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  1. I don't think your accusing of Sachin "never had penchant of scoring humongous runs series after series" is true.There are 21 or 22 series in which Sachin scored >=100runs/test. Agreed that Sachin's highest series aggregate was 493 in that 2008 AUS series.But that was not Sachin's fault. It just happend that in his peak(starting from 93 ENG series to 2010 SAF series) Sachin played only 6 'more than 3 tests' test series.And in several of the other '3 or less tests' series Sachin scored hugely.Can Sachin be blamed for those series being so short???????
  2. Agreed that the number of 50+ avg: ing batsmen are not much when compared to those of Sachin's days. Yet you find much lesser <25 avg:ing bowlers now a days implies only one thing, the general standard of test batting & bowling has decreased.The abundance of sub 25 avg:ing bowlers during Sachin's days were not only because of them being of higher standards in general but also due to much condusive bowling conditions.Both combined to make test batting lot tougher those days.Naturally in these T20 based batting freindly conditions 'limited overs' batting has become much easier.That is why we don't find a rapid increase in the number of 50+ avg:ing test batsmen, but consider the number of 50+ avg:in one day batsmen.In 90s there was only one Bevan and that too with a very low str: rate.Today??? Dhoni,Kohli,ABDV,Amla,Babar ,Root etc etc all avg: 50+ in one dayers .So the lack of proportional increase in the no: of 50+ avg:ing test batsman implies only one thing, that is the general test batting standards have regressed and that is well reflected in the form of '50 to even 55' avg:s in one dayers. To put it more precise take Dravid.His avg: of 52.3 is far worth than Kohli's 53.74 for me,because that avg: was made against 'higher caliber bowlers & tougher batting conditions in general combined'.I have seen Dravid dancing to the tunes of Mcgrath,Warne, Akram etc etc in tougher batting conditions. On the other hand Dravid has only around 39 avg: in one dayers compared to Kohli's 55+. But based on the difference in avg:, can we conclude that Dravid was proportionally lesser one day player to Kohli? No, I simply can't.Let alone Dravid, even Lara avg:ed around 40 .Amla avg:s around 50.To consider that Lara was only around 80% an one day player as Amla (40/50 = 80%) is as sense less as it can get.Similarly just because Kohli avg:s 53.74 to Dravid's 52.3 in tests , to think that Kohli is better test player than Dravid is out of my cricketing sense.Naturally Smith who is the best test batsman of current generation , because of avg:ing 62+ is lot closer to say a Ponting or Dravid as a test batsman despite considerabe difference in averages.In short , in general the 90s batsmen were lot closer to now a days batsmen in one dayers despite convincing differences in averages.And 90s batsmen were superior test batsmen in general despite more or less even avg:s when compared to now a days batsmen.Smith being at 62+ in tests is comparable to Ponting,Dravid,Kallis,Lara ,Sanga etc etc.
  3. Spot on.Some people speak as if Smith was in the situation of 'Sachin to chase 359 against Mcgrath and co in SAF in world cup finals'. Infact Smith had it so easy in each of those 3 matches in each and every aspect...no pressure of expectations, no big total to chase, no ATG quality opposition bowling,no tough batting conditions what so ever.The only pressure was that they were world cup matches & AUS had already won it 4 times.Even with the likes of Amla & Devilliers , the pressure of expectations of 'getting it for the first time' can be associated, but not with Smith.
  4. A brilliant batsman with out a shadow of doubt on a spree of mountain load of runs.Having said that I think teams need to go the Rangana Herath way to tackle him effectively.Herath dismissed him 5 times in 6 inns in SL.Smith often commits to offside by shuffling across even before the ball reaches him . A Herath type bowler combined with relentless attack out side the off stump seems the effective method against him.
  5. Madan lal- Rohit sharma shud bat at 3 in SA test series

    Madanlal literally getting mad here
  6. India opt out of warm-up game ahead of SA Tests

    Any way nothing of worth from this formal practice match against a c class SAF team. Instead the Indians can themselves form 2 teams and play against each other on the greenest of pitches.That will give enough match practice.
  7. 66 inns of utter mediocrity.Still playing.Don't know what is wrong with the team management.So better to take chances with new comers than these proven failures like Kartick,Ishant,Umesh etc etc
  8. Fielding .... no need to look further.Dropping 5 catches and not expecting such records?????????Cricket is a momentum game especially with batsmen.When the batsman is new at the crease the momentum is completely with bowler.There the fielders need to capitalise by supporting bowlers. Then the batsman gets more and more into rythm by building on the chances he earlier got.Once well set the momentum is fully with batsman.So not a surprise that such a record is set after dropping Anjelo on 3
  9. Unexpected set of series performances for Ashwin?

