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  1. my bad.... i thought the OP was asking a question as to who is greatest singer?
  2. can't forget these two gems....
  3. my favorite Sonu songs
  4. i have to disagree with OP. Greatest singer for me would be wither Mohammed Rafi or Sonu Nigam. i have grown up in Sonu's era so for me Sonu is the best. just look at the way he sings Gandi Baat towards the end in this video starting from 5:17 ..... amazing clarity of voice and range.
  5. FischerTal

    New trend of "Reaction" videos

    hmm i didn't know that, but still it highlights how insecure desis are.
  6. you need an educated public for that.
  7. Woke Bengali romanticizing "beautiful" Kolkata while comfortably living in Ithaca, New York. Ithaca just happens to be the city where Professor saab teaches at Cornell University(Ivy League). three cheers for bhaskar anna
  8. Shastri ji should start his own brewery and call it Yo-Yo
  9. FischerTal

    GM Praggnanandhaa becomes 2nd youngest GM in history!!!

    his younger sister also secured two WGM norms in this tournament!!!
  10. yeah but look at tunisias population.... especially their population density.
  11. nowhere near clean. ahmedabad is ranked 12th..... and i know how clean ahmedabad really is
  12. FischerTal

    Is qualification for 2026 WC a realistic goal?

    lol you are comparing sandesh jingran with one of the greatest defenders of our time. nice try. that would be like me comparing the batting prowess of some obscure spanish batsman with rahul dravid or virender sehwag. i went to an all-asian high school in california so i know fairly well about those communities. your statements contradict reality. again you keep comparing height averages of Indians with other nations but you dont know how diverse indians are. Jats,Rajputs, Punjabis. are much taller than lets say people from the north-east or even people from down South, so the average is not an indicator of how tall Indians are. It should also be mentioned that none of those communities give a flying crap about football. as far as economic status goes, i was talking about poor indians living in rural areas who engage in physical labor everyday of their life. unless you have been to the villages, you won't know how bloody strong those people are, but they dont have time to engage in sports because they have much more pressing needs in their life. i never even talked about NRIs. anyway, what you said about NRIs completely validates my point. Desis are lazy *ers who dont want to engage in physical activity if we have a comfortable life. plus Japanese, Korean players in the NFL... please 1 or 2 players here or there that just spends time sitting on the bench doesn't prove anything.
  13. Waste Bengal...... literally
  14. FischerTal

    Is qualification for 2026 WC a realistic goal?

    you are making a lot of statements without any proof. koreans, japanese are bigger than us LOL. as somebody who has lived in California most of his life, i have to completely disagree with this statement. koreans and japanese better than us in most physical sports....... they both are tiny nations that have better coaching,infrastructure and international exposure so maybe they are better but that doesn't have anything to do with their ability but more to do with a longer history of investing in their sports. as far as speed and stamina is concerned, everyone loses steam in the second half. this is an universal truth. to call out one nation for that doesn't make sense. you are basically just saying that they need more endurance training, which is not a far-fetched task.
  15. FischerTal

    Homage to Martyrs

  16. FischerTal

    Is qualification for 2026 WC a realistic goal?

    japan and korean players are not built like tanks. heck even the nigerians in this WC dont look overtly strong. it has more to do with lack of interest among Indians regarding actually playing soccer and preparing your body for that challenge. when it comes to supporting european clubs, the same idiots will scream from the rooftops. its not about capability but just that indians in general are lazy when it comes to physical activity, unless you live in rural areas. those poor chaps have more important things to do in their life than waste it for a foreign game.
  17. KRoos you beast......... Die Mannschaft!!!! Never write off Germany!!!!
  18. FischerTal

    Homage to Martyrs

  19. FischerTal

    New trend of "Reaction" videos

    our padosis are joining the trend too
  20. costa rica are even bigger drama queens. what is this BS? FIFA needs to come down heavily on this team. time wasters
  21. neymar is such a drama queen
  22. FischerTal

    Pujara's county performance thread

    selecting him to play crucial #3 spot again in England will be a big mistake.
  23. FischerTal

    Homage to Martyrs

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