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  1. How some of the teams benefited from losing on some of the bidding wars: KXIP and CSK saved by Rajasthan for Unadkat for 11cr KXIP saved by SRH for Manish Pandey for 11cr
  2. that reads in punjabi as eh saal cup sadda
  3. Ashwin's captaincy in this IPL season

    when you win, it's great captaincy otherwise you're put to the sword. ashwin had no other option but to bowl mujeeb in the last over considering sran bowled the 19th over. if sran had given a few more runs..it wouldn't have mattered as the cushion solely depended on tye and sran's previous overs.
  4. top of the table this year i don't even care that much but Panga na lo
  5. reached finals a few years back only for the cup to be taken away by pandey and chawla
  6. mujeeb's fielding is worse than the player double his age yuvi
  7. gill kkr would be better off playing an allrounder in his place...even someone like the new comer prasidth krishna isn't a bad choice

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