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  1. jalebi_bhai

    Speculation about Dhoni 's retirement

    Dhoni has become the S.U.S.U man of Indian cricket. Shameless, useless, selfish and unshaven. Don't expect him to introspect and retire. He still has a lot of altitude to plummet down to complete his fall from grace. As long as his chuggly-giggly gang support him and his "take it deep" approach, the torture will continue.
  2. jalebi_bhai

    Is Dhoni done?

    I was pleasantly surprised recently when I read the comments of Indians in cricinfo's comments section after the Lord's innings. Majority wanted him to retire. Only Pakistanis and the absolute die-hard MSDians were supporting him.
  3. This is what ICF is for. Catharsis therapy
  4. Which is puzzling considering that we did the same thing as England after the 2007 WC.
  5. They've spent the last 3 years building their team for the WC. Got rid of all the kachra in their team and adopted a new approach to ODI cricket. Now it's just a matter of building team chemistry.
  6. Virat Kohli|India captain: We were never up to the mark. We had 25-30 runs too little. England were clinical and throughly deserved to win. We need to be at our best against a team like England. The pitch was slow throughout the day which was surprising. Against the new ball it was two-paced but slow with the spinners. The bowlers did well, especially their spinners. We thought Dinesh did well, but he couldn't convert his start. Shardul was meant to get some exposure. When the changes don't come off, they look unnecessary so it must be taken in our stride. We need to have a good balance in the side, and we need to get our act right before the World Cup. We can't rely on one skill, and we need to do well in all departments. The Test squad is settled, and we want to play tough cricket and we know the English side will provide us with that. I've been playing against Rashid since U-19 and it was a terrific ball, so it's just one of those balls that you have to take in your stride and say "Wow"
  7. This is a toughie @asterix dada. The loss does hurt but in a way I'm glad that the problems within this team have been exposed. Feeling very.....neutral atm. Now eagerly waiting for Kohli's post-match comments.
  8. jalebi_bhai

    Has this team already started disintegrating?

    It's called post-humiliation expectation management theory, of which Dhoni is the maestro. The way we lost these last two games has been embarrassing. A masterclass in meek and abject surrender. Not fair to blame Dhoni for this though. He's just useless now so there is no expectation to be had. Kohli is the bigger problem.
  9. jalebi_bhai

    Bangar's defence in regds to dhoni's batting last game in PC

    And Rohit was absolutely sh*t today
  10. jalebi_bhai

    Bangar's defence in regds to dhoni's batting last game in PC

    Want to see how they spin this Dhoni shitsh*w around in the press conference. It's the only place we tend to be bold nowadays and show any intent.
  11. jalebi_bhai

    Has this team already started disintegrating?

    As disappointing as it is to lose....this disintegration is needed. Team needed to be rebuilt 3 years back. It's still not too late. Jacksh*t will happen though. Kohli, Shastri and Dhoni are too arrogant for their own good. Kohli doesn't have the testicular fortitude to make the changes needed.
  12. jalebi_bhai

    The logic behind dropping KL Rahul ..

    Logic? Part of the process
  13. jalebi_bhai

    Misbahfication Meter !!!

    Bumpity bump
  14. Let's face it guys....our tail begins from Raina and Dhoni now. Only spinners can save us today.

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