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  1. Fairplay award is crap. Used to be called Kingfisher fairplay award.. You can imagine
  2. Why did Sran lose his spot in the ODI side? Thought he did fairly well expect for a couple of average performances
  3. SRH support? Why? Namma paiyan Ashwin leading KXIP
  4. The way they are playing, they'll reach the target in 50 overs
  5. Why does Sharma scream when he bowls at 100kph
  6. SRH has pulled back things well.. At one stage, it looked like 215-220 was on the cards... There has been no real late flourish
  7. When Gayle plays 60 balls, you let him play
  8. Bhuvi of the last couple of years is such an improved bowler, so stats don't matter
  9. Kohli's captaincy lost shine.. Mallya has no more money for KF girls.. understandable
  10. Should be a good game. Best batting line up vs best bowling line up. Two least disliked teams in the IPL
  11. Some of these team changes are weird. Why is Stanlake dropped after a match winning performance? Unless he is injured
  12. He bowled 141k Unadcutter’s fastest must be 120
  13. Buttler played a good innings too... Stokes has been underwhelming.. Probably because of non-cricketing distractions
  14. Stokes has been poor this IPL... To think RR wasted 24 crores on Stokes and Unadkat
  15. I'll reserve my comments till I watch him play a similar innings in an Intl match. 9/10 times, his innings is like the one he played against KKR... consolidating cr*p.
  16. They should start with T20s. It's a shame that he's still playing T20Is when Samson/Pant/Kishan/DK are either not selected or have to play send fiddle
  17. Rana's bowling has been a revelation.. Great find, DK Looking to see him play for India soon... Kick out Pandey, Jadhav, MSD from the T20I side.
  18. Hopefully the last we'll see of D'Short for a while... Tripathi looks like a natural opener.. Why push him down the order.. Open with Tripathi and get Klaasen at 5.
  19. that was crazy... so were Ojha and DK to Mumbai

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