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  1. Elgar's a massive sook. He was whinging about the pitches in Sri Lanka when they got flogged.
  2. Hit and giggle palate cleanser after a comprehensive ODI series win , just what the doctor ordered <3
  3. Now that the ODI's are done, time for a nice palate cleanser with the T20's. I love anticlimactic games like these after drama .
  4. Hard to fathom that Rayudu occupies a spot in the Indian batting line up, once churning out Sehwag, Ganguly, Tendulkar, Yuvraj, and etc. Surely there's better options in a land renowned for batsmen
  5. It is a fair call if that was the objective but it is throwing up some uncomfortable truths. This team has been flawed for roughly 2-3 years now.
  6. Why'd they choose to bat on THIS wicket after that craven display last game ?
  7. Bowled magnificently, hitting immaculate lengths. Kudos to him, as it was simply his day.
  8. This is a craven surrender. Regardless of whether a game is a dead rubber, the intensity has to be prominent. The ball seems to be swinging prodigiously.
  9. Pretty transparent that perpetually bowling Jadhav was Dhoni's idea.
  10. Jadhav's still being allowed to bowl.
  11. Though they're losing wickets at regular intervals, New Zealand's being allowed singles and effortlessly rotating the strike at will. Latham's the key here.
  12. No, that was Lancaster Park/AMI Stadium in Christchurch.
  13. An absolutely selfish cricketer whose entitlement knows no bounds. It's devastating to watch him, pottering around for dot balls and squandering the platform the top 3 had provided. Imagine what Pant and Gill would have done..
  14. Pakistan has the nucleus of a good LOI team, most importantly churning out Shaheen Shah Afridi. India hasn't provided exciting talent such as Gill any sort of chances and this world cup seems like a backdoor politics for Dhoni and Rayudu to remain in the team. It's diabolical to watch Pant and Gill being blocked for these entitled individuals.
  15. An immensely underrated Indian cricketer who was the mainstay of the bowling attack in the early/mid 2000s. His ODI record is stellar for an Indian bowler and I'll always remember his spell at Adelaide in 2003. He's more than qualified to comment on Dhoni and all things Indian cricket.
  16. Ajit seems to be a cerebral and objective individual, which there's a dearth of in Indian cricketing fraternity. As a player, he probably isn't in the upper echelon in the annals of Indian cricket like with Dhoni, Dev, Tendulkar. Gavaskar etc(Agarkar was a great ODI bowler), but those are the guys like him and Aakash Chopra that sometimes understand the game better because it comes a little tougher to them. They understand what wins and loses, what they have to do to get an advantage and really understand the game, which he does. He inherently understands the game, and not everybody does. There's a reason why he's an effective analyst and someone I've immense respect for along with Aakash.
  17. Yeah I think his spot's a foregone conclusion at this juncture of time. The Kiwis will certainly be a tougher proposition than Australia (lump in throat as I say this).
  18. It's a footy forum that I'm sure numerous members here are aware of. I'm not sure whether I'm permitted to namedrop or link the website.
  19. A plethora of posts in the Aussie forum are openly smirking over helping MSD into the Indian squad for the world cup. Almost a pyrrhic victory of sorts. It'll be interesting to look back at this series victory in a few months from a contextual standpoint.
  20. Warnie saying Dhoni loves his own drama.
  21. If Kedar was capable of hitting out , why did Dhoni farm the strike that whole over, playing 5 dot balls?
  22. Couldn't he have taken a single for Jadhav to have a tonk? Why was he farming the strike the whole over?
  23. Overall the cricket's been a perpetual snoozefest in this series.

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