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  1. They've been out of form for 2 years.
  2. Feel bad for KXIP.. Two of their top 3 are players who play only Test Cricket at Intl level... and the third is known to be a technically correct, not so aggressive player... To win IPL matches with them is a huge task
  3. RCB should qualify... at least for Kohli's sake.
  4. RCB on course to get 220 in a 15 over match... Bangalore pitch disgrace or power hitting?
  5. Dhoni : The ultimate T20 player

    Only in IPL? I thought that would be slowest in all T20
  6. Dhoni : The ultimate T20 player

    Even as a big time CSK fan, can't really support you when you give Dhoni the credit for reaching WC T20 semis... It was an all Kohli show... Without him, we would have been out much earlier... Who the captain was really didn't matter... Now don't talk about the win against Bangladesh ... I would attribute that more to the Brainfart from Mush and the rest
  7. Most boring IPL ever?

    Looking forward to the next Intl tour... Guess we have a Zim tour up next.. Customary rest for senior players and time to see new players... Vijay, Pandey, Saha, DK, Karun, Sran will surely be in the mix ... Who else? Uthappa / Rayudu / Rahane?
  8. DD vs RPS, Fsk Delhi

    Might work for T20s, but will get mauled in ODIs... Slower ones will easily be milked for singles.. Regular deliveries (which are slower ones by international standards) will take a thrashing
  9. Delhi Daredevils 2016 IPL

    Delhi looks like the most exciting team this year... They seemed to have a dull auction, but have been tremendous this year... Lot of youngsters showing up and performing.. Pant, Karun etc... And they bought less famed match winners like Morris, Brathwaite, Billings... Could it be the Dravid effect?
  10. We've already seen so many cases of franchisees focusing excessively on some uncapped players - P Negi, Karn Sharma (uncapped when he was bought for a high price), M Ashwin to name a few
  11. Pune on course to take the honors for the customary bottom of the table... Even KXIP showed some resurgence today
  12. RSPG strolling towards 160.. No real big hitting intent or potent as yet
  13. Honeycomb goes back after a painful innings... Time to replace him with Khawaja
  14. Kings XI Punjab 2016

    Finally into the second page for Punjab's official thread
  15. Now you know why KW adds more value to the side than Morgan or Henriques
  16. Jadeja's batting

    Never seen him play a straight batted shot.. Almost all his scoring shots come from flat batted swats to long on, deep mid wicket or slash to third man or deep point... Does anyone remember him playing a cover drive ever?
  17. There was no single impactful innings from GL the other day.. DK was the top scorer 50 off 39... In this match, Smith and BMac tore apart the opposition for longer, and Smith's 63 off 37 seemed more impactful.. PS : Just to draw a parallel.. 1996 WC Ind vs SL.. Sachin scored 137, but Jayasuriya got the MoM for his 79 just for the impact innings... There was no impact innings in the RCB vs GL match IMO
  18. Team Pune gather here!

    Dont see any other Indian bowler who can fill in the spot as well... Firang options - They have Zampa in the squad.. Am sure he will be benched through the tournament.. like how Badree was benched for CSK.. Maybe get Ben Stokes.. But he won't be available after mid May
  19. IPL 2016 - Official Thread

    When did RCB last play a match?? Looks like ages back... MI have played 8 already.. RCB and DD have played only 5?
  20. At least Three last ball finishes for the Gujjus... Their NRR is +0.03 despite winning 6/7 matches
  21. Dinda shit more effective than Jadeja loyalty
  22. Jadeja ahead of Faulkner... Hmm...
  23. Raina in Dhoni mode.. Looking to finish it in the last over or last ball maybe
  24. Does M Ashwin bowl a lot of half trackers? I haven't seen much of him, but whenever I do, I've always seen him bowl short of good length.

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