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  1. yeah looked at ease..someone to develop and keep an eye on for sure
  2. or you could be creative and slot pant/power hitter in the lower middle order..depends on how comfortable pant would be or how fair it would it be for thim
  3. IIRC, karthik was a middle order replacement. other option was raina. uthappa/pant would be top order and we would need to reshuffle our batting order to fit them i.e rohit at #4
  4. but it was stated that karthik was picked due to strong domestic performance..not just IPL
  5. just 60 more runs ..still have jadhav/pandya drizzling now
  6. karthik looking out of sorts..some movement off the pitch for grandhomme
  7. whoever reaches 50 should retire and let others have some practise
  8. Bangladesh kit looks nice..def'n an upgrade
  9. good catch. Pak will get good practise before playing the game against India at the same ground
  10. are these alphonso? if so, then this is the best option
  11. try posting your query here http://forums.redflagdeals.com/food-drink-f18/ It's like slickdeals most likely the same distributor delivers to all the stores. some old threads http://forums.redflagdeals.com/alphonso-mango-india-price-compare-1045669/
  12. ya but not shoes are made the same so there's likely small differences in how much a shoe adds to the height. plus when just posting photos, there's perspective, camera angles, posture all to take into consideration