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  1. Rabada's ban overturned, cleared to play in Cape Town

    Good news. The ban was harsh to begin with Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  2. Ahahahahaha - Lets take a moment and laugh at Bangladesh

    The lesson that this joke of a cricket team learned from this series will haunt them for long time. This was a perfect Karma in every aspect. Lost the final but most importantly lost respect in cricket world. Shakib getting booed out by SL crowds tells the whole story. Anyway hope BD will learn from this and behave better from next time. As far as we are concerned, lets leave it at that and move on. Bring on IPL and most important Eng tour Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  3. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    Shakib is garbage too. Never seen him doing anything special against big team in crucial games. Lets just not go by ranking which says Babar Azam as best T20 batsman...LOL. Ben Stokes is way better than Shakib.
  4. Couldn't find the old thread so will create a new one. Playing LOI cricket for 30 years and yet to win a single tournament involving 2+ teams. All Sub continent teams Ind, Pak, SL have multiple trophies...BD has most amount of Facebook troll cricket pages. Their newspaper photoshop our players with head shaved bald after that 2-1 series win in 2015. Since those 2 games, they never beaten India in any game in any format (including warm ups/U19 games). Even Karnataka B team have beaten them 2 ball 3 brain-fart and now last ball 6. Only SL fans use to be friendly with them but now even they are trolling them left and right. And yes, Bangla fans we are not jealous of you...LMAO...we just wana have a hearty laugh at your expense. So
  5. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    There is no cricketing reason for that. BD is a minnow team in every sense...so beating them should not bother us at all. But it does because of their cocky attitude. Fans, players, commentators, media - all act like jangli.
  6. They have blocked me and few other Indian fans for a week there. They always do that before an Indo-Bangla game...what losers Will troll them next week though
  7. Bwahahahahaha...minnows will be minnows. Serves those arrogant players and fans right Couldn't watch the game live due to some work...will watch highlights now and celebrate again
  8. Who are Pakistani's back up bowlers?
  9. Umesh is bowling well and fast in Irani trophy. He should always be in test team.
  10. Rohit is never good in chasing. Hope Dhawan does well.
  11. Rohit don't like Part timers it seems. Why not few overs from Raina?
  12. Yeah but its not real Indian team either.
  13. Bowl first again in finals? We never learn lessons, don't we? What next? No ball?

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