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  1. 10 hours ago, Trichromatic said:

    Yeah, all this along with our cook and maids asking for cash for days and we had to tell them just to wait.


    DeMo was biggest blunder by Modi Govt.

    not because of Modi, but indian mentality. theres no such thing as nationalism except for jawans guarding border. everyone else looks after their own

  2. 53 minutes ago, Muloghonto said:

    unfortunately not.

    Barbie has no competition as of now : the conservatives are fractured and have no clear leader or agenda. The NDP- the only legit challenger- has put a Sikh Khalistani on the top leadership, which has already ruffled many Canadians. So Barbie wins next election practically by default.



  3. International pappu being shown his aukaat. i remember going to visit relatives in Calgary when oil prices were at their lowest last year. Alberta province's economy  basically runs on oil and they had been snubbed by this joker all for the sake of green energy. At the same time, he was welcoming in syrian refugees in droves. nobody says its wrong to help refugees but its bad optics especially when your own citizens are not being looked after first.  Average canadian is fed up of this barbie queen. he will be booted out in the next elections. 

  4. Just now, rkt.india said:

    and what has GG done to be called back? we will lose with has beens anyway, so, why not play a youngster. Problem no youngster has really got any consistent chances at that number. no batsman can ever cement his place if they keep doing musical chairs.

    thats why i said if he has a good IPL.......



  5. Just now, rkt.india said:

    Short memory? forgot why Rohit got promoted to open and Dhawan got in the team. because Sehwag and GG were poor for a considerable period of time.  First against  Pak and then against England in 2012-13 and before that in Australia.

    i think it was his test form that affected his ODI form, otherwise how do you go from playing a match-winning innings in WC to playing such badly. in fact, the whole team was struggling at that time. there were clearly issues behind the scenes that were never revealed to public.

  6. 1 minute ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:

    MSD made runs up the order infact everywere

    Does Gambhir have the game to bat in lower order..........hell no 

    Gambhir isnt good enough anymore like yuvraj singh ......both were finished ages and neither they provide any utility . 


    Either ur match winner or a utility player. If yuvraj today consistently starts bowling around 7-10 overs and field like he use to he ll always be in reckoning 

    MSD hasn't played an innings in that spot that has helped team. gambo only had trouble with swing bowling. if he's moved down the order, he would be a solid#4 but please keep trying the new lot of failures. its been 4 years yet not one batsman has been able to replace Yuvraj. thats a big warning sign and its not looking like it will be fixed anytime soon

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