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  1. Good to see youngsters Shubman Gill and Abhishek Sharma playing for Punjab. Good experience for both. Shubman has potential
  2. banner and bg look great the way they are. kudos
  3. hellos, why is IPL auction thread locked?
  4. The new BG Trophy Banner looking awesome great colour scheme just that the icf logo hides kohli :P
  5. This is the twilight of Dhoni's career so big deal if he's not the captain. Heck, he's not even the captain of India anymore. Some people are just overjoyed at the news but are quick to defend and fap to anything related to their 'fave' players. This is akin to Tendulkar poor form at the end of his career and how people were celebrating and feeling vindicated for years of criticism that they had dished out lol.
  6. Don't worry. Even Tendulkar was dropped as captain. I think since Dhoni has given up LOI captaincy, this was probably why he might have given up IPL captaincy as well. I reckon it might be only for a year or so though. Nevertheless, he's still the most decorated Indian and IPL captain.
  7. Timing: 9am IST Channel or online like Youtube?
  8. Funny how you disagreed when I said I see Pandya as a 3rd/4th seamer in the Ind A thread. Here you stating the same
  9. Stranger Things Starts off really well.
  10. Ofcourse Pandya has a chance especially in overseas with him being an pace allrounder. Even then his inclusion might be tricky given India's batting. Anyways, that's for another discussion. And I know that a pace allrounder has a very special role esp for the Indian team. Does he have the potential? Possibly. Obviously, I don't have any issues with him in the A team. I think you guys are missing the main point here. My point is how there are no better pace options opening in an India A team FC match..hinting at the selection. Personally, I'd consider Pandya to be the 3rd/4th seamer. anyways much ado about nothing. small matter in the bigger scheme of things
  11. lol at legalizing steroids in sports. forget about performance enhancing, many would be hooked on it which would be detrimental for their health as well. Plus, there would be no limit to drug abuse. And sports is supposed to be a role model for kids and the need for proper diet, exercise, and heath.
  12. yeah there are a few decent pool of Indian pacers this year. Recall Warrier being picked up a few years back by RCB. looks to be free now and all the Indian pacers could fetch a some decent amount this year. From int'l players, Nicholas Pooran is a decent bet.
  13. Nehra sprints awkwardly for someone who's a runner.
  14. Expecting Vishnu Vinod to be picked up. Some of these team think tanks don't have good talent scouts who know about domestic talent and end up picking some poor picks though it has improved in the last few years. They'd be better off hiring some ICFers :) What are your picks for young domestic talent this year?