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  1. Bangladesh create history.

    After yesterday's antics...I hate those idiots even more. C'mmon lets hammer them tomorrow. If Rohit Sharma can win us this trophy, I would stop Dhoni Bhakti and become Rohit Romeo
  2. Media is going on and on about this. Pardon my ignorance but why exactly we cant get these money defaulters back in India and face trial? I mean its not that they are hiding somewhere we dont know. Vijay Mallya is living a lavish life in London...attending champions trophy cricket matches etc. Nirav Modi's whereabouts are also well known. Why cant police simply arrests them and hand it to Indian authorities? Like a suo moto case or something. Indian govt have enough proof of their forgery...just arrest them and handover. Is there any law that stops that? If that is the case...what a joke of a law it is So if tomorrow I take a huge loan from a bank and leave the country, I am safe? What the hell is this? Terrorists hiding anywhere are captured by interpole and handover to the country they commited crime. Why cant the law is same for money launderers?? The world is so weird sometimes. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  3. Washington Sundar will be selected for 2019 World Cup

    World cup is too ahead thinking. He needs to be on that Eng tour for ODIs along with Gill.
  4. 3 games into Nidahas Trophy, what have we learned so far?

    First of all I felt bad for Rohit Sharma that he had to lead a team consisting of few players who not even play in associate teams. The lessons learned are the below players are not international class and should never play for India (irrespective of opponents): 1)Unadkat 2)Siraj 3)Thakur Rishabh Pant not ready yet and need couple of more years in domestic. He is no Sehwag that he thinks he can hit every ball out of the park. Sundar and Shankar are interesting prospects. Chahal needs a little kick in the back.
  5. Sorry I normally don't lose cool in match thread but losing against BD is a big no no for me. And this Siraj guy almost cost us this match and hence the rant.
  6. Tell me why Basil Thampi deserve less chance that Siraj? This guy played 3 T20s and got thrashed in all the matches. We have players like Iyer, Karun Nair gets dropped even after performing...and Siraj gets selected continuously? As far as IPL is concerned, many players had good 2017 IPL - Nitish Rana, Thampi etc. But only Siraj got chance..lol.
  7. These kind of garbage is only playing because it sells well in India. Minority community, son of a rickshaw driver etc etc. No merit in selection.
  8. Abe yaar...atleast Raina would have bowled better than this crap.
  9. OK let me go and troll a little bit in Bangla forum...will be right back
  10. Yours truely predicted it during last IPL and opened a thread on ICF. Always liked this kid
  11. Even Sholay's arm less thakur sahab would bowl better that this a$$
  12. Looks like Rohit need 20 overs to settle down...will go berserk post that
  13. Indo-Bangla game is to us what Ind-Pak match for rest of India.....too much pressure
  14. Surely Washington Sundar bowls quicker than this Abu or whatever this trundler's name? Why even he has such a long run up?
  15. Posters who follow domestic cricket, what are his achievements for him to feature in national team? He looked absolute trash and perhaps the worst trundler ever played for India. Don't think he will even get into Afghan team and here he is playing for India? Dont we have better backup seamers than Unadkat?

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