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  1. Yup. But not when similar stuff is there on almost every post of yours on every thread. It used to be fun when done at relevant times, but now it is almost everywhere all the time. You being a mod yourself should know better. Anyways, back to the match discussion. Is there any chance Rahul is going to come in for Rahane?
  2. Can't understand your obsession with Dhoni... i bet you have more posts referencing him than other posts... it's getting irritating beyond a point for neutral fans...
  3. Irrespective, we are done with Ash/Jaddu in LOIs... Time to move forward... Kuldeep, Chahal, Axar, Krunal, Sundar should be in the mix for ODIs and T20s
  4. Now Rahane drops one.. What's with the fielding
  5. Lack of preparation for a new guy like Dananjaya

    Complacency... All four of them got out the same way... Taking the bowler for granted... not doing the basics right
  6. Yo-yo or not, I'd still pick Raina for a T20
  7. Rahul at 4 but Hitman will open?

    ^^Exactly. Don't know why people have a problem with everything.. or maybe they are mixing formats.. Rohit has been doing well in ODIs as an opener, no reason to swap him out.. It is Tests where he has sucked in the past.
  8. ODI squad for SL series selected. Yuvi dropped.

    Kuldeep-Yuz should build on from here and be the first choice LOI spinners... Keep Jaddu-Ash to Tests.. goob job dropping Yuvi.. Now, get Rahane out and bring in Pant.
  9. In Asia - Pujara outside Asia - Rahane
  10. Is Shreyas Iyer ready for international bout

    Yup.. For LOIs, it is clearly Pandya For Tests, it would be good to try Shankar as an all-rounder in Pandya's spot for some home series maybe
  11. Is Shreyas Iyer ready for international bout

    This is how I would like to see the ODI team for the WC. Rohit Dhawan Kohli KLR/Iyer Pandey/Jadhav Pant Pandya Bhuvi Kuldeep Chahal/Umesh (based on pitch) Bumrah Unfortunately, captain aggressive prefers to have flexi-position Rahane and post-expiration date Yuvraj, Dhoni
  12. Is Shreyas Iyer ready for international bout

    Is Shankar's game more suited for ODI or Test? Do you see him taking Pandya's spot in Tests, and Pandya being an LOI specialist?
  13. Playing XI for the 2nd test match against Sri Lanka

    Don't expect any change at least till we have won the series. maybe Rahul for Abhinav if he is fit
  14. 1st Test-SL v IND | 26-Jul-2017 10 PM IST | Galle

    Anything over a 300 run lead, we should ask them to follow-on
  15. 1st Test-SL v IND | 26-Jul-2017 10 PM IST | Galle

    Pandya and Jadeja batting together.. Hope the run out fiasco is behind them now
  16. Guess your MOS for the Srilanka test series

  17. Make him batting coach and LSRK the spin coach. That's the only way we can get those two out of the commentary box.
  18. Yes, but slight change. Kohli won't give up his No.4 position. Instead, he'll play Rohit at 3 and will try to edge out Pujara from the XI when Rahul and Vijay are back.
  19. Shastri wants Tendulkar as batting consultant

    You scratch my back, I scratch yours
  20. Iyer should have come in... What is this compulsive need to mix formats.. Rahane plays ODIs, Rohit, Dhawan play Tests
  21. Ravi Shastri new India head coach

    No, that means more of Manju and LSRK
  22. So, what would have happened if his captain / coach back in the day said the same thing about Kohli and didn't push him up to No. 3?
  23. And Munaf, Raina... and Zaheer as bowling coach.. We'll have 9 out of the 11 (except Sachin and Sreesanth)
  24. Would have won if not for rain. So it does count
  25. And they rejected McDermott's application because he submitted it a few hours late

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