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  1. ECB and ACB were same before BCCI became power center also never saw them crib about big 3 proposal. Bottomline everyone wants our money.
  2. Raina is here .

    Am sure most recognize difference between positive intent and brainless slogging cause what Raina showed was latter. He could have got out on any of the 6-7 deliveries he faced
  3. It seemed team strategy rohit was playing same manner
  4. What is South Africa's T20 Squad like?

    I think even in india people have now started watching other sports. I recently watched ISL game and the quality is so much better than what we would see in domestic games just a few years back. Cricket is at its peak in India, not many have time for test cricket, ODIs still have a bit of following but t20 is the only format which will make money and thats what most will have time for to watch 4-5 years from now
  5. Hanuma Vihari

    born to score against SL
  6. Anything less than 2019 World cup is not acceptable

    you cant be serious . pak won fair and square outplayed us that day how is that darkest moment ?
  7. yes i concede your point, fortunately our top 3 have been taking care of business 90% of the time. You can bring in whomever you want they need some time in middle to score when time comes.
  8. My only complain against Kohli, how often is this middle order getting exposed ? Game 2 and 6 were perfect opportunities which we didnt utilize. 2nd ODI Jadav should have come at 3 followed by pandya. 6th ODI iyer or pandya should have come when rohit fell. Dhoni as a finisher is done, he may still win you few games but the Dhoni who would win unwinnable games is now gone. Everyone during commentary keeps commenting if he is in XI then bat him at 4, give him time to settle with power players bat around him.
  9. Surprised to see Thakur playing for india

    Mohit did alright last world cup except semis but then semis everyone got hammered. On topic, after watching recent U19 WC it was surprising to see bowlers from most top nations bowling between 83-89mph, few deliveries was even around 91 mph however more surprising part was that batsman from top teams werent uncomfortable facing such pace (I would love to see how Virat would have faced a bret lee or akhtar at their peak ). Unless you bowl 100mph i dont think sheet pace is going to get you wickets, it will be bhuvi / philander type of bowlers. Why have the two spinner successful cause they are actual spinner no darts like bhaji or jaddu. I also want to see these SA batsman face dhanajaya, he is going to run through them.
  10. Wrist slitters stay away from this

    There always is but during course of series I read a post which claimed poster are more knowledgeable and passionate about cricket than kohli and co. Also loss didn’t impact players cause they are playing for money. Support SA cause Rahul not in odi team was just a poor thread.
  11. Wrist slitters stay away from this

    Actually I really want to see how smith does if Aussies also get pitches like we got in test. I bet kohli is regretting not having a practice game that first test was within our reach.
  12. Typical turn on this forum. First project him as savior of Indian cricket then label him worst. now that he is in the team give him some rope.
  13. Extremely shameful. Rohit kohli and coach should retire.
  14. Bhuvneswar Kumar averages 100 in this ODI series

    Shameful performance. He should retire.
  15. Weeding out deadwoods. But How?

    Rahane and dhoni number look really bad considering we had a good year
  16. Look if krunal is selected ill whole heartedly support him like i support any indian player. Its just that i dont see him succeeding. Sure i understand we wont know till he has actually played but lets just see how he does in A tours.
  17. Raina had an even better ipl so based on your criteria am glad he is chosen ahead of krunal
  18. Gill has to go through domestic grind. Krunal is a poor mans dinesh Mongia I don’t want him representing India in any format. Why is pant the obvious choice for keeper in t20. Why not Samson?
  19. gill, shankar pant krunal glad you arent the selector
  20. Deepak Hooda, the finisher India needs.

    rohit sharma wacked a 200 against an international side a few months back yet struggling in SA
  21. the problem is SLB will be pushing for full squad which means more money plus t20 is the only format where with a bit of luck they can win against us

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