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  1. Kohli’s “niggled” watch

    Rahul is favourite of Kohli for niggling out.
  2. Shastri has subtly given message to Pujara
  3. Is captaincy skills will be tested when he selects team for the 3rd test.
  4. The right lessons to take from this series

    Select a good team from the available squad keeping aside favouritism. Play to a plan Select some youngsters in the squad.The selectors should have selected Pant in place of Dinesh .Saini, Nagarkotti,Pant,Iyer, Shankar, Nair , Kuldeep should be part of the squad.
  5. Now it is easy for Kohli to drop Pujara & select Rahane
  6. Now it is easy for Kohli to drop Pujara & bring Rahane

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