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    Gollum got a reaction from MichaelAmbut in Indias struggle with unknown bowlers !!!   
    Can't play on seaming tracks, can't play new bowlers, can't compete outside Asia, are the new perennial bridesmaids in every damn ICC tourney, team selection gone all awry....we have a few problems to solve and time is running out. 
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    Gollum got a reaction from beetle in After Praise From Virat Kohli, A Response From Mohammad Amir   
    Cringe worthy.
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    Gollum got a reaction from beetle in After Praise From Virat Kohli, A Response From Mohammad Amir   
    Cringe worthy.
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    Gollum got a reaction from diga in Supreme Court Bans Diwali. Rofl Hindus, go fly a kite.   
    Got to learn from the Tamils. They brought their state to standstill when jalikattu was banned, Delhiites have confirmed their status as cowards, even more than the present day Bengalis. 
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    Gollum got a reaction from Mariyam in Ancient, Medieval and Modern History of India Thread   
    Let my elaborate my views about Tipu Sultan because I asked the question in the first place. 
    History demands objectivity, one mustn't get very emotional while dealing with any historical subject. What is done is done, simply whining and crying about the past won't change the events. Tipu is a subject which has divided Karnataka right down the middle. Either you worship/adore him or castigate him as the eternal villain of South India, there is no middle ground as far as he is concerned. With elections due next year expect Tipu to be a talking point in the campaign by all sides. Right wing forces are already in the process of spreading fake information and spewing hatred against Muslims rallying behind the atrocities of Tipu. Congress wants to consolidate its Muslim votebank, hence the annual Tipu Jayanti celebrations all across the state, something that has entered the vogue only in the last 3-4 years.
    First let me get a few facts out of the way before presenting my views about Tipu the man.
    He was a freedom fighter in the sense that he took up arms against the British and died fighting in battle. Right wing extremists may argue that he did it for his own selfish reasons and not for the country, duh....there was no concept of India the nation at that phase of time. We were a fragmented lot with some rulers accepting British/French/Dutch/Portuguese/Danish (European) paramountcy while others resisted tooth and nail ultimately losing to the superior Europeans in due course of time. If we are to accord the status of freedom fighter to the likes of Rani Laxmibai, Nana Sahib, Tantya Tope, Begum Hazrat Mahal, Kunwar Singh etc we must accord the same status to Tipu Sultan. They all did it for selfish reasons if you look at it from a particular angle but the cold hard truth is that they all resisted the European onslaught paying the ultimate price in the end.  Tipu was a military genius. His use of rocket warfare was the stuff of legends. That the British adopted this technology after Tipu's fall is a testament to Tipu's innovation. The Congreve rocket was a straight imitation of Tipu's rocket and played a pivotal role in the Napoleonic Wars to follow. This is something we must be proud of, in an age where we were left so far behind in science and technology, there was a brown man who was a pioneer in a technology which was subsequently borrowed by the European powerhouses. May be after the Gupta empire this was the first instance of a desi actually inventing something ( correct me I am wrong and missing something @Muloghonto @rahulrulezz because I am under the impression that we lost our scientific edge after the fall of the Guptas). If you have read 'Wings of Fire' by our beloved late President Dr Kalam, he mentions that NASA's head office has a picture of Tipu Sultan with his rockets and that is something which made him proud. Indeed it should make each of us proud. Tipu was one of the few Indian rulers with multiple victories against the British (Pollilur, Kumbakonam, Chidambaram), some of them crushing victories. The 2nd Anglo Mysore war can be described as a victory for Mysore and the subsequent Treaty of Mangalore was the last British Indian treaty with the Indian ruler having a more favorable footing. Of course if you delve deeper you will see that the 2nd Anglo Mysore war and 1st Anglo Maratha wars overlapped, meaning the Company was fighting a 2 front war for over 2 years, a blunder on their part. This was also the last time they would be making this mistake (2 front war in Indian SC), they never repeated their mistakes and this is what made them so hard to beat.  Tipu was a cruel man. He did convert/kill many Hindus and Christians in South India and I am not going to deny these facts. There is ample proof of these happenings and it will be intellectual dishonesty on my part to blatantly deny his despotic mannerisms against non Muslims in certain areas.  Now coming to my analysis of Tipu the man, let me try to break down his decisions and explain why did what he did and why he is a much more complicated character and simply portraying him as black or white without shades of grey is doing disservice to history.
