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  1. Fair enough... Kohli did go with 7-4 in the last two tests against SA... Flexibility based on pitch conditions is the key.. Wish the selectors realize it too... Three spinners in Australia, where we should be playing only 1 in the XI made no sense.
  2. What do you think about this Indian Team?

    One thread for every ICFer's team?
  3. 7-4 works when you have a genuine reliable set of pacers.. We did well with the 7-4 when we had Srinath, Zaheer, Nehra and a spinner.. We can go back to 7-4 when Ishant, Sran, Yadav can get that level of consistency in their bowling, with Ashwin / any one else as the spinner... With our fast bowlers spraying it around, it always helps to have an additional bowler in the form of Jadeja or Pandya who can chip in with 6-8 overs, and contribute with the bat (at least this is the expectation)... With flat pitches everywhere, there is also the thought that your 7th batsman doesn't really need to contribute and the top 6 can do the job.. Here is where we miss a hitter who can get 30(15) in the last few overs and can be the 5th bowler... Pandya looks the best of options we have.. Hope he gets in soon and does well...
  4. Rahane was the captain for the Zim tour
  5. Your playing IX for World T20s

    Rahane Uthappa / Rohit Virat Rohit / Yuvi Raina Dhoni Pandya Jadeja Ashwin Bhuvi Nehra
  6. Bum-rah replaces Shami in T20 squad

    Faily good bowling attack now.. Nehra, Bumrah, Bhuvi, Pandya, Jadeja + Yuvi / Raina
  7. Manish Pandey or Ajinkya Rahane as opener?

    Fair enough. But I haven't seen any player come into the Intl arena and straight-away play in a position he hasn't in before. Rohit played as a middle order batsman, and slowly went on to become an opener.. Same thing with Sehwag and even Sachin...
  8. On the flipside, whenever Kohli is RUN OUT with Rohit Sharma as his partner, Rohit gets 200... 2/2 times till now
  9. What a waste of a wicket
  10. Shikhar Dhawan needs to perform now big time

    He did well in CT and in WC 11... ICC events generally have flatter pitches than bi-lateral tournaments.. That is one reason why he looks like a big event player.. I remember him doing well even in the semi against Aus... There seemed to be some hope until he threw it away.. and then it was downhill
  11. Let's talk about the DRS

    Pathetic.. If they have a problem with ball tracking, why can't they at least persuade ICC to give them DRS without that predictive element? BCCI and Dhoni have become a laughing stock, complaining about umpires and conspiracies... Not far away from being labeled similar to our whining 'Tiger' neighbors.
  12. India no longer producing readymade talent - Dhoni

    He is Australia's version of Saeed Anwar, Jayasuriya, Chanderpaul and Dilshan... players who score heavily against India... Should I add Q D'kock to the list?
  13. India no longer producing readymade talent - Dhoni

    Not happening bro.. Do you honestly believe Dhoni will play under Kohli's or anybody else's captaincy?
  14. India no longer producing readymade talent - Dhoni

    Can't quit mid way... No back up keeper in squad
  15. Dhoni and His Two Spinner Strategy

    It is not about Umesh. It is about Dhoni's rigid mindset.. Bhuvi is expected to open the bowling and swing the ball... Irrespective of what the conditions are.
  16. Thought Sran gave a lot of width to right handers coz of the natural angle. Needs to focus a little more on line length... Pace 135 thereabouts sounds fine, though 140 will be awesome... Looks like a promising lad
  17. When will Dhoni realize that DRS is not for 50-50 decisions... If some 50-50 decisions don't go his way, there are other 50-50 decisions that don't go the other team's way too
  18. Team selection for Australia tour 2015

    "We are playing the same squad" (meaning same XI) will be what you will hear from Dhoni
  19. Dhoni and His Two Spinner Strategy

    Though 2 spinners at Perth made no sense, I still don't have that big a problem that he tried them out... What I have a problem with is that he is so rigid that he wouldn't change them until they absolutely beg for a change... Kohli that way looks more proactive and flexible with his line up
  20. Selfish batting by Kohli and Rohit?

    Still got to 309... Maybe 10-15 runs short... The acceleration started a little late, but I wouldn't call it selfish... Just extra cautious
  21. India no longer producing readymade talent - Dhoni

    Maybe he is just clarifying on why he will play Jadeja ahead of Rishi Dhawan despite the match being in Perth? Dhoni has become super defensive, and has weird comments in press conferences. Wonder what this will do to the confidence of Dhawan and Pandya
  22. India squad for Australia ODIs/T20s RELEASED

    Might still happen.. If Dhawan fails in a couple of matches, I'll expect Rahane to open and have Pandey and Gurkeerat in the middle order.. Not sure Dhoni will be flexible to such change though.
  23. India squad for Australia ODIs/T20s RELEASED

    Obviously Dhoni has to play Gurkeerat or Pandey, else he won't be able to make a team of XI.. It's easy to see who won't be in the starting XI Dhoni doesn't easily pick newly named players in the squad.... OUT - Sran, Rishi Dhawan Only place for one left arm spin.... OUT - Axar Patel Twelve members left in squad - Pick one of Gurkeerat or Pandey for middle order.. most likely Pandey as he has already made his debut. You have your starting XI

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