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  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    its not even funny anymore..... oh wait it is
  2. ^ population density is a much bigger problem. people can't find jobs in their villages or in Tier 2 cities... so they migrate to the metros to seek work.... more work needs to be done to increase job prospects in the hinterland.
  3. Surgical Strike heroes speak out

    On the eve of the anniversary of the surgical strikes, 5 of the soldiers of the Para SF give an exclusive account of the operation, beginning from the events that led to the operation and then right down to the details of their mission. Screw you Kejriwal and Congress for doubting these men. http://www.newsx.com/video-gallery/232562-surgical-strike-team-interview-watch-the-complete-video-detailing-the-super-operation
  4. Modi sarkar economic reforms/governance performance thread

    No, no hand back the economy to sardarji who is responsible for creating this mess in the first place. On a side note, GST rates have to be lowered. It's unreasonable to expect any meaningful growth at current levels.
  5. Modi sarkar economic reforms/governance performance thread

    If it had been passed by sardarji, the same lizard would have been frothing at the mouth about its virtues.
  6. Bollywood's most impactful films

    gunda /thread
  7. Where are you from ?

  8. pandya gone. did his job
  9. uh oh zampa back
  10. pandya playing dandya
  11. Anti-Defection Law: Death of democracy

    uncleji himself seeks attention by posting in every single thread and then claims people are stalking him.
  12. If the local sabziwallah gives me one onion less, it is a Brahmin conspiracy. I'm actually glad they are raising this. The more insane they sound, the more common folks will be forced to reject them
  13. People like gambhir are mocked for nationalism while shehla rashid, kanhaiya kumar types are raised on a pedestal. Enough reason to never vote for congressis.

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