    Forceful conversions in Malabar- This is something we hear all the time. Tipu converted thousands, may be lakhs of Nairs and other lower castes to Islam. Yes there were large scale conversions of Nairs to Islam. But let me break it down. Kerala at that point of time was a very rigid society, caste rules were very strict and lower castes were treated like scum. Namboothiri/Nambudiri Brahmins were pakka Brahman supremacists and all the lower castes were treated very badly, even Kshatriyas were slaves of these Brahmins. By custom, only the eldest Namboothiri son could marry, other sons couldn't. They could have relations with Nair women. So what happened was that Nair women were confined in a residential area and the Namboothiri men would come at nightfall and * multiple Nair women, kind of like prostitution. Nair women were held in those places against their will, they couldn't come out of their trapped lives, reduced to the status of prostitutes forced to service the highest caste men. The bastard children conceived from these acts wouldn't get the caste of their fathers, they were relegated to the status of their mothers and hence left as outcast bastards. Thus the Nairs were a matrilineal society (only other matrilineal societies in Indian SC back then were in Nagaland and Manipur), at the mercy of the Brahmins all the time. Tipu came to Malabar coast because the Namboothiri Diwan of Travancore had invaded Cochin, which was under Mysore's protection at that time. As such Tipu was pissed off at the Namboothiris and when he saw the plight of Nair women on his way, he offered them a way out of their misery. I am not saying that there was no forceful conversion there, but isn't it possible that many Nairs converted to Islam to escape the hegemony of Namnoothiris in Kerala?  You all must be familiar with the breast tax on lower caste women in Kerala imposed by the Brahmins. Lower caste women had to pay taxes if they wanted to cover their breasts, being bare chested was a sign of respect to Brahmins in that society. Do read about Nangeli, the Ezhava women who cut off her breasts as a protest against the breast tax system. Tipu when he saw this nonsense ordered all lower caste women to stop paying such a tax and supplied blouses to them. Isn't it possible that in such an oppressive environment the lower castes had had enough and willfully converted to Islam? Tipu hated Brits and liked the French. Napolean himself sought an alliance with Tipu to face the common enemy. Tipu was a member of the extremist club of the French Revolution, the Jacobin Club. He also planted a Liberty Tree in Mysore and rechristened himself as Citizen Tipu. He was a perennial ally of the French in India, because he was enamored  by the ideas propagated by French Revolution. Bear in mind that in that period, America had just won its freedom. The American Revolution was over in 1783 and the treaty of Paris was signed during the middle of the 2nd Anglo Mysore War. Who supported the American Patriots in the colonial revolt? FRANCE. Who was supporting Tipu in his revolt? FRANCE. Indeed France was the key link in both cases. The Brits had lost America because of France and their only true remaining rival in India was again being supported by the same country. More reason for the Brits to be wary. There is a reason why British historians went out of their way to portray Tipu as a tyrant whilst glorifying the Company forces as liberators. The divide and rule policy of Brits involved fabricating many lies about Tipu's atrocities against the Hindus to get the Marathas on their side. No Indian ruler was vilified by the British historians more than the Tiger of Mysore. It is no surprise that they rolled out their best commanders to take out Tipu. Charles Cornwallis the British hero in the Great American Revolution was called up to lead the Company forces in the 3rd Anglo Mysore War. Arthur Wellesley led their troops in the 4th Anglo Mysore War , in which Tipu ultimately died. Arthur Wellesley was the Duke of Wellington (capital of NZ is named after him) and the person who defeated Napolean in Waterloo, one of the greatest British heroes. Another French connection, the man who defeated Tipu also defeated Napolean !!!! Tipu was ruthless. Anyone not from his kingdom who crossed his path was dealt with severely. He butchered the Kodavas of Coorg who had successfully irritated Mysore through their guerrilla tactics. He butchered the Mallus, same with Mangalorean Christians who had pledged loyalty to the British. He didn't massacre Christians who were supporting France. He hated Brits and anyone who was against him was shown no mercy. He even massacred many of Nizam's men because they were supporting the Brits. Right wing extremists won't tell you how he tortured Muslim prisoners from the Nizam's camp. That was one of the main reasons why Nizam sent such a huge army in support of the Company in the 4th and final Anglo Mysore War. More than a bigot, I see a ruthless man in Tipu here. His enmity with the Marathas can be gauged from the fact that Mysore was under continuous attack from the Marathas after the 3rd battle of Panipat. Marathas were weakened by that point of time and they didn't want another major power to rise in the South. Hyder Ali was under continuous