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  1. Wil be more like 65 honestly considering the fact that RSA are a bowler short.
  2. @dandaroy sir, Indian team needs your blessings
  3. Beautiful Test cricket. Sit back and enjoy :)
  4. How disgusting and hate-filled is Holding?

    Seems like one.
  5. Sachin Tendulkar vs Steve Smith - Comparative Analysis

    I agree with you regarding Smith being a DRS cheat. Using your logic then, was Sachin always a ball tamperer? There is evidence for the same:
  6. Sachin Tendulkar vs Steve Smith - Comparative Analysis

    687 runs in this series for Smithy Modern-day Bradman indeed
  7. Better captain: Ganguly or Dhoni?

    Ganguly was our Allan Border, MS was our Ricky Ponting.
  8. Sachin Tendulkar vs Steve Smith - Comparative Analysis

    Sachin started at age 16, Smith at age 20. What data do I use for Smith from age 16-19? The only data I can use are his pre-peak numbers, which is about 17 Tests. I disagree with your notion of age-age analysis being better. Games played provides a better basis for analysis for this comparison. Cricketers who have played min. 50 Tests have finished at least one or close to one complete cycle of home and overseas tours and that provides a reasonable sample size of matches for a comparison. Your Gilchrist and Border example fails simply because you're comparing the first 50 Tests of a seasoned pro with that of an unfinished product. Both Sachin and Smith were unfinished products when they debuted. Sachin got a head start wrt to matches played as well as skill level as Smith debuted as a bowling allrounder, not as a specialist batsman. Let me reiterate, for this comparison, number of games played is a better basis. The fact that Sachin, inspite of starting out with more batting skill than Smith, is trailing after 60 Tests is the reason why I believe Smith is the better bat after 60 Tests.
  9. The Unpopular Cricket Opinions Thread

    These two might make me one of the most hated posters on the forum but here I go: 1. Cricket is an incredibly corrupt sport. 2. Indian cricketers and administrators are only marginally less corrupt than Pakistani ones. The difference is that Padosis are not that smart about their corruption and they're way more shameless.
  10. Steve Smiths performace in this Ashes so far !!!

    Agree. Their batting minus Warner and Smith is quite average. Warner isn't that good in SC. Smithy might be a DRS cheat, but he's a brilliant batsman.
  11. How fast do you think Ambrose bowled at his peak?
  12. Sachin Tendulkar vs Steve Smith - Comparative Analysis

    You still don't understand the fact that this thread is a phase-by-phase analysis of their careers. After 60 Tests, Smith's average is 63.5 as compared to Sachin's average of around 52-53. There is a double digit difference in Test batting averages...double digit. Of course Sachin had a tremendous peak, no doubt about it, and Smith is having a tremendous peak as well. It will now become very interesting to compare the two, considering how Sachin peaked from his 50-100th Test Following Smith's career graph, for the next three years in particular, will be very interesting. Next year, it will be our boys who will most probably stand in his way towards aggregating 1000+ calendar runs for the 5th consecutive year. Let's stick to the topic of the thread, which I once again repeat, is a phase-by-phase analysis of their careers, not an overall analysis. Don't make this a prestige issue, it's not.
  13. Thanks for the reply. That's what Ishant averages nowadays, minus Ambrose's guile and skill of course. Was peak Srinath quicker than peak Ambrose? Ps: sorry for slightly derailing your thread @velu
  14. Sachin Tendulkar vs Steve Smith - Comparative Analysis

    Exactly paaji, you've hit the nail on its head. The superiority complex is what I find disturbing. That, and constant belittling of Smith's achievements. This thread is meant to be a phase-by-phase comparative analysis of both their careers but it's now turned into a prestige issue for Sachinistas. I'm tired of reading this 13534 runs @59.35 statistic over and over again. There is no questioning Sachin's greatness but it doesn't mean that his record can't be scrutinized.
  15. @Muloghonto @Rightarmfast What was Ambrose's avg. speeds during spells at his peak? I only saw him bowl from around 99-2000 and he was pretty much on his last legs by then. You gentlemen seem to know your stuff about fast bowlers hence why I'm asking.

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