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  1. Rahane has a SR of 78, so if we take 11 rahane we make around 235. How is that 280 ?
  2. jf1gp_1

    Manohar Parrikar Succumbs to cancer.

    Went to IIT bombay, lived a simple live
  3. jf1gp_1

    Myths laid to rest this yr before the WC

    Another myth laid to rest is all Indian support Indian cricket team. WRONG, if your fav player isnt part of XI then some pray for our loss so that they can come online to vigorously type 'i said so'.
  4. To be honest no point dragging PCB unless they actually comment on this incident which i dont see them doing. NZ PM has already called it an act of terror. Let them n aussies deal with it.
  5. jf1gp_1

    How BJP/Modi/GoI is handling China !!!

    perfectly summed up
  6. Not arguing if Pujara should be in ODI team or not but he hasnt played LOI for such a long time, you cant just bring him back and put him in WC team.
  7. Not sure how much you remember his time but sourav finished aakash chopra by playing yuvi as a test opener.
  8. jf1gp_1

    Pak Major's tweet for Khawaja

    Nation where army is in place to protect citizens will be respected by citizens in whatever form or shape they chose unlike nations were citizens are in place to serve army. Problem with you all is you think every thing we do is about you, our opposition aussies didnt have any problem what is your problem ? Going off track but your captain once apologized to all 'muslims' after losing a certain final, not realizing we had a few players of same faith.
  9. Dear Rahane, A lot of posters on this very forum think they deserve to be head of selectors or coach, doesnt mean its good for indian cricket.
  10. jf1gp_1

    Rohit should be dropped.

    yes please drop rohit. every suggestion on this forum should be followed like gill, mayank, shaw and rahul should be in wc squad
  11. jf1gp_1

    Pak Major's tweet for Khawaja

    all he wrote was well played usman whats wrong with that considering usman is of pak origin
  12. jf1gp_1

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    What is wrong with this world ? Absolutely mindless act, savages with guns.
  13. jf1gp_1

    Chargesheet filed against Mohd. Shami .

    Add does a bit of under table deals and we have md asif. Over all good human being.
  14. jf1gp_1

    What happened to Shreyas Iyer?

    Dropped for Rahul / rayudu / dk

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