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  1. Great match. Looking forward to it. One of the best this year
  2. bowl_out

    Pant vs Kartik Vs Vijay for No. 4

    There's no Pant in the squad.. he is just a cover for Dhawan. No point discussing him Between DK and Shankar, they'll most likely go with Shankar at 4
  3. Not sure if it is true, but I heard if two teams are tied on points, the team with more number of wins goes through. What a joke in a tournament where most number of wins so far goes to Rain.. It's not like teams chose to get 1 point each in two washed out games.
  4. bowl_out

    Shankar va karthik

    Lot of rant there. Pujara and DK are good players in Tests and T20s respectively which are completely different formats. DK's mental strength is strong but concentration is poor. That is probably why he can play good cameos but never play the long innings
  5. bowl_out

    Shankar va karthik

    If DK can do well in crunch situations, why is his mental strength in question?
  6. Play World cups only in Ind, Aus and SA... Enough of England and Caribbean BS
  7. bowl_out

    Possible Replacements for Shikhar Dhawan

    Good decision to let him stay with the squad.. We need him for the semis.. Very likely that Rahul will open the batting and Vijay Shankar will play at 4.
  8. bowl_out

    Marcus stonis is also out of the World cup

    Thigh injury after getting out for duck.. Marsh is a better option
  9. bowl_out

    Yuvi videos

    His best innings have come against the best team (Australia).. That's what champions are made of.. Thanks for all the wonderful memories, champ!!
  10. bowl_out

    This umpire Gaffney needs to be fired

    Lol. That was almost like Mohd Aamir's no ball
  11. Agree. Keep military and political affiliations away from cricket. Military caps were a different thing where they paid homage to Pulwama martyrs..
  12. bowl_out

    Your team for next match..,

    I expect the same team again
  13. bowl_out

    Your team for next match..,

    Why will they replace Jadhav when didn't even bat in the last game? unless he is injured or something
  14. What an opportunity lost by WI.. They just had to see off Starc and attack Coulter Nile and Stoinis.. they are just doing the opposite.
  15. Why did he even retire in the first place when he had WC in mind.. national cricket is not a place where you can make kneejerk decisions and keep changing them.. right call by the board

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