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  1. rtmohanlal

    Pujara's county performance thread

    second coming of Dravid????????? thhpooooo .... might be the second coming of Devang Gandhi
  2. rtmohanlal

    Kapil Dev's stint as coach in 1999-2000

    a coach how ever great a player he used to be, can only work on the team given to him. that tour was a disaster because of a mediocre team coming against an ATG team.Apart from Sachin who avg:ed 46+, no body avg:ed even 40.What has Kapil to do with it.??? Was Kapil supposed to teach Dravid,Ganguly,Laxman,Siddhu,MSK Prasad,Kanitkar,Devang Gandhi etc etc about technical aspects of batting??And as if the likes of Agarkar, V.Prasad etc etc turned out to be ATG bowlers under the coaching of other coaches.... Keep in mind mediocrity would blossom only to that much, however great a coach coaches them. And your accusations about personnel characteristics of Kapil..... nothing to say.
  3. rtmohanlal

    will there be another bowler ever as good as McGrath?

    seems you people can't get sleep with out unnecessary creating at the least small disturbances like these when coming to any thing related with India.No wonder, that is in your blood.Isn'it????
  4. rtmohanlal

    Pujara's county performance thread

    if this hack is selected to play for India again cricket loving supporters across whole of India should come together in masses and conduct intense protests country wide be it thru social media, public gatherings etc etc. Indian team is not Kohli's or Shastri 's private property so that they can go on acting any nonsenses and getting away with it. If this waste of a thick skinned player is allowed to continue in the team he is going to be the main reason w.r.t losing lots of tests abroad.
  5. rtmohanlal

    Kapil Dev's stint as coach in 1999-2000

    who better than Kapil to give advice w.r.t how to bowl in AUS?????? Kapil was a monster in AUS. So having known the amount of natural bounce in AUS pitches , it is only sensible that Kapil advised that way.
  6. rtmohanlal

    Remember the date 2018-June-18?

    spot on.. Kohli need to do more in big pressure chases to be considered as the GOAT chaser in one dayers.Apart from that world cup 2011 knock(good one but not a great knock) I don't remember him playing any high pressure great knock . He has played 2 knocks in semi finals( 58* & 96* vs Srilanka & BAN respectively) in champions trophy.But these 2 are not adequate enough because of the contexts of those knocks. Some people consider him bigger than Sachin in chasing. Sachin has played several substantial chasing knocks in prestige knock outs and against quality attacks, Kohli is slightly better in finishing in mammoth chases in lesser pressure situations.That's all. Lack of adequate 3+ team tournaments now a days don't help Kohli's legacy either
  7. rtmohanlal

    Remember the date 2018-June-18?

    as if every team in the history of the game that chased before that match in big finals always won the matches.Did I say it was not about pressure???????? India needed to bat first in the match.Simple
  8. rtmohanlal

    Remember the date 2018-June-18?

    then why you failed to chase in the first match against India despite it being a league match only???????? there in lies the answer 'PRESSURE' of big match occasion.Every Indian school kid knew what to do with winning the toss in a final except that fool Kohli.
  9. rtmohanlal

    Remember the date 2018-June-18?

    yes ..... clearly remember the day ....... the day Kohli committed the biggest blunder of his cricketing career till date. Winning the toss and fielding first, especially forgetting 2 facts 1. the same Pakistani team was thrashed in the first match by batting first 2. It was a final and that his predecessor Ganguly had committed this blunder in 2003 world cup final(at least that case has a consolation in that it was against an ATG team).Here the mistake he committed was childish.
  10. Another proven failure of 37 tests. I don't know what team management's real intention is??????????? Now and then they get chances to test fresh talents like the test against Afghanistan, dead rubber matches, matches against lower ranked teams etc etc. Instead of giving chances to fresh faces to test their abilities, they persist with proven failures like Ishant,Umesh,Karthick,Rohit,Pujara etc etc.What sort of common sense is this?????????
  11. Yes... the most important thing they would have learned is not to make OTT chest thumping statements like spinners better than proven oppostion spinners etc .They should leave that to Bangladesh players
  12. Mr:Vishwanath seems to have forgotten watching India cricket matches for years now
  13. rtmohanlal

    Manjrekar: Pujara , a proven failure in overseas.

    Spot on Sanjay ..... now would wipe out a fair share from the 'hatred against you' for blindly worshipping that chronic tamperor Imran Khan for speaking such a sensible matter. This proven failure has played around 60 test matches.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hard to imagine. As if this hack is the only one other than 'the selected elite' to have been holding a bat in the country.
  14. this was a golden oppertunity to test a youngster like Iyer,Gill or Shaw instead of that proven failure hack Pujara. Instead he was called back from county to play in this test. Just can't digest what these selecters are thinking and doing ....
  15. rtmohanlal

    ESPN Cricinfo test XI in last 25 years

    Graeme smith should replace Hayden... Sehwag too is not up to the mark...... but among right handed openers he was the better of the lot.Other wise Chris Gayle too has better all round record than him as an opener In a world eleven my 2 test openers would definitely be Gavaskar and Graeme Smith
  16. rtmohanlal

    Pujara's county performance thread

    prostitute speaking about chastity....
  17. rtmohanlal

    Does India need Pandya for England test series?

    give this guy more chances.... he has potential as he showed with that 93 vs SAF. And he is a skiddy customer with the ball.With more swing getting in ENG, he could be successful in bowling too.
  18. rtmohanlal

    Pujara's county performance thread

    at the cost of making all other Indians unhappy
  19. rtmohanlal

    Pujara's county performance thread

    so pathetic
  20. rtmohanlal

    Congratulations to Afghanistan !!!

    And with out Kohli too, India need to be at their very best.
  21. rtmohanlal

    Ishant Sharma county performance thread

    spot on ..... seeing him bowling a yorker for the first time. If so can it be that he has added that surprise element.?Otherwise he was too predictable and one dimensional
  22. I was going thru the results data and it caught my attention that one nation could never win against another home or abroad till now. To be more precise take Lanka. All right they have never won in India, but in Lanka they have won against us.Similarly we have never won a series in AUS,but we have won against them in India multiple times. But this case is so strange never able to win either at home, let alone abroad. Name the 2 nations....
  23. rtmohanlal

    Ahahahahaha - Lets take a moment and laugh at Bangladesh

    some things never change.... they never take T20s seriously???????? Yet to win even a tri series one day tournament... It seems there is no bottom level to their delusions.
  24. rtmohanlal

    Congratulations to Afghanistan !!!

    India should not be complacent at all. This Afghan team has serious talent.
  25. rtmohanlal

    Ahahahahaha - Lets take a moment and laugh at Bangladesh

    Hope these sort of defeats make Bangladesh players and their fans to be realistic and not over react in either wins or defeats.

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