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  1. No.. helps stop decisions like the Pant LBW
  2. bowl_out

    Shardul & Chahar...

    Chahar can play if his sister can cheerlead
  3. Exactly what I have been saying... CSK is a very likeable side except for Dhoni and now Bhajji Faf, Raina, Bravo, Watto, Rayudu, Ngidi are all likeable characters... Chahar also has a likeable sister
  4. Dhoni talks longer than he bats
  5. They'll get a fourth chance at the same ground
  6. CSK win despite Dhoni's and Bhajji's piss poor lunging
  7. Undeserving win... Well played Du plessis
  8. Thakur scoring all the runs he conceded... 6 off 6 required with Faf on strike.. Only Bhuvi magic can save SRH now
  9. no jinxing.. srh still winning this
  10. Bhajii goes after wasting 9 balls. Guru will be proud of his effort... he played a specialist batsman today
  11. After 17 overs, SRH were 98-6... csk are 97-7 Brathwaite's innings made the difference
  12. Bhajji taking a cue from his guru... 0 off 5
  13. He will still have the motivation to come up the order when it is 200/2 off 30 overs... not when it is 30/2
  14. bowl_out

    Vintage Thala on display

    I was so waiting to see Thala lunging to Rashid... looks like it was short-lived fun..
  15. Dhoni’s favorite batting time
  16. Rayudu first ball duck... send Chahar
  17. Raina ugly technique gets his wicket
  18. Can’t wait to see Dhoni vs Rashid Unless he decides to hide behind Bhajji
  19. Send Bhajji and Chahar to bat next
  20. Bhuvi bowling some beauties. Watson gone
  21. Thakur will single handedly win this for SRH

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