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  1. take some pictures with children of dead jawans. just a couple days ago, naik bakthawar singh died on LOC due to pakistani shelling. pani mein doob maro.
  2. the new crop is ready but nobody wants to speak out. rishabh pant, samson, kuldeep yadav, chahal, i mean the list is endless but you play with 30+ grandpas. which result did you expect?
  3. for all the stick pandya gets here, he's the only one who showed heart in our batting. he's not the most technically gifted cricketer either, but he proved that the pitch was not a green mamba where you couldn't score runs. the general attitude of meekness and surrender emanated from the top, barring dhawan
  4. bhoot of "aman ki asha". kohli needs to be relieved of captaincy if this is the kind of attitude he has after losing so badly.
  5. game over, ashwin/jadeja lost it for india
  6. consequences of gandhian socialism. predominantly agrarian economy+ exploding population=recipe for disaster.
  7. Jadeja is the best fielder?

    toss up between smith or jadeja
  8. Muslims enforce food ban at AMU for the whole of ramzan

    jhaant ka reporter
  9. Alexandra Daddario !!!

    She has some nice daddarios
  10. England Cricket team new Kit

    look like sailors
  11. Sachin, Dravid want India to play Champions Trophy

    take a stand, BCCI.
  12. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    Fun fact- jason holder has only won 2 tests as captain, both against Pakistan
  13. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    ^ the host is so depressed, don't even feel like laughing. padosis never fail to surprise
  14. What do you guyz make of Shadab Khan

    his action is quite lazy.
  15. Pakistan has lost 7 out of last 8 test matches

    of course, its a RAW conspiracy
  16. Pakistan collapse to 81, Windies Win 2nd test

    so many ATGs in one team, phir bhi maar khate rahe.
  17. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    unlike military losses, they can't hide this.
  18. Pak ambushes and mutilates 2 Indian soldiers

    Rawalpindi haramkhors are trying to provoke modi into revealing his plans for 2019. Its not going to happen. RIP bravehearts. Your death will be avenged spectacularly in 18 months time
  19. RIP. some people can't see the bigger picture here. sad.
  20. Siddharth would be perfect for Arjun, while krishna could be played by someone like aamir khan. If you are looking for someone to play shakuni, praneet bhat is the right choice. He played shakuni perfectly on the small screen in the latest adaption of mahabharata on star plus
  21. religion has become a dick-measuring contest, where you not only have to show people why your particular religion is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but feel the everlasting need to exercise a show of strength that makes you feel better about why you believe in that particular religion in the first place. whether its azaan, muharram, rath yatra, mataji no garbo, etc, people feel the need to be bigger and better than the guy next door.

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