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  1. jalebi_bhai

    Whether Jadeja is the best ever indian fielder?

    Some of the best all-round Indian fielders I've seen: Ravindra Jadeja Ajay Jadeja Robin Singh Yuvraj Singh Md. Kaif Manish Pandey Suresh Raina Azhar Ajinkya Rahane Kohli is actually a very good ground fielder but poor in slips so he only gets an honourable mention. Dravid and Laxman were not necessarily the most athletic across the turf but they were very good slip catchers. I've heard that even Kapil Dev was a very good fielder but I never saw him play live.
  2. Got out to Maxi today....got sledged even before catch was taken
  3. Already given up hope on Rayudu?
  4. From batting monster to batting disaster . Guy is a text book minnow basher.
  5. jalebi_bhai

    Karthik or Jadhav at number 6 in ODIs?

    At least 80% scoring shots were off the edge
  6. jalebi_bhai

    Karthik or Jadhav at number 6 in ODIs?

    Karthik's scoring ability in the last 10-15 is quite underrated. Replace Rayudu with Jadhav and maybe push Dhoni upto 4 with Jadhav at 5. Once Pandya is back, there will be enough hitting variety in the team.
  7. Congratulations to @Lala on Pak team lasting 10 days total in the three match series . Poyz played well
  8. jalebi_bhai

    If Sri Lanka now win their test series in Australia

    Ozs are severely wounded tigers atm.... I expect them to bounce back.
  9. jalebi_bhai

    Bring Back Pant in ODI - Harbhajan Singh

    I'm afraid we'll rarely see that Dhoni at international level anymore. That explosiveness is more or less gone from his batting as his hand-eye coordination with the bat has deserted him. From 34-35 onwards, age irreversibly catches up with athletes. He isn't intentionally striking at barely 70 these days; it's just natural, terminal decline.
  10. jalebi_bhai

    India were ranked 7th in tests when Kohli took over

    You know what's also interesting? Virat didn't win a Test until his 5th one as captain. I believe he has now won 26 in total 47 Tests as captain. As obnoxious and bone-headed as he can be at times, his commitment to succeeding in Test cricket cannot be questioned.
  11. jalebi_bhai

    Border Gavaskar Trophy 2018 ratings

    India: Kohli: Captaincy - 8 Batting 6.5 (avg. 40 but that is mediocre for his very high standards) Vijay - 1 Rahul - 2 (made 44 important runs in the first Test 2nd innings) Agarwal - 9 Pujara - 9.5 Rahane - 5 (important contribution in first test second innings) Rohit - 5.5 Vihari: Batting - 5 (important 40 runs in Melbourne) Bowling - 4 (did ok for a part-timer) Pant: Keeping - 7 Batting - 8.5 Ashwin: Batting - 5.5 (made 25 very important runs in the partnership with Pujara in Adelaide) Bowling - 6.5 Jadeja: Batting - 5.5 (loses points for hacking in Melbourne) Bowling - 7 Kuldeep- 9 Shami- 8 Ishant- 7 Bumrah- 9.5 Umesh- 1 Bewda and team management: 8. Don't care about rating Oz.
  12. Shastri is responsible for man management. That's more or less it. Probably provides Kohli with tactical advice and gives pep talks to the players. Man management is important but I'm not sure about Shastri's credentials. We have designated coaches for each of the disciplines.
  13. And so has Morkel I guess you guys are crushing RSA now.....hain na?
  14. Thanks lala . How are your poys doing against RSA minus ABD, Morkel & Ngidi?
  15. Honestly, this time around, they've earned that right. We bash the life out of them when they screw up so at least when they do get things right, let them enjoy.

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