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  1. Very likely that Rohit will play.. He is after all the most tailunted played we have.
  2. They should rest Kohli for the whole series, why only the third Test?
  3. Was batting the cause of loss today? Don't think so.. Even if we score 30 more runs, the way Taylor and Latham were batting, they would have gotten anything within 320. Our bowling and fielding looked poor today. Maybe goes to show the need for rotating bowlers within the squad to avoid being predictable and manage fatigue.
  4. Shows how important partnerships are in ODIs.. When's our middle order going to learn
  5. Dinesh Karthik in the team over Manish Pandey

    Really hope Karthik does well this series.. And the selectors decide time is up for Dhoni and get Iyer/KLR to play in the middle order. I am not a big fan of Pant in ODIs yet.. He is raw, doesn't have a good off-side game, poor domestic performances recently... Get him into the T20I side, but for ODIs he'll have to wait till after Wc'19
  6. I was a big critic of Sachin overstaying, but I doubt that he was this bad.. I was once a Dhoni fan, but wonder what he contributes to the team now.. He can't slog, he can't rotate the strike.. He is probably better off playing a quick 20 off 15 trying to go for his shots than playing a painful 25 off 42 thinking he's going to play the long innings.... or even better, retire and take a coach/mentor/commentator role
  7. KL Rahul must play as opner in LOI

    Move your best player from his most successful batting position, so you can fit an inconsistent ever-injured guy in a spot where 2 other guys have done so well?? Thread ends right there.
  8. I even wonder if there is merit in playing Sundar in the ODI XI along with Chahal and Kuldeep. Pandya and Sundar can get 10 overs between them, and Sundar can be the No.6 / No. 7 bat... But for a start, I'd like to see him break into the T20 side, where he has proved his mettle.. IPL may not be the best place to judge a player for the national side, but for T20s it does to a good extent
  9. Yeah... such a great feat.. who cares that we lost the game... none of those trivial stuff matter..
  10. Maybe they'll rest him for SL
  11. Exactly what I said too.. Shami is too brittle to do multiple formats.. He is our best bowler for Tests.. Let's preserve him for that.. Bhuvi, Bumrah are the first choice for LOIs anyway
  12. Why is there so much surprise over Shami and Umesh being dropped. They have been identified as Test bowlers. They were just given a brief exposure to ODIs again.. Bhuvi, Bumrah, Pandya are the first choice ODI bowlers.. Thakur is a backup.. Rahul being dropped is shocking.. would have liked to see him get a few opportunities before being sidelined.. maybe he'll be back for SL
  13. Is Murali Vijay's form a matter of concern?

    If I remember correctly, he has never been a good Ranji player. Even during the times he did well in Internationals, his Ranji scores were bad... So likely not the correct yardstick to use..
  14. If he passes the yo-yo test
  15. So, Bumrah or Bhuvi will be dropped so Nehra can get a farewell game... Hmm
  16. Why is Dhoni still playing T20s for India?

    Like a 13 off 16 when the top order failed?
  17. Dhawan has been a consistent aggressive opener in ODIs. I wouldn't lose him for an inconsistent ever-injured Rahul. In T20s, I agree we should get young blood
  18. What a piss poor team. Probably the worst Aus team I've seen touring in a while. Is this their first choice batting line up (except for Smith)?
  19. Sunil Gavaskar Lashes Out At Selectors For Not Including Ajinkya Rahane In T20I Team Gavaskar playing the Mumbai card https://sports.ndtv.com/india-vs-australia-2017-18/india-vs-australia-sunil-gavaskar-lashes-out-at-selectors-for-not-including-ajinkya-rahane-in-t20i-t-1758597?pfrom=home-cricket
  20. For all the Pant hype, he doesn't seem to have an off-side game. He surely needs to work on that in domestic games before he is given an international run, else he'll be found out soon. It only works to his advantage that he is given more time in the domestic circuit.
  21. Your T20 squad to face Australia?

    ^^ That's the first choice ODI side for now. No Dhawan, Jadhav in T20s pls. And it's time for Pant over Dhoni, at least in T20s
  22. Lovely Run-out Saga Ro-h-li

    Rohit got run out this time, so no 200
  23. INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 4th ODI | Bengaluru | Sep 28 2017

    Zampa gets whacked when he bowls full. He should bowl short to good length without too much width, and a full length ball occasionally. That really worked for him in his second spell.

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