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  1. Will Pakistan ever be a force in test cricket again

    when was last pakistan considered a test force outside home condition ?
  2. Well the guy who should be in this team is scoring heavily in ranji , i think we will be fine.
  3. Never did i imagine a Pakistani ever say that.
  4. Ravi AGENT Shastri

    Its actually sad that we never discuss reason why dhoni is still in the team. If we had fixed our 4/5 problem we could have looked beyond Dhoni.
  5. Ravi AGENT Shastri

    Exactly, he has maintained the high standard set by kumble so why go after him now
  6. Ravi AGENT Shastri

    None of us know about his contribution or for that matter any past coaches contribution. You only have results to go by. Everyone talks about how good a people manager he is and he ofcourse understands the game. Lets see how things go in SA, Aus, Eng thats when we will truly know where Ravi-Kohli combo stands till then have no complains. As far as him defending Dhoni goes, Ravi is the coach its his job to defend players.
  7. Ravi AGENT Shastri

    Unfair criticism. Ravi can indulge in dirty politics for personal gains, get drunk every night, sleep with different women every night for all i care as long as we are winning on the field. Right now we are so i dont care how personally flawed he is as an individual.
  8. I think most are forgetting how dhoni himself dropped the likes of dravid and ganguly after becoming captain.
  9. Harsha will be unemployed soon

    I still believe Dhoni is an asset in ODI setup but besides above i see no reason why he is still playing t20.
  10. Nothing beats 96 semi loss even 07 loss to BD was worst
  11. 2-0 test lose is fluke but 4-0 odi win is quality ? We just cleaned them up in all formats at their home. Fluke is you you winning an important game against us.
  12. Dinesh Karthik in the team over Manish Pandey

    That i am sure is not happening.
  13. Dinesh Karthik in the team over Manish Pandey

    Maybe dhoni is planning to retire.
  14. Same guy won you an odi series in SL. Anyways we bowled poorly hence we lost to SL at ct.

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