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  1. Bad match to drop Umesh for a spinner... He would have slogged a few too
  2. Will they last till stumps
  3. Ashwin, our fastest running trying to run four
  4. Most experienced played OUT.. We won't last till stumps
  5. Kapil Dev comes..... Kapil Dev goes
  6. Anderson, Broad, Woakes, Curran... no respite
  7. Kohli OUT... And He's OUTT...
  8. Toss plays such a critical role in these conditions For Tests, there should be no toss.. Home Team picks the conditions Visiting team picks whether to bat or bowl first
  9. Would a young SRT (age 22-23) find a place in this team? -Simply based on talent, of course he would.. The young Sachin was a beast and better than any other Indian batsman of today bar Kohli Was he just lucky to play in that era? -Yes, he was to an extent. Very unlikely that someone as talented would debut at 16 in this era.. He would have debuted at 22-23, and lost the years of initial aggression that boosted his career
  10. bowl_out

    Gambhir on how hard working was Gary kirsten as coach

    Not as hard working as this guy
  11. And the Bambi brigade of commentators is calling for his inclusion in LoIs as well
  12. From th polls, it looks like Dhawan, Jadeja, Shardul and Nair get 0-1 votes.. 13 other players to choose from... Pant and Kuldeep might miss out on the next one..
  13. bowl_out

    Predict India’s 2nd innings score...

    193 all out
  14. bowl_out

    Team for test 2

  15. bowl_out

    Team for test 2

    Why not Rahul as opener?
  16. Needlessly lost Ashwin's wicket.. Would take 110/4 at stumps..
  17. bowl_out

    Predictions - D3

    England 227 a.o. India 50/3
  18. DRS has saved Ishant twice.. so many other reprieves from bad umpiring calls.. wonder why BCCI created so much stink on drs back then..
  19. Their slip cordon stands so close... Ours stands 2 cities away
  20. bowl_out

    Team for test 2

    Dhawan for Pujara... and talk sense into Rahul and Karthik
  21. No last ball single for Kohli = Shami's dismissal
  22. I saw Rahane and Rahul's dismissals were pathetic.. How were Vijay, Dhawan, Karthik and Pandya's dismissals? Poor shot or good ball?
  23. bowl_out

    So how to stop an innings defeat here

    You mean how England can avoid innings defeat #optimist
  24. Bowl first.. go with 4 pacers.. If Ashwin or any pacers fail, bring in Kuldeep for the second test VJ KLR Pujara Kohli Rahane DK Pandya Ashwin Umesh Shami Ishant
  25. Thankfully no MS “white beard” Dhoni

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