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  1. What did he do? Didn’t watch the first couple of overs
  2. Dhawan preparing for England Tests
  3. bowl_out

    Most Worthless Player of IPL 2018

    Yes, but he’s not the same bowler that he was. He’s aged and looks fragile. I’d use whatever little is left of him for Tests where he’s been such an important bowler that squeeze him into ODIs where we already have Bumrah, Bhuvi, Pandya
  4. bowl_out

    What happens if csk loses the final?

    Rajasthan in 2008 as well... Maa baap chacha chaachi
  5. bowl_out

    My 6th sense says...

    Trust me, I was thinking of exactly the same thing. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if he does that. There’s DK anyway in the ODI squad. So there’s a ready back up in the squad
  6. bowl_out

    Indian spinners 2018 IPL

  7. <in Ravi Shastri's voice> In the end, Boat Club area is the real winner
  8. bowl_out

    Dinesh Karthik - Mini Finisher !!!

    Yup.. DK always had the technique.. his weakness was temperament... he's been getting better at that
  9. bowl_out

    Dinesh Karthik - Mini Finisher !!!

    Hope he can replicate this form for the Indian middle order in ODIs.. Rahul, DK, Rayudu are good additions to the middle order based on current form.
  10. bowl_out

    How much more it has to be clearer for Indian selectors?

    That too in T20I
  11. MoM - Rashid Khan Associate MoM - Bawla... dropped Rashid Khan and gave him his first six
  12. Rashid Khan is everywhere
  13. Rana is good.. He threw his wicket with a run out
  14. 19 off 6... Get Brathwaite to concede 20
  15. 30 from 12.. Need to score big of Khaleel or Braith
  16. wasn't it Brathwaite that leaked 20 runs and people were asking why Sandeep wasn't bowled?
  17. agree.. and exactly the reason why he should look to play them out instead of trying to be fancy
  18. @beetleWhy did SRH drop Sandeep for Khaleel? or is he injured?
  19. chubby master hits six.. this aint over
  20. Russell and Lynn should have played him out... Lynn sweeps everything and Russell cuts. Russell should have waited for 2 overs from the inexperienced Khaleel.. 57 of 30 was very gettable
  21. RR couldn't get 60 off 30 against KKR now KKR need 57 off 30
  22. Great to have a slip for Rashid even in the 15th over

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