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  1. to be frank , i had not yet thought about in the same lines w.r.t bowlers. BUT yet, when it comes to batting, avg:ing above 40 ,especially in alien countries for a subcontinental batsman is of high value .If Sehwag could avg: 30+ in either any 1 of nzl,eng or saf , i would certainly have considered him an ATG batsman because his other records are too huge to have compensated for his sub 30 avg:s in just 2 countries.
  2. i accept that Sehwag ' re-defined test match batting as an opener'. But is his way off performances in 3 of the 5 alien countries ( saf,eng & nzl) not a matter of serious flaw in his career stats?
  3. Sehwag would be the majority choice because of his vast superior one day records, i suppose. But in tests it is not a 'joke' as you feel. Younis has way more balanced records in really foreign countries.
  4. A great feat by a great test batsman.One of the most unpleasing batsmen to watch.But he is such a gritty customer. Also his one day record too is very modest to favourably compare him with a lot of his contemporaries. Yet a great achievement. Kudos to Younis Khan
  5. PCB set to take legal action against BCCI

    come on PCB ...tell your national terrorists to conduct few more 'blast' like activities across the border. That will speed up 'BCCI's thought process ' to have matches with PAK at the earliest.Then you can have much more authentic claims to take up the issue even at the UN level.
  6. absolute rubbish.team should be selected only on merit.
  7. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    If these were pre 'multi camera & neutral umpire' days bottle 'topper' Khan would have taken the ball along with him in regular breaks and returned with a spell of 4 or 5 wkts in a heap immediately after the breaks.Now padosi bowlers are struggling to repeat the same thing and hence the results.
  8. no need to give undue importance to these head to heads.This is because they are influenced by a lot of various factors .Your opening post itself holds the answers.
  9. How could Kapil thwart the selection of Shekhar? Kapil was the lone quality seam bowler in the team.That means there were other bowling spots too in the team. And Shekhar when first came into scene , Kapil would most probably have been a new comer with at the most a few years of experience. How can such a player influence another player getting into the team? Doesn't make sense.
  10. cOMP Comparing 'batsmen having superstitions' & 'being them devotees of Saibaba' and their effects with those of ball tampering.... heights of logic...that is what all i can say . Yaa...Rameez picked Imran in his eleven despite writing such an article on PAK ball tampering.This is because Rameez firstly describes clearly 'ball tampering' as some patent material of PAK bowlers and then he justifies 'ball tampering' as a nothing wrong act.That is why he picked Imran in his eleven. Here the core of Rameez's article is the 'intense level of tampering' PAK bowlers had been doing since several decades. Rameez may find it 'ok' but not a lot others who believes in fair play
  11. Sachin Tendulkar or Vivian Richards?

    Viv Richards was the better batsman when compared to Sachin. This because Viv never wore a helmet and avg:ed +50 @ 70 str: rate. In one dayers he was so ahead of his contemporaries. So all combined he was better to Sachin.
  12. Top 5 asian cricketers

