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  1. bowl_out

    Team for World Cup 2019

    Or if they consider Dhoni for 4, he could miss out if they pick Jadhav/Shankar for 5 and Pant/DK for 6. And Pandya at 7.
  2. Replace him with Zampa.. he is a more versatile ODI bowler
  3. The problem is Krunal becomes redundant with Jadeja already in the picture.. I don't think the TM is ready to dump Jadeja for Krunal as yet.. If Jadeja, Chahal and Kuldeep are the first choice of spinners, I don't see Krunal getting a spot in the squad.. I see Shankar as the sixth bowler (if he comes good with the bat assuming he gets a few opportunities).. He is an alternative to Jadhav.. The combination can be Jadhav + 3 quicks + 1 spinner + Pandya (or) Shankar + 2 quicks + 2 spinners + Pandya
  4. I have higher hopes on Shankar than Krunal with the bat. If Dhoni slots in at 4, then Shankar at 5, Pant/DK at 6 and Pandya at 7 gives us plenty of options. Shankar is the sixth bowler and we can play two spinners out of Kuldeep, Chahal and Jadeja
  5. Easily the best.. Azhar was a good and safe catcher.. But swiftness in field, powerful throws (both from outfield and in circle), direct hits, Jadeja easily beats Azhar and everybody else
  6. bowl_out

    Australia are top favorites for WC19

    They should get Zampa for Lyon.. Zampa is really underrated.. Wonder why he didn't get an IPL contract too..
  7. Vijay Shankar for Rayudu.. Play Dhoni at 4.. Shankar, Pant/DK, Pandya at 5,6,7 for the WC Gill at 4 would be ideal.. But Dhoni is going nowhere till WC
  8. Great food.. pathetic seats.. worse than a park bench
  9. Aus will struggle to 240 here. Walk in the park chase for Top 3. Middle order will remain unscathed
  10. bowl_out

    Hopefully our top 3 fails again.

    As someone mentioned, at the rate at which Dhoni is scoring recently, if he scores a century, it will very likely be a match losing one
  11. Must have reached Aus, but doubt he'll be match ready
  12. Next, Dhoni should try a cup of coffee with Karan Johar
  13. bowl_out

    Khaleel Ahmed

    Looks like the selectors are obsessed with selecting a left arm quick(?) for variety.. I'd rather the best 3-4 fast bowlers in the squad.. Remember, we won the Aus Test series with three right arm fast bowlers through the series.. Quality is critical.. variety is only good to have.. hope they get Saini or Mavi into the squad soon.. Or maybe Siraj finds LoI success at internationals.. Bumrah, Shami, Bhuvi, one of Siraj/Saini/Mavi should be the 4 quicks for the WC.

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