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  1. these days, he only plays to support kuldeep
  2. uzi needs another for a 5-fer.
  3. he needs to play till 2019. maybe by then , he will reach 10,000 runs
  4. this quota policy will lead to downfall of South African cricket
  5. Indian Media reaches new depths

    i have a feeling BJP is feeding prashant patel info. its not possible for a lawyer to do this on his own. not that i mind it :)
  6. HILARIOUS- Modi trolls Renuka Choudhary

    normally i would condone this type of attack as below the belt, but with congressis saam daam dand bhed. look at the context though. congress MPs kept heckling Modi in Lok Sabha and now started doing same in Rajya Sabha. Im pretty sure he had enough by then
  7. i never saw sir viv but king kohli makes up for it
  8. pandya and spinners: ek prem katha
  9. kohli can't cut or maybe he doesn't like to
  10. rohit be like Come to India
  11. the citation should actually say 5 terrorists. the recommendation for his Ashoka Chakra came from a Para SF CO, which is quite rare and shows how brave he was. sometimes you wonder why such brave men lay down their lives for a country that doesn't value their sacrifice and use their example to make the nation a better place.... RIP Corporal Nirala.
  12. maybe south african WAGs can play instead of the men?
  13. degrading the army just to spite modi. dont need such generals.
  14. that chutiya AAPtard general panag belongs to Jat Sikh community?
  15. Pandya's bowling in the 1st 2 ODIs

    goli from lagaan bowls better than him
  16. south africa.... nasbandi karalo
  17. pandya customary boundary per over
  18. jab tak suraj chand rahega, pandya ghatiya bowling karega
  19. runs immediately as pandya comes back.
  20. natural selection will happen, nothing else
  21. miller GONE.. omg what a crap team
  22. in LOIs he should be bowling 140+.
  23. people expecting pandya to fill in kapil's shoes. ganguly bowled better than this bc

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