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  1. 10 overs left.. Hitman would have scored 200 if they played the full 50 overs
  2. bowl_out

    Bhuvi kumar ....on flat tracks without swing.

    Ruined it with a poor last over
  3. finally catches one... even that seemed dicey
  4. Kohli is easily the worst catcher in this Indian side... sucks in slips.. poor in the circle as well
  5. Happy for Chahar and Krunal.. Why Axar .. Krunal should have been in ODIs too
  6. bowl_out

    TOP 10 HIGHEST Totals by Teams in ODIs

    Both India A and England outscored the highest ever ODI score on the same day Should we expect such pattas in the WC as well
  7. bowl_out

    Vijay Shankar Credits Coach Ponting for Turnaround in IPL

    He doesn’t belong in this format. Time to focus on domestics and hope for a national call in a Zimbabwe series
  8. He was always a beast. Kohli made him meek.
  9. Mottai Bosskey’s review gets 3 pages of discussion on ICF
  10. LSRK should replicate that to say Ot*a shot Ot*a fielding
  11. It took this long for a media article on this.. What a shame
  12. Think they'll play 7 batsmen + 4 bowlers against Afghan (where Pandya is considered a batsman and Ashwin a bowler) Batting isn't Afghan's strength.. Four bowlers might be good to bowl them out.. Have an extra batsman as cushion against Rashid, Mujeeb rampage. So, 5 batsmen + Saha + Pandya + Ashwin + 3 other bowlers
  13. How does that make Saha the best WK batsman? He should still be first choice keeper alright, but in no universe is he the best WK bat.. and neither is Dhoni
  14. Going to chennai and meet a few people close to the franchise - Srini mama
  15. Manju and Dhoni talking is the worst thing to hear
  16. He might retire now that csk is back and won the trophy
  17. bowl_out

    Signal to Mumbai Indian fans !!!

    MI is a strong side? The side that lost to a piss poor RR twice? They have potential but were poor this year
  18. Funny tweets.. Sanju’s fake account apparently
  19. @maniac gets his moment... Rayudu hits the glory boundary

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