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  1. Gollum

    Indian Media reaches new depths

    I know, fukc Indian judiciary....hate that oligarchy. I was referring to that statement but in a different context....Modi needs to wake up, needs to be proactive.
  2. 55 Rashtriya Rifles personnel including a Major, 1 other soldier critically wounded, encounter underway. Major VS Dhoundiyal, Havaldar Sheo Ram, Sepoy Ajay Kumar and Sepoy Hari Singh...Om Shanti Jale pe namak, while the traitors are spreading fake news about Kashmiris in rest of India being attacked, our boys are paying with their lives in Kashmir.
  3. Gollum

    Openers in ICC and World Events (Stats)

    @zen Is this thread a part of the greater war regarding Rohit Sharma that some of you guys have been busy with the last couple of days? If yes I will bring my popcorn and you guys have a blast.
  4. Gollum

    Openers in ICC and World Events (Stats)

    I checked the stats. Srikanth consistently played at a faster pace than Greenidge, Haynes who had SR in 60-65 range. 1983, 87 WCs were played with red ball making opener's job that much more difficult...different strategy those days when survival was key in the 1st 15-20 overs against good/great quicks in tougher batting conditions. He struggled in the group stages of 1983 WC and the whole of 1992 WC where he played his final match. But in 1983 F, 1985 and 1987 his numbers will be like average 45, SR 80+ which is phenomenal for that era. Plus he delivered in the 2 big finals we won. Shastri played only for himself, what more to say about him?
  5. Gollum

    Openers in ICC and World Events (Stats)

    Rohit and Kohli have a lot to prove in this WC. Great overall returns or something special in SF/F......then no one will question them.
  6. Gollum

    Openers in ICC and World Events (Stats)

    Don't go by stats alone. Srikanth was immense in 1983 final against 4 pronged WI pace attack and right throughout 1985 WCC including final (top scorer, high SR). Even in 1987 he was quite good overall. Expected from SRT but Dada and Dhawan too deserve special praise. Shastri's SR though
  7. They have carried out terror strikes in 3 neighboring countries in the past week. Terroristan indeed.
  8. Gollum

    Indian Media reaches new depths

    SC got one thing right, Modi is a modern day Nero. So many problems in India and he seems oblivious....always in election mode.
  9. Gollum

    Indian Media reaches new depths

    Folks we can discuss rest of media crooks elsewhere. This thread should be limited to Praveen Swami, Karan Thapar, Raghav Bahl, Quint, Frontline for the time being. ICJ hearing on !!! Why is Modi still sleeping?
  10. Gollum

    Indian Media reaches new depths

    BUMP. This is potentially even bigger than the Pulwama terror attack, the depth of treason is shocking. Time for all out war on the libtards and ISI assets within India. Didn't realize there was a thread, if admins want they can merge the other thread with this one.
  11. LINK Praveen Swami and Karan Thapar are ISI stooges, many people have raised this allegation before. I don't see how they remain free after this, I just don't. B Raman, ex RAW counter-terror head openly named Swami an ISI agent, but fecker moves freely without any action. Raghav Bahl the founder of 'Quint' is another madarchod. Thapar harami ko jitna bolu, utna kam. That entire family sucks, dad was an inept coward (possible traitor, worst COAS) who led us to defeat in 1962, cousin sis is the historian Romila Thapar. Karan Thapar is the worst scumbag in that gutter family, betraying India at every platform, throwing muck on Sam Bahadur, spreading lies about IA, representing Pak! interests on the global stage.... Shameless cretin laughing away now
  12. And Frontline (The Hindu Group) too carried Praveen Swami's article. Time for action, bahut ho gaya. Prospective civil servants all over India subscribe to left trash like 'The Hindu', 'Indian Express', 'Frontline', 'EPW' etc...God save this country !!!
  13. FAKE NEWS ALERT....'The Quint' played mischief yet again.
  14. Gollum

