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  1. FischerTal

    How do you picture your fellow ICFers?

    @Mariyam on any given day in mumbai
  2. FischerTal

    what are the priorities of Gen Z in Ind?

    But you got tag of baby boomer in this thread
  3. FischerTal

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    To me, this man seems bipolar. He claims to hate Foreigners but was supposedly traveling all over the world for the past couple of years. He was most likely triggered very easily and the killing of this young girl was a trigger for him to do something that would resolve the internal struggles of his life. What I’m worried about is that he, like many other supremacists get their indoctrination from sites like 4chan and 8chan. Is anything being done to stop that? If groups like daesh and al-qaeda are condemned for spreading hatred and violence, these websites are a cesspool of the lowest form of human degenerates.
  4. FischerTal

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    Apparently he visited Pakistan and called it a wonderful place to visit so I’m guessing he wasn’t a Muslim hating man all his life. Something must have happened in the last couple of years for him to have gone this crazy.
  5. FischerTal

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    Unfortunately, such incidents will only increase in the future. Look at the shooters background. Working class, low income white who feels that he has been robbed of a good life and blames his shortcomings on refugees from 3rd world countries. There are atleast a dozen people I know who would fit that profile. It’s just that they are not upfront about it.
  6. Indians themselves are divided, as this thread shows. Putting up an united fight against dictatorships like Pakistan and China is out of he question until all major political parties in India don’t agree on a common national security plank, which does not look to be happening in the near future.
  7. Pompeo promised Modi WC abhinandan and the listing of JeM on the 1267 controls list. so basically, this just puts the situation back to the 28th february night. expect some fireworks or some strict economic action against china.
  8. FischerTal

    Islamic Republic of NOTAM

    very few. this morning, i recounted only 4 civilian planes flying. also, international airlines are not being allowed to fly across their country.
  9. FischerTal

    Islamic Republic of NOTAM

    15 days now...
  10. they have managed to raise funds for a national dam, but at the current rate, it will take 116 years to complete the funding.
  11. FischerTal

    US elite college entrance exam scandal

    rahul went to harvard but then transferred to rollins after his grandma died i think. he also went to cambridge for masters
  12. FischerTal

    US elite college entrance exam scandal

    someone should investigate how the president got into UPenn
  13. i always knew these ivy leagues and super elite universities were shady. otherwise what else can explain someone like Dubya getting into Yale and Harvard?

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