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  1. FischerTal

    Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    Simba another Rohit Shetty production where logic and physics die a cruel and unnatural death #MindIjjBlowingAwayToOuterSpace
  2. FischerTal

    23,000 dollar-millionaires have left India since 2014

    chinese rich are leaving china for western countries. simple, there is a better standard of living they seek and they have the means to get it.
  3. This is the starting salvo in run up to 2019 GE. Wait for more fireworks . the response so far has been quite good for BJP. It has begun to start narrative
  4. We need a good middle order bat and agarwal is riding high on confidence right now. He has solid LOI stats. Grandpa Tony needs to retire immediately FFS
  5. 431 runs to SA. didn’t shoaib once say wasim could raise 100 bowlers like him from the dust of his shoes? kahan hain wasim ka joota?
  6. He was never the same batsman after tennis elbow.
  7. Scandinavians were once the fiercest warriors human race had ever seen. Sad to see them reduced to being such gullible idiots.
  8. If it hits the right note, it will definitely help produce sympathy for MMS and hatred for family since it is based on book by his media advisor
  9. Post this on PeePassion. A lot of cab drivers will get angry for sure
  10. FischerTal

    ICF Chess Championship

    Sorry guys I had exams so I couldn’t keep up. I’m free now and I will constantly be sending reminders to players. @Mariyam what time works for you?
  11. FischerTal


    Indian diplomats gave back Haji Pir Pass in Tashkent after it was painstakingly captured by Major Ranjit Singh Dayal and his boys. Today, Haji Pir Pass looks over most strategic features on the LoC from where Pakistani send their jihadis into JK from PoK. Indian diplomats, led by ex-Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran wanted to withdraw troops from Siachen as a Confidence Building Measure, completely sidelining the Army leadership which was totally against the move. It was only after NSA MK Narayanan vehemently opposed this deal that the UPA 1 government was forced to abandon this illogical plan. Diplomats dont send their own boys to war and thats precisely why they should not be given the responsibility of negotiating such delicate matters by themselves. Whatever peace India does enjoy is because of the men who stay alert at the borders, not some lallu panju sitting in Delhi who hasn't even made the slightest effort to wander outside of South Block.

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