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  1. jf1gp_1

    Should this be legal?

    Even before switch hit, my understanding is onus has always been on bowler to declare arm and side before bowling never on batsman. Bowlers want to bring variety then bowl underarm.
  2. Plan a .. Bowl wide Plan b .. Bowl more wide . . Plan z - bowl as wide as possible
  3. Below are top 10 ODI batsman as of today Rank Rating Name Country 1 899 Virat Kohli India 2 871 Rohit Sharma India 3 807 Joe Root England 4 803 David Warner Australia 5 798 Babar Azam Pakistan 6 785 Ross Taylor New Zealand 7 778 Kane Williamson New Zealand 8 769 Quinton de Kock South Africa 8 767 Shikhar Dhawan India 10 753 Francois du Plessis South Africa
  4. Maybe not sachin but certainly on par with msd. You always had fans who questioned MSDs test or even t20 performance but everyone loves virat the player across format.
  5. As a batsman absolutely as a captain he needs to win WC.
  6. Well done kohli. Next stop, all muslims who criticize bjp please goto pakistan.
  7. During commentary some spoke about it and how he atleast today lacked stamina to bowl entire day.
  8. jf1gp_1

    Jadeja, the all-format specialist ?

    Take my words back he was exceptional today
  9. Glad sr pandya is playing, with him 5th bowler he has bowl his full quota. Hopefully by end of this series he will be out of everyone system.
  10. jf1gp_1

    Aussies are heading the Westindies route

    this very aussie team will look world beaters as soon as Indian land
  11. .... on the xbox one x i purchased last week.
  12. jf1gp_1

    Sehwag's Association with Kings XI Punjab Ends

    wasnt much of a hugger anyways
  13. Plenty of example who made is late into india team. Dhawan i think was 26-27 but even Dravid was playing Ranji at 18. Most can only hope for 10% of privileges and support Arjun would have got at every level yet i dont see him going anywhere. To not select Sachins in any team if he had an ounce of talent would have been tough yet it has continuously happened hence my doubts. But hey if you believe he has the potential then all the best to this young man.
  14. jf1gp_1

    Jadeja, the all-format specialist ?

    actually i am waiting for Krunal to play. I expect him to be a match winner specially with ball for WI.

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