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  1. Is this the first time somebody has scored two hundreds in an IPL?
  2. I switched back to English after hearing Cheeka
  3. Dhoni won't get to finish
  4. Called it couple of hours back
  5. Now Rayudu gets 1 of 8
  6. Dhoni to come in now to finish?
  7. RR and now CSK RCB almost destroyed his IPL career
  8. Wait for Dhoni’s retirement announcement
  9. The bowling powerhouse has only two bowlers worthy of anything - Bhuvi and Rashid
  10. What an innings after 10 dot balls
  11. Less than Pandya bros I think
  12. Very likely to happen
  13. Both teams struggled against the new ball and found their rhythm as the ball got older. It’s that kind of pitch
  14. Watson breathing fire. With short boundaries, he’ll fancy slow pies from Shakib
  15. Looks like he isn’t even padded up. Bravo might come in at 5
  16. There’s still 4 overs of Rashid as well... Lunge Time
  17. Faf - c&b Shane Watson
  18. Watson 0 of 8. Learnt half his batting from Dhoni
  19. Williamson maiden returned with Thanks
  20. Decent final over by Thakur standards
  21. Yuchup screwing csk in 2008 and 2018 final
  22. Why this useless fellow on your dp The Shraddha Das one was hot
  23. Hooda gone. Doing what he knows best

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