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  1. Top 10 cricketers of the last 40 years

    Just can't believe these OTT comments w.r.t placing Ponting just slightly above SG. SG only scored a single century (147*) against that FAB 4. And in that entire tour he avg:ed only 30+ that too with this 147* score.That is why I maintains that SG despite being a brilliant player of fast bowling was a bit over hyped.Agreed , when compared to Ponting he belonged to a weaker team & he was an opener too.But Ponting scored some 3000+ more runs in his career.At one stage after scoring around 10250 runs(SG has only 10125 runs and when he retired he was way past 38 years old) his avg: stood at 58.5.And Ponting too had to withstand top quality bowlers during his time like Wasim.Waqar,Saqlain,Akhtar,Ambrose,Walsh,Donald,Pollock,Ntini,Dale Steyn,Kumble,Murali etc etc.Ponting was very aggressive too. Yeah... despite all these merits & demerits each of these 2 possessed , I don't mind any body placing SG over Ponting as a pure test batsman. But it is in one dayers that Ponting is convincingly better to SG for me. Scored some 10000+ runs more than SG,avg:ed 7 more & had a str; rate of 18+ more.Agreed that SG played in an era which was slightly more bowler friendly than what was the case with Ponting.Also agreed SG was an opener in onedayers too.But yet the difference is clearly evident.And in SG's period batsmen like Greenidge,Haynes,Lloyd,Richards,Miandad,Zaheer Abbas,Greg Chappel,Dean Jones etc had clearly better one day figures than SG.That means SG's fall in performance when compared to his test exploits was not a general case either.And Ponting was a great world cup player too. All in all, in the end, I select a batsman who was great in 2 formats over another one who was great in one format but only 'very good' at the best in another format
  2. Top 10 cricketers of the last 40 years

    During his tampering years in pre multi camera days , did Imran's 'call for neutral umpires' go for a hiding ?? Towards the fag end of his career with almost nothing to lose personally, he called for neutral umpires? So what is the big deal in it ?Any way, to believe that even with neutral umpires around ,Imran didn't go on with his expert methods atleast in minimal levels is naive.
  3. Top 10 cricketers of the last 40 years

    Did I say Gavaskar wasn't a great batsman? Taking both merits & demerits of both Ponting & Gavaskar & analysing them, I consider Ponting slightly better, may be by a few inches.That's it
  4. Top 10 cricketers of the last 40 years

    It is not gymnastic twisting and bending or some thing like that ,it's just analysing & evaluating 2 contemporary players based on the various contexts they played in. Bias towards Imran?? For your info:, in my teens I adored him like any thing. yes that 87 series loss in IND & the one day series loss after that hurt a lot that time .But naturally that hatred towards the opposition captain grew up into respect & admiration with time.After all greatness transcends all boundaries.Isn't it? That adoration was so severe that I purchased his 'All round view' book for very high cost that time.Those days I placed him as the best all rounder of the FAB 4 because in those days it was just about averages for me.Once, when he admitted to resorting to using bottle top once in a county match I just thought he was being sincere to himself and trusted his word 'once'.After that, in one of the TV programmes, Maninder singh was seen briefing about that 83 series of India in Pakistan.I still remember him saying the balls bowled by Pakistani bowlers curving like a banana in that seriees & hence questioning their methods.It is then that the seeds of doubts were created in my mind and I started to seriously doubt Imran.When Aamer Sohail came up with strong allegations against Imran after that world cup loss in 2011 , Imran's gradually diminishing legacy in my mind took a severe beating that day.That prompted me to browse the net w.r.t this a lot more.I could come across testimonies of various eminent people w.r.t Imran's tampering methods. And ever since , I have been coming across various articles w.r.t the same.Naturally the once blind adoration has turned into genuine hatred towards that cheater.If I didn't admire Imran that much, I wouldn't have intensely hated him either.And to think that a lot of results were achieved thru such illegal methods .... I can't describe to you the feeling. I recently went thru the score card of that Sharjah final where Javed hit that last ball six. I have serious doubts of that match too after viewing the score card.All in all it is not bias with out genuine reasons. W.R.T Gavaskar-Ponting, the details you gave w.r.t Ponting are new to me.It takes a little glow off Ponting's credentials.Yet I still feel he was slightly better to SG all in all.Ponting was a lot more aggressive, he was convincingly better than SG in one dayers , SG was not that legendary against Windies FAB 4 as it is hyped up etc etc stand as my reasons. Now w.r.t 'support bowling strength' factor of which you have accused as ' gymnastic twisting and bending' , the recently concluded IND-SL series emphatically confirms my belief even more than ever.Herath who is a borderline great of the game & who was reaping bucket full of wkts till recently came a cropper against this strong Indian unit.He was not fully fit either due to non top cricket.In such a scenario what he desperately needed & what he thoroughly deserved(being the great servant to SL cricket that he has been) against the Indians was a strong support bowling unit from which he can feed off.But it didn't happen and his stats seriously suffered in this series.On the other hand a rookie Hardik Pandya who avg:es only 34 as a bowler even in first class cricket ended up with 23.75 bowl avg: while feeding off from the bowling exploits of certified bowling greats in 'subcontinent conditions' Jadeja & Ashwin.I thinks of in the lines as to what would have been their bowling avg:s ,had Herath been in India camp & Hardik in SL camp. I am sure the difference in avg:s for both players would have been convincingly larger.So, with out taking such contexts into account ,I think it is foolish to evaluate players based on their avg:s only.
  5. 3rd Test : SL v IND | 12th AUG 10PM IST | pallekele

