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  1. 41 minutes ago, KeyboardWarrior said:

    if you dont know anything about deploying s-300 thn dont talk sh1t. first get some info thn talk to me.


    aur tu phir pagla gaya hay, teray ko phir kargil ki yaad sata rahi hai. 


    India suffered 1874 casualties without fighting a war





    ye lay beta taja taja khabar teray liay.. 


    Data Shows Modi's Policy of 'Ten Bullets for Every One' Has Increased BSF Casualties




    last but not least dont forgt our BAT force is doing continuously surgical strikes on LOC from last 10 years.

    LOL @ Last week and Para SF / Ghatak Flatooon..




    Army's refusal to share LoC casualty stats irks Rabbani


    your pathetic army won't even admit publicly to how many casualties they suffered on LoC. it just goes to show how much of an unprofessional and morally incompetent army you have. one would concur that  Pakistani army casualties can number in the thousands, yet the data will never be shared publicly because your army cannot bear to burst the bubble they have created since Independence. 


    nobody trusts anything coming out of any pakistani sources who have a history of lying about their fabled military history which has shown to be artificially hyped up to keep awaam happy. remember 2 days before 1971 war ended and DAWN newspaper carried out article in big bold letters that you were winning and then on 16 December 1971 we all know what happened. 


    you can LOL all you want, we will slaughter soldiers like Sep Waqas while their own army will refuse to share details on his death to your own Parliament.


  2. On October 6, 2018 at 8:22 AM, KeyboardWarrior said:

    chutiyapa at its best. a person who doesnt even knw about they have s-300 system talking about war gaming. well, let me tell you something, you have s-300 system,

    and chinese also got s-400 from russia for some purpose.. what do you think they gonna do with it ? to deploy all s-400s on borders ? do you think they afraid of india ? guess, we will know in future..

    no SAM system is perfect. not even what US have.. 

    talking about crossing borders, you cant even cross pakistani borders now having Su-30s or even Rafales in future.. 

    so, why dont you try to cross the border of pakistan, thn we will see who will be LOLing from Border.. just like 2001/2 standoff  ... :winky: 

    we never deployed S-300 at the border dunce. it was meant to serve a defensive role, if it was ever bought in the first place. there is no credible source that confirms if India had ever bought the system in the first place. We may have bought individual components of the system to help with our indigenous Ballistic Missile Defense project. 


    we will know in future what we knew during kargil. despite getting pounded from an army climbing up to the top, you people still think of your army as an invincible group of human beings who can never be defeated, despite a history of losing over and over again. 


    we crossed your borders in every single war known to mankind.heck we just crossed over last week to avenge our martyred BSF constable. Para SF were LOL-ing continuously just like the Ghatak platoons who give them cover fire. 


     To take on your obsolete F-16s and chinese second hand Migs, we dont needs Su-30 or Rafale. Jaguars and Mig-29 are enough to take on your second-hand Air Force. 


    just 2 days ago, our sniper took out your Mard-e-Momin, but ISPR will never admit to his death. thats the kind of loser army you have which will not even accept its own soldiers death. 





  3. 6 hours ago, KeyboardWarrior said:

    yup, just like when you inducted the s-300 SAMs. LOL @ no-fly Jone.. :cantstop:

    S-300 were for protecting main Indian cities from missile threats. In fact, nobody knows for sure if we ever had S-300 in first place because of the expensive nature of the system.  However, S-400 will be deployed at the border either in Jalandhar or Amritsar and somewhere in Northern Rajasthan. Try having even of your obsolete F-16s or those Rehashed Mig-21s called JF-17 fly anywhere the border. 


    You can keep LOL-ing all you want. Just don’t forget to wear your adult diapers when S-400 is fully deployed in the next 5 years

  4. 1 hour ago, Vilander said:

    s-400 wont help  beyond a point against China..its pak specific..China will move long haul 2000km plus aircrafts and keep bombarding advance air fields and deduce a stale mate in the border.


    against china you need overwhelming air fire power...by virtue of our denser air defence and air fields in the initial weeks  India will get air superiority over tibet but to use it and prevent movement of  anti aircraft missile batteries into tibet and eventual stalemate, India needs rapid moving mountain terrain infantry units and lots of logistics infra improvement - like how will theater supply and logistics happen ? how will weapons work in tibet in cold and low pressure..etc..At the moment we suck in it ( we do not have a hammer, second mountain infantry was not raised it was put on hold), so its basically initial air superiority, stale mate with infantry in the himalayas then extended shelling and missile barrage from China, India scrambling to cover and safeguard its assets, loosing lots of advance air fields to bombardment wrt to China..much the same **** , eventually if it gets drawn out, our soldiers against theirs but they have more close air support as they have lot more helicopters, some places are advantageous as ours go  higher but India has very few helicopters.


    dreadful scenario..need like 150 rafales and 300 tejas to completely anhilate tibet antiair defences in the first few weeks, else with china India is toast from weak 4-5.

    i was talking about pakistan too, not china. for china, we need to massively upgrade the air force. 



    very good teaser. eagerly awaiting this movie. vicky is in a league of his own now. 


    the graphics are looking awesome. hopefully this is a good war film. so tired of the crap that JP Dutta puts out. 

  6. 39 minutes ago, sandeep said:

    The most "tailunted" team, the "Brazil" of Cricket  - couldn't even chase 240 against a Bangladesh team that had barely 3.5 bowlers.  


    What a consistently terrible batting performance by this sad excuse of a 'top' cricket team.  


    Next time a greenbro tries to talk up the likes of Hack-it Zaman, Babar "50 average" Azam, or the rest of the donkeys, they should blow themselves up in shame.  


    Pakistan have a deep-seated cultural problem with their cricket - their batting sucks.  The last 10+ years of evolution of the game has made it even more important to have quality batsmen.  The extra scrutiny means no longer can their spinners chuck away merrily like an Ajmal or Hafeez used to.  Let's not even get started on the ball tampering or pitch dancing.  On a level playing field, their true aukaat  stands exposed against the likes of Bangladesh and Afghanistan.  They have already been banglawashed in toyger land before.  There's not much beizti  left to happen now.  Thanks to be Allah that they were able to get automatic qualification for the world cup, by refusing to schedule series against West Indies, and playing more series against Zim.  As it is, even West Indies barely got through the qualifiers, needing bad umpiring decisions to get past Scotland. 


    I think by the time the next ODI world cup rolls around, the greenbros can definitely be expected to be ranked behind Afg/BD.  And even the West Indies are showing signs of improvement.  


    I think the day is not far that the warriors from Nepal will be smacking their lips in anticipation of a crunch contest against the greenbros.  



    no tamim or shakib either for bangla so this is even worse lol

  7. 1 minute ago, cric_fan said:


    In a final though? Apart from T20 WC 07 which was a close affair.

    We gave your rockstars a through chittar in CT final. Nothing beats it :phehe:


    lol how many times have pak and india played in finals? lets count semifinals and quarterfinals then too. history doesn't look at you kindly :hysterical:

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