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  1. bowl_out

    Biggest sixes in IPL 2019 !!!

    This one of Chris Lynn comes to mind as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4AsfDXR7ZM
  2. Just saw the highlights... Agree, poor bowling by RR just feeding him balls drifting down to leg..
  3. While it was a great show by Pant, I honestly have only one issue with his batting, which is this. Absolutely nothing on the off-side.. Not nitpicking, but something he should build over time.. He is a great talent, just needs a little grooming
  4. Moral of the story for Rajasthan : Don't let your batsmen score a 100. Another moral (the more important one) : Don't buy jackasses like Unadcutter and Kulkarni
  5. bowl_out

    IPL 2019 Finals at Hyderabad...

    Good riddance... Chennai doesn't deserve to host it for not being able to resolve the issue in 7 years
  6. Game over.. Delhi move to top for the table, probably for the first time in IPL history.. Great innings, Pant
  7. bowl_out

    Thala is back !!!

    Anyways wondered why it is locked during international matches
  8. bowl_out

    Indian WC squad players performance in IPL

    Weekend performance of batsmen: Good - Dhoni, Virat Average - Dhawan, Rahul Poor - Rohit, DK, Jadhav, Unknown - Vijay Shankar
  9. Dhoni's logic for refusing singles is always that it is difficult for batsmen coming in new to score right away.. I wonder how Dhoni will react when he walks in with 10 needed of 3 and Rayudu while batting at 60* refuses a single to keep strike.
  10. bowl_out

    Thala is back !!!

    If only he can play such knocks when he dons blue... unfortunately, he won't get Umesh bowling at him, but he will still get trundlers from other teams.. In the WC, he should come in at 6 and play the way he played today
  11. Dhoni refused three singles.. that was the difference, lol..

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