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  1. flamy

    all thats left is for you to run into a tiger's den
  2. Indian State Elections 2018

    UP very important for 2019. Shah-Modi will go to any extent to deny opposition a victory in 2019.
  3. if true, he won't live long. it has one of the lowest survival rates.
  4. What are you eating now?

    food in the UK sucks.
  5. has there been a better female performance than this?

    you obviously haven't watched any sasha grey
  6. duckface goes missing on tough pitches
  7. Dabur Amla career over????

    interesting to see more pakistanis defend Dabur miyan than indians. his family originally hails from Surat. What gives?
  8. watching an entire of game of football is equivalent to watching panda's mate. highlights are the way to go
  9. Which Indian celebrity do you hate the most?

    for all of the people commenting on salman khan, ill give you a fair warning. Never walk the streets of Bandra. Bhai is waiting
  10. IQ of Dhoni seems to be similar to IQ of grown men watching WWE/TNA
  11. Statue Breaking politics

    BJP will never become political force in Tamil Nadu anyways. i dont think breaking periyar statues will have any negative impact on them.
  12. Marriage : Imran Khan's hat-trick

    everybody at his wedding will yell "Once more"......
  13. TDP quits NDA

    larger issue is the bifurcation of Andhra. it should have never happened without proper planning. Central govt should have atleast ensured that some part of Hyderabad's revenue should go to the newly created AP. completely unfair
  14. most likely family pressure+ thinking he might change after marriage.
  15. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    pavitra naam, apavitra gendbaazi
  16. Dabur Amla career over????

    yes it is a conspiracy against him
  17. East Asian market for Indian movies

    chinese export ghatiya maal to india. india has reciprocated the favor.
  18. Biggest Election Victory - Tripura

    Momota DiDi already feeling nervous.....
  19. Biggest Election Victory - Tripura

    where is rahul baba?
  20. Chinese prisoners working on CPEC in Pakistan: Pakistani MP

    its quite clear that china wants to be the new East India company.
  21. Legendary actor Sridevi passes away

    they are trying to blindly ape the paparazzi in the West.
  22. Legendary actor Sridevi passes away

    apparently she died due to "accidental drowning" in a bathtub. traces of alcohol were found in her blood.
  23. such cute expressions donald trump pe bhi jadoo kar diya
  24. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    exactly. i dont want india to be a military state like its next-door neighbor. no one knows this more than the army itself. If General Manekshaw wanted, he could have easily overthrown Indira after the 1971 victory. his popularity was sky-high nationwide and he was a legend amongst the army personnel. however, he resisted the temptation and duly followed the orders of the civilian government. Another example of this respect for civilian leadership was shown during the Kargil War. India would have lost much less soldiers if the Army was allowed to cross the LoC. However, then PM Vajpayee gave strict orders not to cross LoC for diplomatic reasons. General Malik obliged and put his men to the task despite knowing that they would be fighting an uphill battle against the enemy in the mountains, where they were sitting with a clear line of sight at a higher altitude. In fact, he mentioned that Indian Army would lose 10 soldiers for 1 of the enemies due to this, but never did he disobey the orders of the civilian leadership. This is the difference between Indian Army and Pakistani Army and it will always remain this way.

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