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  1. Injured KL Rahul in doubt for Johannesburg Test

    Rahul looked so shaken up in both innings that now i am not sure about him. Rahul appears to be the next unrealized 'talent"
  2. quite a bit i hope, look at his record as a coach and its impressive
  3. OP whats your 100m time ? also why dont you talk to someone in bcci and replace pujara in test lineup
  4. yes it is, aussies didnt have much answers.
  5. this is the difference between Pakistani and indians, they hype even the crappiest of players like fakhar zaman. I remembers pak posters going on an on about how umar akmal was way ahead of kohli and our guys love to p-iss all over the best we have to offer.
  6. Indians specialize in deriving pleasure from others failure; if you unfortunately happen to be indian cricket captain, then your failures are celebrate more in India then rest of world. Virat was last week declared ICC captain of test team rather than being happy for him all i heard is its because of BCCI. We dont respect our own yet expect the world the respect us.
  7. 7 deadly sins of Anil Kumble

    every defeat results in double digit conspiracy threads. Here is what i have learnt from these threads, kohli prefers defeat over buddy, he is a dictator, after defeat if he is seen similing then he is inconsiderate if he reacts in press conference then he is a jerk, he hates kumble because kumble wanted Indian team to work hard and kohli hates hard work, kohli is looking for excuse to throw pujara, rahane, bhuvi and rahul out of team because as i wrote earlier he would rather lose than have his buddy rohit thrown out of team. Lets also see what people expect from him, he needs to comeup with playing xi which satisfies 1.2b indians, he should be passionate on field but just the right amount it shouldnt offend any of the 2b who watch cricket. Off field he should speak like a mature politician (even though his primary skillset is cricket and the guy is only 28yrs old) and he should never every lose a game.
  8. Shubman Gill or P. Shaw --- who is better?

    yes but unlike unmukt shaw has done well in whatever ranji he has played plus such a grounded boy
  9. Sure it looks bad and i bet noone is hurting more than pujara himself. It happens ppl need to move on and please stop with all the conspiracy theories that virat ia looking for excuse to drop pujara.
  10. How vital was the toss to the fortunes of India ?

    First test kohli wanted to anyways bowl so it doesnt matter. Second test the way we batted specially in first innings dpubt it mattered.
  11. Lungi Nigidi [ Potential Great ] !!!

    Waiting for hardik c kock b lungi tommorow
  12. Lungi Nigidi [ Potential Great ] !!!

    Wait for CSK to pick him in ipl they have a perfect song for him
  13. Baffling tactics and captaincy from Kohli

    Keep criticizing captain as much as you want. Bottom line its the batsman who lost us the series. Rahul looked like a school kid rohit as he was forced to bat.

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