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  1. screw hindi/tamil. learn the language that daddario speaks
  2. Hindus, a minority

    only one religion for me, army. if i had stayed in india, would definitely have joined. none of these religious idiots can spout their nonsense if not for the man at the border protecting their rights.
  3. Should J&K be split into 3 states?

    no, this gives more power to the fanatics to control Kashmir . in the short term, it will be a victory for those wanting BJP governments in Jammu and Ladakh, but in the long term, it will allow jihadis to get state support for their activities, even more than the current situation
  4. India war with China 2017 ?? Possiblity

    china is merely posturing. we have a complete advantage in the himalayas. for every 1 indian soldier killed, 9 chinese will die, unless china decides to go nuclear. i just don't see that happening. regarding pakistan, the last thing they need is for the LoC to heaten up even further than it already is. they cannot control their western borders, and just today 11 of their soldiers died in Samani and Charhoi.
  5. Should J&K be split into 3 states?

    just repeal article 370. end this nautanki once and for all.
  6. stupid move. it should be rightfully condemned and rolled back
  7. Fantastic team Modi

    i think fadnavis and chouhan will be brought to centre after 2019. i am a big fan of vasundhara raje as well. rajasthan is an important state, she should be elevated soon. from the south, i don't know who would come, maybe some allies
  8. Fantastic team Modi

    low inflation- farmers are not making anything because of failed economic policies. high inflation- middle class is bearing the brunt of failed economic policies. rona zaroori hain
  9. Amarnath Pilgrims killed in terror attack in Kashmir

    was modi in power during this time? most people who voted for BJP in 2014 didn't vote for the party, but the person. i could care less about the rest of BJP with its bumbling jokers like Naidu, Prasad, Javadekar. they are only appointed as yes-men so that no corruption can take place. they are remote-controlled by modi, not the other way around when madamji gave permission to desi robot whether or not he can stand up or sit down. the same civil servant you speak of was responsible for cleaning the militancy. thats why you hear leftists constantly whining about jagmohan being a human rights violator, genocidal maniac, blah blah blah. as far as tying up with Mufti Sayeed, its what you do in a democracy. arrive at a consensus so that democratically elected parties can provide administration to the state. governor's rule is the easy way out and exactly what Geelani types want. just the thought of being ruled by right-wing hindus makes their salwar kameez wet.
  10. Amarnath Pilgrims killed in terror attack in Kashmir

    basically replace the dialogue of british army officer in lagaan with syed ali shah geelani " tum hamari jhooti ke niche rahega". thats how the jihadis and their supporters view Hindus, especially the nationalists.
  11. Amarnath Pilgrims killed in terror attack in Kashmir

    killing/ driving out pandits in droves to make kashmir pure while constantly bitching about indian army's "brutality".
  12. Amarnath Pilgrims killed in terror attack in Kashmir

    dada, wait for kovind's election. after that, kashmir problem will be solved, whether bjp has majority in rajya sabha or not. if modi wants to come back to power, he needs to make a historical decision. no point of doing that now.
  13. If not Modi, then who?

    General Bipin Rawat.
  14. India war with China 2017 ?? Possiblity

    just sell the nuclear tipped brahmos to vietnam. there is ample proof that chinese gave nuclear technology to pakistan. being the nice guy will get you nowhere. the vietnamese are born fighters, all they need is the right equipment and china will go back into its hole. xi jinping wants to carve his own legacy as an expansionist vis-a-vis american presidents like Andrew Jackson.... its not going to happen
  15. Amarnath Pilgrims killed in terror attack in Kashmir

    time to dissolve article 370. RIP to the victims.
  16. GST Thread

    paaji lost a lot of money during demonetization. this is the only way to vent.
  17. Is Modi worst PM of India to serve more than 2 years?

    first PM to visit Israel, a long and trusted ally. only modi could have done it. china is the one crying at the border wanting india to withdraw troops from what it claims to be its own territory. indian army has been proactive in kashmir for past 2 months. 4 terrorists were eliminated in pulwama yesterday. demonetization a fail, lulz, thats why you have traders and middlemen cursing modi out at every single walk of life(most of them voted for him too). heck, even among people who view it as having failed, they don't necessarily blame modi. they blame the corrupt banks who helped bail out the guilty. all this has done is make people repose their faith in modi because he is actually willing to take ownership of policies that could have a long-lasting effect on the people of India. Even with GST, he has taken a big risk. if not implemented correctly, idiots will only blame him. watch out for what happens in kashmir in next year. this problem will be nipped in bud once and for all. i can say this with complete certainty.
  18. Azam Khan levels rape allegations against army

    Maybe he is being paid by bjp
  19. article 370 will most likely be repealed after ramnath kovind is made president so you could see a limited war with pakistan
  20. Indian "Liberals" claiming to be Champions of Science

    mulo vs surajmal/tibarn
  21. the evil truth is most desi libtards would have loved to see this same treatment meted out to major gogoi. good on the major and general rawat for giving a big FU to lutyens delhi
  22. i agree, mr.naidu, why don't you learn it?
  23. https://scroll.in/latest/841525/ballabgarh-fight-not-over-beef-rumours-but-argument-over-train-seats-says-cousin-of-man-who-died so fight was over train seats, not beef. source is scroll.in so liberals should feel at ease.
  24. Ramnath Kovind : 14th President of India

    PA to PM Morarji Desai, Senior Advocate of Supreme Court and Delhi High Court, Member of Board of Governors for IIM Kolkata, Ambedkar University, governor of bihar but all some people can see is that he's from the RSS.
  25. nope, right stand. no cricket until terror sanctuaries are destroyed, which is never.

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