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  1. On the eve of the anniversary of the surgical strikes, 5 of the soldiers of the Para SF give an exclusive account of the operation, beginning from the events that led to the operation and then right down to the details of their mission. Screw you Kejriwal and Congress for doubting these men. 






  2. 1 hour ago, surajmal said:

    Land and Labour reforms now will definitely be pushed back until 2019. I am onboard with Swamy's abolish income tax idea - earns immediate goodwill. Also increase capex further with the proposed stimulus. Interest rate cut of atleast 100 bp during next RBI meeting. 


    NPAs have truly fecked the economy. It would be a travesty if some Congis don't go to jail for 10 yrs of uber loot. 

    No, no hand back the economy to sardarji who is responsible for creating this mess in the first place. 


    On a side note, GST rates have to be lowered. It's unreasonable to expect any meaningful growth at current levels. 


  3. 2 minutes ago, sarchasm said:

    The same arrogance took down Vajpayee in 2004, and the same set of cartoons pissed all over BJP for 10 long years.


    Modi or Shah are not insurmountable.

    i agree, thats why the next two years, modi has to focus purely on jobs. this is the only thing that can set him back

  4. 18 minutes ago, sarchasm said:

    Absolutely not for the time being. Nor are the decks cleared as you seem to think.

    jdu-bjp leaders met governor already. this was all pre-planned. combo of modi, nitish, and paswan is enough to seal bihar in 2019. without nitish, there is no credible opposition face left anymore. each one of them is a cartoon from mamata,rahul, mayawati, mulayam, etc

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