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  1. Need Stuart Terence Roger Binny to make a grand comeback
  2. The article has a factual inaccuracy. Kohli did play against Ireland.
  3. jalebi_bhai

    End is near for CSK mafia

    What if he doesn't get to bat in the next two ODIs? Will he still announce retirement from cricket?
  4. jalebi_bhai

    10k runs for Kohli !!!

    Needs to boss 1 50 over WC to sign and seal the mantle of greatest ODI #3.
  5. jalebi_bhai

    The elephant in the room part 2

    In all seriousness, he doesn't have the hand-eye coordination anymore to play that way at Intl. level. The power is there, but he is just that crucial split second slower while reacting and it's affected his run making ability big time. The only way he is viable in this team is if he is padded up and down by high strike rate batsmen in the middle order: Jadhav/Pant Dhoni Pant/Jadhav Pandya
  6. jalebi_bhai

    The elephant in the room part 2

    Sure.....will also add MSD special 'lunge rate™'
  7. jalebi_bhai

    The elephant in the room part 2

    Run rate, strike rate, average.....these things are irrelevant nowadays wrt Dhoni Advice rate, 'winning mentality ™', ability to outspeed 80% cheetahs back to the pavilion after getting out cheaply.....these are the metrics that matter
  8. I won't be surprised if Yuvraj ends up playing at 4 next year
  9. Rayudu has 'winning mentality™' + homemade biryani. SR doesn't matter.
  10. So then Dhoni will be an outfielder? Pant played as an outfielder even in Nidahas.
  11. jalebi_bhai

    RCB sell de Kock to Mumbai in IPL 2019's first trade

    De Kock already bashed them when he played for Delhi . Scored a century.
  12. Bumrah is yet to play 50 ODIs. IMO, too soon to have him in any all-time India XIs.
  13. Srinath for Bumrah. Too soon to include Bumrah.
  14. jalebi_bhai

    Anyone attending Hyderabad test?

    Ye kis angle se international stadium lagta hai kisi ko?
  15. +1 I would've understood if the reason given was that the gruelling Asia Cup schedule had taken a slight toll on his body. It would've made some bloody sense as it actually was a tight schedule. This balance stuff is just another PR stunt. Kills two birds with one stone.

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