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  1. jalebi_bhai

    Guess the margin of defeat for India?

    Yup. One triple digit partnership from the top 5 and I think we'll get over the line. The pitch is similar to subcontinental pitches. Just need sound application.
  2. jalebi_bhai

    Batting order

    Won't change the order. Assuming that we'll be chasing 260-270: Openers: don't expect more than 50-60 runs from them combined. Anything more is a bonus. But 60 odd will still be ok. Remaining deficit: 210-220. Pujara, Kohli and Rahane will have to collectively score at least 120. One of them will have to step up and get a big score. Pujara and Kohli's form is encouraging. Remaining deficit: <100-90 runs This is where things will get jittery. Pant, Pandya and Ashwin are wild cards. Ashwin, in particular, can hardly put a foot right in this game. Their job will be to score the bulk of those remaining 100 runs and leave little for the tail to do. Definitely a tough ask but not impossible. Have to hold our nerve when it matters. One 3 digit partnership from our boys and we'll very likely pull this off.
  3. jalebi_bhai

    Don't have a good feeling about this test.

    Game is finely balanced despite the middle order collapse. England have messed up as much as we have in this Test. Side that holds their collective nerve wins.
  4. jalebi_bhai

    What can we Chase ?

    Baba....can you also predict the assortment of alcoholic beverages that Bewda Shastri will have tonight?
  5. jalebi_bhai

    First 5-fer for Pandya

    Gives impression that they're not focused on their cricket, which is BS if you ask me.
  6. jalebi_bhai

    First 5-fer for Pandya

    Tremendous self-belief. He gets a lot of unfair flack for no fault. You can't ever complain about his effort. Dada....you witnessed it first hand in the CT 2017 final. Only guy who kept trying. His off-field flashiness probably irks people.
  7. jalebi_bhai

    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    Loved his confidence on debut but should curb the Chris Gayle style leaves. Needs to form a good partnership with Ash to take the score beyond 350+.
  8. Dada....willow subscription still active?
  9. After recovering from the alleged lashing he received in Saudi Arabia, Zaid Hamid aka Lal Topi has resumed his Ghazwa-e-Hind training: TBF, his nunchaku technique is not terrible.
  10. jalebi_bhai

    Stokes found not guilty, added to 3rd Test squad

    Phoonk ke tapasya kar raha hai
  11. Baba, why don't you use your powers to make the England fielders start dropping all our catches?
  12. Explain the difference please because google chacha tells me that they are the same thing. Agree with the technique and Vijay part but not the final bit. Look, if the captain and coach decide to pick players who are not good enough to play in the respective conditions, is it the players' fault that they are being picked? Do you expect the players to tell the captain and coach that "I'm not good enough"? Come on. Fault the players for their personal failure but the responsibility of the collective failure will almost always be on the leadership as they are the ones who pick the team. What will be the next line of logic? We don't have any good players? If that's the case then don''t tour. Ghar mein baithke taali bajao.
  13. Definitely. Captaincy is a leadership/managerial role and in any professional team oriented environment, the manager/leader of the team is accountable for the team's performance, good or bad. For example, what happens in football when a team fails to meet targets? Manager/coach gets sacked. Like Dhoni was back then, Kohli and current team management are definitely responsible for the current failures. Make no mistake, Kohli's current failures doesn't and shouldn't absolve Dhoni of any blame for his past failures.

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