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  1. KL Rahul is the next batting superstar from Asia

    Fair comment considering rahul scored a hundred in australia during his debut series. But the guy looks so fragile in every aspect. One can hope for best but i can also have my opinion about him.
  2. KL Rahul is the next batting superstar from Asia

    Given his mental makeup he wont survive international cricket. I just cant look beyond those 4 innings as test opener in SA.
  3. Shubman Gill is the real deal!!!

    What is your point ?
  4. Shubman Gill is the real deal!!!

    He is in focus due to his U19 performance, there is no doubt he has the talent question is what he does with it. Few domestic seasons and then A tours before he can even be considered. What i do want to point out though is the difference in Indian and Pak approach, Shaw, Gill, few bowlers came out from U19 WC for India. For you guys Shaheen afridi was the most promising player however while we are looking to develop all these player you have handed him international cap. You have to be absolutely blind to realize he isnt ready. Rather than developing the boy, you have thrown him to the wolves and waste another potential.
  5. Shubman Gill is the real deal!!!

    Wanted to see how he does against big boys. Poor kid looked nervous plus faced one of the best bowler in this format. Hope has better outings going forward.
  6. It’s a blow for nagarkoti will lose out on experience not kkr
  7. When this torture will end [CSK] ?

    Deep into IPL i expect more players to credit Dhoni for helping them improve as batsman. Expected response i went back watched how dhoni bats and did the exact opposite.
  8. When this torture will end [CSK] ?

    CSK and Dhoni have to be credited for bringing tennis into cricket. CSK now has a non playing captain.
  9. Random Cricket Facts (RCF)

    Impossible. any video ?
  10. Mayank Markande

    wait 10+ post and not one person suggested him being accelerated into Indian team must be some sort of record.
  11. Positives of IPL 2018

    Yesterdays match was between experienced but well past shelf life team vs a right now or future star teams. It was interesting to see veteran found a way to win.
  12. MI is the only IPL team i dislike, actually lets just call it it hate. My fav players from MI are Rohit and Hardik.
  13. DHONI '79(44)' the phinisher!!!

    nope even i found it insensitive, using any means to prove your point. IPL maybe a BCCI event but teams arent representing India and run by private orgs, they have every right to pick who to play.
  14. He said what any sane person who is going to be quoted would have said. I understand few expected him to say BC/MC Afridi, Bhag B.. Kashmir is ours followed by more BC MC. IMO he said the right things. Recently Rohit waved SL flag which was acceptable, just because its pak doesnt mean mine or anyones patriotism level increases .
  15. Cant blame Sarfraz. Poor chap is doing his bit to bring back international cricket to his country.

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