    India needs to give adequate breathing space to Ashwin & Jadeja .Too much work density is having an effect on Ashwin.Ashwin need to bat at 8th position.He is no Laxman(specialist bat) .
  10. Has the Declaration come little too late?

    think it was more of an experiment by Kohli. He opted for 6 batsmen in an attempt to get Rahane back into form.Also he didn't need to loose this test either and also wanted to get Rohit prepared for SAF TOUR.Hence included 2 pacers & 2 spinners only, it seems.This resulted in the lack of an extra spinner .
  11. Ajinkya Rahane's weakness against spin

    This man averages 54+ in first class cricket & has 29 100s.That means if we remove his international stats(avg: of 45+) from this , his remaining stats(mostly domestic) gets even more impressive.Naturally he would have played quality spin bowling a lot in ranji trophy and other NATIONAL first class cricket on rank turners.Yet when playing for India he is so mediocre. This is irony at its very best and such a disappointing trend because of him being the most reliable batsman in overseas tough assignments. Reasons?????
  12. Bumrah deserves a chance and rightly so.But Kuldeep needed to be there.
  13. Who is 4th best test batsman ever for India?

    as of now its VVS. Scored over 8700 runs at 46+ from that 6th down position.Also has evenly balanced record in all countries unlike Sehwag.More over he has played some epic match winning inns .Kohli might eventually overtake him
  14. What a Declaration .. !

    sense less declaration ....Should have batted a lot more overs and should have only given SL some 25 overs at best.
  15. Sachin Tendulkar v Virat Kohli in Tests

    Virat is a bit similar to Lara.When scores a 100, he tends to make big.But Sachin is the ultimate all condition player
  16. I was speaking in terms of bowlers with <25 avg:. For instance take 90s. Mcgrath,Warne,Ambrose,Walsh,Bishop,Donald, Pollock,Akram,Waqar & Murali. And there were several slightly lower level bowlers too.Today's bowlers pales in comparison to them
  17. Great going by Kohli. Yet despite the likes of himself & Smith scoring bucket loads of runs and avg:ing big day in day out, one truth that can't be neglected is that the general standard of bowling is so below par when compared to that of the 80s and 90s.
  18. Even after getting banned by the ICC for ever for chucking,this fraud do not even take into account the fact that that ball he bowled to Sachin was a 'dead ball' at the first place.
  19. shame less person who don't deserve to open his mouth to talk about cricket after cheating for so long trying to be smarter.
  20. This is India's best chance to win a series overseas.

    Not telling that Kuldeep would be cent percent success there. Yet , I think he is an unknown whose 'chances of being effective' need to be closely analysed by having his methods compared with those of Warne's and then taking a decision upon him.This is very important because of him being highly unorthodox by being a chinaman who turns the ball big. And I think Jadeja is a must.Kuldeep or Ashwin or both is the question.
  21. This is India's best chance to win a series overseas.

    Effective use of spinners is a very important factor.Think Kuldeep can play the role of 'Warne vs SAF' to highly effective extends.Jadeja being a left hander and having proven some thing there too can be quite effective.Ashwin has yet to prove a lot there. Similarly Rahane needs to find form soon.Then we have a chance.
  22. Sachin Tendulkar v Virat Kohli - who is better ODI batsman?

    Sachin is still the better one day batsman. Reasons - longevity. There is a stretch in Sachin's career starting from when he opened, where he played 249 inns on the trot , avg:ed 49 at a str: rate of 89. To avg: 49 facing several sub 25 avg:ing bowlers is like avg:ing around 54 against now a days bowlers. To add to that Sachin has played several masterful tournament knock out inns including finals. All these,amidst intense pressure of all sorts from all quarters, the levels of which not any player ever had to cope with in the history of the game till now.
  23. Steve Smith better test BATSMAN then Sachin

    Aamen "PAKISTANI" brother
  24. In one dayers Indian players face a lot more pressure than Aussie players.And general over all team strengths especially in bowling too influence that pressure factor. But in tests I agree that Ashes creates more pressure.But if it is against Pakistan the situation would be far more intense for Indian players which is not happening as of now.
  25. Hope you are not joking.130 billion people of which fair share are game lovers.Even among them are a fair share who are not educated enough and emotional.Players are even forced to disguise themselves in public. Almost all of the time cricket grounds get jam packed whether if be any format. The pressure of expectations Sachin faced was unreal.Spectators even wished for an Indian wicket to fall so that Sachin would come to the crease as early as possible.Do you know that? On the other hand Aussies are only around 1.5 crore of them.Most of them are understandably educated and sensible enough to treat a game as a game.More over Aussies have lot of other games of interest .That is why Aussie players can freely mingle in public.There public respect their players but not adore them as stars.Nor do the Aussie players get their homes stoned if a game of cricket is lost. " fans trying to somehow knockout opponent players in bar"'-not sure an instance of such incident ever happend though players get into animated exchanges.Yes Aussies care about ashes.But i don't think Aussie players generally face that much pressure in world cups.Infact for Smith every thing was to his advantage.The Aussie bowling as ever was of the normal high standard of theirs.Smith was only one of the rookie batsmen in the team.Aussies already had 4 world cup wins in their kits which was higher than that of any other country.In the semifinal where he scored big he faced a sub standard Indian bowling unit that too batting first.In the other 2 matches he was facing a moderate target each time.And in both matches other batsmen contributed too.So I don't get as to what sort of pressure was Smith facing apart from that those where world cup knock outs.Pressure is what Sanga faced in his last world cup knock out.Being the best batsman of the team and having lost 2 consecutive finals before , Lankan game lovers expected a lot from him. But he couldn't cope with that.Similar is the case with Saf players who carries the choker tag on their shoulders despite SAF always being a top tier team.

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