attack from Madhavrao, there was an invasion every 2-3 years from the Maratha side. But Tipu never really got into a major tiff with them because his mind was preoccupied elsewhere and the Marathas weren't weak like the Kodavus or Namboothiris. Nevertheless they were on opposite sides of the field in the 4th Anglo Mysore War. His treatment of Hindus in the Mysore region was radically different from those outside the region. Marathas were no angels. When they sacked Hindu temples in Mysore including Sringeri, it was rebuilt by Tipu. While he destroyed some temples in the enemy states he built temples in his region. The Sringeri Sharada Preeth, seat of the Sankaracharya was rebuilt from scratch by Tipu after being destroyed to rubble by the Marathas (Marathas have destroyed many temples in Surat and Bengal region also, killing many Hindus in the process, inconvenient truth that many Hindus don't want to admit). Tipu exchanged 100s of letters with the Sringeri Sankaracharya , he even wore a ring bearing the name 'Ram' in his final battle, it was gifted to him by Sringeri Sankaracharya. He made liberal endowments to many temples in Mysore and even today the Sringeri mutt honors him on his jayanti. There were many Hindus in his court, his Diwan and Treasurer were both Hindus. My understanding of this is that he was tolerant towards his citizens but ruthless against outsiders, irrespective of religion. He was a cruel man, but difficult to call him a bigot. At worst he can be described as a cunning ruler who knew how to get the support of Hindus in his kingdom in spite of holding a negative opinion about them.  A very interesting character IMO, and may be controversial to some here but I believe he has been treated unfairly by the British historians and modern day Hindutva supporters. 
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    Gollum got a reaction from GoldenSun in Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*   
    After SRK glorified Abdul Latif in Raees now it is time for Shraddha Kapoor to glorify the evil ***** sister of Dawood Ibrahim, Haseena Parker. Why do these B stars make my blood boil so much? Can't they make more movies about shaheeds Mohan Chand Sharma or Omble or Niranjan? Why this fascination with India's enemies and indifference towards those who have laid down their lives for our protection? If it were up to me I would hire a firing squad and kill every last member of D family currently partying in Mumbai. All of them are in extortion, land grabbing, real estate and contract killing dhandha. All these ****** getting VIP treatment while Omble's daughters are living in abject poverty is an abject reflection of how so called secularism has screwed over this country time and again. 
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    Gollum got a reaction from sandeep in Sri Lanka's cricketers refuse to tour Pakistan   
    May be there could be more to it. Their fellow players including icons like Jaya, Sanga and Samaraweera almost died in that attack. If I were a Lankan cricketer I wouldn't want to be in Pakistan either. 
  8. Haha
    Gollum got a reaction from GoldenSun in Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*   
    Pretty sure I can tell your family background from this post of yours. Filthy traitor scum, you are calling Abdul Latif, one of the key masterminds of the Bombay bomb blasts, just a gangster? Haseena Parkar is just a gangster? Kya be ter baap aise logon se commission khaata hai hai kya ki teri itnee jal rahee hai? Americans won't make a movie glorifying Osama, they can make biopics on Al Capone because Capone never allied himself with an enemy country to create havoc in USA. These *ers who you are so keen on defending have allied with Pakistani agencies to harm India. There is a difference between these pigs and someone like Haji Mastan who never indulged in anti India activities. Haji Mastan is a gangster and I don't mind if he is celebrated on the silver screen. But glorifying one of the most evil terrorists Abdul Latif or Dawood's relatives is problematic for most of us. A filthy scumbag like you won't understand the difference, so better shut up than making a complete fool out of yourself on this forum. If you want to make such posts do it in the green ghetto and not over here. 
    You know nothing about me or my family, so don't speculate on what I will or won't do. Your mentality has been exposed here, a pity that this great nation houses the likes of you. Eff off and never reply to my posts. 
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    Gollum reacted to speedheat in IND ODI Sqaud for NZ series announced : Rahul Shami and Umesh out   
    Surprisingly nobody has said anything about rahane, why??? Rahane is the first one to be kicked out from our odi squad, he is just too slow to be an opener in modern era.
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    Gollum reacted to Vk1 in IND ODI Sqaud for NZ series announced : Rahul Shami and Umesh out   
    There is no serious planning for world cup. Even west Indies and srilankan boards are getting serious. Something wrong with our mindset. It's almost as if it is okay to lose in a semis or final. Or they think they over achieved going by the rankings. Azharuddin times mindset.
