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  1. bowl_out

    Rahul's honeymoon period is over in tests

    I'd prefer Vijay too.. He had a few bad games, but he's done well for Essex. I'd give him one last chance.. But the selectors would pick Dhawan, particularly when he gets so much backing from Kohli
  2. bowl_out

    Rahul's honeymoon period is over in tests

    They should. Taking two newbie openers Shaw and Mayank to Aus is a big gamble. Shaw has done well in flat Home tracks, but whether the same flamboyance will work on pacy bouncy Aus pitches is still unknown. It’ll most likely be Dhawan, Shaw and Rahul.
  3. With Mayank and Shaw breathing down his neck, Rahul should be more smart about using the chances he gets.. Dhawan will be back for Aus.. Hope the selectors don't lose faith in Rahul just yet
  4. Bye Rahul. No ODI for you and no WC'19.. You only rarely get chances to play in the XI with this management and blow them half the time
  5. bowl_out

    Will Pant put pressure on Dhoni to perform better

    Very unlikely that Pant will get a game. With the current team management, easy prediction that Rayudu and Pandey will play at 4 and 5, with Dhoni and Jadeja to follow. We can scream all we want for Rahul and Pant to be in the starting XI, but it ain’t happening.
  6. And they thought a half fit Thakur was a better than a fully fit in-form Siraj I haven't met or heard even one person say that Thakur deserved a Test cap
  7. Chahar of course. He has to prove his batting abilities (as he just claimed)
  8. what has my post got to do with Sachin?
  9. Yes, agree. I hated Tendulkar too when he did it. And more so when he cared more about the 100 than the loss to BD. But in Dhoni’s case, he’s hanging on to a spot contributing zilch and no one’s even sure what he is after. He’s already got WC, CT and IPL trophies in bag. Got a chance to retain the WC as a captain too. What’s the motivation to stay on and play every single LoI match... despite criticism from fans, crowds and more recently even his chamcha commentators
  10. Would have liked this team too. But good luck thinking Rahul will play at 4 when Rayudu and Pandey are in the squad
  11. And there were some people who thought Kohli would sit himself out for Mayank
  12. The biggest Rayudu fan on ICF was a supporter of MI and SRH - maniac
  13. He has to prove himself as a bowler first
  14. Surprised that this thread wasn’t started by @velu
  15. I thought WICB resolved player issues. Why are top players Russell, Narine, Pollard, Bravo, Lewis missing from the ODI squad?

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