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  1. Wasn't CoA's job just to investigate IPL conflict of interest? Why are they trying to run BCCI?
  2. Lots of Rain in June in England (2019 WC)

    How would that help? You don't know how easy or difficult it is for the batsman to play such balls. Batsman at nets always tend to hit the ball in the air coz there are no fielders.
  3. No better or worse than Dhawan and Pandya today... Middle order sucked all the momentum that Raina brought in
  4. Youngsters DK and Pandya batting now
  5. Kohli doesn't seem to think so.. He keeps saying often that Rahul is a back up opener.
  6. When someone plays 40 balls in T20, you expect them to strike at least at 150+. Piss poor innings today by Dhawan.
  7. Should have sent in Pandya
  8. Strategic drop catch by Shamsi
  9. Accelerate bc mc. Dhawan striking at 90
  10. Don’t worry. Our batting line up will be: Rohit, Dhawan, Raina, Rahane, Pandey, Karthik, Jadhav No Rahul, Pant, Samson, Rana, Shankar, Hooda
  11. Dhawan is struggling with timing
  12. Rahul should have played instead of Rohit
  13. Rohit gone. Repeat of last T20
  14. In Kohli’s books, Rahul is an opener and a backup for Dhawan and can’t play in the middle order. No matter how many stats on SR and averages are shown, that’s not going to change.
  15. So, Kuldeep and KL are the only two in the squad that don’t get to play any T20 match.. most of us had both of them in the starting XI
  16. Heinrich Klassen : Poor man's MS Dhoni

    Was he in the IPL auction list? Pretty sure some team will snaffle him now when there are injuries. RCB would be hoping to pick him, so Chahal wouldn't have to bowl to him
  17. 2nd T20I : SA v IND | SSP, Centurion | Wed 9:30 PM IST

    kahan se aaya yeh Klaasen.. DeKock would have caused lesser damage
  18. Magnificient Mahendra!!!

    Good innings today. But the problem is he accelerates to a 52(28) one out of 100 times that he scores the 23(19). That puts enormous pressure on the rest of the line up the remaining 99 times.
  19. The great Nidahas Trophy 2018-Pre Tournament Discussion

    From the selectors’ viewpoint Karthik, Jadhav, even Pandey haven’t done anything bad (or good) to get dropped. They might rest Kohli and maybe Bhuvi/Bumrah. Don’t expect any other changes
  20. How do you rate Virat after this SA series?

    First emperor of Mughal dynasty?
  21. India Tour of England : Just 3 ODIs ?

    And we have a 5 match series with Wi, NZ, Aus Why not against Eng
  22. The V-I in VIRAT summarizes the series win 5-1 -from facebook

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