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  1. Telford sex-grooming scandal

    https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/britains-worst-ever-child-grooming-12165527 predictably, the abusers came from a particular background.
  2. you started posting on this thread with name calling and cocky statements and now you want to discuss. i dont argue with trolls
  3. the only person thumping his chest, that too after bypoll victories , is you
  4. no problem, you can genuinely express your anguish here anytime. Modi is here to stay for a long time. dil khol ke zameen pe sar patkao. kuch nahi honewala.
  5. BJP never required Andhra for any seats. what are you smoking? we will meet again and burnol will be applied to you right where the sun dont shine
  6. visiting PMO office= looting.. congressis come up with weird logic....
  7. danda meaning secrets will be revealed now. Modi-SHah play their cards at the right time. watch the magic
  8. all the chillar parties have assembled together. CBI ka danda is coming soon
  9. Katy Perry kisses a teenager on American Idol

    lucky bastard
  10. pakistan, if it wasn't for the rampant Islamism, would be a model state. they are blessed with many natural resources and a geostrategic location connecting Central Asia to South Asia. the population has started to go out of control in the recent years but if that were managed, I dont see why they couldn't try to emulate the Turkish model(referring to Ataturk not that crazy nutjob Erdogan)
  11. Dabur Amla career over????

    he's been slipping for awhile......
  12. Telford sex-grooming scandal

    somebody please post this in the ghetto. need to see reactions of serial offenders.
  13. Batsmen for whom you will pay to watch their batting

    good list by everyone but people are forgetting the late martin crowe and the great aussie batsman damien martin. two absolute delights to watch edit: some people mentioned Martyn.. apologies
  14. flamy

    all thats left is for you to run into a tiger's den
  15. Indian State Elections 2018

    UP very important for 2019. Shah-Modi will go to any extent to deny opposition a victory in 2019.
  16. if true, he won't live long. it has one of the lowest survival rates.
  17. What are you eating now?

    food in the UK sucks.
  18. has there been a better female performance than this?

    you obviously haven't watched any sasha grey
  19. duckface goes missing on tough pitches
  20. Dabur Amla career over????

    interesting to see more pakistanis defend Dabur miyan than indians. his family originally hails from Surat. What gives?
  21. watching an entire of game of football is equivalent to watching panda's mate. highlights are the way to go
  22. Which Indian celebrity do you hate the most?

    for all of the people commenting on salman khan, ill give you a fair warning. Never walk the streets of Bandra. Bhai is waiting
  23. IQ of Dhoni seems to be similar to IQ of grown men watching WWE/TNA

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