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  1. Dhoni's innings was disgusting

    dhoni is no longer a finisher. he can still play role of an accumulator, basically an ideal #4. however, he will have to give up wicketkeeping to do this, so not sure if its possible. it makes sense though because you can't expect a 39 year old dhoni to be WK in the 2019 World Cup. you have to start grooming somebody by next year.
  2. Had no idea so many countries play KABADDI

    where can i watch it?
  3. no it won't. the chinese will not attack india, simply because they know it will invite a retaliation from the united states, which is looking for the right excuse to rain hell on china, with the help of allied forces. there is enough discontent among southeast asian nations with China regarding the South China Sea dispute, which can easily be exploited by America. don't forget Japan and South Korea will also be dragged into the conflict because of their close relations with Washington DC. Russia will give moral support to the Chinese, but won't risk sending its military because of their business relations with India. Just last week, Rosneft invested 13 billion dollars in India, while India gave close to 8 billion dollars in defense deals. thats a relationship putin wants intact. even though russia is growing close to China because of their laggard economy, their main goal will be to maintain neutrality as they are in no position financially to embark on a full-scale military offensive. Indian Armed forces are currently not at their strongest, but looking at Modi's rapid pace to modernize the military, India can easily hold off China in the future ( not defeat it obviously). The only main concern for India is its Air Force. With the rolling in of the Rafale, and subsequently the LCA Tejas or maybe the F-16IN, India's military will be more than capable to fight a two-front war by the late 2020's. The biggest weak point for Chinese is Indian navy. the threat of a blockade that will cut off oil supplies to their country still worries them the most, hence their frantic push to find alternative routes to get oil from the Middle East and Central Asia.
  4. source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/PM-Narendra-Modi-announces-task-force-to-prepare-for-next-three-Olympics/articleshow/53875978.cms hopefully something concrete comes out of this
  5. judiciary in india is nowadays obsessed with passing down judgements where they create their own version of the law, instead of deciding on whether a particular case passes constitutional validity.
  6. Pakistan Discussion Thread

    Far from it, US is still the strongest economy on earth. It is the most technologically advanced country in the world with the strongest military. All that needs to be relooked are horrible trade deals and bringing down the debt.
  7. India conducts Surgical Strikes Along The LOC

    So on one hand, there was so much artillery shelling from Indian side that these PoK residents had to flee their villages immediately, but they stuck around long enough to see no Indian troops cross Loc, that too on a moonless night when operation was undertaken from 12-4 AM
  8. from what i have seen of him, he seems to be a primarily back-foot player. will do good in Aus, but could struggle in Eng, SA, NZ. one good thing for him is that he's a confident player of spin, which will help him in subcontinent, where he will play most of his matches.
  9. BCCI to cancel India-NZ series?

    Because lodha has ordered banks to freeze its accounts......
  10. India conducts Surgical Strikes Along The LOC

  11. Photos of Bangladesh during Eid

    source: http://www.newindianexpress.com/nation/Pregnant-Dalit-woman-family-beaten-up-for-not-disposing-cow-carcass-in-Karja-village-of-Gujarat/2016/09/24/article3628865.ece if you are referring to this incident, you should carefully read that the attackers come from darbar community (sir jadeja's community). darbar community are not UC hindus. they are kshatriyas (OBC). "According to the FIR lodged by Nilesh Ranwasia, a group of around 10 people from Darbar community attacked his family including his pregnant wife Sangeeta last night after th family refused to dispose of the carcass." source: http://www.bcmbcmw.tn.gov.in/obc/faq/gujarat.pdf if you look at #43 in this list, you will see darbars listed as OBC by the central government.
  12. India, moving forward

    its not a BJP vs congress issue. if you are referring to jats, patidars, marathas. these communities were quite prosperous when compared with most indian communities after independence. problem is that they traditionally relied on agriculture as the source of their wealth, which itself is diminishing as a percentage of india's economy. during this time, these communities did not invest any efforts into educating their youth. their mantra in life was to live like kings by selling their land or renting it out as a source of income. now they remain without land or any viable education that can help them compete. as far your claim in health and education investments, it doesn't matter how much you invest in these areas unless you don't root out corruption. heck the more educated you become, the more jugaadu people become in finding new ways to dodge the system. during my last visit to india, i saw rampant medical malpractice with doctors just trying to find any excuse for keeping patients in their hospitals in the hope of charging them more. pharmaceutical companies sponsor doctors for foreign trips, while the same doctors return the favor by prescribing the same medicine, even if it goes against the health of their patients. most patients unfortunately have zero medical IQ, so they have no choice but to look on their health care provider as a GOD. and these people are supposed to be the highly educated folks of india but their mindset remains no different from thieves.
  13. India, moving forward

    problem with india is over development of its major cities without adequate focus on small cities or the village economy. tonnes of people have now arrived in these major cities, which are the only source of employment in the current economy.
  14. Map of Kashmir - Refresher

    india captured major parts of pak punjab in 1971, just to foolishly give it back.
  15. treaty does not even need to be abrogated. just dilute it. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Shun-extreme-options-punish-Pak-by-diluting-Indus-treaty-Experts/articleshow/54490183.cms
  16. it won't happen now, probably a month before UP elections or maybe 6 months before 2019.
  17. simple solution to this problem. abrogate the indus water treaty.
  18. dont expect anything either. the bureaucracy wants the status quo maintained. escalation would mean a disruption in their sukoon wali zindagi. they are content with a few dozen jawans dying every 3-4 months if it is required to maintain lutyens Delhi.
  19. if modi wants to come back to power with a convincing majority, he will need to take on Pakistan in a visible manner. public anger at home is already rising with inflation and jobless growth. if he cannot even be firm on national security, then its best that he come back to gandhinagar.
  20. Why is Rahane still in the T20 team?

    why is binny still in any team?
  21. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    yogeshwar dutt loses in first round. pathetic performance from india this olympics. if this does not serve as a wake up call, nothing will
  22. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    SINDHU WINS. she's going to the finals. champion
  23. SINDHUUUUU WINSS!!!!!!!!!! what a legend

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