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  1. Syed Mushtaq ali trophy 2018

    baroda has a nice blue gradient kit...better than some of the IPL teams :P
  2. Syed Mushtaq ali trophy 2018

    Gony picks up 2nd wicket. 10 straight dots for him zomg
  3. Syed Mushtaq ali trophy 2018

    yeah currently Punjab v Karnataka game doesn't seem to be showing on hotstar Gony picks up Mayank with a wicket maiden. Meanwhile Sandeep goes for 18 in his first over
  4. If Nagarkoti can exploit swing along with pace with the new ball, he'd be quite explosive. Mavi has got it to swing a bit early on. IIRC, they were bowling a bit too short and got wickets when pitched it up a bit
  5. QF Lineup Australia vs England Pakistan vs South Africa New Zealand vs Afghanistan India vs Bangladesh
  6. 6 Year Old Cricket Prodigy?? - Rachin

    wow, what a journey for the kid Rachin=Rahul+Sachin? Ravindra =Ravi? congrats
  7. I think OP extrapolated Challenger Trophy comparing how Nagarkoti was clocked many times at at 128-132 and Mavi was bowling around 130-136 and how they're bowling 10-15 km faster in NZ. Arshdeep was reported to have touched 140 but overall was bowling around 128-131 in the Challengers.
  8. When Punjab was further partitioned in 1966, many of the border districts in what is now Northern Haryana like Ambala, Sirsa, Karnal,etc still had many Punjabi speaking areas and still there is Punjabi influence in many of those areas.
  9. mavi can get it to swing in with that action of his. seems to bowl a heavy ball with zip behind it and gets good carry and bounce. let's see if nagarkoti can control the new ball this time around
  10. Syed Mushtaq ali trophy 2018

    Super League Groups Group A Karnataka, Punjab, Mumbai, Jharkhand, Rajasthan Group B Baroda, Delhi, Bengal, Tamil Nadu, UP Group A plays all matches at JU Second Campus, Salt Lake, Kolkata whereas Group B plays at Eden Gardens. I wonder if Group A games will be telecast considering it's not at Eden Gardens
  11. i understand that this is still a work in progress so kudos for improving and bringing new posters. in between you guys go on some huge tangents..i'm not sure people want to hear 30-50 minutes on ben stokes. audio has improved from the first few episodes but still room for improvement one the editing side. also should find a way to engage icf posters. overall, good initiative and effort.
  12. amla got out same way. playing across on such a wicket and that too when you're standing on off stump, you're a LBW candidate for sure

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