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  1. I think time is fast running out for him. He keep getting out to poor shots and seems to be not learning from his mistakes at all. Ideally by now he should be an established batsman in the team. Remember he made his test debut in 2014. We get to hear from few here, how Kohli was jealous of his supreme talent and deliberately kept him in bench. How Dhawan/Rohit should give their opening slot to him as he is a bigger talent...next best thing...bla bla. Post IPL 2018, even I thought he can be the backbone of our batting but he dissapointed massively. In the latest test series against WI, a 18 yo debutant Prithvi Shaw outbatted him with more confidence. All Rahul did was wasted DRS. Looked aweful in Eng and Broad/Anderson made him look like a tailender with incoming deliveries. Played only 1 good knock in a dead rubber. With Vijay back for Aust tour, doubt Rahul will be a sure starter in our test team now. Rayudu sealed his spot in ODIs and dont see Rahul replacing him in anytime soon. Also with players like Gill, Agarwal, Iyer awaiting, it will only get tougher. T20 is his final frontier but the way he is playing, he might lose that place as well. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  2. Austin 3:!6

    Nearing recovery, Hardik eyes comeback in Australia ODIs

    Kapil Dev 2.0 is coming back
  3. Austin 3:!6

    Don’t Ruin Kohli’s momentum for Rahul’s “TALENT”

    Lol so true. His chamchas was behind Dhawan for so many days, literally praying for Dhawan to fail so that TALENT can replace him. Ofcouse, Dhawan is a world class bat and shut them up. Now they are after Rohits place in the team, asking what is Rohit doing in the team. What nigga? I think next demand of his fans will be to bowl underarm full-toss to Rahul with no fielders in boundary. Chances he may fail there too
  4. Austin 3:!6

    Is time running out for KL Rahul fast?

    Rope is getting shorter and shorter
  5. No Dhoni should not be back in T20 team. Pant need to be persisted but Bewra need to have a chat with him. If I am not wrong he got out on this scoop shot twice. All he does in T20s, is close his eyes and slog over mid wicket. The exact same thing Suresh Raina does but atleast young Raina had better hitting capabilities.
  6. I mean it. Jadeja is also a hack but a lesser one compared to Pant and Krunal. We lost this game due to that needless scoop shot from Pant. We were cruising up till then and he plays that shot.
  7. Ravji Jadeja as a batsman >>> Krunal/Pant
  8. He wont play the world cup. MS Dhoni will be behind the stumps. Thank god, our selectors don't work on emotions of ICF.
  9. Maybe DK will pull a Nidahas today
  10. Kohli out. Equally pathetic innings
  11. This Lannister poster reminds of that Bilal guy from Parosi forum. Both lives in their own parallel fantasy world
  12. Rohit is 10 times the batsman Rahul can ever dream off
  13. And then people want to drop Dhawan. One of the best LOI batsman in the world at the moment.
  14. Rahul is doing tuk tuk with rrr touching 12
  15. Kohli can't hit big shots after marriage
  16. Don't get me wrong, I like Pant. But the way Krunal Pandya was bowling, some inspiration from behind the stumps would have helped him a lot. Something like - "Thik se bowling karega...ya bowler change kare" type
  17. Ufffff missing MS Dhoni and his valuable advice from behind the stumps so badly

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