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    Gollum reacted to Imtiaz in IND ODI Sqaud for NZ series announced : Rahul Shami and Umesh out   
    Lol Karthik over Rahul.
    Sifarshi culture hasnt spare padosis either.
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    Gollum reacted to Laaloo in IND ODI Sqaud for NZ series announced : Rahul Shami and Umesh out   
    That will keep Dhoni in the team for years
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    Gollum reacted to Laaloo in IND ODI Sqaud for NZ series announced : Rahul Shami and Umesh out   
    Take Bunty out for dinner or something
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    Gollum reacted to Laaloo in IND ODI Sqaud for NZ series announced : Rahul Shami and Umesh out   
    If Dinesh Karthik is our contingency plan, then we deserve to lose.
    What a farce
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    Gollum reacted to maniac in IND ODI Sqaud for NZ series announced : Rahul Shami and Umesh out   
    Whatta joke...you drop a guy who has a huge upside to be your next Kohli for Dinesh fkin Karthik
    Shami dropped,so one of Bumrah or Bhuvi are injured you go with Thakur(I am ok with a new guy being given a shot) .....Umesh I am ok if he is dropped from LOIs.
    This selection committee is terrible
    I have a feeling Gambhir etc are going to get farewells as well a la Nehra.
    Kohli is looking like a rubber stamp captain by the day...he is being bullied by Shastri,Dhoni,selectors and everyone under the sun. 
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    Gollum reacted to The Realist in IND ODI Sqaud for NZ series announced : Rahul Shami and Umesh out   
    As has been said numerous times before a computer with access to a database of domestic players could pick better players than the jokers masquerading as selectors.
    The limited overs teams are going nowhere. The same old group have failed in every tournament in recent years yet continue to be recycled like a sad piece of underwear. 
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    Gollum reacted to maniac in IND ODI Sqaud for NZ series announced : Rahul Shami and Umesh out   
    R.Ashwin debut 2010 played 2011 WC
    Axar Patel debut 2014 played 2015 WC,
    Bhuvaneshwar Kumar debuted 2 years before on Dec 2012,
    Stuart Binny  debut 2014 played 2015 WC
    Ambati Rayudu debut  2013 played 2015 WC
    Md Shami debut 2013 played 2015 WC
    Mohit Sharma debut 2013 played 2015 WC
    Also likes of Yusuf Pathan,Suresh Raina,Virat Kohli were hardly regulars in the side even though they debuted a little earlier and made it to the 2011
    congratulations you do a good job of living up to your reputation 
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    Gollum reacted to mancalledsting in Happy B’day to the World Cup 2011 Hero Gambhir   
    Before IPL 2011 and delaying surgery:
    match wining knock vs Pak 2007 t20 final 
    series saving test knock vs NZ in NZ 2009 to allow India rare overseas win 
    match winning knock in 2011 WC final 
    great double ton vs Aus in 2009 test series 
    one one of the saddest declines Indian cricket has ever seen 
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    Gollum reacted to Muloghonto in Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh   
     I will clarify what i mean, when in earlier posts, i called Rajputs to be brave and now i call them cowards.
    Rajputs were extremely brave and resolute people, militaristically. If we consider the Pratiharas as Rajputs, we can see, that from early on, the Pratiharas are quite organized on the battlefield, with excellent military discipline and were one of the very, very few medieval cultures, that knew the art of orderly retreats. Countless examples exist, from Rashtrakuta records for e.g., which show,that the Rajputs were known to not just tuck tail and run away, when the battle got hard.
    Most medeival armies suffered catastrophic losses, usually when the presiding king/general gets slain. To fight orderly battles, even if your supreme commander takes a stray arrow in the face and dies in front of you, is a trait we only see amongst the Romans of the ancient world, in a consistent basis. In medieval times, i can't be sure, but i rate the Rajput ability to fight the odds on the battlefield, as well as the propensity to withdraw in good order when all is lost, to be remarkable by world standards. 
    Even our most hated oppressors have mentioned this. Babur for e.g., flat out dismisses the Rajput battle tactics, as out-dated and moronic, but was more impressed with the Rajput than his own troops, for discipline. Rajputs breaking and running away on the battlefield is one of the rarest occurrences. Yes, they did Fack-up orderly retreats, but orderly retreats when your commander is dead, is not a perfect science in the first place. No society over long period does it well and usually the 'remarkable slaughter' is after the army breaks, tries to run away and fails in the chaos.
