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  1. When was the last time we played a Test without a spinner? The only occasion that comes to mind is Perth 2012, which we lost by an innings
  2. bowl_out

    Time is running out for KL Rahul

    Got 11 crores playing IPL. why would he care so much about Test cricket aside from making occasional remarks that Test cricket is the purest form and that he strives to do well
  3. bowl_out

    Can India win the World Cup with Kohli-Shastri duo?

    Bigger problem is the middle order momentum sucker
  4. bowl_out

    Pick your team for 3rd test

    Sehwag Gambhir Dravid Sachin Ganguly Laxman Others
  5. bowl_out

    If not Kohli , who should be test captain?

    Ashwin it should be.. but the problem is the “if not Kohli” question will never be allowed to come up
  6. Kohli has played as captain only in 7 matches in SENA countries in 4 years, while Dhoni has played 23 in 5 years?? Something doesn't look right... Or Kohli has just be lucky to have a big chunk of his captaincy in Home tests.. the worst is yet to come?
  7. Interesting stat... Skewed by 4th innings wickets at home?
  8. Ok.. one ball swings and they want to go back in... but in rainy conditions, we have to bat the moment rain stops.. and someone gets run out
  9. Is he our batting all rounder or bowling all rounder? Nobody knows what his role in the team is
  10. Like anything is going to change after this.
  11. How many full tosses has Kuldeep bowled.. At least 3 to Curran... absolute trash
  12. Woakes outscores India... Well played.
  13. bowl_out

    Can India score 330+ runs in the second innings

    And then you wake up thinking it was an awesome dream Good morning
  14. Full toss galore from Kuldeep... he has bowled fewer overs than the part timer Pandya
  15. Has bowled well.. He's just unlucky... and has been for the last 10 years
  16. bowl_out

    If not Kohli , who should be test captain?

    For almost a decade, the captain stole the (obviously) sole wicketkeeping spot... What's the harm in blocking a spinner's spot for maybe 1-2 years particularly when he is the first choice spinner 9/10 times?
  17. Who were all those “expert commentators” asking for 2 spinners to be played in this Test
  18. bowl_out

    Lords Test - Day 3 predictions...

    England 320/7
  19. bowl_out

    Lord’s Test - Day 2 predictions...

    close enough
  20. 107 AO Done and dusted.. Faster than a full T-20 match
  21. Is that even a comparison? He is better than all of them combined
  22. Don't worry.. tomorrow it will magically become a 500 pitch
  23. Bad match to drop Umesh for a spinner... He would have slogged a few too
  24. Ashwin, our fastest running trying to run four

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