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  1. If this happens in the middle of karna, nobody will be PUCKED
  2. bowl_out

    Russel and Sunil makes this WI team very strong

    Neither of these players have any issue with the board.. Russell is recovering from an injury, and he himself claimed he hasn't recovered well enough to play competitive cricket. Narine is still working on his bowling action, probably doesn't want to be called out for chucking in some inconsequential tour. DJ Bravo has retired from Intl cricket.. Pity he wasn't able to resolve issues with the board.. He would have been a quality addition to the side, particularly with his death overs bowling
  3. bowl_out

    Did Shubhman Gill get hard done by selectors?

    Give him more chances, yes. But not start testing him out one series before the WC. Get him to domestics for another season and bring him back to internationals after WC.
  4. Jadeja will play in the XI as a bowler. Which means only one of Kulcha should play. No need to expose both of them to Aus batsmen. Well mostly play 5 batsmen + Shankar + Jadhav + Jadeja + 3 bowlers. Shankar, Jadhav and Jadeja will bowl 20 overs between them
  5. bowl_out

    US ICF-ers - Willow TV vs Hotstar

    Hotstar is good. You get some Indian shows too. And you get funny commentary in Indian languages
  6. bowl_out

    Did Shubhman Gill get hard done by selectors?

    Exactly. He got international exposure and the confidence that selectors had in his talent despite having very little domestic exposure. As expected, he looked raw. He shouldn't feel hard done at all. 12-18 months of domestic experience will do him a world of good. Bring him back to internationals mid-2020 and prepare him for 2023 WC
  7. This is how you chase large totals.. One of the openers goes berserk, the rest of them score around run a ball or slightly better.. By the time you get to 40 overs, you need only 6 rpo. Our guys like to consolidate and keep the RRR at 7.5 through the middle and take it to 12 rpo by the time we get to the last 10 overs.
  8. bowl_out

    WI, the dark horses for the World Cup

    If Roach, Paul, Russell, Lewis, Narine get back to the squad, it will be one hell of a team. But again, too many T20 players who might not have the consistency that the 50-over game requires
  9. bowl_out

    Resurrecting the Dhoni fan

    Nothing.. except hope that he continues to score against minnows and plays as few balls as possible against good sides so he doesn't suck up the momentum of the innings..
  10. That's what India thought too in until 2008 and persisted playing cricket with Pak.. After 26/11 and now Pulwama, we've had enough.
  11. It is not targeting Pak cricket alone.. It is boycotting anything relating to Pakistan, particularly anything that is revenue generating for Pak... of which cricket is one entity.. Since this is a cricketing forum, the suggestions are around cutting revenue for Pak cricket.. since it is stained with Jawan blood.. and not to mention the SL cricketers' blood
  12. Why did they even involve themselves with PSL in the first place
  13. bowl_out

    Resurrecting the Dhoni fan

    It's not like Dhoni deliberately underperforms.. He has lost his game against a decent bowling attack and can only do so much. It is just that his bhakts wish that if he hits a six against Thisara Perara or Axar Patel, he can do the same against Mitchell Starc or Rashid Khan

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