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  1. Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    imagine akshay kumar talking like that grandpa from munnabhai mbbs
  2. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    in wrestling, everything finishes in one day
  3. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    Let's see, I expect it to be a close contest, Srikanth has improved his defense a lot since the last time I saw him. Same with sindhu, only problem with sindhu is she has stamina issues. She doesn't put her opponents away, likes to take a break. That won't work against yihan
  4. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    Lin Dan might be tough, but I have hope in sindhu. She beat world number one Carolina Marin 9 months ago coming back from 13-18 deficit.
  5. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    Vikas Krishan loses in round of 16, out of olympics. Problem with Indian boxers is that none of them are quick enough.
  6. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    Sindhu wins in round of 16, advancing to quarterfinal to face wang yihan. srikanth wins against Jan Jorgensen in round of 16, advancing to quarterfinal to face Lin Dan. good thing is both beat top 10 opponents in straight sets
  7. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    https://twitter.com/ESPNIndia/status/764821434367610880 looks like her right knee was injured.
  8. congrats to pak on drawing in england. it is a huge morale booster for them given their experience last time in england. they truly are a formidable test team. for england, when you don't rely on your own strengths, this is what happens. making dry pitches has clearly backfired on them.
  9. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    nehwal loses match. out of competition. she was looking pretty unfit and kept running out of breath. all hopes for india on sindhu now
  10. Blast in Quetta

    60-80 people dead. isis claims responsibility. RIP edit: blast was in a hospital. seriously
  11. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    india women's hockey team lose to argentina 0-5. out of olympics.
  12. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    gurpreet singh eliminated in mens 25 meter rapid fire pistol. finished 7th, one away from qualification for semifinal. sudha singh out of women 3000 m steeplechase but lalita babar qualifies, breaking national record.
  13. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    india held off germany until that last minute blunder. i think they can give competition to belgium if they play with heart.
  14. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    you are wrong. babaji ka thullu zaroor mila hain
  15. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    i think the olympic contingent should just fly back to delhi now
  16. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    gagan narang and chain singh fail to qualify in mens 50 meter rifle prone.
  17. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    atanu das eliminated. closely fought though
  18. Little Master Hanif Mohammad passes away...

    RIP, interesting to know he was born in junagadh.
  19. nice trailer. one thing i have always loved about dhoni is that he comes from those parts of india where people don't usually make it big or even dream of making it big. i think this is one of the reasons he has such a massive fan following too.
  20. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    srikanth wins.
  21. RIO Olympics India Badminton watch

    when you push her back, sindhu often goes into a shell. she needs a MSD like mentor on how to perform when you are up against the wall
  22. RIO Olympics India Badminton watch

    lin dan is not as good as before. lcw isn't the same player after doping scandal. CL has been dominating this field for a while now and i expect him to win gold
  23. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    india needs to spend more on sports. such a large youth pool, but most of them have to go overseas for training and fund it themselves. can't the government set aside a 100-200 million dollars for sports development? otherwise, expect such results over and over again
  24. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    I'm telling you guys, yogi is only hope.
  25. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    indian boxers risk disqualification for not having india written on their jerseys. wtf?

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