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  1. how do you access domestic competitions now? they seemed to have removed it from the 'india' homepage menu
  2. Canadian Sikh Politician handles the racist heckler

    you're mixing up two things. the 1984 'riots or better yet the state sponsored genocide/massacre' was backed up by the government. i think even in india everyone knows that it was state sponsored at some level with the cops just looking and letting the goons run wild. Rajiv gandhi even went on record saying that " "When a giant tree falls, the earth below shakes. "
  3. Canadian Sikh Politician handles the racist heckler

    btw Jagmeet had already visited India a few times before. He advocated that that the 1984 'riots' in which sikhs were killed was actually a 'genocide' that was state sponsored. After these statements, India revoked his visa. https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/news/toronto/ontario-mpp-jagmeet-singh-denied-visa-to-visit-india/article19381180
  4. current ranji groups are already a tier system
  5. Canadian Sikh Politician handles the racist heckler

    Ironic how there are separatist kashmir sympathizers even in the higher echelons of indian politics or even news reporters/twitter celebs and nobody bats an eye.
  6. Canadian Sikh Politician handles the racist heckler

    raj karega khalsa is uttered everyday in india. it is part of the sikh daily prayer
  7. http://www.indiancricketfans.com/forums/topic/27156-tendulkar-200/
  8. Sack Haryana Government

    police did use real bullets and people throwing stones were gunned down the police/army/crpf
  9. https://twitter.com/sagarikaghose/status/899907722358947840
  10. India won all the tosses and batted big after opting to bat
  11. both rahul and pandey were injured for the CT.
  12. PCB was against India hosting it due to 'security' concerns and considering Najam Sethi is head of the ACC. Not too long ago, PCB was also against India hosting the 2011 WC.
  13. The Asian Cricket Council has withdrawn the hosting rights of the 2017 Under-19 Asia Cup from India and handed it over to Malaysia, following their annual general body meeting. A decision on the senior team Asia Cup, also scheduled to be held in India next year, however, has been deferred until the ACC's next meeting. The PCB had raised its objections to touring India for the Under-19 Asia Cup, which was to be played in Bengaluru in November. Given the tense political climate between India and Pakistan, PCB chairman Najam Sethi, who also heads the ACC, tabled a resolution to get it shifted. The BCCI had already written to the Indian government, seeking clearance to host the event as it would include a team from Pakistan. "The matter of shifting the tournament to Malaysia was amicably agreed by all participants in the development and executive committees, since no one wanted it marred by security considerations of any member," Sethi told ESPNcricinfo. The Western Region qualifying round for the Under-19 Asia Cup will be hosted by Kuwait, despite discussions around the venue following the diplomatic crisis in the Gulf. The round will include Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain. According to Sethi, the nine teams in the Western Region pool will play each other, including Qatar as well as teams from countries that have broken diplomatic ties with it. In addition to that, Kuwait will also host the Under-16 Asia Cup, which was to be held in Qatar. The tournament will feature eight teams, with four - Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka - qualifying automatically. They will be joined by two teams each from the Western and Southern Region, who need to earn qualification into the main tournament. In 2016, Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal and Afghanistan qualified, and India won the championship, beating hosts Sri Lanka by 34 runs in Colombo. http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/20321310/under-19-asia-cup-moved-india-opposition-pakistan
  14. Islam/Muslims discussion thread

    What is the Hindu religious significance to Rakhi? Or is it a cultural celebration? i.e Do South Indians celebrate Rakhi?

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