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  1. The production, and editing overall was phenomenal. From the shot of the sandpaper to Lehmann's face when he realised he had been busted, to Handscomb surreptitiously on the walkie talkie to the slow and protracted stash of the evidence down your pants shot and then empty your pocket and show the umpire a different cloth. It told the story beautifully, and could not have been scripted that well.
  2. Chahal's mentally broken for this game and the body language of the entire team's gone.
  3. Well 2000s nostalgia is just 2 years away I reckon..
  4. Wasn't it 44 off 18 when we toured in 2013? Faulkner vs Ishant scenarios
  5. Pandya looks like he came out of Takeshi's castle..
  6. Gee JP looks so sublime today....
  7. They'd have flogged us too last year had we toured. I'm still smarting from that Andrew Fekete selection ><.
  8. An engrossing passage of play this as Sri Lanka have bowled remarkably well with testing/nagging lines after lunch. It's paid dividends for Lakmal who has nabbed 2 wickets. They'll need another few scalps in this session for a contest though. Rabada might scythe through this lineup.

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