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  1. FischerTal

    Ranvir Singh is annoying and obnoxious

    she is marrying the monkey while fully knowing that he is a monkey.
  2. FischerTal

    Happy Diwali to All !!!

    happy diwali @velu
  3. title suggests that speed and performance are 2 separate qualities.... why not just make it performance of bowlers? PS: who the hell looks at speed of spinner?
  4. FischerTal

    Rohit Sharma ODI Sixes thread

    currently at 202, lala leads with 351..........
  5. FischerTal

    Ranvir Singh is annoying and obnoxious

  6. http://nocreditcheck-militaryloans.com/

    1. badGoape



  7. FischerTal

    Is Kohli closest to Don Bradman in terms of dominance?

    Steven Smith?
  8. Wow just wow. I am in complete awe of this man.
  9. FischerTal

    Putin arrives in India, S-400 missile deal on the cards...

    https://tribune.com.pk/story/1429091/armys-refusal-share-loc-casualty-stats-irks-rabbani/ Army's refusal to share LoC casualty stats irks Rabbani your pathetic army won't even admit publicly to how many casualties they suffered on LoC. it just goes to show how much of an unprofessional and morally incompetent army you have. one would concur that Pakistani army casualties can number in the thousands, yet the data will never be shared publicly because your army cannot bear to burst the bubble they have created since Independence. nobody trusts anything coming out of any pakistani sources who have a history of lying about their fabled military history which has shown to be artificially hyped up to keep awaam happy. remember 2 days before 1971 war ended and DAWN newspaper carried out article in big bold letters that you were winning and then on 16 December 1971 we all know what happened. you can LOL all you want, we will slaughter soldiers like Sep Waqas while their own army will refuse to share details on his death to your own Parliament.
  10. FischerTal

    Putin arrives in India, S-400 missile deal on the cards...

    we never deployed S-300 at the border dunce. it was meant to serve a defensive role, if it was ever bought in the first place. there is no credible source that confirms if India had ever bought the system in the first place. We may have bought individual components of the system to help with our indigenous Ballistic Missile Defense project. we will know in future what we knew during kargil. despite getting pounded from an army climbing up to the top, you people still think of your army as an invincible group of human beings who can never be defeated, despite a history of losing over and over again. we crossed your borders in every single war known to mankind.heck we just crossed over last week to avenge our martyred BSF constable. Para SF were LOL-ing continuously just like the Ghatak platoons who give them cover fire. To take on your obsolete F-16s and chinese second hand Migs, we dont needs Su-30 or Rafale. Jaguars and Mig-29 are enough to take on your second-hand Air Force. just 2 days ago, our sniper took out your Mard-e-Momin, but ISPR will never admit to his death. thats the kind of loser army you have which will not even accept its own soldiers death.
  11. FischerTal

    Putin arrives in India, S-400 missile deal on the cards...

    S-300 were for protecting main Indian cities from missile threats. In fact, nobody knows for sure if we ever had S-300 in first place because of the expensive nature of the system. However, S-400 will be deployed at the border either in Jalandhar or Amritsar and somewhere in Northern Rajasthan. Try having even of your obsolete F-16s or those Rehashed Mig-21s called JF-17 fly anywhere the border. You can keep LOL-ing all you want. Just don’t forget to wear your adult diapers when S-400 is fully deployed in the next 5 years
  12. FischerTal

    Is Gilgit Baltistan The most beautiful part of the World?

    no, i have seen better views here in the USA, but that doesn't take away from PoK's beauty.
  13. FischerTal

    Putin arrives in India, S-400 missile deal on the cards...

    pakistan has become one big no-fly zone now
  14. FischerTal

    Putin arrives in India, S-400 missile deal on the cards...

    cheenis are wily customer. in the event of indo-pak war, they will just sit back and protect their interests unless pak gives up gilgit baltistan. they didn't help them in kargil nor will they help now.

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