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  1. How about have some a mix of flat pitches, rank turners and green tops so they can mix and match based on the visiting team... I liked how they used a pacy eden track against SL. They should continue to use such tracks at least against lesser teams.. and probably in domestic matches as well
  2. Seamers have done well and that’s not even a problem Area this tour. It’s slip catching and throwing away wickets that’s been the issue
  3. The table took a while to load. For a second, I thought this guy was the player with most appearances on the ICC Team of the year.
  4. Lot of sensible points. So expect Harsha to get fired soon
  5. Bhuvi is surely going to be benched again. Unless Kohli decides to play 4 quicks + Pandya Rahane will likely come in for Pujara and DK for Pappu
  6. 7 deadly sins of Anil Kumble

    Kumble phase looked to be the start of players taking things seriously. Sad to see him go. Though he might be overboard with fines and school-like schedules, I don’t think he can be blamed for much else
  7. Like he never made silly mistakes in his career. Hate players who get so haughty... Isn't it easier to keep it simple and say that Pandya is supremely talented, but is throwing it away by making silly mistakes, and he should play more responsibly
  8. Maybe he meant MSD shouldn’t have quit Test cricket alone
  9. Open with Karthik 3rd test???

    Not a bad option.. They bottom 5 have outscored the top 5 this series... As the ball gets older, it is easier to score.. Might as well have somebody weather out the new ball and have your run scorers play after 15-20 overs DK Vijay Rahul Virat Rahane Rohit Pandya Ashwin Bhuvi Shami Bumrah
  10. Despite Kohli scoring 150 of those in one innings
  11. Will be replaced by Rahane in the next test
  12. The right lessons to take from this series

    I think the lesson is for us, the ICFers - 1) Stop expecting these clowns to do well overseas, and get a life for ourselves. 2) Kohli is not going to be bothered one bit by the loss. He will still force his crazy strategies on the team. We'll still have careless runouts like Pandya's, easy slip catches and wicketkeeper catches put down.. 3) Two months later, IPL will come and everything else will be forgotten.
  13. What are our chances of not losing this one? I know the most popular answer is zero. If Pappu and Chepu can survive the first hour or even better the first session, there is a chance we might get close to a win or at least a draw.
  14. Bring on the ODIs

    Who is the Perara equivalent in SA?
  15. Predictions for T2D4

    Closest predictions I believe
  16. Can P, P & P from Gujarat win it for team India?

    Should have brought in SRJ as well to do his moustache twirl and sword dance
  17. Think the approach to play those shooters is to have a low stance and expect at least one shooter every over. If the ball bounces high, try to sway away Dravid style. Today is simply about survival. If they can get to 60/2 by stumps, that will count as a successful session
  18. Could we have chased 200 if we were more disciplined in the field?
  19. Very likely that dhawan will come back in the next test.
  20. Long overdue.. He'll be fined for excessive celebration next
  21. Dinesh Karthik to be the keeper for 3rd test - BCCI news

    In the pic on the right, the kid looks so much like M Vijay. If this is the Naveen kid you are talking about, well, make your own interpretations.
  22. Been searching for a video of the innings. Willow doesn't have it.. Anybody found a link?

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