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  1. For reference sake quoting the relevant post from the SA series. We dropped 11 there (all in the 1st 2 tests) and in the only test we won it was mainly because we dropped none and they dropped 5 !!!! Coming to this tour make your predictions, remember this is a 5 test series. Here are mine: We'll drop 18 catches in total. Kohli will top the charts with 6 drops. Most affected bowler will be Umesh.
  2. Can confidently state that if we catch better than Poms we will win even if we carry over our batting/bowling form from SA. But if we repeat our normal catching routine here we can at max draw the series provided all our main batsmen fire at 150% of their potential. We lost in SA only and only because of catching and our fate here solely depends on this oft underlooked department of the game.
  3. BOOM, 2nd leg starts in around 10 days time. Root looks ominous and Anderson is on a tear these last 12 months. Now that Smith and Warner are ruled out of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy can Root displace ABDV and throw down the gauntlet to the relatively lightweight Aussie batsmen?
  4. Which batsman is going to violate us in 2018? Which bowler is going to rip our batting to shreds? Choose one option for each and reasons why you feel so. My predictions: Bowler: Rabada Reasons: Spicy pitches, lack of preparation time which will leave our batsmen terribly undercooked, 1st stern overseas test in almost 3 years. Batsman: Smith Reason: He is the greatest modern era (post 2010) batsman without a shadow of doubt and we have no effing clue about how to get him out. Moreover I expect flatter pitches in Aus and fatigue may set in by then which may rule out a few of our 1st choice quicks. I seriously dread the prospect of him getting 1000 runs in a 4 test series. Viv got 900+ against England once, that record is in serious danger.
  5. Gollum

    Speculation about Dhoni 's retirement

    Can't believe people actually fell for this stunt. Dadu needs to be kicked out ruthlessly, not one ounce of shame left in this crook. Sent from my SM-G350E using Tapatalk
  6. Gollum

    Bhuvi kumar ....on flat tracks without swing.

    How anyone can still justify Bhuvi's place in ODI cricket, way beyond my understanding. This management's team selection is inexplicable.
  7. Gollum

    Bhuvi kumar ....on flat tracks without swing.

    Shami has to play in WC, genuine wicket taker unlike these defensive bowlers.
  8. In light of the recent FIFA World Cup, thought of comparing the cricket teams with football teams based upon history/ability/achievements/mindset/resources yada yada. 1. West Indies: Brazil Calypso/Samba...free spirited Greatest teams of all time once upon a time but not so successful in the last 20 odd years Greatest players....all time XIs will have max players from their countries Loved by all Immense natural talent which drives them to success without a strong domestic set up Swag/Flair 2. Australia: Germany Overall very successful Competitive in every era Very consistent in World Cups Many ATGs (2nd highest) Very organized, disciplined with high precision and scientific approach to the game Ruthless Excellent domestic structure and youth programmes which was/is able to consistently churn out high quality players 3. India: Italy Probably in terms of big success behind only Australia (Germany) and WI (Brazil) Punched above its weight and knocked out fancier teams in the past to win big trophies Mediocre for large parts but still a great history with a few top tier ATGs Both are very defensive teams (bowling=attack, batting=defence ) with max ATGs in defensive department (India=batsmen, Italy=defenders and GK) For most parts in big tourneys both are mentally tough units, very dogged India often stopped mighty WI('83)/Australia(ATG test streak) just like how Italy stopped many pre tournament favorites like Brazil, France, Germany in the past. Good domestic structure.....Ranji=slightly below par, IPL=best in the world, average it out 4. Pakistan: Argentina Chaotic, mercurial, unpredictable Have won the big trophies but not yet as successful as 1-3 Individual brilliance, X factor Lack of cohesion, full of controversies and soap operas Achieved success under strong dictatorial leaders Propensity to cheat with innovations like ball tampering, chucking, Hand of God, fixing... Unapologetic about cheating incidents in the past, they wear it like a badge of honour Domestic Structure LOL 5. England: England Invented the sport but watched other teams excel more Rich history but most greats from bygone era English media Historically the best domestic structure with great prestige, finest of the game have polished their skills in England.....finishing school for many ATGs Boring sides Nostalgia tards Ugly yet effective style of play, tenacious spirit which helped them perform beyond their capabilities 6. Sri Lanka: France Won all their trophies post 90s, since then possibly most consistent teams in big events Produced many freakish talents Very successful in a short span At their best as good as any of the other ATG units Tactically top notch Nice fakers, often resort to underhand means 7. South Africa: Netherlands Never won a WC in spite of being favorites many times, greatest nations to not win the ultimate prize in their disciplines Exceptional talent, very skilled Cryuff=Kallis...objectively greatest but not rated as GOATs by pundits 8. New Zealand: Belgium Punch above weight No standout ATG but many excellent players who gel well Never came close to winning a WC Honest triers Universally liked 9. Bangladesh: Some African country (Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria????) Lots of funds pumped in by governing body 1-2 high quality players surrounded by a bunch of mediocre players Occasionally upset higher ranked teams Too many false dawns Very passionate fanbase Perpetual victim mentality Feel free to add your choices...I don't follow football like I used to as a kid. I may have made some wrong assumptions and got a few observations wrong. But honestly quite difficult to find equivalents which everyone will agree upon . Pretty sure many ICFers are more knowledgeable in this regard !!!!
  9. Gollum

    Is Dhoni done?

