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  1. csk should win this now. anything less would be a choke
  2. csk got the momentum now played out bhuvi and then bam
  3. yeah but better to be bowling when batsmen is new to the crease than when settled
  4. good comeback by csk from 6th over
  5. kaul getting tonked tonite 24 runs from less than 2 overs
  6. why hasn't shakib bowled. i'd have bowled rashid the 7th over
  7. kaul gives csk the much needed boost..nitro boost
  8. kaul gets greeted with a sixer. watson gets going
  9. nonchalant fielding from youngster rashid
  10. dhoni wants to show kohli how it's done lol even admitted, big game bat first
  11. too much pressure created by csk and faf falls. meanwhile watson

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