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  1. rtmohanlal

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    ball tamperor kaptaan saahab at his very best .... being oppertunistic to stabilize his position. He didn't utter a word against Pulwama attack. Now being eager to blame the culprits when the victims were muslims .Such a double standard oppertunistic hypocrite.
  2. rtmohanlal

    Positives of the series loss

    w.Saha ??? Can he play the role Dhoni plays w.r.t batting???
  3. rtmohanlal

    Positives of the series loss

    jadeja should be used just as bowler in conducive conditions. He can't be that slogging allrounder because as a batsman he needs time at the crease , i mean can't explode straight away. Vijay Shankar is a plus Rayudu is a bit inadequate, though can be worth in ENG conditions. Pandya is must Pant is only a raw talent w.r.t keeping .He is more of an explosive cameo player in one dayers. Bhuvi can be used as a utility batsman especially in ENG Dhoni is a must as of now - the most important point, because if he was there thru out , IND would have won the series.I would even say , we were the under dogs in the series because we shuffled with the most indispensable position , that is WK.This because Pant was such inexperienced for a high profile series as this.If any he should have been played only as a batsman.
  4. rtmohanlal

    India against Spin

    yeah... i have always had a grudge w.r.t how he was treated . Infact had created 1 or 2 threads w.r.t this
  5. rtmohanlal

    India against Spin

    this is the problem with the rotation policy of the team management. I mean, it seems they doesn't have a plan while doing the rotation policy .To be more precise the requirement is a set of batsmen from which top 6 + WK can be chosen with maximum left-right combo and for all conditions against all set of bowlers. Unfortunately that has not been the case as was evident in the last match. PLaying so poor against Zampa ...
  6. rtmohanlal

    56 of 89 balls - Hitman

    got out to Zampa of all people after well set at a crucial point of time. Just can't understand
  7. rtmohanlal

    What happened to Shreyas Iyer?

    Iyer deserved a long run ..... Another victim of the team management...
  8. ohh...yes ..... this team who surrendered to Zampa of all people is the most balanced one Mr: Kohli ...... Never in my dreams did I think this 5'3 or perhaps 5'4 tall average spinner would get the better of our batsmen that too in India!!!!!!! Even more pathetic has been the fact that they were getting out to him even after getting well settled at the crease as was the case of Rohit today!!!!! What happend to our batsmen??? We used to roast spinners like Warne , Murali . Now we are seeing this. Another important matter that seems getting revealed is that Pant is more of a cameo player than a grafter in one dayers.I mean he is more suited to playing those 30 ball 42-45s rather than a run a ball 70 or more . He needs to be used accordingly, it seems
  9. rtmohanlal

    Psyche of a Muslim kid

    'Moderate muslim' - I still am lot suspicious w.r.t the levels associated with this because as of now there is nothing to suggest that they are moderate in general. To be more precise , there is vast difference in the levels between a hindu and muslim on the average w.r.t 'being moderate' . Otherwise , I wouldn't have witnessed a scenario where not even a single non muslim candidate could win from a muslim majority constituency in any election at any level till as of now. Also despite India being a hindu majority nation , the highest population growth rate has been that of 'muslim minority'. On the other hand hindu minority in Pakistan which was at around 33% in 1947 has declined alarmingly to almost 5%(both Pakistan & Bangladesh combined).Naturally moderate muslims can genuinely assume that 'religious Hindutva ' is only a defensive mechanism of Hindus in India and not to offend any religious minority.Otherwise, it just shows that muslims in genral are 'just not moderate'.That's all
  10. rtmohanlal

    PCB takes 'strong notice' of India's army caps

    firstly p-orki PM ball tamperor captaan saab making a public speech in the lines as to what benefit does P-orkistan get by conducting terror attacks in Pulwama. That implies as per these p-orkies PAK has no role what so ever in those attacks .Then when Indian players pay their tribute to the victims of the attack all p-orkies get riled which show their definite role in these terror attacks. There is a saying 'you should not only know to steal but to defend that also'. These dumb ass p-orkies don't know even that for a start.
  11. rtmohanlal

    PCB takes 'strong notice' of India's army caps

    shame less Pakistani pigs doing their routine shame less stunts
  12. rtmohanlal

    Psyche of a Muslim kid

    Thru my earlier posts , I have clearly briefed the 'general muslim mentality' that has been both in India and Pakistan & 'Hindu mentality ' that has been in India till this point of time. Based on that there is no doubt that muslims , because of their blind love for religion can't accept others. What has happend to Hindus in Pakistan and Kashmiri pandits emphatically underlines my point. Naturally HIndus who have been watching all these procedures thru out all these years ever since 1947 would reach to their own conclusions and hence will be forced to develop a sense of 'insecure attitude' towards muslims . Here there is no point in blaming BJP or any other political party.People in all parties too are humans and there would be good and evil there too. Some may use this for their own selfish motives, but that has nothing to do with the general ever growing sense of 'insecure' Hindu attitude towards muslims. People(who ever they might be) get brutally murdered with their body parts scattered to all parts unexpectedly as has happend in Pulwama.This sort of killing is not at all are fit for a civilized society, infact even animals are far better than this.All this for a cause which is equivalent to 'creating a problem out of nothing'.That being the case, you expect 'ordinary Hindu psyche' not to grow a sense of 'insecure' attitude towards muslims???? Then you are kidding.
  13. rtmohanlal

    Phoney Jadeja 13 of 14 balls in the death overs

    he is a calibre batsman , no doubt .... In the last 34 inns he avg:s 45 with the bat.And has brilliant knocks even in SENA too.This, despite being forced to sacrifice his wkt: by wild slogging for the sake of the team on several occasions. So in tests there is no doubting his credentials.
  14. rtmohanlal

    Phoney Jadeja 13 of 14 balls in the death overs

    Jadeja is a proper batsman who needs time to build an inns.Hence I don't think he is eligible for that no:7 spot. At 6,7 spots we need hitters like Maxwell ,Afridi etc etc . Kedar,Pandya fits that category. If Jadeja is played try him at no:4 or not play him at all.'His one day bowling too seems to be condition dependent. Only his fielding seems to be superb. Otherwise he should strictly stick with tests.
  15. rtmohanlal

    Psyche of a Muslim kid

    if such a mind set among Hindus is getting firmer, then muslims themselves are to be blamed for it. It is a well known fact that the guilt parties in vast majority of the 'pulwama' sort of atrocities world wide are muslims. Your 'blind love for religion & eating habits combined' , you people in general won't allow others to live in peace.That is the truth. Just take Kashmir and its history. The event happend before 70 years.Peace loving people will never keep on creating disturbances over a matter which has happend before such a lengthy period of time. But you people can't, because of your blind belief in religion.So you can't blame others for your shortcomings. For instance, I am an ordinary Hindu, not any extremist or hardcore BJP or any Hindu organisation activist, just an ordinary voter. But if I am to start a firm or business of my own , cent percent sure, will avoid muslims as much as possible.This , because my general perception after going on thru day to day events world wide forces me to act like that.

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