    My choices 1. Sachin Tendulkar - much longevity than any body else in the most difficult discipline(batting) in both formats of the game ,good to great avg:s in all the countries he played in & that too in both the formats, had to withstand intense pressure than any player who played the game , wide range of shots, adept at playing all sorts of bowling ,playing different sorts of inns as per the situation whether it be defensive or aggressive, pleasing to the eye, at his very best against the best team of his time(AUS), has great world cup records in one dayers, great tournament knock out stats in one dayers,played in one of the most bowler freindly decades (90s) etc etc .All these traits are reflected in the batting stats he has achieved. To add to that a useful bowler who took 200 wkts. All achieved always thru fair tactics.Yet a humble player. 2 . Kapil dev - I am sure , this will surely raise a few eye brows. But , here are my reasons.the best all rounder India has produced.His stats need to be evaluated based against the context he played in. In test bowling he had to withstand tremendous workload(first 62 tests in just 5 years & 5 months & took 247 wkts, first 88 tests in just 8 years & 6 months),lone quality bowler India had( now a days we see how Indian bowlers like Jadeja & Ashwin compliment each other that gets reflected in their stats.Also we see how quality players from weak teams are forced to withstand intense pressure when the team is in a losing streak in series.The current IND-ENG series is a prime example of this ). In Kapil's days there were no bowlers with adequate quality or longevity even in home tests to support him. So his bowling avg: need to be evaluated based on his longevity,work density & support bowling strength. In test batting too he played 184 inns for an allrounder(longevity) , had almost 81 str: rate from those difficult 80s, played many back to the wall inns for India, was the undisputed best batsman among all rounders against WI in WI(the best team of his era). In one dayers too, he was the top allrounder of the 80s. A brilliant all round fielder, a very good captain( won the world cup at the age of 24 by beating the best one day team in history).He virtually owned that world cup tournament in true all round sense.Has series victory in ENG, a drawn series victory in AUS(if not for whether IND would have won the series),a 2-0 loss in WI etc etc.In both AUS & WI tours Kapil was the top all rounder. All this he achieved with a team with very weak bowling unit. 3. Kumar Sangakkara - Great longevity in both forms of the game.He played in a batting wise weaker SL team compared to India(Sachin's case) .Has great avg:s in both formats(when compared to Sachin it pales) in every country he played in.Had penchant for big scores.Great world cup record( though a fair share of it came in the much batting friendly 2010s).During his final years he had to cope with T20 too and was fairly successful in it too.I think Sanga overall adapted more or less in similar levels to both formats of the game compared to other great contestants Atleast that is what i feel when going thru the stats of these batsmen. So he is placed at 3rd .And he kept wickets for SL too in fair share of matches in both formats. 4.Rahul Dravid - great test batsman with great longevity. Played some really match winning inns for IND both home & abroad.Slightly off the mark in SAF & SL.In one dayers too with over 10000 runs & 39+ avg: he proved to be a very good batsman.Some times kept wickets too. 5. Sunil Gavaskar - One of the best opening( most difficult position) test bats of all time.Great record against quality pace bowling.Equally adept vs spin & swing bowling too.Played some crucial inns for IND both home & abroad.In one days too, his avg: of 35 & over 3000 runs from those difficult 80s & that too opening the inns shows he was a good player.But his slightly off longevity when compared to Dravid in one dayers puts him at 5th. Also first thought of placing Javed Miandad above Sunil.Certainly he was a superior one day player to Sunil.But his weird LBW record ( heard that it was almost impossible to get Javed out LBW in PAK.Though the effect of this on his test career can't be exactly statistically measured, for a fair game lover like me that matters) & its effect on his stats places him below Sunny. Omissions & reasons Dhoni- Definitely an ATG player in my book.A good test batsman with 38 avg: in 90 tests .A legendary one day player & one of the very best finishers of the game.A brilliant one day captain & good wicket keeper too. But his batting alone is not adequate to place him higher than those in 'top 5 '.Yet if captaincy & wicket keeping added he comes really close Imran khan - Despite being a top candidate in such exercises , off late i don't rate him as much as i used to, once.This is because of the clear & strong ball tampering allegations that have come against him. And the final nail on the coffin was struck by his own country man & fellow player Rameez Raja who wrote an article claiming 'ball tampering a patent matter of Pakistani just like whining has been for the ENG & sledging for the Aussies. Any way , even with out taking ball tampering into account, i would have placed Kapil slightly above Imran because of the contexts both players played in and the effects of the contexts on their career stats. And with Rameez Raja's article even my slightest doubts have vanished. I believe in fair play. No unfair tactics to attain greatness.This is the case for both Wasim & Waqar in varying degrees.If not for these allegations underlined by Rameez, Wasim would definitely have been in my top 5.Waqar doubtful though. Muralitharan - chucking controversies.Though cleared in the LABS, the possibility of having chucked in real match situations can't be 100 % neglected, especially his doosra.So doubts still casts shadows.Nevertheless a great player Other notable omissions - V.M.Mankad,Haneef mohammed, Jayasoorya,Sehwag,Inzamam,Mohammed Yousaf ,Laxman,Ganguly,Subhash Gupte,Saqlain,Bedi,Chandra- all very good to borderline great players. Mates .... pls have your choices & reasons for the same
  13. Top 5 asian cricketers

    yes... you are correct. That 'best' word was unnecessary.
  14. Top 5 asian cricketers

    But one important point. Batting is much difficult discipline than bowling. A bowler can make the most serious of mistake in any ball he bowls in an inns.The most result is getting carted for a sixer. Yet the bowler can continue thru the rest of the inns. But what for batsmen?It takes even hours of concentration amidst various huge noises around him in addition to the lightning speed bullets thrown at him to even reach a modest score in an inns. A slightest mistake at any stage, even after getting well set, he is back in the pavilion .So for me batting is much more difficult
  15. Top 5 asian cricketers

