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  1. India v South Africa, 4th Test, Delhi

    In any other country yadav would have been looked after at a young age and helped to become a strike bowler by now....
  2. India v South Africa, 4th Test, Delhi

    Two mistakes by virat taking rohit for mishra giving in to the whining about the pitches and not asking South Africa to follow on
  3. India v South Africa, 4th Test, Delhi

    who are the best ranji wicketkeepers?
  4. We have a good spin bowling attack. Our pacers are decent but it will take time to see if they can go to the next level. As far as the batting is concerned, the problem is there is no 50+ average batsman. Only Rahane is capable of this but he bats down the order, so it's unlikely.
  5. India v South Africa, 4th Test, Delhi

    Saha playing quite timidly. Why can't we give a chance to someone like robin uthappa who has done well in Ranji for last two years?
  6. Is there no way to bring back the older forum posters?

    The old forum was much better plus a lot of posters just came to Icf for betting. With Icf money gone the posters are gone too
  7. Bowlers for next year's Australia ODI series?

    in Australia you need quick bowlers unlike England where swing bowlers like Bhuvi can get the job done. A visionary captain would take along new pacers as we have nothing to lose. We know that this team wont make it all the way so it would be best to infuse young blood as part of a long term plan. However, I do expect the starting lineup to be Bhuvi, mohit, and yadav :(
  8. Bcci will respond to this with another rank turner in Delhi

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