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  1. jf1gp_1

    Resurgence of MSD?

    I honestly didn't think he had it in him but yesterday was a classic dhoni innings which was fantastic. Now can he do it consistently for the next 6 months lets hope he can cause he is going to WC.
  2. Kids watch dhoni closely this is how you play test cricket.
  3. He sort of questioned rayudu selection last game as well. You should have seem his expression today looked frustrated
  4. Questioned what wrong have iyer or manish done ? Iyer got runs against WI but was dropped. Manish never got a run. To play dhoni at 5 others have not been given longer run.
  5. jf1gp_1

    Hopefully our top 3 fails again.

    Finally good to see a furious sunny.
  6. Ganguly was a part timer. Off the 100 wickets he took i bet a good 18-20 would have come in those toronto games.
  7. Wish you all the best and hope you score and score big for years and years to come
  8. jf1gp_1

    Get Dhonified !!!

    hope you realize i wrote it in jest
  9. really question is can Dhoni in ODI topple Pujara in test cricket.
  10. jf1gp_1

    Get Dhonified !!!

    If in playing XI then Dhoni should open. He plays test cricket from his other while at the other end people can play t20.
  11. jf1gp_1

    Preferred ODI WC19 11 / Squad

    Top 3 clicking in all knockout games is the only way we will win WC. Kohli has one shot at winning WC and he has himself to blame if he doesnt. WC 23 is in India kohli will be 34 - 35 by then and like most would himself be a burden on team by then.
  12. jf1gp_1

    Preferred ODI WC19 11 / Squad

    no experience in middle order, you lose one opener and kohli like yesterday and this team wont even cross 200.
  13. Why does pant need rest ? he is 21. if we want someone to bat at 8 then sure Jaddu can be picked over chahal but he cant be picked as allrounder as he isnt no 7. Sunny made a point yesterday dhoni, rayudu dont play first class so at that age its tough to say we will only play international cricket.

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