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  1. Remember the date? 2003.03.23

    I am sure you did like all the Indians cried one evening in 99 when aussies were lifting the same cup against a different opposition. Not till we won WC11 was i able to overcome the 99 lose.
  2. Except BD team every team whines. NZ obviously are world champs in whining. Sorry realized my mistake please interchange BD and NZ.
  3. Remember the date? 2003.03.23

    Tone was set in the first over itself, we were nervous and outplayed by aussies. Lala to you i suggest looking up schadenfreude
  4. Nehra 23 for 6 at WC 03 Rohit 264
  5. Dhoni 140+ at 3 against pak. Changed how we viewed our keepers.
  6. Remember kanitkar hitting winning shot against pak. First time we chased 300+ score in odis i think.
  7. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    We should be thanking BD for that lose. We were knocked out which resulted in us sending a young team for world t20, which that team won and we got IPL. While on the face of it we are made to believe BD is a side which can beat us anytime i looked up Ind vs BD record since that 07 WC game. All 3 format inclusive we have played then 32 times, 2 test draw (both thanks to rain) and 3 ODI loss (2 of which came in the same series) but 26 times across all format we have won. 26-3 of 32 is a one way street.
  8. I don’t understand SA team selection. Against India on difficult tracks they were playing 5 bowlers yet against Aussies on better tracks they are going with 4 .
  9. After Dharamshala now Dehradun stadium

    Yes it is unfortunately i havent really lived there much.
  10. After Dharamshala now Dehradun stadium

    Great my hometown gets to host nagin dance
  11. What’s so difficult to understand? While BD captain was urging team to walk out, BD players getting physical with SL players, post win entire team and staff behaving like kindergarten kids with that silly dance, our team even in tense situation remained cool, few celebration we saw were for the innings and not win, captain started by thanking the crowd over all behaved like any international side should. All memes or whatever you saw is triggered by BD teams action. If SL had reached final irrespective or result we would have seen a couple of threads and that’s it. BD team has themselves to blame.
  12. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    We have 2 WC , 1 t20 cup, 2 CT. Also as no 1 test and ODi side. indian fans can afford to be a bit cocky yet most (not all which is bound to happen) respect a tough opponent when they see one.
  13. B*Desh Fan lost his mind

    Quip of the day
  14. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    Obnoxious fans who respect none but expect everyone to repect them.
  15. in DK I still dont trust !

    I meant keeper batsman.

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