    However, a society can be both cowardly in its ethos and brave at the same time - medeival Rajputs are a testament to this. On one hand, fighting them was like fighting the Honey Badger (for those who don't know this creature- look it up, even Lions know better than fight a honey badger usually). On the other, their practices like Jauhar are as abhorrable as Sati. People killing their own children so their way of thinking does not change. 
    It is a heinous crime against humanity, against your own kin, to kill them- when they themselves pose no threat to other people individually and directly,because their thinking or status changed. They are gonna get raped, enslaved, fed 2 rotis a day and beaten ? well, thats horrible. Obviously no one should condone this and prepare to fight for this. But killing ones own child, one's own kin - i am sorry, but if there is any fundamental directive of species homo sapiens, its the fundamental objective of all noted species : to survive. To kill your child, is to fundamentally fail as a human being, as a parent, for a fate no-matter how bad, i would want people to survive it at the very least and live. If they wish to end their own lives to end the misery, that is completely their own right ( i support euthenesia) but they should make that right. You don't get to kill a child (unless a child has done something so horrible that the threat to society from said child is unjustified). That is the main objection i have to the Rajput culture : its a death cult, that fundamentally has failed to achieve its objectives historically and on top, glorifies killing babies and immolating the old and the sick, so they don't 'lose honour'. 
    I will also point out, that Rajputs are not the big-daddies of 'honour based death-cult behaviour, for warrior or warrior caste' . They are a heavyweight in this whole 'honour' business,no doubt. But there is only one, ultimate, all-time champion on honour based culture, where every single concept of honour is held to very high standards of cultural requirement.

    That honour would go to pre 1945 Japan & Bushido culture. People killed themselves due to stupidly high 'honour infringement' - i killed your boss, aka you failed to protect your liege lord - too bad, you were taking a dump at that moment/busy fighting off 4 other guys trying to kill him-he died. On your watch. If you want honour and not be branded a POS brigand outlaw, go to the courtyard and open your stomach with your own sword and not make a sound please. This was so commonplace that Bushido tradition even had a system for WHERE you should go execute yourself the most painful way imaginable ( cutting through your belly and entrails, spleen to liver). Welcome to Samurai culture. The 'Rajput-fans' amongst us, if they really care so much about honor, should pick up a book on medical Japanese culture an give it a read. They would love it, if they actually value honour above everything else. 
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    Gollum reacted to Muloghonto in Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh   
    Hate ? You really think i 'hate' long dead people who have 0% influence on my life ? Thats laughable.
    To wish death before dishonour, means you love honour more than the person. Simple logic. Yes, i know its a different culture, but such cowardliness needs to be called out for what it is.
    There are zero coins, inscriptions, etc. of Bappa Rawal. Bappa-Rawal is not history, its mythology & folklore. Like Robin hood. 
    Yes, but there is also a religious component to this. Pratiharas were Hindus. Pals were Buddhists. Rashtrakutas were Jains. You really want to focus on how these religions backstabbed each other, in India, to hand over India on a plate, to the outsider, in a country with so low literacy ? Bad idea.
    But as i said, the MAIN reason, why that period of history is consigned to university level and not high school is because its quite complicated and too vast, with also a lot of unanswered questions in it.
    They are dead people. With 0% influence on our current lives. If we can't talk honestly about that kind of a topic, then we can't expect honesty in ANY topic. 
    Thats the whole point - i don't consider Rajputs chivalrous. Those who commit suicide, are not chivalrous, they are cowards. Infact, suicide in modern medicine is most commonly linked to depression, not valour.
    Nobody denied that after the Pals, Bengal is a big fat zero in anything political or military, until the arrival of the British. But hey, give me Bengalis or Biharis or UP-ites who converted and lived to tell the tale, than cowards who killed themselves and burnt their women and children for some fanciful notion of honour over survival. 
    Those who value murder and suicide over survival, simply have no place in being glorified for their struggle.
    I consider Rajputs as murderer of children - their own. I am sorry, but you don't get to glorify child murder. Just as you don't get to glorify genocide, rape, loot, etc. I can clearly tell, you are not a parent. Because if you were a parent who loves their kid no matter what, you'd wish your child to be a sex slave over being dead. These kind of harmful and lowly values need to be weeded out of Indian cultures -including the Rajputs- than glorified.
