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  1. 3 hours ago, Muloghonto said:

    Actually no. Nations are not at peace because there are brave men defending them. Israel has the bravest men & women defending them, who've done a good job of defending it, but the nation is not at peace for any meaningful stretch of time. Nations are at peace, in the last 200-odd years, with the ability of its diplomats to maintain a state of peace- via friendly and non-friendly gestures, towards its would-be threats. 

    Indian diplomats gave back Haji Pir Pass in Tashkent  after it was painstakingly captured by Major Ranjit Singh Dayal and his boys. Today, Haji Pir Pass looks over most strategic features on the LoC from where Pakistani send their jihadis into JK from PoK. 


    Indian diplomats, led by ex-Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran wanted to withdraw troops from Siachen as a Confidence Building Measure, completely sidelining the Army leadership which was totally against the move. It was only after NSA MK Narayanan vehemently opposed this deal that the UPA 1 government was forced to abandon this illogical plan. 


    Diplomats dont send their own boys to war and thats precisely why they should not be given the responsibility of negotiating such delicate matters by themselves. Whatever peace India does enjoy is because of the men who stay alert at the borders, not some lallu panju sitting in Delhi who hasn't even made the slightest effort to wander outside of South Block. 

  2. 43 minutes ago, gattaca said:

    In 60s people just came out of British rule all sub continent countries. Religion didn't had much role before. This movie doesn't brainwash. This movie is not bhadkau at least it will help more people join army.

    People in India don’t give a flying crap about their army. A nation can only be at peace when it is defended by brave men willing to die for those rights you take for granted. Unfortunately, some people cannot get this simple concept drilled into their cranium. 

  3. 5 hours ago, cricketrulez said:

    Why? sounds more like bending over rather than realistic solution. you are not a WKK are you?


    and what makes you convinced that all our problems will end at that point?



    array bhai sarcasm tha

  4. 31 minutes ago, cricketrulez said:

    so you don't know a realistic solution for ind-pak situation is?


    Try not to beat around the bush.

    realistic solution is giving them siachen like our former PM MMS  wanted to give them. 

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