  16. Its Lonely at the top

    the notable point in this data is the difference in points between IND & 2nd placed AUS. 15 pts. And 2nd placed AUS leads 7th placed SL by 9 pts only.So a great achievement indeed.
  17. Cook will overtake Tendulkar

    Kapil 'taking extra 50 tests to break Hadlee's record' was a lot better than bottle 'topper' King Khan using bottle tops to attain his bowling avg:s .Atleast in Kapil's case , it was fairplay always
  18. Cook will overtake Tendulkar

    such a weird topic .Yes ... a lot of Indians would be disappointed if such a thing happens. But for that to happen Cook has to be at his level best in the next 6 years or so and get almost 5000 runs more .And i don't think that will be the case. That means, even if he breaks that no: of 15921 , his avg: would have been dropped by a lot.Another case is that, even if Cook manages to beat Sachin's record by maintaining more or less his current avg:, he as a complete batsman would still be lagging Sachin by many a miles. So what is there to be disappointed? But what ever it be, BCCI to intervene to do something about it is the most hilarious way of thinking about it.
  19. Your response is so comically contradictory. But then no wonder... when people get emotional even the wisest ones can make such foolish mistakes.This is because on one side you are asking 'Do you even know that the effects of ball tampering are debatable and unproven?' On another side of the coin you are stating 'he also mentioned that "ball tampering"was widespread amongst all bowlers during his career '. My question here is if the effects of ball tampering are debatable and unproven why was ball tampering widespread amongst all bowlers during his career? Contradiction at its very best .Isn't it? Cricket related personalities like Ian Botham,Alan Lamb,Robin Smith, John Reid, Balwinder Sandhu,Mohinder Amarnath,Maninder singh,Ravi Sastri,Aamer sohail, Shahbaz Sherif,Sarfraz Nawaz, Rameez Raja are all testimony to the fact that Imran was a severe bottle topper. You search in the net using any of above names, 'ball tamper' , 'imran' etc etc you will get detailed reports.Of these the icing on the cake is certainly a Rameez Raja article in cricinfo where he briefly describes 'ball tampering' as some patent material of Pakistani bowlers. So i am just reflecting the sentiments of these several cricket related personalities.
  20. leave aside Sehwag. What unfair tactics did he adopt to boost his batting performance? also i wonder you again asked this question when i gave my reasons so clearly in the earlier message itself.
  21. 'Putrevus' has put forward several valid points. 26 avg: combined with 81 str: rate from those difficult 80s can't be compared to the 26 avg: of now a days.Kapil has played several clutch knocks by literally murdering world quality bowling units almost single handedly from lower batting positions. And this is exactly expected of a lower order batsman. He can't avg: like a top order batsman.Even Sachin or Sunny would be so proud to have Kapil's 2 best knocks of 129 vs SAF & 100* vs WI in their kits. You only need to look into the scorecards to know the context of these knocks. 129 vs SAF was rated as the 6th best knock of all time by wisden. Str: rate has no value in tests?? Then why is Viv Richards is rated so higly ? Kapil put even Viv into shade w.r.t destruction
  22. calling 'a spade' a spade is not discrediting. Only speaking the truth. Great players irrespective of nationality are always appreciated if their 'greatness' is always achieved thru fair tactics. That is why players like Hanif Mohammed are hugely respected even by Indians
  23. yes ...definitely .... but not sure about that '50% effective' . One thing for sure...Cricket world have seen express fast bowlers(much faster than Imran or of the same fastness or slightly less faster) ... the likes of Jeoff Thomson,Lasith Malinga, Javagal Sreenath,Brett Lee,Shoaib Akhtar,Shaun Tait,Mohammed Sami, Wahab Riaz, Ravindra Pushpakumara etc etc ... if we dig out we can trace a lot more from history..all testimony to the fact that 'express pace' alone can't be adequate enough to be a great bowler & that one needs other skills also along with pace.. Based on this factor, it is sure that Mr: bottle top Imran would have benefitted substantially from the use of his 'reliable partner'. You are correct... based on the performance of the PAK bowlers now a days , it is not out of place to imagine that Imran would have been reduced to even 50% effectiveness in these multi camera days. But our padosis still chest thump with out any bit of shame about this certified cheater.Padosi 'passion sites' are full of such glorifying songs about this bottle topper.Even a lot of Indians still glorify this man as a near perfect allrounder .But for me, not any more... I am sure , i am in the company of many.
  24. Of late , never rate that bottle top Imran very highly.

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