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  1. Thank God, I watched it when it was all censored (muted and mouth covered). In later seasons, i think they started having uncensored episodes as well. There was this one girl, forgot her name, who just went on a crazy cursing spree. She wanted to be an IAS officer and the last I saw of her was in a hindi naatak on Kasam i think. I used to watch it mainly for the interview round which was the most interesting part. There was a Pakistani version as well which was hilarious with the relatively older guy
  2. But people will vote for the main parties i.e Congress, SAD/BJP, and AAP...the rest will obviously get negligible votes.
  3. You always want a contest of the best players playing. Pity he won't be featuring in the series anymore. Even with all the precautions Starc takes by not playing too many games, he keeps getting injured quite a lot.
  4. main point of such days to is to raise awareness
  5. Fun Fact: Pujara still hovers around that average of 50
  6. They're all fast bowlers. Usually you talk of strike rate when discussing pacers and average wrt to spinners. Ashwin's strike rate can be compared to pacers at the moment
  7. jadeja actually has the best avg out of all of them even Ashwin. All those frugal overs help
  8. Pujara is a great batsman and so is Rahane. Rate both of them quite highly in Tests. Rahul is also developing quite well as a player.
  9. Ashwin is a legend. One innings he doesn't take wickets and all hell breaks loose. That's the high standard and expectation from the fans.
  10. Let's also not forget Hazlewood's role as well. He quiety picked up 3 wickets in the same period.
  11. They need to find a methodical way for the DRS. Play a percentages game. Bowler and Keeper should have the most say and then the close in fielders i.e at slips,etc. Once they hit a certain threshold, then go for the DRS. Kohli is usually far from the action and in not a good position for his opinion to matter that much. Bowler/Keeper =80% Others = 20%
  12. another one straight out of @maniac fantasies, there's a Shubham Rohilla playing VH Trophy well close enough :P
  13. Unimaginable. How is India getting skittled for such low scores against spinners. This is unbelievable.