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  1. Gollum

    Points Table (WC19)

    All thanks to Sri Lankans for igniting interest in this WC.
  2. Dude there is only one favorite in a WC, Australia. They will peak in the KOs, likh kar rakh lo. Poyzz have been their b!tches for many decades now, phir saamna hua toh unki g@nd faad denge. Only Team India can stop the Aussie juggernaut, provided a few many things go in our favor.
  3. It is impossible to fluke an ICC event, impossible. Just because an inferior team holds its nerves better on the big day, doesn't mean it's a fluke. Upsets happen, matches are never contested on paper sheets, all champions in every discipline deserve their success. After we beat them in 1983 F, Lloyd's superhumans came to India and hamari keh ke le li....that doesn't discount the significance of the event on 25 June 1983, Lord's. I have never heard any WIndian legend call it a fluke, not even the butthurt ones like Holding and Gomes...miracle yes !!!!
  4. They are a tremendous team in England, have always been, also a team that raises its level in ICC events. Only a fool will take them lightly in these conditions. 1999 WC F 2004 CT SF...lost to eventual champs 2009 WT20 2013 CT...only failure 2017 CT Even Australia and India, the 2 best LOI teams of the last 20 years haven't been this good in England.
  5. Gollum

    Apologize to Pakistan team and their fans

    @Global.Baba @maniac use your jinxing powers FGS, this is getting ridiculous now.
  6. Gollum

    Master Class Innings from Babar Azam

    Already better WC credentials than so called 'better than Viv' brat. Wish Rahul learns something from this chap, he is so difficult to dislodge. Remind me so much of Kane Williamson of 5 years back.
  7. Pitch was tricky, must win match, Pakistan's pathetic chasing record, string of consecutive losses against NZ, first WC, 40/2 start....also I rate chasing 100s highly in WCs and ICC must win matches, never easy with all the pressure. This 100 was more impressive than the one Rohit scored against RSA and better than anything Kohli has achieved till now in his 2.5 WCs.
  8. Quality batsman, he has all the tools to become an ATG. Thus far 330 odd runs in the tournament, avg 66+, SR 86+.....outstanding considering this is his first WC.
  9. Bizarre decision making by NZ today.
  10. Bhai you know what I think of sore loser Chucky , usko jitna gaali doon, utna kam.
  11. Gollum

    Ball of the tournament ?

    Kohli walked off after missing the ball by more than a couple of inches...we have a winner there
  12. He is allowed a bad game or two, been splendid overall. Without him Pakistan would be already out of the tourney.
  13. Congrats Pakistan, never underestimate them in England. Sent from my SM-G350E using Tapatalk
  14. Gollum

    Win toss, bat first

    I sincerely hope delusions of our chasing prowess are kept aside. No dew here, pitches often get slower in the second half and pressure will take its toll. Our strength is bowling this time, rather depend on them to defend whatever target we put up than trying to chase with our fragile middle order. We win the toss, we bat first. Doesn't matter if it has rained there for the past week or so, doesn't matter if there is a hurricane nearby, doesn't matter if there is chance of downpour at some point....come a KO match, I have more faith in us defending 180 than chasing 250. This is possibly our greatest bowling unit, and our weakest batting line up....hope TM gives up the foolish idea of tempting fate in crucial matches. Dhawan is out, Kohli and Rohit haven't been great at chasing in big matches, less said about the others the better. Our possible KO opponents: Eng-> clueless while chasing even moderate totals when the heat is on...have lost to Pak and SL while chasing. With their weak bowling I don't mind us batting first even if we have to play on a pitch with 6 feet tall grass cover and snakes slithering underneath. Put them to bat first and there is a possibility of them running away with the game. Their batting is more tentative while chasing, even on a patta our strong bowling will make them sweat. Aus-> willing to chase against them in KO is a death wish. They gave a small sample of that in the ODI series in India, come a SF/F and it wil be moronic to enable them to make the first move. NZ-> weak chasers, should have lost against BD and RSA. I am confident we will defend a total of 220 odd if we are to meet in KO. Don't fear Boult and start on the defensive, Boult is Boult irrespective of whether he makes first or second use of the deck. Even if conditions ease out the scorecard pressure will make him as deadly as ever, moreover swing is available all the time in England. Pak, RSA-> historically weak chasers, bottlers. WI, BD, Lanka-> we should win either way but preferable to bat first. WI won't be able to tackle our spinners when conditions get slower. BD almost beat us batting first last year in Asia Cup final, better to bat first and close them out otherwise their spinners (and Fizz) may cause problems, our top 3 has a poor record against them I think which is an added complexity. SL batting is yet to fire, rather make them feel the heat. Afg->out of SF contention. Bottomline: Try the conventional, time tested method of batting first after winning the toss. This isn't India where dew makes ball behave like a bar of soap under lights. If we lose the toss and have to chase, no problem just give it our best shot. But when the opportunity presents itself take full advantage, just like how it is always an advantage to play with white in a chess game no matter who the players are....or how it is an advantage to be able to serve first in a set.
  15. Non-alcoholic ones, and hopefully none of that usual Pepsi, Fanta, Limca stuff .... Discovered this gem recently->Kalimark Panneer (rose flavor) Soda. Other Kalimark products are bad, Bovonto tastes like cough syrup @velu TN's Jigarthanda, liked it more than the Hyderabadi Falooda Aam Panna Nannari Sharbat (Sarasaparilla roots) Bel juice (couldn't find it outside Bengal)....wood apple Buttermilk (Chaas) Tender coconut water Panagam...South Indian drink made from palm sugar Thandai...the badam one Muskmelon juice Ganne ka ras (sugarcane) Iced Tea (Lemon) Mishti doi..jaggery one, never sugar
  16. Gollum

    Win toss, bat first

    Why are so many teams blundering at the toss?
  17. Why not have just one thread for these usual suspects to whine? Elections over, this chit-chat subforum is a mess right now.
  18. And what Starc did in 2015 WC, Bumrah hasn't come close and might never. Bumrah is indeed a great bowler but Starc will be in contention for being the greatest ODI fast bowler of all time alongside Garner, McGrath, Akram etc.
  19. Even better: Roberts, Holding, Croft, Garner Then Roberts, Holding, Garner, Marshall Later became Marshall, Holding, Bishop, Walsh with Ambrose knocking the door. Early 90s had Ambrose, Bishop, Walsh, Patterson...last one being the most menacing of them all (words of stalwarts like Gooch, Crowe, Border) and a gun ODI quick.
  20. Gollum

    Bhuvi fit for West Indies match.

    End of discussion. Don't rush in a recently injured bowler, since Shami is in rhythm give him a run now. Drop Bumrah for Bhuvi after a match or two because then our schedule will be hectic and we don't want any of our quicks to be gassed out.
  21. Gollum

    Who will burst the Tigers bubble?

    I am making the match thread, imagine the pressure I am under. A loss there and admins will probably ban me from making threads in the future.

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