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  1. bowl_out

    Cricinfo's IPL team of the year 2018

    yup.. didn't realize he's taken so many wickets... with the bat though, he's been sub par
  2. bowl_out

    Cricinfo's IPL team of the year 2018

    don't remember any impact performance.... played a lot of Dhoni esque innigs well, except the 3 of 19 balls... oh, wait.. that's also a Dhoni esque innings...
  3. bowl_out

    Cricinfo's IPL team of the year 2018

    Stopped reading after this
  4. bowl_out

    Cricinfo's IPL team of the year 2018

    Has done nothing worthwhile this season
  5. bowl_out

    KXIP need to sack Ashwin as captain

    Get some middle order batsmen FFS... and that’s not Axar Patel
  6. Why SKY?? One of the Pandya bros or Bumrah will be groomed... They are sureshot in every playing XI that MI can put together
  7. bowl_out

    Congrats Rajasthan Royals

    They are going to get thrashed by KKR... lol Buttler and Stokes will be sorely missed... Stokes hasn't done much, but was still useful with the ball
  8. bowl_out

    Congrats Rajasthan Royals

    Is it just me or does Unadkat actually look a bit like KL Rahul?
  9. Yuvraj, Vinay, Gambhir for sure. Axar and Mohit might still be considered utility players Other players that might face the axe or switch franchises: Harbhajan Sundar M Ashwin Tahir Fatty Khan Unadkat (probably to release some money and maybe buy an uncapped player) Willey (csk has not handled him well. Ther might end up releasing him)
  10. bowl_out

    IPL 2018 Points Table

    Kind of similar to how maniac gets excited when Rohit Sharma wins the cycle agarbatti award
  11. bowl_out

    Match 56 : CSK vs KXIP

    Any links?
  12. bowl_out

    IPL 2018 Points Table

    Csk have had alternating wins.. Going by this, they’ll lose to SRH, win against KKR and again lose to SRH in the final
  13. Also remember, KKR play both their matches before the final at Eden...their home ground
  14. KKR is a good team. RR is the undeserving one there, particularly with Buttler and Stokes out. Would like to see KKR get to the final.
  15. bowl_out

    Most Worthless Player of IPL 2018

    Where’s Yuvraj Singh

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