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  1. Oh...I thought you are Bhaag Viru Bhaag
  2. Austin 3:!6

    Gutted !

    Feel sad for this guy Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  3. I may get trolled for saying this but recall this. In 2011 world cup finals, India was in trouble and a street smart captain steps up and decided to come up the order, genuine coach agreed and rest is history. Here in 2019, a selfish coach hides the same player at no.7. It was clear that Pant and Pandya needed guidance in the middle. Dhoni, beinga veteran was most suited for that role and should have been sent at no.5 to guide the young players. This kind of small things and smartness Kohli lacks.
  4. Austin 3:!6


    We have all the right to celebrate bcoz we thrashed your team on 16th june. So we have earned the right to mock you. But you guys coming as sore losers bcoz you are celebrating our loss against a 3rd team bcoz you don't have the balls to beat us and got banged 7th time in 7 world cups. #ChottiSoch
  5. Austin 3:!6

    Gutted !

    The reason this feels more bad bcoz in 2015 semi finals and 2017 CT finals, we knew we will loose bcoz we were chasing huge totals. But never in my dreams I thought we wont chase 240 here. Last night I was all dreaming about the finals on coming sunday and what our strategy should be etc.
  6. Austin 3:!6


    What belt? We are the only Asian team to reach semi's. Beat your sorry ass team again and that too 7th time in world cups. Yes we had a bad semi final and we lost. But not sure being a Pak fan...why would you celebrate so much? Itna himmat tha to 16th June ko belt marta. Us din to Rohit Sharma ne tum logo ki maar li thi. And now becoming happy bcoz a 3rd team is beating us just because your own couldn't get the job done. I thought this minnowisque mentality only stored for Bangla fans. Never knew Pak fans and teams both are emulating them.
  7. 2015 WC Semi Final Loss 2017 CT Final Loss 2019 WC Semi Final Loss Too much to handle Beetle ji
  8. Austin 3:!6


    1992 - SYDNEY 1996 - BANGALORE 1999 - MANCHESTER 2003 - CENTURION 2007 - DURBAN 2007 - JOHANNESBURG 2011 - MOHALI 2012 - COLOMBO 2014 - DHAKA 2015 - ADELAIDE 2016 - KOLKATA 2019 - MANCHESTER 12-0 in world cups Chal Dafa ho ja Champions Trophy leke
  9. I am out from ICF too after today and will be back next year during T20 world cup
  10. Anyone found similarity with this game against the 2015 semi finals? Dhoni hit some meaningless six and got run out back then as well
  11. Austin 3:!6


    Bowling was not the issue though. We still bowled brilliantly. Our batting failed and hence we lost
  12. Austin 3:!6

    Time to boot out Kohli from the captaincy.

    Rahul should go too...agree or not?
  13. Austin 3:!6

    Time to boot out Kohli from the captaincy.

    That test series win against weak Aust team makes them believe they are invincible.
  14. Austin 3:!6

    Time to boot out Kohli from the captaincy.

    Agree Kohli should go from LOI captaincy. Rohit Sharma is better
  15. Austin 3:!6


    1992 - SYDNEY 1996 - BANGALORE 1999 - MANCHESTER 2003 - CENTURION 2011 - MOHALI 2015 - ADELAIDE 2019 - MANCHESTER 7 - 0 Seven and Zero Read this figures...shove it on your rear end and pheck off from here

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