food on streets, not in 5 star restaurants. Kolkata is #1, always.
  14. Want to watch Kony (Soumitra Chatterjee) but can't find anywhere . Watched it 20 years ago on DD...GOAT Indian sports movie IMO.
  15. Last 6-7 months, basically post-WC I watched: (maintain a list ) Agantuk Mahanagar Meghe Dhaka Tara Nayak (Ray) Aranyer Din Ratri Chokher Bali Shazam POTC...dead men tell no tales, Salazar wallah Green Book Hereditary Game Night Get Out Bumblebee Oceans 11, 12, 13, 8........entire series Argo Masaan Paan Singh Tomar Bandit Queen Ben Hur Lion of the Desert The Last Emperor Kubo and the 2 Strings Parasite Memories of Murder The Host Hero (Chinese) Vice El Camino Long Shot Toy Story 4 Last Black Man in San Francisco Hail Satan? Us Tucker Dale vs Evil Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Asuran Super Deluxe Vada Chennai Ratsasan
  16. Watched: Asuran Super Deluxe Vada Chennai Ratsasan If Tamil industry can do away with unrealistic fight sequences I'd be relieved, I don't mind songs but (as a MMA fanatic) idiotic fight scenes disgust me, even Asuran had ridiculous action sequences which took the gloss of the rest of the movie. Vada Chennai was the best out of these 4, Andrea Jeremiah . Started Vikram Vedha, then Angamaly Diaries and Kumbalangi Nights.
  17. Worry about your fellow Pakistanis dude, go and start/join a protest to release Junaid Hafeez.
  18. You have problem with 370 abrogation? If you are a Pakistani (asking since I haven't interacted with you before) no need to answer. Flew over my head.
  19. VHP wants a dalit priest for Ram temple in Ayodhya Kudos, break down all caste divisions.....historical responsibility to uplift our Dalit brethren.
  20. These peaceful Sabarimala protesters were arrested by Vijayan, now the Kerala CM wants Karnataka govt to release detained Mallu Islamists who had traveled to coastal Karnataka with weapons.
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