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  1. Match Thread

    lol kohli let it go
  2. Match Thread

    kohli fishing
  3. Match Thread

    methi di roti beat theplas oh wait it was an inside job i.e amla/axar congrats natarajan seemed to do well in the death. they should try him at death instead of sandeep
  4. semantics.. depends on how you transliterate/pronounce it. many people use the letrer 'a' interchangeably for both short a and long aa i.e people just write mahi, instead of maahi kahan se instead of kahaan se anyways don't think it's what you're making out to be i.e dhoni is dying
  5. chalo congrats mumbai for best start to the season rana
  6. lol mumbai look set to chase this in 16 overs or so
  7. Amla's score breakdown 51 from 16 vs Malinga 53 from 44 vs rest of bowlers
  8. amla scored half century from malinga 51 from 16 balls well played century
  9. many gaping holes in this kxip lineup..they need special innings from a couple of players to post figting totals can we get atleast 180 here now