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  1. When top 3-4 work we look good, let’s just accept it. We need rahane for days like 3rd odi. If top 4 are going great then skip rahane and move to pandya and whoever replaces dhoni.
  2. jf1gp_1

    MSD will score a ton today

    I think you were too young to remember our current coach bat. He specialized in stepping out to defend the ball.
  3. jf1gp_1

    MSD will score a ton today

    Have a feeling he will retire
  4. During CT some pak commentator said one needs 3 good deliveries to win against India. Rohit, Dhawan and Kohli get them under 75 and game is yours. Still holds good and will continue to till we get solid 5 and 6. If today at 5 and 6 we had yuvi and dhoni of '07 no one would have been able to beat us.
  5. Body failing mind, its just sad to see him struggle. At his peak he could have won us the match on his own, yesterday was a rude reminder why we need to look beyond. Not saying other will transform this middle order but i know Dhoni wont. He is still the best ODI batsman we have produced but sadly time is no longer with him.
  6. Was about to write about it,he took a few on his body to setup platform to yuvi and Dravid.
  7. jf1gp_1

    What is working for Kuldeep?

    I wonder if its worth benching him now dont let english see him anymore and bring him next in 1st test
  8. jf1gp_1

    With Saha in doubt, Pant must play England

    See i just want us to win test series and DK today is a better choice than pant or any other keeper. Do you disagree ?
  9. jf1gp_1

    With Saha in doubt, Pant must play England

    Read title of thread if saha not available then play pant not if saha not available then we need to field a young keeper instead of DK or partiv.
  10. jf1gp_1

    With Saha in doubt, Pant must play England

    Why are few like you obsessed with pant ? Why isnt anyone talking about Ishan Kishan? am sure their are other keeper batsman why not them ? Pant as of today isnt the gilchrist avatar you think he is, he maybe in future but i know if saha is injured then DK is our best chance to contribute towards test win in england.
  11. jf1gp_1

    With Saha in doubt, Pant must play England

    Then let me rephrase, pant who is supposed to be a fit for loi and not being able to capitalize on opportunities given so far, thus not even in loi squad should be played ahead of DK in test ?
  12. jf1gp_1

    With Saha in doubt, Pant must play England

    Is this a serious thread ? Pant isn’t even in loi setup and you expect him to keep in England at test level.
  13. jf1gp_1

    Shastri is doing a great job

    You enjoy losing ? I haven’t seen Shastri lose anything yet except SA test series. Now if that is your complain then you should have a problem with every coach and player who has ever been to SA. If you don’t like his face or something that’s another issue.
  14. Rohit has a problem with moving ball hence needs time to settle, yesterday no such problem hence he went bang bang from first ball.
  15. jf1gp_1

    D Chahar- quick rise to first team

    To quick to judge, everyone got hammered on yesterdays track.

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