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  1. Congress party's vision for India

    if this country can live through indira, it can live through modi.
  2. Congress party's vision for India

    fascism allegation coming from supporters of Indira Gandhi
  3. Your top 3 architectural monuments in India

    1) upcoming Ram Janmabhoomi temple 2) upcoming Ram Janmabhoomi temple 3) upcoming Ram Janmabhoomi temple
  4. she is sending a message to future judges to fall in line otherwise their reputation will be dragged through the mud as well. However, this particular judge Misra refuses to play to Queen's tunes so all this nautanki. queen didn't anticipate Misraji openly rebelling against her. Im pretty sure he will respond by giving BJP ayodhya verdict on a platter for 2019 elections lol
  5. desperation has set in lol
  6. They won’t target Modi. They tried that in 2014 but failed miserably. Most likely they will ignite caste cauldron and regional chauvinism
  7. They wanted the case to linger so they can use it to browbeat amit Shah
  8. Azaadi gang already breaking bangles
  9. SC makes stinging observations on the petitioners. read the entire thread
  10. these idiots know that no action will be taken against them so openly say things like this. how can you say it is a wrong judgement? so basically the right decision is only taken when your arguments are accepted. sore losers
  11. Relationships and Marriage

    paresh rawal described it best in the movie "Hungama". "shaadi aur yudh mein sirf ek farak hain. shaadi mein aap ne dushman ke saath raat kon saun sakte hain bas" (there is only one difference between marriage and war. in marriage, you get to sleep with your enemy at night)
  12. singapore may be a nice place to visit but the idea of living under a strict police state is not appealing to me. also, they are pretty much a tax haven for vijay mallya types.
  13. Relationships and Marriage

    marriage is an institution....... a lovely mental institution
  14. give him singapore for one term and he will turn into amethi. ...got it from twitter

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