    PM Imran Khan Address | Pulwama Attack

    All 3 have made money in India....and there are more.
  15. President Arif Alvi on Monday conferred Pakistan's highest civil award — Nishan-e-Pakistan — on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman during a ceremony held at the President House in Islamabad. LINK What a disgusting joke of a country? Why, because he gave the beggars some alms? Do they have no understanding of what happened last year with Jamal Khashoggi?
  16. Somehow get the feeling our top 3 will be subpar and our middle order will surprise many . Dravid was in a similar spot like megastar Rayudu garu before 1999 WC and then what happened? 20 years later same location...a story of redemption awaits?
  17. Bumrah will announce himself as the best overall fast bowler in the world ahead of Rabada and Cummins. Stats may not show but he will have big impact.
  18. No more posting on Nehru from my side, this thread is about Pulwama...digressed enough.
  19. You asked the question 1st and I merely responded in kind. After some to and fro we are going back answering the questions...my answer is same as yours, NO. You can post on ICF as much as you want.
  20. Did you read my post, took me 30+ minutes to write it . At least do you agree that he isn't responsible for the UNSC seat? Have I at least convinced 1 person on the planet about the India-UNSC myth? I wasn't talking about Nehru's overall career as PM, just addressed the one point.
  21. Haven't read the full article, just my two cents. To become a permanent member of UNSC, each of the original 5 has to support the motion. If even one vetoes that's game over. So how exactly did Nehru refuse UNSC permanent seat ? From your post and a cursory reading of the article only USA Sec of State offered him,with some caveats, even that isn't gospel truth. Tharoor writes 'those who have seen swear blah blah blah...' nothing concrete. Assuming such an offer was made, what about the other 4? Knowing the politics of that era if USA wanted deep friendship with a country, Stalin's USSR would definitely oppose it as would China (represented in UN then by modern day Taiwan). Veto is such a power, there's a reason no new country has joined the permanent council all these years, not even economic and military/tech heavyweights like Japan, Germany, South Korea...all 3 have high credibility internationally. Tomorrow Trump may offer Modi a UNSC seat in exchange for something or certain T&C but will the Indian PM blindly follow him? China can't declare Masood Azhar a terrorist despite mountains of evidence, do you think they will ever support India's bid? Taiwan was representing whole of China in UN during Nehru's time. After the Chinese civil war, Communists under Mao took over mainland China (PRC) while Kuomintang fled to Taiwan forming Republic of China (ROC). Since the Kuomintang were already holding the UNSC permanent seat from 1945 they continued to hold it. PRC said it represented whole of China, KMT said the same...in fact even today Taiwan claims Aksai Chin and Arunachal as part of its territory. So China in some form always had the permanent seat, only question was who represented it, PRC or ROC. It seems PRC got the mantle in 1971 (7 years after Nehrus' death, so the question of his involvement doesn't even arise !!!), when the world decided that PRC was the sole legal China. USSR supported them because they were fellow communists, USA under the bastards Nixon-Kissinger supported to relax trade restrictions but mainly to get an honorable retreat from the disastrous Vietnam war. The question of India getting permanent seat from Taiwan doesn't even arise. It was a China matter, the only question was which China. It is like assuming that USSR's permanent UN seat after 1991 dissolution was up for grabs and India, Japan or Germany would get an offer. Woh sab log pagal hai kya? Obviously it would stay with one of the Soviet countries. Since Russia was the dominant (economy, military, nuclear, culture...) and historical power it got the privilege, had Ukraine or Georgia been comparable powers it would have been interesting. But hypothetically had Reagan made a phone call to PVNR offering USSR's seat to India and had he said yes, the USSR units would have come together aur woh India aa jaate hamari g@nd maarne. Max PVNR could have said was give it to Ukraine, or Georgia...but Russia was the big daddy and no one could seriously say anything except Moscow. Anyway that wouldn't have mattered because hamari koi aukaat nahi thi us samay. If I could conclude in a couple of sentences India was never in reckoning to get a permanent seat in UNSC. Everything was already set in stone before our independence.
  22. Do you want to say that ICFers shouldn't make threads about certain topics?
  23. I understand that. See man, based on my limited knowledge and reading of Nehru I found him decent. You may be more well read about it, I have no issue if you rate him a bad PM. I don't find Nehru interesting enough to devote time and energy in researching about him or post 1947 India. I might have missed the mark completely, don't deny that possibility....but I can have my opinion about certain things. Only thing I will warn people is not to judge him based on the deeds of his daughter, grandsons and other family members. The dynasty has given enough reasons for us to hate them, but it won't be fair to pin the blame of others on Nehru who passed away in the early 60s. Yeah that Sachin banter is mostly me trolling or letting off some steam. He is my 1st cricket idol, will always be my favorite...strictly talking about SRT the cricketer here. Only when he is extremely overhyped and mythicized do I step in to offer counterweights. It is one thing for me to accept myths about players I never saw, but when someone I followed keenly at least for 14-15 years is presented differently...I don't like being made a fool of. And you have to admit that his fanboys do their best to cover his flaws and make him look like an invincible Titan. I take offence to that...if this were a fan club I would let it pass, maybe even join in because that's what fan clubs are for. But this is a cricket forum and discussion, debates, logical reasoning etc are part and parcel......and no one is beyond reproach. If the other side makes measured well reasoned assertions you counter/agree, when they go OTT you have to balance that . I do the same with Kohli, some posters think I am anti-Kohli or anti-Delhi, anti-North, whatever ****.....you will never see me going OTT when it comes to Laxman, Kumble, Gambhir, Pujara etc because they are mostly rated objectively over here. Bhai I don't even bring Nehru in my posts. That was one thread where unpopular opinions were asked and I gave mine. I find Nehru and that phase of our history very tedious, you probably won't see me bringing his name on a regular basis here....hell that must be the first post on ICF where I mentioned Nehru. Boring Cheers.
  24. There's so much fake news out there about Nehru, Gandhi and other freedom fighters, people lap it up without question. It is fine to criticize someone based on facts, but these Whatsapp myths reduce the discourse to a joke. I remember in the run up to 2014 elections the messages that were circulated, hilarious nonsense and the public (incl highly educated people) would repeat that everywhere convinced about the veracity of those stories. BJP IT cell has done so much work, itna effort/time desh ke hith me laga dete to accha hota. Now they are morphing RaGa photos to show him as an associate of the Pulwama suicide bomber...and believe me there are enough people to buy such claims.

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