    PS: following rules of dharma in battle is a common myth propagated by Rajput communities to explain their laughable failures. There is plenty of evidence that Rajputs conducted night warfare, conducted raids, etc. As they should. A Warrior's job is to win a war by killing his enemy combatants. I don't care if he does it via poison, at night, by flooding the camp, by trampling them under elephants.Get. the. job. done. Rajputs failed and then invented ludicrous stories of 'dharmic warfare'. Nobody practiced 'dharmic warfare' because Dharmic warfare is an oxymoron. 
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    Gollum reacted to Muloghonto in Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh   
    Sure we are. Army of savages went a lot other places too, in the same timeframe. The spaniards, the Georgians, the Byzantine women - they are all more respectable than the Rajput woman. because they chose to live and struggle, than a quick death. I am also not judging modern Rajputs. Just their cowardly ancestors. There is no honour, no glory, in suicide. None. zero. 
    If your wife was in the same position as the Rajput women, i HOPE you wish her to live through the rape, abuse and slavery- in the faint hope that ONE DAY she can be free, instead of killing herself to preserve her purity. 
    I know I do !
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    Gollum reacted to Muloghonto in Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh   
    1. Palas were not Rajputs. There were also no Guhilots in the 8th century. There were Pratiharas. 
    2. Nobody takes about the 700 AD -1100 AD period in Indian history because : a) Its the period of Kannauj triangle and is extremely complicated. and 2) It becomes crystal clear that those years are the reason Turkic-Afghans broke through in the first place, because Indians were way too busy killing each other and destroying each other in a 400 year near-continuous war.  c) it also brings up a lot of inconvenient truths about Indians collaborating with the Arabs and the turks, against their own, for power. Rashtrakutas supported the Arabs in Sindh vs Rajputs. Why ? because the Pratiharas, who were originally vassals of the Chalukyas that Rashtrakutas displaced, struggled against them. Rajputs were A-ok with Bin Qasim, so long as he made sure Paramaras were also destroyed (which he couldn't). 
    3. It is very offensive to 'respect' cowards who chose death over 'live and fight another day'. I'd rather live with my beliefs being oppressed, than die for them. Because if i die, my beliefs die with me, automatically.If i live, i get to propagate my beliefs- even if its under-cover. This is how the Jews survived the Roman empire ban on Judaism, also Seleucid ban on Judaism. The problem i have, is with depicting Rajputs as brave. They were anything but brave. If Rajputs are brave, so is a suicide bomber. Because those who chose a quick death, especially over belief systems, than survival and struggling to preserve their heritage, are not brave. They are the definition of haughty cowards who throw away their lives in a meaningless manner. That is the problem i have with Rajput depiction in history and media : cowardly, abhorrable behaviour being glorified as bravery.
  23. Like
    Gollum reacted to rahulrulezz in Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh   
    Buddy I don't think anyone is abusing Rajputs here. As a matter of fact, most of the posts are talking about how they were brace and strong, but as you yourself suggested, they just were stuck with warfare style of 10 century against Mughals. As you said, they didn't win a single battle. And that is a harsh truth. But we all know why. They were never together. Other then Khanwa, never ever they fought together under entity of Rajputana. 
    Probllem in Khanwa was that they fought Babur with Swords, not with Canons. That was a sin in 15th century. Also Silhadi Rajputs cheated Sanga and blame goes to 'Rajputs' Silhadis!! 
    Regsrdles, Rajputs unlike any other Hindu caste, get more than their due. And that's what I have against Rajputs. They are no more or less than other Hindus. But you don't get the same feelings from Rajputs. They act as if they are special. 
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    Gollum reacted to Muloghonto in Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh   
    There is nothing to understand. Muslims invaded and raped and pillaged elsewhere too. Did the Byzantine women immolate themselves ? Did the Spaniards immolate themselves ? What about the African slave trade- both by the muslims and the Europeans- did the African women immolate themselves ?
    Because they were stronger women and stronger people than the Rajputs. 
    Indian women do take great pride in being pure- so do women from most other cultures. But those who take purity over survival, are cowards, who lack the wherewithal to survive. 
    I am not judging them by the modern standards, i am judging them by their own. People who go for a sure-fire suicide mission and their women/children immolate themselves, they are not brave - because they lack the bravery to survive in face of tremendous odds, odds others have beaten. 
    They are an example of 'what NOT to do'.
  25. Haha
    Gollum reacted to maniac in Superluminal running between the wickets : MS Dhoni sets unique record during the 2nd T20 game in Guwahati   
    Well track and field will be a problem he will wait for the last lap to accelerate...usually that's the way it works but he will be so far behind lunging in the other laps that it will be too late.100m is like T20 format he will suck at it anyways

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