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  1. Or this fellow from kenya http://m.espncricinfo.com/kenya/content/player/24692.html
  2. All that matters is his on field performance. What or with whom he performs off field is his business. Get well soon hardik. Now go call dickwela and de cock.
  3. AlI teams have looked vulnerable. Barring few glimpse here and there all we have seen is mediocre cricket. Dont know if its conditions or rustiness or too much cricket but any one can be in final.
  4. jf1gp_1

    Please respect our team!!!

    You dont win wc on top 3. CT and recent odi series in England is the example. Dhoni was a great player and minus overseas test win he has won that was there to be won. However to think he will win us 19 wc is not happening. Rayudu manish even rahul cant do what yuvi did in wc11. Just because one is critical doesnt mean we wants India to lose.
  5. jf1gp_1

    Congratulations Ind & fans

    Oh you sad loser but hey whatever gets you a good night sleep...
  6. jf1gp_1

    Pathetic middle order is an understatement

    Buddy enjoy the win. I so agree with you but lets worry about it tomorrow.
  7. jf1gp_1

    Pathetic middle order is an understatement

    How eill we get over this loss... Huh we just steamrolled them didnt we..
  8. jf1gp_1

    Asia Cup: Playing 11 vs Pak

    I would play rahul,iyer, Manish,hardik, bumra in place of dhawan, rayudu, dk, bhuvi,shardul. Infact i would play axar over chahal. We dont need to win and this way everyone gets a game before top 4 match start.
  9. jf1gp_1

    Can Afghanistan beat India in the Asia Cup 2018?

    For some reason i am thinking of game when bd first time beat aussies. Would be hilarious if we loss today and tommorow.
  10. Commies wondering why bhuvi not getting banana swing. You idiots he is getting ball to move around isnt that enough.
  11. Would have been nice if he were a non playing coach
  12. jf1gp_1

    Ganguly the Captain- was he that good??

    Ganguly took over when Indian cricket was at its lowest. We would be there to make numbers that all. His ability was to get the best out of people. A bits and piece sehwag become top test opener, Dravid was asked to keep which took us to wc final, a young dhoni who scored a few here and there was pushed at 3 against Pak and he got close to 150, vvs avg in 20s before ganguly became captain. Most of all belief we can win came under ganguly something only those who followed this team in 90s can understand.
  13. jf1gp_1

    Two matches in Two Days? (Asia Cup)

    Now we have a valid excuse if we lose the game
  14. Shastri hai hai was pretty common even if he was doing well as a player
  15. You know we havent, i think its more a mental thing now than anything and if its in your head then we are not winning irrespective of whom we play.
  16. if they play women team against us even then we wont win
  17. I dont know why they brought in HK. Could have been a round robin between top 5 , no of games would have been the same.
  18. i flat track and 60m boundary can make anyone look garbage. We just saw what our IPL heros did in england and SA.
  19. jf1gp_1

    Rahane NEEDS to score 100s in SENA

    Yes Rahane needs to score in white countries.

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