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  1. tweaker

    Squad for 4th and 5th test match

    The selection committee is not going to drop anyone. Vijay, pujara, Karthik,Rahane, Dhawan, Ishant, should be dropped immediately, but don't think Kohli will allow this.
  2. tweaker

    Pick your team for 3rd test

    Dhawan Rahul Rahane Kohli Nair Rishabh Pandya Ashwin Shardul Shami Umesh Nair can roll over his arm for some offspin Ishant should be dropped as there is no hope of his improvement.Shardul will not be worse than him. Karthik looks more rookie than Rishabh
  3. MSK Prasad led selection committee is a farce.The selection committee should consist of players who have experience of playing in all conditions. They should have spine to make some tough decisions & should not be bullied by captain and coach
  4. tweaker

    Which outcome would you prefer?

    This team doesn't have the character to save the test. Even after loosing, they would be seen laughing and enjoying. Instead of loosing with them we should loose with youngsters, they atleast are hungry to make their names
  5. Woakes should bowl the opening spell

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