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  1. Austin 3:!6

    Dhoni at #4

    Anhoni ko honi karde...honi ko anhoni Ek jagah jab jamaa ho teeno - Rayudu, Jadhav aur Dhoni.
  2. Aajtak is a hypocrite channel. That Vikrant Gupta guy has an agenda for Pandya.
  3. We should have cruised this game like that Asia cup 2nd match vs Pakistan.
  4. Austin 3:!6

    Vijay Shankar vs Hussain Talat - Who's better?

    Who is this Talat ?
  5. Why whenever I see Jadhav I get a feeling he is injured? LOL
  6. India needs Pandya ASAP...I can't stress on this fact more.
  7. Looks like one more last over Thala special coming up

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