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  1. rtmohanlal

    Who should be next India coach?

    Dav Whatmore would be a good option...
  2. Whatmore is a good coaching option ..... That SL team which won the cup was coached by him. I think he has been a master at tracing out the perfect combination for each and every match situation and condition.With the emerging talent at our disposal , I think he can build a ' 20 player group' for each and every match .
  3. rtmohanlal

    Importance of all rounders

    yes... Other than that, that moron Shastri has been associated with the game for decades. Yet when the final came he couldn't judge as to whether the pitch was a better seam/spin pitch. He played 2 spinners on the pitch and what not the 2 bowlers who troubled NZL thru out the previous NZL series Shami & Kuldeep were discarded.
  4. rtmohanlal

    Shreyas Iyer's whining continues.

    he should have been persisted with .... he was doing alright for a beginner when he was discarded. Then the moron Sastri brought in Rayudu from no where and made the whole thing a mess.
  5. rtmohanlal

    Importance of all rounders

    genuine all rounders like the FAB 4 are not that easy and precisely they are don't needed in ODIs . We had Pandya, Jadeja in the final and they performed better than a specialist 'Chahal' in the same. That shows these 'at the least bits and pieces' are enough to complement specialists if right choices are made as per the conditions. What proved vital was the ultimate incompetency of the moron drunkard coach who went with Kartik & Bhuvi when there were more conducive players .Another thing has been the very rigid nature of the batting unit that almost every one is well aware of. No experienced left handed batsman(if 3 of the top 6 are left handers then that much better) even to replace the already singular out going 'Dhawan' . No grafter with compact technique( likes of Dravid) who can arrest a collapse and rebuild the inns.Above all lack of a highly competent coach who knew all these things and 'made a top order of say 10 batsmen based on that' by the time the event was about to start. The end result has been that TOP3 has been padding up stats after stats by playing even in literally every inconsequential match which benefited them only.This is ODI where a lot of flexibility in batting order should be adopted as per the conditions and match situations . Unfortunately the captain and coach developed a top 6 which was exactly the opposite.
  6. rtmohanlal

    COA must go

    should go AEAP . The sooner that ugly pig is kicked out of the 'players influence', the better it is for the team and us ordinary fans.
  7. rtmohanlal

    Shreyas Iyer's whining continues.

    is he somebody with a technique similar to that of Steven Smith ? ...... then there is no need to bother at all if he gets selected, i feel
  8. first this COA that consists of undeserving parasite pigs should be dissolved at the earliest.The damages that could be done by these undeserving pigs in the long run can be massive. GOD alone knows as to what amount of damage this has already inflicted because of Hardik getting devoid of the 'valuable experience of 8 alien condition SENA matches before the cup'.
  9. the team obtained these results despite shastri as coach
  10. tht's why i said there is ' general dislike of them not doing well'. This 'rude and arrogant attitude'
  11. rtmohanlal

    Take a bow Sir Jadeja

    His spot always has been reserved in my team.He can be that 1 vital element of the team who can contribute in any of the disciplines on any given day.That's why it has been foolish to discard him some what after that CT final in 2017. Infact he should be promoted up the order in batting , atleast to 6th spot. He can be that 'anchor role' at the 5th position I believe .Still some 7.5-8 years left .
  12. it is basically not hate , but a dislike of that 'particular country achieving some thing'. Every one with basic common sense can understand that current generation English has nothing to do with the doings of their ancestors. Human considerations would always be there I suppose
  13. rtmohanlal

    Ben Stokes - hero of WC 2019

    definitely ... Stokes played some of the best impact inns of this world cup of which the highlight was the knock in the final. THough the likes of Rohit ,Warner were the top scorers numerically , the impact of his knocks makes Stokes one of the front runners for the 'best batsman title' of this world cup. But his bowling was a bit off. As for Stokes-Pandya , I think we need to be patient with Pandya. He is far lesser experienced when compared to Stokes and that showed.More over , the interference of that ugly parasite edulji deprived him of valuable experience by making him miss 8 matches in AUS+NZL combined.That would have made him a lot more equipped to handle these ENG conditions .In hindsight of that mere 18 runs loss in semi , who knows India wouldn't have won the trophy had Pandya not missed 'those 8 matches on the trot'?? Any way , the talent is there.He would definitely improve with experience.
  14. rtmohanlal

    Can someone explain the rationale of these rules

    what to explain??? some dumb asses in ICC made these rules .... plain & clear...
  15. cricket is a game played mostly by England and its former colonies, right?? I literally just meant that ony . where ever they ruled , they employed these dirty , unethical & cunning tricks.

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