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  1. Austin 3:!6

    PM Narendra Modi - Official Trailer- Vivek Oberoi

    Paresh Rawaal was perfect for this role.
  2. Thinking of applying...lets see.
  3. But then again Star Gold also shown BPL. So no difference between IPL and BPL?? How can Mercedes and Rickshaw be on the same showroom?
  4. Thanks for the info. Yes, Star Gold will be showing this. https://www.thecricketer.com/Topics/ipl/how_can_i_watch_ipl_in_uk_what_is_hotstar_what_channel_is_star_gold_uk.html
  5. Austin 3:!6

    Official 2019 KKR Team thread

    Kobo Lorbo Haarbo re
  6. Austin 3:!6

    OFFICIAL 2019 RCB Thread - E Saal Cup Namade!

    Never supported them since 2010 after they stripped Dada of captaincy.
  7. Austin 3:!6

    OFFICIAL 2019 RCB Thread - E Saal Cup Namade!

    Calling our Karnataka patriots to come out and support . The battle starts from staurday against where we will eat yellow brigades alive. C'mmon maachaas......E saala cup pakka namade....bega banni...support maride @Lannister @Kannadiga @jusarrived@sourab10forever
  8. Austin 3:!6

    Can someone explain Hotstar coverage details

    Never enjoyed watching cricket or any sports in mobile/mac/tablets etc. Nothing can give the feeling like watching in 65 inch LED TV. I normally just follow scores if not on tele.
  9. The only loser here is the IPL brand. SKY made it very famous even among local masses in UK with their build up shows on IPL etc. It had gathered a fantastic following on the last 2 years. Now, not many will be bothered to watch in digital platform and eventually the popularity of the league will reduce. #SELFGOAL
  10. Its still showing 12£ Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  11. Sky will not show 2019 IPL in UK, Star India to exploit rights on Hotstar https://media.sportbusiness.com/news/sky-gives-back-2019-ipl-rights-in-uk-star-india-to-exploit-rights-on-hotstar/
  12. Austin 3:!6

    'I am no slouch' in white-ball cricket - R Ashwin

    He was very good LOI bowler no doubt but not anymore. Infact, I think he is finished in all formats.
  13. Austin 3:!6

    Manohar Parrikar Succumbs to cancer.

    RIP. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  14. Go Bevraas Go Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk

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