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  1. PBN

    Pick the winner - Pakistan vs New Zealand

    IMO, Pak like facing NZ. I'm going to go for a Pakistan win.
  2. Feel said the English fans. They have the last two games to make it through. Roy will likely be back and they'll get a decent foundation to build on. Can't lose 3-4 wickets inside 50 runs.
  3. Heart Break for the Inglandi fans. Now need to win in pressure games to qualify for the semis.
  4. Looks like England won't be chasing anytime soon
  5. Yeah, as long as Stokes is there. Aussies still favourites but England in with a fair chance
  6. Why didn't Afghanistan use more of Rahmat Shah? Just one over. Used pace and got tonked around
  7. Afghanistan's fielding hasn't been top notch today. they fielded better against India
  8. Don't these Bangladeshis have good cricketing chants? After all these years, all I hear is Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladesh With the tempo getting faster after each occurrence.
  9. mushi has played well. BD looking good for 250+
  10. At first, thought this was Stuge taking gif of himself
  11. Hilarious. The wicket keeper Mo Shazad used to give some funny interviews as well.
  12. PBN

    Latest Punjabi songs

    Song - Mathi Mathi Singer - Amrinder Gill Music - Dr Zeus Lyrics - Bir Singh

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