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  1. Thank you for your service to Indian cricket.
  2. most of bwood are not even 12th pass. i hardly believe they would deliberately choose a name to offend people,. more likely, its ignorance.
  3. who gives a crap? its his child, he can name it Tyrannosaurus Rex if he wants. here in america, we have celebrities naming their kids north west and Pilot Inspektor.
  4. The reverse sweep has to be the best in world cricket. Atleast on par with maxwell
  5. What a champ. To all the whiners who keep saying why kohli didn't declare, keep in mind this is a young man who is playing his 3rd test match. For him to score a triple will have a major impact on his self-confidence. Series is already decided. Kohli is just looking towards the future.
  6. I want to see it for denzel. Good actor
  7. Can't wait to see fences
  8. Gunda jaani dusman rgv ki aag kambakht ishq ladies tailor
  9. thats something for the ICC to figure out. umpires are human and we know they can make mistakes but this has become a perennial problem with dharmasena. if you are going to have this quality of umpiring, then get rid of the elite tag. theres no difference between him and an umpire for a school game
  10. so many wrong decisions in this match. also in the eng vs bd series. i don't think he can be called ICC elite umpire anymore. thoughts?
  11. Remember this fight between sky and Sid with symonds just sitting there?
  12. Yes, that was a minus point of that season. Sometimes it got out of control but It was pure comedy and something that made you want to watch over and over again. All the contestants were cartoons with inflated egos. It was like an entire show comprising of armaan kohlis Gautam season got boring after awhile. At some point, we all knew he would win. Gauhar season was fun only because of armaan kohli. Last season was definitely the worst.