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  1. Bollywood's most impactful films

    gunda /thread
  2. pandya gone. did his job
  3. pandya playing dandya
  4. Anti-Defection Law: Death of democracy

    uncleji himself seeks attention by posting in every single thread and then claims people are stalking him.
  5. If the local sabziwallah gives me one onion less, it is a Brahmin conspiracy. I'm actually glad they are raising this. The more insane they sound, the more common folks will be forced to reject them
  6. People like gambhir are mocked for nationalism while shehla rashid, kanhaiya kumar types are raised on a pedestal. Enough reason to never vote for congressis.
  7. Excellent in performance, but can't control his mouth soemtimes
  8. Anti-Defection Law: Death of democracy

    Uncle ne aaj do peg zyaada leli. Carry on, this nautanki is now getting boring. I just hope uncleji doesn't go completely insane when modi is re-elected in 2019.
  9. Modi Ji's latest tweet on Kashmir

    petition filed against Article 35A has been approved by SC for consideration. i am guessing namo wants kashmir to be resolved through the judiciary. the upcoming Chief Justice Dipak Misra is more right-wing than khehar and thakur.
  10. Gujarat Rajya Sabha Election !!!

    reports are 2 congress MLAs have voted against patel
  11. Republic TV - How do you guys see it?

    journalism died a long time ago. to expect republic or any other news channel to not show any bias is quite comical. yes they are brazen but to counter the predominantly left-wing narrative that plays out in the english TV news circuit, they are much required.
  12. Nitish resigns

    i agree, thats why the next two years, modi has to focus purely on jobs. this is the only thing that can set him back
  13. Nitish resigns

    jdu-bjp leaders met governor already. this was all pre-planned. combo of modi, nitish, and paswan is enough to seal bihar in 2019. without nitish, there is no credible opposition face left anymore. each one of them is a cartoon from mamata,rahul, mayawati, mulayam, etc
  14. Congress influencing Lingayats to form a new religion

    this is exactly how the british empire felt post WW2. it had lost most of its old colonies and as a parting shot, created societal fissures across continents before leaving for good.
  15. Nitish resigns

    all decks cleared for bjp in 2019. it would make sense to give JDU some cabinet positions.
  16. screw hindi/tamil. learn the language that daddario speaks
  17. Hindus, a minority

    only one religion for me, army. if i had stayed in india, would definitely have joined. none of these religious idiots can spout their nonsense if not for the man at the border protecting their rights.
  18. Should J&K be split into 3 states?

    no, this gives more power to the fanatics to control Kashmir . in the short term, it will be a victory for those wanting BJP governments in Jammu and Ladakh, but in the long term, it will allow jihadis to get state support for their activities, even more than the current situation
  19. India war with China 2017 ?? Possiblity

    china is merely posturing. we have a complete advantage in the himalayas. for every 1 indian soldier killed, 9 chinese will die, unless china decides to go nuclear. i just don't see that happening. regarding pakistan, the last thing they need is for the LoC to heaten up even further than it already is. they cannot control their western borders, and just today 11 of their soldiers died in Samani and Charhoi.
  20. Should J&K be split into 3 states?

    just repeal article 370. end this nautanki once and for all.
  21. stupid move. it should be rightfully condemned and rolled back
  22. Fantastic team Modi

    i think fadnavis and chouhan will be brought to centre after 2019. i am a big fan of vasundhara raje as well. rajasthan is an important state, she should be elevated soon. from the south, i don't know who would come, maybe some allies

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