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  1. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

  2. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    things have gotten so bad that at Vancouver airport, there are signs now in Chinese. kaneda and most western economies will have to fall in front of Asian economies during this century. money talks!!!
  3. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    yeah if an canadian airlines was hijacked by RSS wallahs, trudeau would do the same thing. Its called self-respect. go get some
  4. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    International pappu being shown his aukaat. i remember going to visit relatives in Calgary when oil prices were at their lowest last year. Alberta province's economy basically runs on oil and they had been snubbed by this joker all for the sake of green energy. At the same time, he was welcoming in syrian refugees in droves. nobody says its wrong to help refugees but its bad optics especially when your own citizens are not being looked after first. Average canadian is fed up of this barbie queen. he will be booted out in the next elections.
  5. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    try harder. kaneda needs support of rising economic powers like India, not the other way around.
  6. such cute expressions donald trump pe bhi jadoo kar diya
  7. 1st T20 : SA v IND | Wanderers, Jo'berg 6:30 PM IST

    on flat tracks, he does have a tendency to leak many runs though
  8. if you look through the books of all PSU banks, you will find such scams.
  9. 1st T20 : SA v IND | Wanderers, Jo'berg 6:30 PM IST

    same bhuvi was overworked in ODIs?
  10. 1st T20 : SA v IND | Wanderers, Jo'berg 6:30 PM IST

    even nayan mongia can do that
  11. 1st T20 : SA v IND | Wanderers, Jo'berg 6:30 PM IST

    how did mahi do today?
  12. King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    i know many oldies will gasp in shock at this comparison but looking at his figures, i believe King Kohli will either overtake Sir Viv as the greatest ODI batsman of all time or end up directly behind him at second place at the end of his career.
  13. King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    look what i has started king kohli is just entering his peak. wait for more good times
  14. Nirav Modi paise leke bhaga thread

    gujjubhai rocks!!
  15. Happy Valentines Day

    happy bajrang dal diwas
  16. This Torture must end !!!

    thats why i said if he has a good IPL.......
  17. This Torture must end !!!

    i think it was his test form that affected his ODI form, otherwise how do you go from playing a match-winning innings in WC to playing such badly. in fact, the whole team was struggling at that time. there were clearly issues behind the scenes that were never revealed to public.
  18. This Torture must end !!!

    MSD hasn't played an innings in that spot that has helped team. gambo only had trouble with swing bowling. if he's moved down the order, he would be a solid#4 but please keep trying the new lot of failures. its been 4 years yet not one batsman has been able to replace Yuvraj. thats a big warning sign and its not looking like it will be fixed anytime soon
  19. Wrist slitters stay away from this

    when king kohli travels to australia, its gonna be good. man beating aus in aus..... just the look on that duck Smith's face will be worth everything.
  20. This Torture must end !!!

    if msd can be tried up the order, why not GG down the order? the reason none of them are permanent is because they are not good enough. ill give pandey and iyer the benefit of doubt but jadhav and rahane have been around long enough and they suck in ODIs.
  21. This Torture must end !!!

    ill take GG anyday over pandey, iyer, jadhav, rahane types

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