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  1. Prithvi Shaw

    Really these promising mutli dimensional players like Shaw,Iyer,Pant etc etc need to given enough early international chances especially in dead rubbers & against comparatively weaker teams to test as to whether they have it in them to replace one dimensional players like Rohit,Dhawan & Pujara .For instance ,as of now Rohit with 43+ avg: is batting in one dayers, who knows either one among these extremely talented youngsters would straight away be a success and start avg:ing in the 50s . But for that they need to be given enough chances to prove their worth first hand. The thought of Sachin comes to mind.He had to wait for 70 inns & 4 years to get his favourite opening spot in one dayers .Mediocres Jadeja & Srikkanth were opening for India till that time.
  2. The moral of India's policy is 'not to relate with a 'terror' sponsoring nation' as much as possible if not fully avoidable'.That is why India avoids bilaterals with Pakistan completely , but plays in ICC events because otherwise they will loose points that affects chances as a whole in the particular tournament. Personally I don't find anything wrong in it .
  3. Yeah .......just like you treated SL cricket team in 2009. Especially the treatment given to Samaraweera was royal. And the trials for that incident was conducted years back in 1989 when a maniac spectator entered the pitch and tried to attack then Indian captain Srikanth.Some fellow Indian players had to resort to physically handle that man to ensure Srikanth's safety. Also hope you would be well aware of an incident of an one day match with India completely abandoned due to crowd trouble in 1989 in your country, because of Pakistan tottering at 25/3 or so .
  4. Ravindra Jadeja deserves a Top 6 slot

    3647 runs in 50 first class matches & 73 inns with 5 not outs in 'non test' first class matches.That means an avg: of 53.63 & runs/inns of 49.96 .This include 4 double 100s of which 3 are tripples & a total of 8 100s. The above is the basic data that convince me about the match temperament of Jadeja.It is not a bit inflated by high percentage of not outs.On a par with any top order batsman in our first class cricket.When several top order batsmen like Dhawan,Rohit,Pujara,Karun Nair,Mukund etc etc are given chances after chances despite proving mediocre in various countries Jadeja at the least deserves a chance to prove his worth.To think that Pujara despite having been mediocre as of now in 3 alien countries AUS,NZL & ENG and yet having played 50+ tests in top order and yet Jadeja didn't get enough chances is a bit strange.
  5. Ravindra Jadeja deserves a Top 6 slot

    In the same match, 'the second coming of Dravid' Pujara(also the cornerstone around which India's home victories are built) & another ex international player Uthappa were dismissed cheaply for the team to struggle at 59/3 or so.Taking all these into accounts I don't think Jadeja's effort was mediocre.
  6. Ravindra Jadeja deserves a Top 6 slot

    Not sure about 3 because it demands skill to tackle new ball irrespective of conditions. But a batsman avg:ing 53.63 surely deserves atleast 6th spot & atleast in home conditions.
  7. Combined Indo Pak All Time ODI Team

    Zaheer was the only player from those difficult 80s whose one day record stood in comparison with Viv.And he played test matches too unlike Yuvraj.
  8. Have been of this opinion for a while.Today's 201 while his team was struggling at 59/3 or something like that , that too with proven top order players Pujara & Uthappa dismissed cheaply says a lot about his test match temperament. He avg:s a very good 45.12 in 82 first class matches & 121 inns as of now.if we remove test match stats from these, it comes down to 3647 runs in 50 first class matches & 73 inns with 5 not outs.That means an avg: of 53.63 & runs/inns of 49.96 .This include 4 double 100s of which 3 are tripples & a total of 8 100s. Another important fact is that, of his 15 not out scores 10 are in test cricket & 5 only in other first class matches .Yet avg:ing a mammoth 53.63 shows his very good big inns temperament which has until now been not properly utilized in test cricket.And he is not yet into his peak years. More over he is a left hander too. On the other hand Ashwin, whose first class avg: is more or less the same as his test avg: is being played at the 6th slot.Ashwin avg:s 35.2 in first class matches other than tests with only 2 100s while Jadeja avg:s 53.63 in first class matches other than tests with 8 100s. Sample size for Ashwin is 53 inns & 13 not outs where as it is 73 inns & only 5 not outs for Jadeja.And runs/inns of Ashwin is 26.57 while that of Jadeja is 49.96 !!!!!!!!!! So basically the first class record (other than tests) of Jadeja is far better compared to that of Ashwin.Yet he plays below Ashwin in tests despite being a left hander too.
  9. Combined Indo Pak All Time ODI Team

    Sachin Saurav Virat Miandad Zaheer Abbas Dhoni Kapil Afridi // bottle top Khan discarded.Afridi was a great one day leg spin all rounder Akram //both Akram & Waqar despite aided by some levels of tampering are still good enough than any other choices. Waqar Saqlain reserves : Sehwag,Yuvraj,Imran,Dravid
  10. Is Murali Vijay's form a matter of concern?

    There is no denying the fact that MV has been the best opener in the 3 most toughest places for India namely AUS,SAF & ENG combined.An avg: of 44+ in 24 inns in these 3 places is a seriously good track record.To add to it he avg:ed 37 in his last tour of SAF(2 tests only though) where he is at his worst with an avg: of 29.33. Means, his skills to do the job at hand is never in doubt. But the problem is his fitness & form.
  11. Is Murali Vijay's form a matter of concern?

    Having said all these things, MV avg:s a very good 44.17 from 24 inns in AUS,ENG & SAF combined.Of these , it is only in SAF that he is not that good with a 29.33 avg: .In NZL where MV is really bad with a 12 avg:( only 4 inns though) , Dhawan who avg:s 52+ will be the better choice.That means even Pujara having been very good in SAF along with Kohli & Rahane , if Rahul becomes a success in SAF, then MV can feed off from these four batsmen to be good/very good in SAF so that the top 5 performs well as a unit in SAF. But for that, the main criteria is to Rahul become a success there. Also Vijay himself need to be in his best form .
  12. With Indias' most important assignments coming up(abroad tests) , one of the most important elements (which deceides the flow of all inns & there by the series itself) in the form of one of the opening slots poses a lot of questions, precisely Murali Vijay.He is already past 33.5 years old.In the last 2 years he avg:ed just over 35 in 22 inns or so.And he is not in the best of forms in the on going Ranji trophy either.His only positives w.r.t toughest assignments are his past records in ENG & AUS.More over he is a right hander too that lessens variety if Rahul is the other opener. These being the facts, is he worth a place in the side for SAF tour? Are their other worthy alternatives??Discuss.
  13. Can we beat SA in SA in the upcoming test series?

    depends... if all things fall in its place.Got to be lucky with the toss(Keep in mind that batting first on 2 toss winning occasions , then posting descent totals of around 350 on both occasions , then winning by a few paltry runs due to 4rth inns score board pressure can do the trick despite SAF winning the other test by even an inns) . Then choice of the bowling need to be the most perfect. Jadeja & Kuldeep are key to success, I think, because SAF is traditionally weaker against both type of bowling.
  14. Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    Not the greatest.... but definitely one of the greatest. An ATG one day batsman especially a brilliant chaser & finisher, a good test batsman, a great wicket keeper, a great captain - All combined he is definitely one.But he is behind Sachin Kapil Dravid Sunil in that order...
  15. Lanka deserves a lot of credit.....especially beating Pakistan in UAE is not an easy job.Seems like Lanka played with a nothing to loose mentality after that series loss with India. Herath.... old wine ....a champion bowler....

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