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  1. Rohit should drop himself down the order. Let KL and Shreyas open with Pant, Pandey, DK, Rohit, Krunal to follow.
  2. Maybe he thinks resting Bumrah and Bhuvi gives RCB a chance to win the IPL
  3. IPL will still have the same viewership even if they rest a couple of bowlers
  4. Will be good if implemented. My guess is they will allow them to play the first half of the tournament and fix a cut off date to take the bowlers to rehab/training.
  5. They asked for non-beef food. That doesn’t mean they’ll have only non-beef food. Aus players would eat beef. Shami / Khaleel can eat it if they prefer that.
  6. The alternatives DK and Pappu were just as bad if not worse. Dhoni should have stopped playing T20s at least after 2013 or so
  7. He should start thinking that way about ODIs too
  8. How about they hire an Indian chef locally or even better take a chef along for tours?
  9. What’s the significance of this?
  10. For a start, they can even try Rahul at 4. One failure and he is kicked out of ODIs. He is too good a player to sit out for so long
  11. bowl_out

    Strength Meter: Current ODI side

    Yes, Jadhav for Dhoni was the replacement
  12. Hoping for a retirement announcement from International cricket after the Windies tour Play KL at 4 and Pant at 5 and Jadhav at 6. Reasonably good middle order in ODIs
  13. bowl_out

    India Test squad for #AUSvIND -

    Good to see Vijay in place of Dhawan, easily the better Test player. Theee complaints - Why Rohit instead of Nair or even Agarwal? Why Pappu? Any other young wicketkeeper Samson, Kishan etc would have been future looking. Siraj should have been drafted in the Test squad, particularly an overseas one with pace and bounce.
  14. Looks like a fitness question. He will come back from Manish Pandey in the Aus series. Pandey in the ODI squad is looking more and more like Dinesh Mongia of 2003. Nobody including himself knew why he is in the squad
  15. bowl_out

    BREAKING: India's squad for final three ODIs

    One average bowling performance and they go running back to Bumrah.. He deserved more rest instead of playing a useless bilateral at home vs WI.. They should have tried Saini or Mavi.

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