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  1. As long as there is money and political interest in cricket, the game will flourish in India, hence the world
  2. Worst team to win Champions Trophy

    They outclassed us in all departments.. Let's give credit where due.. They beat SA, SL, Eng and India..
  3. Positives from the match

    Yuvraj will score a quickfire 50 against WI, and we'll again see threads like Yuvi is back to his prime, Yuvi shuts up haters etc.
  4. Congratulations padosis.. Great win, well deserved. Hope it forces some big changes in the Indian side
  5. Repeat of 2003 WC Final.. India chose to bowl on a good batting track and conceded 325+... Lose an opener in the first over.. Pandya, the only saving grace is run out on 76, Sehwag was run out on 83.. ..
  6. Don't give up !

    Yeah, if Jaddu gets his triple hundred here
  7. If dhoni wins us the game ...

    Lol.. was waiting to see if he got to double digit... and he didn't
  8. Kohli's love for Ashwin never ends.. so do the runs
  9. Given the luck he has be riding on today, this guy can even get a 200.. still 20 overs left.
  10. Our ODI spinners are shyte.. Ashwin, Jaddu need to stick to tests... Need to get Kuldeep, Chahal for ODIs
  11. Not in a final... That too of an ICC tournament C'mon.. stay positive
  12. Woke up at 2am to watch this shite bowling and fielding display Bhuvi has been the only saving grace.. Pandya to an extent
  13. Are Pak players allowed drinks/water/food during play in the Ramazan month?
  14. Ashwin's 4 overs so far have gone for 10, 8,6,4.. Talk about arithmetic progression.
  15. It was a mistake upfront.. Wonder how Kohli / Dhoni / Kumble didn't see that.
  16. India lost to West Indies in the semis of the T20 WC due to no-balls.. Hope this is not another one of those games
  17. Tactics and Strategy for Semi Final?

    Chase... Bowl them out for 200, and chase it down in 35 overs
  18. New Zealand Vs Bangladesh Champions Trophy 2017:

    But against SA, we're better off batting first coz they'll choke batting second
  19. Changes in the team in match against SA

    They'll surely play 2 spinners against SA... So, Ashwin for Yadav.. Shami for Pandya might be the other change. We don't need Jadeja batting all the way down at 8.. He should play at 7... We should play a proper fast bowler instead of Pandya

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