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  1. I think the lesson is for us, the ICFers - 


    1) Stop expecting these clowns to do well overseas, and get a life for ourselves.

    2) Kohli is not going to be bothered one bit by the loss. He will still force his crazy strategies on the team. We'll still have careless runouts like Pandya's, easy slip catches and wicketkeeper catches put down..

    3) Two months later, IPL will come and everything else will be forgotten.


  2. 11 hours ago, bowl_out said:

    SA 250 a.o.  Target : 279

    India 80/3 thinking they have a good chance to win

    Collapse on day 5, India lose by 80 runs


    12 hours ago, The Dark Horse said:

    SA will setup a target of 290. We'll think we've done well but our batting will fold by 200.

    Closest predictions I believe

  3. 40 minutes ago, Temujin Khaghan said:

    Before everyone makes fun of Murali Vijay and Dinesh Karthik ... take a moment to appreciate the fine gentleman that Murali vijay is for welcoming Dinesh Karthik's son into his life... 



    Apparently, Nikita was pregnant with her child with Dinesh when the couple divorced. In spite of that, Murali joyously welcomed their son in 2013, whom they named Naveen. 



    In the pic on the right, the kid looks so much like M Vijay. If this is the Naveen kid you are talking about, well, make your own interpretations.

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