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  1. he will play till 2019. theres nothing you can do about it. sachin set the precedent after chasing that useless 100th 100. I'm sure kohli will do the same in the future
  2. This Torture must end !!!

    MSD still in team despite doing nothing. in fact, why was GG discarded from ODIs anyway? he could have been retained down the order. looking at the youngsters tried so far, they have failed to impress. although i will blame kohli for continuing with jadhav and rahane.
  3. This Torture must end !!!

    4 years have gone by and we haven't found replacement for Yuvi. GG was always a clutch bat in ODIs. all he needs is some confidence. none of the newbies look good anyways
  4. This Torture must end !!!

    lost hope on raina but i hope GG has a good IPL. he is a clutch ODI bat.
  5. congrats team india. time to visit green ghetto
  6. Malayali girl Priya Prakash Varrier takes Internet by storm

    new video. she just keeps getting cuter.
  7. its the WC final and this happens......
  8. he had money to give to Akhlaque who wasn't even a resident of Delhi but Ankit's family cannot demand anything. Vote bank zindabad!!
  9. heres the video proof... poor man is crying. I'm pretty sure he was a strong AAP supporter and he feels betrayed by Kejriwal for his behavior http://abpnews.abplive.in/videos/watch-ankit-s-father-breaks-down-during-debate-on-arvind-kejriwal-leaving-condolence-meet-midway-791172
  10. Malayali girl Priya Prakash Varrier takes Internet by storm

    Arjun Rampal is another expressionless actor. i remember one twitter joke on him went like this.... what would be the name of the movie Chennai Express if Arjun Rampal was the lead hero? Chennai doesn't Express
  11. for non-hindi speakers, what do you do when somebody keeps rudely interruptingly you by laughing out loud?
  12. Malayali girl Priya Prakash Varrier takes Internet by storm

    modiji, sakth launda bhi pighal gaya
  13. North Indians making Goa another Haryana, says minister

    there has to be more to a place than just beaches. pure din kya paani main rahoge?
  14. Surgical strikes documentary

    6 casualties, 5 military 1 civilian. All 4 militants have been neutralized.
  15. Surgical strikes documentary

    Eagerly awaiting this. It will most likely release on Republic Day
  16. miller just did this to chahal. i wonder how he would look in a turban
  17. the shittiest delivery gets the best batsman. cricket is a funny game
  18. North Indians making Goa another Haryana, says minister

    major bulk historically comes from the north. UP, haryana and uttarakhand contribute most of the army's soldiers and also make up the largest share of its officer cadre. punjab has witnessed a downward trend over the years though. J and K is strong as ever but that makes sense due to the prevailing situation there. Northeast soldiers these days have been represented more lately. with more stability there, I am pretty sure they will make up a large chunk of army in future
  19. bring back gambo. clutch ODI player who can do much better than any of these jokers.
  20. pandya needs to bulk up. he can't expect to take on pace bowling looking like a stick

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