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  1. exciting partnership btw rahul and pant. time to to turn off the tv
  2. PBN

    Ranji Trophy 2018-19

    some exciting new talent in Anmolpreet, Shubman Gill, Abhishek Sharma, Prabhsimran Singh. Punjab likely to have a solid batting in the next few years.
  3. oh that's why kohli is missing from asia cup...rohit kicked him out and took over the captaincy?
  4. PBN

    Kamikaze - Eminem

    not really into english music but eminem's lose yourself is a great song.. especially the chorus/crescendo part. used to listen to it quite a a bit along with 'remember the name'
  5. PBN

    Youtubers - Your thoughts on them?

    Live streaming has been the next big thing in the last couple of years. Platforms like twitch are quite popular for live streaming. Tbh, you can waste a lot of time and good business for the creators as guys like Ice Poseidon make over 10 grand a month simply through subs/donations.. even someone like Asian Andy makes more thousands. The suckers being the viewers. Though I do enjoy some of the travel and food series out there.
  6. PBN

    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

    Over a decade ago, sitting a classroom we were discussing how discrimination against gays was similar to slavery. Slavery was eventually abolished and within a decade since that discussion, we are seeing more rights for gays, acceptance in the media, and changes in laws that accept same sex marriage in the west and slowly trickling to other places. It was/is just a matter of time. Even in the media, tv shows, movies, we have seen a rise in showing gays,etc. Also, discriminating against gays is similar to discrimination against minorities. If you are going to discriminate against gays, then it also sets a precedent for other minorities to be discriminated as well. Same sex marriage is the next step in India.
  7. PBN

    Latest Punjabi songs

    @Stradlater Day 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsTW5cyWKj4 Day 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNs5TaHJKbc
  8. PBN

    Lets laugh at ourselves

    Indian Fans on the left
  9. PBN

    Lets laugh at ourselves

    With the series lost now, not much to look forward to in the near future and not really interested in the Asia cup minus Kohli. Could be a good time for a hiatus. Like they say, "Bezti Complete"
  10. thank god, not watching game over boys and gals
  11. India ko chahiye Allah ka mojzah...the divine intervention
  12. i don't get this thing about permanent tatoos..why not get temporary ones and you can keep on altering them. good business in henna/mehendi tatoos

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