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  1. Tactics and Strategy for Semi Final?

    Chase... Bowl them out for 200, and chase it down in 35 overs
  2. New Zealand Vs Bangladesh Champions Trophy 2017:

    But against SA, we're better off batting first coz they'll choke batting second
  3. Changes in the team in match against SA

    They'll surely play 2 spinners against SA... So, Ashwin for Yadav.. Shami for Pandya might be the other change. We don't need Jadeja batting all the way down at 8.. He should play at 7... We should play a proper fast bowler instead of Pandya
  4. India vs Sri Lanka | 8th June ,2017 | Oval | Match thread

    It's ok.. One loss is good for the team - keeps them grounded.. We always lose at least one match in major tournaments.. Good that it has happened at the league stage.
  5. Bhuvi not playing tomorrow :(

    Probably for the first time, India has 4 quicks all worthy of a place in the XI.. But of the four quicks, Shami relatively looks the weakest.. I'd play Bhuvi, Bumrah, Yadav, Pandya and Jadeja
  6. Sehwag has gone too far this time

    After all this, imagine if Pakistan beats India on Sunday.. This video should be one single reason to not let Sehwag be coach of India
  7. Play Dinesh as a keeper and get Dhoni to be the 6th bowler
  8. They should.. As long as those leagues don't conflict with any domestic matches.. I don't want India to go the West Indies way, with potential talents choosing leagues over Tests for money.
  9. As much as I find Harbhajan's rant ridiculous, this is poor journalism... Embedded journalism.. The NDTV guy asks Bhajji what he wants to hear, and Bhajji just repeats what the journalist says, and that becomes news... More angry at the journalist than the player
  10. Agree with the last line.. He deserved to go, but he still wants to stick on
  11. Pick your CT2017 winner

    India's bowling is strong.. Batting doesn't give confidence, as most of them come into the tournament on poor form.. Aus and Eng look the strongest sides.
  12. If Dhoni had played with 100 strike rate

    Been a CSK fan for years, clearly but MSD is done.. Sooner he realizes it himself, the better it is for CSK and Team India.. He has never been a good T20 player, and has only worsened over the last couple of years... No more Dhoni in T20Is pleaseee..
  13. What a choke job by Pune!!!

    Having Smith and Dhoni bat together lost it for RPS.. Tiwary should have come ahead of Dhoni
  14. Doesn't matter.. MI would have thrashed RPS in the super over.. Bumrah would have bowled for RPS
  15. Pune deserved to lose for playing so slow... and bowling Dan Christian 4 overs
  16. How much of a difference has those last two overs from Dan Christian made
  17. Smith and co were over-cautious against Krunal and Karn.. They should have attacked them coz Bumrah/ Malinga are difficult to hit in the later half

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