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  1. Last 2 overs from Christian were expensive.. might make the difference in the end.. poor captaincy from Smith that was
  2. Parthiv Patel should be fined 100% of his match fees for excess appealing and putting pressure on the umpire
  3. Need to make sure RRR doesn't exceed 8.. With 8-9 wickets in hand, 40 off 30 is the way to go
  4. They would need tissues even if Mumbai won, but for different reasons
  5. Gavaskar and Manjrekar commentary when MI is losing is painful, yet fun..
  6. Pune batting is weak.. They should make sure they don't lose early wickets like how DD did in one of the league matches against MI
  7. 130 to win... scored 15 more than they should have... going to be tricky.. should not lose more than 1 wicket in the PP
  8. Thakur should have bowled the 18th and the 20th... Christian is one useless bowler

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