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  1. Another parasite or leech that sucks the blood of (feeds on the emotions of) millions of cricket enthusiasts across the nation.Shastri is nothing more than that.
  2. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    some posters stupidity have no limits. Comparing a veteran undisputed one day great whose whole set of inns cover each and every trait required of a complete one day batting great to a youngster who has a lot to prove.
  3. If he requested for better schedule and was rejected ,that shows one thing only...he was money minded just like BCCI.Sastri was one of the players with limited talent but made the most of that thru sheer practice.That being the case, he should have known even more the ill effects of several practice matches before a SAF tour.Yet despite being helpless and being well aware of the consequences of lack of practice, he continued being coach.That means he too is at guilt.
  4. I am speaking from a 'spectator's point of view'. I think Shastri 'the coach' is related to BCCI, isn't it?And he would have known these fixtures way back then.Being a responsible person and being some one who played at the highest level he should have made aware of the BCCI officials regarding the ill effects of such densely packed useless SL series and there by resultant lack of time for preparation and practise matches before sucj an important SAF tour. What was he smoking then???????? He didn't do that means he either succumbed to the 'money minded attitude' of BCCI or he has been such an ignorant person.So he too is highly responsible for this chaos.
  5. " Every child knows that lack of practice can influence results.What blocked you from involving in those exercises??????? " Then you asking me as to what has he done wrong??????????
  6. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    yes... 'bowling friendly' when compared to this decade.No more to pen..My previous 2 posts contain all my reasons.
  7. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    Doesn't change my opinion even by a little bit.Just picking a few knocks and gloryfing str: rate does not do. Keep in mind str: rate is per 100 balls. So Butler's almost 38.5 avg: & 117 str:rate means he scores 38.5 runs in almost 33 balls. Dhoni scores 51.5 runs in almost 58 balls. So more or less both are same in pure stats. But Dhoni scored those runs a decade back in more bowling friendly conditions in general. And all other things are convincingly in Dhoni's favour. So no comparison as of now.
  8. this fraud need to be kicked out .Now coming with excuses.Every child knows that lack of practice can influence results.What blocked you from involving in those exercises???????
  9. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    MS Dhoni by a country mile reasons Dhoni has almost completed his full cycle of cricketing career.Butler has not even finished 1/3rd of his career Dhoni leads Butler by almost 13 runs in avg:,Butler leads Dhoni convincingly in str: rate though.But Dhoni's stats need to analysed based on almost a decade back yardstick of tougher batting conditions though. Then come the most important facts that tilts it completely in favour of Dhoni. Dhoni has been a big match player,a great chaser & finisher, a great aggressor towards the end of an inns all rolled into one. To add to that he has been an expert in rotating the strike with tailenders in chasing and finishing matches. And has been good in alien conditions too. And in tests Dhoni has convincingly better record. And he has been a brilliant captain too.
  10. Kohli definitely needs to improve his pathetic record a lot in ENG.But I don't think Holding's criteria to judge greatness is ok .By that yardstick a lot of players till date have loopholes in their records.
  11. Kohli India's greatest ever batsman !!!!!!!!!!!!!!....even a school kid has got cricketing sense than this author
  12. a cycle of abroad tours has been badly influenced by this 'one down' mediocre.Such a vital position of 'being a bridge between openers and middle order stroke players' getting possessed by such a waste player.And then we wonder as to why we get thrashed in abroad tours. Frankly I always always wanted this guy gradually get dropped out of the team by team management gradually grooming some promising highly talented youngsters.Now he has himself made it easy.
  13. we must keep in mind that the incidents you indicated are far different from what Pandya did in the previous test.Yes... Kapil threw his wkt away, but it was his style of play & method.That's why he could score so many quality runs against high class bowling on a lot of other occasions.Sometimes it fails.
  14. Some people who are blaming Kapil for bloking Sreenath and other youngsters, need to check Kapil's series wise record towards the end of his career.Kapil was such a legendary all rounder who adjusted emphatically to all adversities he had to cope with thru out his career.When ever he realised(especially towards the end of his career with an aging body) that the heavy work load & lack of support bowling was not at all going to help him, he took out his one day expertise into play and checked the run rate effectively.That's why I rate him so highly, infact the best of the FAB 4 of 80s.Kapil's bat avg: was not built by playing umpteen not outs when every tom dick and harry could buy some cheap runs especially against weaker teams, but by scoring quality runs in a murderous manner in the company of tail enders when every body failed & also against great bowling units with the team in dire straits .Nor did he resort to cheap tactics like ball tampering like the 'padosi Kaptaan' and some others of his times.
  15. thanks a lot mate.... genuine dashing allrounder taking the team from 31/6 (still trailing by 32 runs or so) to a lead of some 150 single handedly against great bowling in toughest conditions.That was Kapil dev.Even if a few boundaries, it is worth watching.
  16. longevity,more or less uniform record in all countries,more or less uniform record against all countries, a lot of aggressive inns, a lot of defensive inns, not much difference between home and away record,good track record against all sorts of bowling, great record against best team of their period especially away, brilliant in one dayers too with almost all said above factors inclusive etc etc .I am sure the list may have a lot other factors too.
  17. no way..... this 900 pts is one among several factors only. That's all.Let he first rectify his record in ENGLAND. That's so pathetic a record.
  18. It's so pathetic that multi millionaire cricket board and people associated with it have to resort to past players for regrouping the team.
  19. Not the worst .... but an average captain.
  20. What Kapil said is correct.Pandya's mistake was an 'upper primary kid' act.Hope he never repeat that again.
  21. Having watched the bowling performance of both the teams, it seems that toss has played a major role.Generally bowling was on top as of now when compared to batting for both teams.Had India won the toss on both occassions , it would have been a lot better for India.Discuss
  22. The right lessons to take from this series

    1. Never expect much from these money minded frauds .Going to get disappointed on more occasions than not 2.Unless super talented like FAB 5 of the 90s(even then there was Ganguly & 'Gambhir to some extend'),select a left hand- right hand combination of batsmen(preferably 3-3).It's a basic knowledge that left-right batsmen at the crease make life lot more easier by disturbing the rhythm of bowlers a bit. 3, Kick out proven failures who has failed in 3 out of 4 alien countries in their first tours like Pujara,Dhawan,Rohit etc.They are bound to fail than not in subsequent tours too. 4.Add a few left handed quality fast bowlers to the squad. 5, Change the mindset of players and make them to be positive all times at the crease with out worrying about failures.
  23. The only country which did remain for him to fail...SAF .... now the table is full.... just kick this guy out who has no game sense,no talent, no technique and no flexibility.Extreme wastage of crores of money in a land where crores live below the powerty line.
  24. Saying it for the umpteenth time ... kick this waste Pujara out of the team for ever.....Not even have game sense.
  25. Fab 4

    These '5 together' has unarguably been the best top order India have ever produced.Even the last 2 in the group, Sehwag & Saurav were brilliant in their own. Sehwag though was moderate in ENG,NZL &SAF(a lot of blame has to go to team management for this because it was not lack of talent or technique that caused such record) was literally a beast in other countries.Ganguly avg:ed almost 35+ in AUS,ENG,SAF,WI. In NZL where he avg:ed 27+, it has a lot to do with that 2002 beastly bowling conditions. This despite being the captain of the team .And the FAB 5 faced much superior bowling attacks in general. When compared to these 5, the current group are pedestrians.

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