    Dhoni chamchas are seriously delusional, those on social media unbearable . But the fraud's tactic seems to be working, no wonder this nation is destined to be led by Rahul Gandhi one day !!!
  10. Gollum

    Is Dhoni done?

    Drama kar raha hai BC. You think a fraud who perjured himself before SC appointed Committee won't have tricks up his sleeve to take the heat off him after so many shambolic performances?
  11. Gollum

    Is Dhoni done?

  12. Gollum

    Epic Humiliation

    Bilaterals are pointless, this wasn't humiliation by any stretch of imagination unlike our non stop choke jobs in latter stages of ICC events post 2013 CT. Disappointing may be but if team management and selectors use this setback to correct some discernible wrongs, we will look back at this series as a necessary roadblock for course correction after we win the WC next year. We desperately needed a reality check and England obliged, now it depends on how we respond. For too long our flaws were superficially managed but Poms ripped it wide open and kudos to them. Tests OTOH are the real deal and if we flop there that will be humiliation, more so against this beatable England team. I would have taken 0-3 and 0-3 at the start of the tour in exchange for a rare test series win and I haven't changed my mind. Don't fret over useless matches, take a few days off and recharge your batteries for 40 days of high octane cricket + speculation, predictions, gossip, whining, exasperating, cheering, abusing, celebrating, bakar bakar..... We have won many ODI series/tournaments in England but in the last 31 years only a single test series win there. Moreover we must think of extending our test legacy, if we have a good 2018 in red ball cricket we may occupy top spot for 5-6 consecutive years (FYI we are in the 22nd consecutive month right now) ...that is elite territory bettered by only ATG WI and Aus. Cheer up folks !!!!
  13. Hima Das campaigned for change in Assam’s indigenous heartland Golden athlete wants to end illegal Bangladeshi migration in her native village in Dhing https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/other-states/hima-campaigns-for-change-in-assams-indigenous-heartland/article24422295.ece Now she has earned the wrath of libtards and peacefuls, no more an icon...she is becoming another object of hate for the leftist losers . I fear for her safety because she lives in a Muslim majority district ruled by AIUDF .....an erstwhile normal Assamese area now completely over run by them outsiders . But girl has guts, which sportsperson (including Bharat Ratnas, Padma Shris and superstars) in India ever takes such strong stands? This 18 year old is a gem, legit youth icon.
  14. This is exciting news, India's first ever track gold in a World Championship event. She is from a small village in Assam and learnt the basics of sprinting only a couple of years ago, took up 400m only a few months ago !!!! She is just 18 years old and after Neeraj Chopra (javelin) we have unearthed another gem in track and field in these last 2 years or so. AFI bastards screwed over Chopra by getting rid of his German coach (the GOAT javelin coach that too, who took special interest in our boy and guided him to the elusive 85m+ club...85m means medal in any Olympics and Gold in a few editions even as recent as London, Bejing) LINK and I am sure those sons of hoes will do the same to Hima ..... but as well wishers/fans we can only hope for the best. Athens silver medalist Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore who is in charge of sports needs to protect these kids from AFI's evil designs and get them the best trainers and facilities, if these 2 can shine in 2020/2024 Olympics it may herald a new era for India in these disciplines.....much much bigger news than our ODI victory today. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/more-sports/athletics/iaaf-under-20-world-athletics-hima-das-scripts-history-wins-gold-in-400m/articleshow/64964292.cms
  15. Man this is heartbreaking, hope they are all sent to the gallows, *ing demons.
  16. Gollum

    Bhuvi kumar ....on flat tracks without swing.

    Why did he play ahead of Umesh ?
  17. You will be surprised to know about the SR of a few of his contemporaries who were rated as ODI greats. SR was an issue only till 1999 for him.
  18. Man hides identity to fool woman into marriage, shoots her dead once truth is revealed Another love jihad murder. https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/man-hides-identity-to-fool-woman-into-marriage-shots-her-once-truth-was-revealed-1285391-2018-07-14
  19. This has been discussed in detail in the below thread in case you are interested.
  20. I don't want to share my thoughts because it may get me banned. Exercising a lot of self control now since my hands are tied courtesy the Grievances Thread. Can admins suspend point number 2 for a few hours? Kuch logon ko bahut gaali dene ka mann kar raha hai, water has clearly gone above head and pretty sure many ICFers are boiling with anger. Taras khao hum logon par , raat 10 baje tak curfew hata do, uske baad tip-top behavior God Promise.
  21. Nope, Dravid was sub par in his 1st 2 years but then from 1999 to 2007 he was one of our best ODI batsmen with a stellar WC/CT record, was also top scorer in WC 1999 at high SR. Can't call one of our finest ODI bats a flop.
  22. Wonder why the otherwise hyper CPI(M) loses its voice in this particular issue. Also JNU mein ek waqt ka protest toh banta hai, wonder why those shining young luminaries seem unaware of this development .

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