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  1. So what's it going to be this year? ya
  2. jalebi_bhai


    Official DC theme song on ICF
  3. Chill guys. We gonna win . A nice practice pressure game.
  4. BUMP Any doubts now? Need Rayudu in this team.
  5. Yep. Despite the collapse, Kohli kept the chase's tempo going playing low risk shots. I felt that the game could've been won even after his dismissal, but Shankar and Jaddu didn't apply themselves. A superlative innings but a pity that it didn't result in a win.
  6. Ok guys, I've been thinking about Indian team combination for WC while taking a long, hot water bath. Starting to have my doubts regarding Rayudu. These are two non-Rayudu playing XIs that may work: Rohit Dhawan Kohli Shankar/Pant/Dhoni Dhoni/Shankar/Pant Jadhav Hardik/Shankar Chahal/Jadeja Kuldeep Shami/Bhuvi Bumrah Rohit Dhawan Rahul Kohli Dhoni Jadhav Hardik/Shankar Chahal/Jadeja Kuldeep Bhuvi/Shami Bumrah I will now close the poll.
  7. When top order barring Kohli does next to nothing, it's hardly surprising. Openers have lost form. Tbf, I'm actually impressed that the team recovered from 20/3 to reach 281.
  8. By the end of IPL, he'll have cemented the number 4 spot again.
  9. Agree. It's not like his spot is in question.
  10. Rested. Reports that he was carrying an injury at the start of the series.
  11. jalebi_bhai

    Time to drop payload on Rayudu !!!

    When I think of Rayudu, the first thing that comes to mind is
  12. jalebi_bhai

    Time to drop payload on Rayudu !!!

    This failure is part of the learning curve. Someone as clutch as him should be given enough time to fail properly until the team can finally be sure that he's not good enough.
  13. jalebi_bhai

    If Rayudu plays the world cup....WE RIOT

    You riot by yourself....with A4 size banner.

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