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  1. Surgical strikes documentary

    as expected, p orkis on PeeDeeF are burning in their backsides. shameless idiots already got banned on twitter for morphing a young Indian college student's pic. now they have to handle humiliation of being the only country in modern history to have their sovereignty violated by 3 different nations, the US, India, and Afghanistan.
  2. Surgical strikes documentary

    Eagerly awaiting this. It will most likely release on Republic Day
  3. Patanjali ranked India's most trusted FMCG Brand.

    babaji+business=a lethal combo. in fact, you can call organized religion the biggest business of the world. (Refer to Oh my god film) Although, hats off to ramdev for tackling MNCs and marketing his company all the way to the top. with a growing indian population, more purchasing power for the masses, and indian people's unflinching reverence for godmen, babaji ka dhanda will grow exponentially in the years to come.
  4. Surgical strikes documentary

    full documentary for anyone wanting to watch it.
  5. pretty big catch before Republic Day. It seems like ISI is activating all fronts, whether it is the LoC or IB or internal elements. Kudos to Delhi Police. this asshole is wanted for 2008 Jaipur blast, 2008 Ahmedabad blast, 2008 Bengaluru blast , 2008 Delhi blasts and also suspected to be part of 2006 Mumbai train blasts. Hang this bastard.
  6. Surgical strikes documentary

    eagerly awaiting
  7. mukeshbhai will move to gujarat after another singur type agitation.
  8. "baniye ka dimaag" stereotype goes out the window whenever this man opens his mouth. edit- baniiye ka dimaag, shakti kapoor ki daring :P
  9. KamalHasan wants a union of South India

    very true. in india, we get hakka noodles, american chopsuey, manchurian, schezwan varieties, chili chicken, chili garlic paneer. man i remember going to stalls in ahmedabad during vacation. every night, we would eat either indochinese or these amazing omelette's at RK omelette center. RK stall is very famous place in ahmedabad for omelettes. his video has more than 5 million views on youtube.
  10. KamalHasan wants a union of South India

    go back to the princely states and then be slaves for new chinese masters. #hakkanoodlesforall
  11. instead of encouraging young players, we have this. kapil dev should talk with budding youngsters to motivate them, not make such hare-brained comments.
  12. international career will end soon. rahane will replace him
  13. pajama's international career will end very soon
  14. Feminists !!!

    zaleel hone ke alawa aur kuch nahin kar sakte yeh log.
  15. Ishant should never play for india again

    after that spell to ponting, he has done nothing in his career to warrant selection. his selection itself is an admission of defeat from the start.
  16. 27.4: Kohli talking to Vijay...did anyone else hear this?

    how would vijay understand hindi? #northiesimposinghindi
  17. Extremely poor running from Indian batsmen

    this is cricket 101. ground your bat morons.
  18. Need more from Che, Shami and Vijay

    i think he's right about intent part, but problem is his selections show the complete opposite of that. selecting dhawan, ishant, and rohit is a clear case of bias and has no justification. kohli the captain is a completely different beast from kohli the batsman unfortunately.
  19. Need more from Che, Shami and Vijay

    at this point, it is foolish to expect pujara to succeed overseas. forget boundaries, he's struggling to rotate the strike, which is not expected of a number 3 batsman. i would suggest making him an opener overseas so that he atleast gets you through the initial phase of the new ball. right now, he pretty much is an opener because none of the actual openers are solid enough to get through the new ball. make lokesh #3. shami's bowling has no fizz. he is primarily a hit-the-deck bowler but he is not zipping it off the surface like before and without that, you wont succeed overseas. the injury has taken its toll on him. i expect more from vijay. after kohli and rahane, he's our best batsman overseas. he will come through at some point. the biggest question is when will kohli rid us of the rohit torture? is the team expected to persist with him for a hundred innings before he comes through just like in ODIs?
  20. India's batting looks very shaky

    how many times have these guys played overseas? barring ishant, most of them have played overseas only during 2013-2014.
  21. India's batting looks very shaky

    this south africa tour was going to be tough anyways. a new team going outside asia for the first time will have to make some internal changes before they settle down.maybe this is why you play practice matches in the first place!!!!
  22. Which all states/UTs have you been to in India?

    gujarat, maharasthra, rajasthan, goa, delhi, J*K
  23. Cold weather in US

    california rocks except for the mudslides, earthquakes, and wildfires.
  24. if you don't like punjabi food, you are struggling in life.

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