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  1. Dhoni steps down as Captain of Team India

    Thank you for your service to Indian cricket.
  2. Who names their kid knowing that the name is that of a tyrant?

    most of bwood are not even 12th pass. i hardly believe they would deliberately choose a name to offend people,. more likely, its ignorance.
  3. Who names their kid knowing that the name is that of a tyrant?

    who gives a crap? its his child, he can name it Tyrannosaurus Rex if he wants. here in america, we have celebrities naming their kids north west and Pilot Inspektor.
  4. Karun Nair Complete Batsmanship.

    The reverse sweep has to be the best in world cricket. Atleast on par with maxwell
  5. Karun Nair becomes second Indian to score 300

    What a champ. To all the whiners who keep saying why kohli didn't declare, keep in mind this is a young man who is playing his 3rd test match. For him to score a triple will have a major impact on his self-confidence. Series is already decided. Kohli is just looking towards the future.
  6. Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    I want to see it for denzel. Good actor
  7. Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    Can't wait to see fences
  8. Evergreen Bollywood Movies - 20th Century

    Gunda jaani dusman rgv ki aag kambakht ishq ladies tailor
  9. so many wrong decisions in this match. also in the eng vs bd series. i don't think he can be called ICC elite umpire anymore. thoughts?
  10. Should Umpire Dharmasena be demoted?

    thats something for the ICC to figure out. umpires are human and we know they can make mistakes but this has become a perennial problem with dharmasena. if you are going to have this quality of umpiring, then get rid of the elite tag. theres no difference between him and an umpire for a school game
  11. Bigg Boss Thread

    Remember this fight between sky and Sid with symonds just sitting there? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs6nwsMOmyk
  12. Bigg Boss Thread

    Yes, that was a minus point of that season. Sometimes it got out of control but It was pure comedy and something that made you want to watch over and over again. All the contestants were cartoons with inflated egos. It was like an entire show comprising of armaan kohlis Gautam season got boring after awhile. At some point, we all knew he would win. Gauhar season was fun only because of armaan kohli. Last season was definitely the worst.
  13. Bigg Boss Thread

    All seasons pale in comparison to season 5. Sky, Pooja mishra, Amar, mahek, Sid. It was nonstop entertainment

    convert please.
  15. you have to find some wicket-keeping replacement for dhoni and the grooming should start after CT. he will be 38 by the time the next WC arrives. you cannot expect him to be wicket keeping at that age and finishing off games and captaining an ODI side. its too much to handle at that age. ideally, he should settle at #4 position, continue as captain and try somebody like Pant or Samson as new WK for team.
  16. Hardik Pandya : The test allrounder

    hes more likely to succeed in tests, but i still feel he's being rushed onto the big stage. he should have been given more A-tours but i guess kohli and dhoni have seen something in him that excites them.
  17. its a shame that barkha dutt still hasn't been prosecuted for her reporting during Kargil War, where she revealed Indian army artillery positions on live tv.
  18. gambhir vijay pujara kohli rahane saha ashwin pandya jadeja mishra shami
  19. again, as i said, it won't be just india that faces a two-front war. the chinese will face the same problem on their eastern side. don't go simply by the numbers game. even i don't have much faith in the LCA, but as of now the upgraded LCA mk1 A version will supposedly hold the fort, atleast against the JF-17 thunder. even if LCA does not achieve the desired results, the government is in talks with Lockheed Martin to move the entire manufacturing line of F-16 to India under a "Make in India" programme. Also, this would effectively disbar the further sale of F-16 to Pakistan in the future. Saab is also offering the Gripen on similar lines. a decision on this has to be made swiftly to replace the Mig-21s. sooner or later, the govt will also have to make a decision of the FGFA proposal from Russia. they can't dilly dally on this proposal anymore. the details regarding the specifications were discussed during the BRICS summit and it should be sealed by the end of this year. 50 squadrons is too much, i remember a former Air Marshal saying that to combat both China and Pak, India need around 42 squadrons. also, again chinese numerical superiority means nothing if they have to fight on two different fronts. this is where indian diplomacy will have to come through. MEA has to reach out to Southeast and East Asian nations to develop a convergence of opinions regarding China's hegemonic ambitions. Just yesterday, Japan asked India to make its views clear regarding the Senkaku islands.
  20. UP Tamasha... Whats happening?

    apparently mulayam said "aapka mukhya mantri jhoot bolts hain". the split should be coming soon.
  21. Kedhar Jadhav :player without X factor

    i had great hopes on him a couple years back. now he looks to be a substandard version of raina.
  22. Welcome to big time Hardik Pandya

    pandya can develop to be an ideal #6, if he matures properly. good on dhoni for backing the youngster. better luck next time.

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