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  1. Indian Wicket Keepers doing well

    Rahul has been the ODI squad for a while. They can’t help it if Kohli and Shastri decide to play Pandey and Jadhav ahead of him
  2. Ashwin's interviews are always impressive.
  3. Ashwin's captaincy in this IPL season

    Shreyas is a poor player of spin, so calculated risk
  4. Ashwin should have been made India's test captain instead of Kohli.. Been saying this since Dhoni days.
  5. Gambo should drop himself from the XI if he has any shame
  6. Delhi won't win till they drop Gambhir
  7. Avesh has been very impressive... Probably looked even better than Mavi
  8. Yuvi said in an interview in a couple of days back that he will be thinking of retirement after the 2019 WC
  9. When Punjab wins Loose translation (in Tamil Brahminical accent) : It's cultureless to hug other girls.. One should hug only their wives (scene from the movie Anniyan / Aparichit)
  10. If Yuvi doesn't fire today (which he won't), time for Ashwin to drop him and get Manoj Tiwary in.
  11. Plunkett bowling some good pace. Agarwal gone trying to hack
  12. Mishraji rolling all along but let the ball go
  13. Indian pace brigade looks exciting - Mavi did well, now Avesh. Chahar bowled some decent spells Now RCB should try Navdeep
  14. Easier to fake an injury than to explain why somebody was dropped
  15. Both teams are likeable. Want to see a closely fought match Slightly favoring DD coz they are a good side that has underperformed. Go DD
  16. Brilliant innings from Gowtham. Paisa vasool for RR
  17. Gowtham decline a single. Like Pollard
  18. Coz there are only two groups on icf - anti chuski and anti bambi
  19. Archer had a good day with the ball. Let’s see his batting skills

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