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  1. bowl_out

    Resurrecting the Dhoni fan

    Nothing.. except hope that he continues to score against minnows and plays as few balls as possible against good sides so he doesn't suck up the momentum of the innings..
  2. That's what India thought too in until 2008 and persisted playing cricket with Pak.. After 26/11 and now Pulwama, we've had enough.
  3. It is not targeting Pak cricket alone.. It is boycotting anything relating to Pakistan, particularly anything that is revenue generating for Pak... of which cricket is one entity.. Since this is a cricketing forum, the suggestions are around cutting revenue for Pak cricket.. since it is stained with Jawan blood.. and not to mention the SL cricketers' blood
  4. Why did they even involve themselves with PSL in the first place
  5. bowl_out

    Resurrecting the Dhoni fan

    It's not like Dhoni deliberately underperforms.. He has lost his game against a decent bowling attack and can only do so much. It is just that his bhakts wish that if he hits a six against Thisara Perara or Axar Patel, he can do the same against Mitchell Starc or Rashid Khan
  6. bowl_out

    PSL 2019 Telecast banned in India

    Then why do you care to post on a thread that talks about these leagues. We do not want players representing Indian leagues also generating revenue for a terrorist nation. Keep it simple and obvious just like how they made sure not to involve Pak players in IPL.
  7. bowl_out

    PSL 2019 Telecast banned in India

    Good move. Nobody cared about PSL anyway.. Next step : Prohibit IPL franchisees from buying any players that play in PSL.. Let the players choose between PSL and IPL.. No player should be allowed to play in both
  8. Don't know why Rayudu is on every poll.. He has the backing all the way from selectors to Captain and VC.. There is no way he is not going to be in the WC squad, whether you like it or not.. None of the others in this poll have a guaranteed spot.
  9. bowl_out

    Squads announced for Aus series

    The biggest question is who will make way for Pant, Rahul and Shankar to play in the XI. If Kohli went with his first choice XI, none of these three would feature in it
  10. If BCCI = ICC as padosis and toygers call it, the Indian board should armtwist ICC to disqualify Pak from International cricket. They can keep playing PSL all they want. Enough with Pak. Blood on the streets of India. Gunshots at buses carrying international players. Not a country worthy to be a full time ICC member.
  11. bowl_out

    Squads announced for Aus series

    No. Just giving Bhuvi an extended break
  12. bowl_out

    Squads announced for Aus series

    Exactly. When is the time to test the back up opener. Both Dhawan and Rohit should be benched for the T20. Open with Pant and Rahul. If Pant does well, he can actually be the back up opener and back up wicketkeeper in the squad. Take Jadeja as the third spinner in the squad instead of Rahul.
  13. bowl_out

    Squads announced for Aus series

    Yup. Been calling this for a while. Some folks were too optimistic with Shaw and Gill. They should be the core of 2023 plans
  14. bowl_out

    Training camp before WC 2019

    Should have played the IPL in England
  15. bowl_out

    Poll: SFs at the ODI WC19

    36 out of 36 have voted for Eng to be in the SF.. Will be funny if they slump and don't make it.
  16. bowl_out

    Team for Australia series

    Practically speaking - they would want to give as much match time as possible to Dhawan, Rayudu, Jadhav, Shankar One experiment worth trying is open with Pant through the T20 and ODI series.. and rest Rohit.. maybe even rest Dhawan in T20s and open with Rahul or Karthik. Fourth quick slot is still open.. I doubt they'll go with a new fast bowler like Saini or Rajpoot, although that would be the preferred approach. But knowing our selectors, they could try Umesh or Thakur... Seriously hope they don't go back to the joker Unadcutter
  17. bowl_out

    Team for Australia series

    That looks like an India A side.. No way are they going to try so many new players before the WC
  18. Rest Rohit.. Open with Dhawan and Pant in the Aus T20 and ODI series.. If Pant does well, take him to England as the backup opener..
  19. bowl_out

    Poll: SFs at the ODI WC19

    Pak has more votes than SA. Interesting. No ABD makes so much of difference
  20. bowl_out

    Who is fastest bowler in the world?

    More like Aaqib Javed
  21. Good that they threw the bad apples away, but sad that it was only temporary.. they persisted with Prabhakar till the 1996 WC and with Mongia even beyond that
  22. just saw the scorecard of that game... WTF was that.. how did commentators, media react to it.. I guess there wasn't so much media attention back then, so they just let is pass?
  23. bowl_out

    MSK Prasad full interview (long)

    Was he asked why the heck is Dhoni in the T20 team let alone ODIs

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