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  1. lots of pakistanis play county....maybe that's why england is a good hunting place for them windies in the past used to play lots of county and was sort of a learning academy/nursery for them
  2. Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    Wow, how stupid can the Aussies get. First getting DRS help from the dressing room to now this.
  3. WC Qualifiers

    wow great back to back games. afghanistan went to the super 6's with no points and yet have made it to the WC
  4. WC Qualifiers

    Now Ireland/Afghanistan match becomes interesting
  5. WC Qualifiers

    daem home team loses out ICC should have let 4 teams qualify then 4 of WI, Zim, Scotland, afghanistan, Ireland would go onto the WC
  6. WC Qualifiers

    6 from 1
  7. WC Qualifiers

    oh noes 7 from 2
  8. WC Qualifiers

    top edge and now 8 from 3
  9. WC Qualifiers

    15 off final over irish/afghan cheering for UAE
  10. WC Qualifiers

    williams goes as well...this is going down to the wire
  11. WC Qualifiers

    another twist, raza goes 43 from 30
  12. being too harsh on Bangladesh. they're still the new kid on the block trying to prove themmselves
  13. WC Qualifiers

    huge 6 by Raza. Zimb should win it now
  14. WC Qualifiers

    good recovery from zimb from 3/45. now need to close it out 54 from 37
  15. WC Qualifiers

    58 from 42
  16. After Dharamshala now Dehradun stadium

    Meanwhile punjab plays 4 home games in Indore
  17. After Dharamshala now Dehradun stadium

    now need uttarkhand domestic team
  18. WC Qualifiers

    zimb catching up last 3 overs 28 runs
  19. WC Qualifiers

    If Zim lose this game, then the Afghanistan/Ireland game would be a knockout match and the winner advances to the WC unless ofcourse the match is rained out
  20. WC Qualifiers

    tough luck scotland. this match deserved a full match
  21. KKD hatsoff

    brilliant innings. saved India from the Bangla naagin dance
  22. always fancied Jaffer's aesthetic strokplay. still playing at 40
  23. My main objection is that you said Siraj is selected because he's a 'minority' and son of rickshaw driver. Try following domestics. For starters, Siraj was highest wicket taker in VHT. The selectors likely got the format incorrect but I think they just wanted to test and award domestic performers regardless of the format.

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