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  1. rahul hasn't had any issue in the IPL. in fact, he's been in red hot form from the last 3 seasons. even last IPL, he rocked it and everyone wanted him to pile on the runs to show what a mistake it was to leave him from the indian team
  2. kohli said ipl performance won't influence WC selection but Rahul is definitely making the strongest case for the #4 spot. opener's slot is shut and closed for sure
  3. getting all players in form for the important matches ahead. now rahul and sarfaraz also firing on all cylinders for the upcoming matches. it's all in the process
  4. sarfaraz has found a decent team where he's getting to bat out the overs at #4 up to him now,how he uses this opportunity
  5. habhajan like yuvraj has had 2 good games for the season. both should retire now Rahul maro
  6. @Mariyam meets @velu
  7. wah, what mehman nawazi from the Dilli Dilwalas, dishing out the perfect pitch for SRH SRH should wrap it up and take it everywhere they go

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