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  1. yet we consistently have to hear about bradman this bradman that. I'm not even a hardcore sachin fan but for people to make bradman number one considering the poor quality of cricket that was played in his time is laughable. forget sachin and bradman, the true king of cricket IMO is Sir Viv. Edit: i have nothing against ranjitsinhji
  2. this just shows how much of a joke cricket was during those times. none of these batsmen would survive in the 80s,90s.
  3. KL Rahul

    nowadays, you can't judge batsmen based on results in Aus. those flat pancakes put UAE pattas to shame
  4. Hmm, doesn't make sense then why would pak and China aggressively build submarines at such a rapid pace?
  5. KL Rahul

    He has problems with seam bowling, not good sign for opener
  6. Younis Khan and his strange dancing Technique at Lords

    Steve smith's guruji
  7. Considering how bad our batsmen are at playing spin, I think Pakistan would beat us currently. However, I think we will be a competent side in the next 1-2 years
  8. you can't be number one unless both india and pakistan actually play each other.

    a question, can't we get money for previous posts before ICF economy was announced? people like me, slick, sabby used to post here a lot even when others were not around. we helped keep site up so shouldn't we get some compensation?
  10. Congrats padosis for the Lord's win

    i thought by now broad could lead this unit but he's still a support bowler. wonder what will happen after jimmy retires?
  11. The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    PSU bank stocks rise a govt gives 22,000+ crores to PSU banks
  12. interesting, what impact will this have on RCA and their long running tiff with BCCI?
  13. aircraft carriers are needed in order to project a true blue water navy, but in combat, submarines are much more effective. if you don't complement your Acs with effective subs, its worthless
  14. Introducing - ICF Economy [Bank Is Open Now]

    i created thread, but didn't get 400 runs added.
  15. Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    i read it as kabadi
  16. Legend that is Misbah

    congrats. its funny that 42-year old misbah is fitter than most of the young guys in this team
  17. Congrats padosis for the Lord's win

    i thought broad would have matured by now as lead strike bowler but not to be. finn is the real problem. he should be dropped for jimmy. I'm guessing since woakes did well, stokes might replace vince or ali?
  18. Heath Streak & Manoj Prabhakar to work with Uttar Pradesh Team

    streak is good coach. he should be our bowling coach
  19. With the appointment of a new coach, many fans are interested in how kumble will fare as coach. if you were in kumble's positions, what would be your top 3 things to do immediately to better improve team india's chances of winning in all formats? my top 3 1) target players for certain formats. in the IPL era, this may seem as a tough thing to do but we need specialist cricketers for each format.some players will naturally transcend between formats, but i do believe some should focus on a single particular format, given the vast amount of players we have. 2) focus on a players weakness and help them improve their game. it doesnt make any sense how many of these players continue to get out the same way or bowl the same pathetic trash over and over again. this highlights a problem at the coaching level that should be fixed. example, kohli's off stump problem, pujara's problem with incoming delivery, etc. 3) make sure player's fitness improves and make fitness a criterion to be selected for team. despite having relatively good fielders, our team does not have rigorous fitness standards, which should apply to all players. its a shame to see to see a rohit or raina doing the bare minimum while kohli and an ageing dhoni follow a strict diet/exercise regimen.

    in future, what if like minded ICF businessmen wanted to open their own financial consultancy firm? private business should be allowed to flourish

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