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  1. bowl_out

    Sandeep Sharma’s horror over !!!

    Wonder why they play him ahead of Basil Thampi..
  2. 7 runs from 18th and 19th.. Rayudu Jadhav trying hard to lose
  3. Perfectly set up for Dhoni to come in and play the winning shot
  4. Suddenly everyone that is not part of the WC squad is playing well
  5. Have you forgotten that you're posting from your baba avatar and not the maniac avatar?
  6. bowl_out

    Petition to include Pant in the WC squad

    Jaddu ain't going anywhere. He also needs to be in the squad to keep important people happy
  7. bowl_out

    Petition to include Pant in the WC squad

    Kohli has the history of niggling people out. Wouldn't be surprised if they announce Jadhav has another hamstring injury and get Pant in his place
  8. bowl_out

    Biggest sixes in IPL 2019 !!!

    This one of Chris Lynn comes to mind as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4AsfDXR7ZM
  9. Just saw the highlights... Agree, poor bowling by RR just feeding him balls drifting down to leg..
  10. While it was a great show by Pant, I honestly have only one issue with his batting, which is this. Absolutely nothing on the off-side.. Not nitpicking, but something he should build over time.. He is a great talent, just needs a little grooming

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