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  1. senior Ummah brethren from a country Pakistanis called their second home praising kafir and bashing mard e momin.
  2. His pashtun brethren are being killed in droves and he supports pakjabi army. He is Nothing more than a subjugated uncle tom
  3. this has ISI written all over it. Lala can't write such perfect English
  4. Asansol Riots

    http://www.opindia.com/2018/03/heavy-violence-bengal-raniganj-attack-ram-navami-procession-minority-community-blamed/ West Bengal is a lost cause. It is beyond redemption. the only thing Union government can do is contain the spread from this particular state.
  5. Martyr's Corner

    RIP veer maratha
  6. kinda odd that he accepts a civilian honor wearing a military uniform.. i dont mind. in india, army needs to be popularized among the largely indifferent civilians.
  7. David Warner breaks down in emotional ball-tampering apology

    bye tutiyo!!!
  8. Martyr's Corner

    not possible unless India sends its own jihadis into Pakistani mainland, which is never going to happen.
  9. Maharashtra plastic ban

  10. Maharashtra plastic ban

    abrupt decision although good for the long term. http://indianexpress.com/article/india/maharashtra-after-state-wide-plastic-ban-whats-allowed-whats-not-the-way-forward-5119185/
  11. Asansol Riots

    i swear man... i haven't seen any world leader abandon his mandate the way Modi has.... he just looks depressed these days.. maybe a precursor to 2019
  12. Asansol Riots

    meanwhile great hindu leader doing this nautanki
  13. Asansol Riots

    sad thing is Bengal was one of the main centers of the Indian independence movement.
  14. Warner and Smith axed from IPL 2018

    bye tutiyo!!!
  15. Surgical strikes documentary

    Eagerly awaiting this. It will most likely release on Republic Day
  16. Surgical strikes documentary

    a much more complex mission than the surgical strikes against pakistan. hats off to the boys of 21 Para SF.
  17. OMERTA - official trailer - Rajkummar Rao

    keep romanticizing terrorists...
  18. The Never Ending Thread

    pooch liya?
  19. you do know that the entire US congress barring a couple representatives voted for the Iraq War purely on emotions and no sound knowledge of the facts. They were willfully ignorant of how this would destabilize an entire region and also ruin the American middle class for years to come.
  20. ICC : Smith banned for 1 match, Bancroft safe

    it doesn't matter. the fact that smith publicly acknowledged it has led to a lot of anger back home. i wouldn't be surprised if CA takes more stringent action. it would be another thing if smith had denied it.
  21. Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    King Kohli proven right for his allegations against Duckface. tis a good day. funny thing is Pakistani acting all high and mighty today.... need I remind you of Imran "Bottle Caps" Khan?
  22. Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    coming clean shouldn't mean duckface gets away with a small fine. his punishment should be to stay still at the crease for the rest of his career
  23. Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    someone make a meme with bancroft scratching his balls and write God's Plan on it.
  24. Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    it would be funny if there was a crime patrol or savdhaan india type episode on this

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