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  1. rtmohanlal

    WC 2019 Warm Up | AFG v PAK | 24 May 2019 | 3 PM IST

    these Pakistanies seem to concentrate all their resources on one ball game only off late..... the results of which are increasingly getting evident in big cities world wide.
  2. can't think of any one other than Gilchrist. Think it this way...... there has not been any all rounder in the history of the game who was 'ATG to very good' in 2 disciplines , not even Sobers,Kallis ,Kapil or any other all rounder in this regard. Only 2 players as of now comes in that category ..... Gilchrist & Dhoni. Both have been 'very good' in batting & 'keeping' (2 disciplines) .Gilchrist was the better of the 2. Being a left hander he is the best candidate for this tag.
  3. India's strength is its bowling , so rely on that. Bumrah-Shami-Bhuvi-Kudeep form the nucleus supported by Chahal-Pandya-Jadhav-Jadeja .So we need to keep faith on our strength ably well supported by batting
  4. rtmohanlal

    "175" is lucky for Ind in ODI WCs

    yes....but then it is also a truth that even Kapil's 129 vs SAF , 2 back to back inns in Windeis in 83 etc etc are also no where to be seen in Youtube despite the chances of getting them very high . Surely some broadcasters would have recorded live these matches , isn't it?
  5. rtmohanlal

    "175" is lucky for Ind in ODI WCs

    it is quoted in cricinfo that one spectator recorded that inns and Kapil bought that from him at a very high price.Only Kapil knows the truth.
  6. rtmohanlal

    What happened to Shreyas Iyer?

    another victim of team management incompetency. Iyer played 5 matches , avg:ed 42 at high str: .He was only 23 then and got dropped. So he showed glimpse of his abilities.Instead of persisting with that rookie team management dropped him and brought in Rayudu at 33+ age.Captain gave an eye catching interview and proclaimed that he has found the no:4 spot in Rayudu .Now with the all important tournament about to begin there is neither Iyer nor Rayudu. Mayank Agarwal deserved a chance in ODI more than several youngsters as per his LIST A stats at least before 25. That didn't happen either.
  7. there is a saying in these lines .... 'one who speaks loudly & finish a debate by speaking last would appear as if he has won the debate' which is not always true at all. I does not want that to happen in this arguement, that's why quoted the earlier statement in advance. Once again you are just uttering those plain emotional non sense & hiding away from giving proper answers. So you keep on sprouting these emotional nonsenses, i am not at all going to waste valuable time on that.
  8. at least try to utter something w.r.t your own players like Aamer Sohail,Rameez,Shoaib Akhtar ,Sadiq Mohammed etc etc indicating to the ball tampering expertise of Imran instead of exposing yourself as an utter clown by sprouting out these pure emotional nonsense
  9. rtmohanlal

    Which was the best world cup final ever?

    1983 closely followed by 2011 & then 1996 . First 1983 - GOAT team was humbled and it was not a fluke either because it was the ultimate point of a string of 6 matches starting from Caribbean itself. 2011 - home, chasing a huge total, pressure of expectations of crores, captain rising emphatically to the occasion 1996 - chasing a highly competitive total by least favorites SL .
  10. rtmohanlal

    Who was the best ever captain in world cup history?

    For me it has to be Kapil. To captain a weak team at the tender age of 24, to plot the down fall of the 2 time champion GOAT team in the finals which was sparked off with an upset at Albion,to lead from the front as an all rounder thru out the 83 world cup, to create those timely magic moments thru out the tournament ..... it has to be him. All the others in the list were brilliant, but they had their cons too... for instance Dhoni except in the final was badly out of form, Imran though played his part in the final almost lost semi final,Lloyd had and ATG team etc etc.Collectively when all things are taken together , it has to be Kapil.
  11. not into any argument ... just put forward my logic for not taking Miller that highly. Each to their own
  12. Afghan & Ireland are still part of cricket playing continents. So records in SENA & subcontinent are still testimony of a players chances of succeeding in newer countries as Afghan,Ireland too. But Miller's case is different with a single test in subcontinent(highly inconclusive). We have proven examples like Sehwag, Mahela Jayawardene,Hayden etc etc
  13. every body knows as to how IK picked those 40 wkts in that series.Maninder,Mohinder,Sastri,Balwinder Sandhu, Kapil Gavaskar almost all the Indian players in that series openly have come w.r.t statements related to tampering ever since that series happend.Even your own players like Aamer Sohai,Rameez Raja, Akhtar all admitted to those too. For instance take this statement . https://www.thehindu.com/sport/cricket/almost-all-pakistani-pacers-tampered-with-ball-admits-shoaib/article2479544.ece It is a porrkki thing to chest thump on matters that are seriously embarrassing to others.
  14. but Miller never played much in Subcontinent. So that part of him is still inconclusive.
  15. rtmohanlal

    How great was Kapil Dev as an all-rounder?

    Another highlight of Kapil's career was his one day peak.He has a stretch of 105 inns with avg: 30.16 & str: of 107.14. When specialist batsmen in those days were striking in the range 60-70 Kapil was striking at 107.14... http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/player/30028.html?class=2;spanmax1=01+apr+1988;spanmin1=21+dec+1980;spanval1=span;template=results;type=batting

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