    hats off . ..... brilliant performance.....to convincingly beat this Lankan team 3- 0 who inturn whitewashed AUS team not so long ago. Yet it would be more satisfying if IND put up atleast some fight in away tours of AUS,SAF,ENG & NZL.
  6. Hardik Pandya scored his first test century

    i think it's too early to over estimate him.But one plus point in his favour as a batsman is that he can score too quickly & have the ability to use brute force to hit even slow bowlers to the cleaners. He can use these two factors positively in every conditions & if he has the required technique to with stand those swinging & bouncing deliveries he can score adequate runs every where
  7. Top 10 cricketers of the last 40 years

    that is the same thing I am asking to you.What are you even talking about ?? i have brought the names Botham,Imran & Chappel in my msg: . And I have said a few things relating these 3 persons in that msg:. There is a reason as to why I am not at all interested to reply to emotional Pakistani like you. First do one thing... try to comprehend what I tried to convey thru my earlier post w.r.t these 3 names.
  8. Really surprised to see Pujara leading others by such big margin in the poll. Infact he has the worst record in ENG,AUS,SAF,NZL & WI combined as of now.
  9. Top 10 cricketers of the last 40 years

    i think it was Sarfraz Nawaz who passed it over to Imran.Again, the most important matter here is not 'to give credit for introducing some thing new', but whether that introduction is thru fair,ethical & legal tactics.
  10. Top 10 cricketers of the last 40 years

    I would have credited Imran if he achieved reverse swing with out these unfair tactics.That is plain cheating.No 2 ways about it. Each and every player do not come with lists? Is it ? Botham or Lamb or Smith or Sandhu or Maninder has not come with lists till now.And what ever is the case with these lists, there is some thing with in our mind that strictly asks us to accept things based on merits.Based on that I personally can't accept some one's greatness as such which was boosted by cheating .Any way as i earlier said each to their own.
  11. Top 10 cricketers of the last 40 years

    Agreed that reverse swing is possible with out tampering.Bowlers of post 2000 are able to reverse the ball too , but definitely not even closer to the levels that was possible in the 90s & and even more in the 80s .Using external objects like bottle tops to alter the shape of the ball is illegal & unethical , which ever way we look at it. In the case of Imran , it is not one or 2 people who have accused him of this evil, infact several,even his own country men. The final nail on the coffin was stuck by Rameez Raja ,who put forward an article in cricinfo as to 'how this tampering was some sort of patent material of the Pakistanis just like sledging was that of Aussies & whining as that of the English.Once Ian Botham was asked as to why he did not include Imran in his list of 'top 50 sportsmen' Botham's reply was that " No, he wouldn't get close. Wasn't good enough. It's not a personal thing. He just wasn't good enough."On another instance he quoted 'now the best thing Imran can do is to keep his mouth shut because he has already done enough damage to this game'. And it is well known about the animosity between Botham & Imran that we would be prone to believe this opinion as a result of that animosity.But another fact is that Botham & Ian Chappel were the most bitter enemies so much so that Botham even once stated some thing in the lines of 'Chappel being non existant as a human'.But yet when Chappel was asked to pick his list of all rounders, he picked Botham in his list some where at the top.That is the result of acceptance of 'genuine great ness' despite such bitter disliking. On the other hand Botham didn't pick Imran .Naturally,from all these testimonies one is inclined to believe in the ' levels' that Imran was indulged in these 'methods'. And tampering might has been done by other bowlers too.But that doesn't make it an ok matter.Cheating is unfair, which ever way we look at it.But Kapil was one of the bowlers who did not resort to this unfair tactic.My stance is to give extra credit to fair play & ethics rather than to discredit it. Any way each to their own
  12. Kohli far too inconsistent in tests?

    Kohli is doing perfectly ok for a batsman playing all 3 formats.He is easily the best one day & t20 batsman of this era.Might be, the traits of that aggressive batting that makes him such a great limited overs player is having its negative influence on Kohli the test batsman.Yes... he can polish his test technique a bit more w.r.t areas where he is not that strong.But still it is too much a task to expect a 55+ bat avg: in tests from him(50+ is practically possible for him). Other than that he is ok .
  13. Top 10 cricketers of the last 40 years

    leave aside all the other matters,it is surprising that you are completely neglecting the tampering allegations against him,let alone by several of his contemporary cricket related people but even by his country men like Aamer Sohail & Rameez Raja. His own career track is a testimony to this factor.After first 9 years of mediocrity , suddenly turning out to be a super human bowler churning out sub 15 avg:s series after series.I have never ever seen such a strange career record apart from that of Imran.
  14. what right has the BCCI to block Sreesanth from playing again?? The court has deceided that he is innocent.Ofcourse, i hate his antics as any thing, and he should not be brought any way near national team because he is not of international calibre.But he has every right to earn a living by playing some sort of cricket.
  15. In tests only it is Rahane. He has the most rounded avg:s in all non sun continent countries. In subcontinent, he is ok too.Kohli needs to improve his ENG record vastly. Pujara as of now is only avg: in non subcontinent.Rahul has long way to go. Vijay has far less an over all avg:.

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