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  1. Surgical strikes documentary

    the only reason army holding back as of now is because kulbhushan's wife and mother are supposed to go and meet him today. in fact, it makes sense why they attacked now. wait till both ladies are back in india because they both are going there for one day only
  2. Surgical strikes documentary

    he's just waiting till its politically advantageous. you won't hear of an indian strike on pakistan until general elections
  3. Surgical strikes documentary

    eh lo ji, pradhan pracharak has spoken. is this the time to talk about meeting some russian leader?
  4. Surgical strikes documentary

    the only thing that will happen is a fire assault on Pakistani border posts and some mortar strikes. its well known that Pakistani hide their casualties. you need to target generals in rawalpindi and their families. only then will these people learn. its been 9 years since 26/11 and yet not one Pakistani general has even been touched. this is the biggest shame.
  5. Surgical strikes documentary

    om shanti
  6. Surgical strikes documentary

    nobody gives a **** about soldiers in india. just go celebrate diwali with them for photo-ops. after that, they are on their own.
  7. Surgical strikes documentary

    om shanti major.
  8. Surgical strikes documentary

    this is the time to act. if modi doesn't avenge this in full public display, pradhan pracharak should go back to gandhinagar.
  9. US Embassy in India tries to "go viral"

    german ambassador a couple of years ago with khursheed miyan
  10. Lalu Convicted.

    ecosystem already peddling OBC laloo got convicted but brahmin Jagannath mishra acquitted.
  11. India vs Sri Lanka, 2nd T20I

    Sri Lankas should play afghanistan to make it competitive
  12. like goli from lagaan. its genius
  13. India vs Sri Lanka, 2nd T20I

    Modern sholay dialogue Old man 1- yeh suicide kya hota hain? Old man 2- jab sri lanka waley India ate hain cricket khelne ke liye, toh unke fans kon marne ki iccha hoti hain toh usse suicide kehte hain
  14. India vs Sri Lanka, 2nd T20I

    hanuman bhakt rohit in full form today
  15. Tip of the hat to Vidarbha Ranji team

    why not the entire hat?
  16. 2G verdict - Raja/Kanimozhi found NOT guilty.

    india needs military/authoritarian rule. you will laugh at it but each passing day, common people are fed up with democracy
  17. Navdeep Saini bowling with genuine pace now

    his bowling action reminds me of Ryan Harris. check from 00:26 to 00:29
  18. Gujarat and Himachal elections:2017

    1) action against pakistan 2) create jobs for the youth 3) ensure hindu vote consolidation otherwise, say tata to 2019.
  19. Gujarat and Himachal elections:2017

    congress will go to any extent to divide and rule. he needs to be cured of the ABV statesmanitis and go back to the ruthless leader he was in GJ. Pappu may be dumb but his handlers are cunning and most importantly, their entire livelihood depends on Congress regaining power. 2018 will be bloody.
  20. Gujarat and Himachal elections:2017

    did he say something?
  21. Gujarat and Himachal elections:2017

    all the urban centers gave a clean sweep for BJP. not possible without middle class support
  22. Gujarat and Himachal elections:2017

    young patidars were not going to vote for BJP anyway. biggest problem in India in the future will be reservation. this is not limited to Gujarat. see how it impacts upcoming elections
  23. Gujarat and Himachal elections:2017

    focus on the middle class. i expect 2018 budget to be populist, especially towards middle class concerns. give more representation to OBCs and tribals in govt.
  24. Gujarat and Himachal elections:2017

    http://eciresults.nic.in its 49 vs 41. bjp has increased its vote share from 2012, despite GST, demonetisation, 22 year anti-incumbency, Hardik, Jignesh, Alpesh, Rahul gandhi temple run.....

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