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  1. Going by eng pak series looks like every bowler is in danger of getting hammered.
  2. My limited point was bhuvi or jaddu shouldn't be preferred over shami or chahal just because they are better batsman and fielders.
  3. jf1gp_1

    3 changes in Pak world cup squad.

    They have Malik n hafeez who belong in museum. Captain Sarfraz who is their backbone has lower avg with similar SR as dhoni. The only batsman they have is that babar. Wahab is a spray gun no different than umesh. U19 bowler is leading pace attack with no spinner (jaddu is better bowler, bat n fielder than imad even if half fit) . Pakistani com like rameez keep talking about josh n blah blah but how about looking at the lineup with hosh. Not saying they can't win WC but on paper no way.
  4. Play 4 wicket taking bowlers and you won't need tail to bat. Aussies will go with proper bowlers and hence fav along with India. Pak, WI, NZ relying on bits n pieces players in middle.
  5. jf1gp_1

    All time Indian ODI XI prior to the 2019 WC

    One XI to rule them all; once and for all 1. Me 2. Me 3. Me 4. Me 5. Me 6. Me 7. Me 8. Me 9. Me 10. Me 11. Me 12th - Maybe Sachin
  6. jf1gp_1

    Himalaya Men

    This is bad..
  7. So what ? Anything to 'save' democracy from 'Modi-Shah' .
  8. jf1gp_1

    Do you feel ashamed to have ever supported Arvind Kejriwal?

    The first time when AAP won seats 20 odd there was an article in time which one of my "gora" colleague had read. He along with few more were curious and with great deal of enthusiasm i explained to them (in a conference room maybe 3-4 white, a few latinos and of-course one more indian) whole anna movement, birth of aap and how only in India can you have such a peaceful movement which also gets electoral mandate and how while established national parties didnt like it but gave aap enough respect. The whole enthusiasm came crashing down when this #$%@# became CM with congress support then the way they exited. Then him dreaming of becoming PM. Kejriwal has ensured that we wont see another social movement for at-least 2 decades.
  9. Yes Dhoni please attack hopefully then we might see you bat with SR of 90
  10. jf1gp_1

    Wc: India XI handicapped by poor fielders

    Shami a fast bowler is acceptable fielder. Chahal is poor in every sense. Bumra has improved but still needs a lot of work. Rohit is a safe fielder and unfair to put him with chahal or bhumra. Kedar for a backup keeper is poor fielder.
  11. I watched one after asia cup wins, i have to admit the way they go after players is impossible in India.
  12. To be honest i enjoy beating our wins against BD more than Pak. Indian and Pak fans atleast take a loss like a man. The way BD fans crib and crib and crib is hilarious.
  13. jf1gp_1

    Kedar Jhadav declared Fit for WC 2019

    Declared fit to goto WC. Even i declare bishan bedi fit to goto worldcup. Gupta ji please confirm if he is fit to play (hopefully) 11 50over matches ?
  14. unless you have voted for you-know-who
  15. Scotland isnt in world cup and yes while i wont watch more than 10% of any match i will follow every team during world cup. ICC events are the only events which most cricket fans follow in its entirety and yes that includes pak games.

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