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  1. rtmohanlal

    Oops ... Bancroft did a pakistan

    Imran knew how to cheat with out caught????????? It was his sheer luck that he was born in those time periods with far lesser technology w.r.t cameras as opposed to what we are witnessing now a days.Poor Banchroft couldn't escape with even a silly small piece of tape like thing even in his first attempt. Then imagine the fate of a chronic cheater who brought bottle tops and the likes into the play ground regularly.I wouldn't be surprised at all if i knew that he had brought even knives into play .
  2. rtmohanlal

    Remember the date? 2003.03.23

    the point of this thread??????
  3. rtmohanlal

    Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    Infact , i don't think there has been any other bowler in the history of the game who got directly or indirectly accused for tampering by more than 10 people that includes fellow players,opposition players,umpires ,cricket analysts etc etc
  4. rtmohanlal

    Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    exactly .....I also got banned from that site for telling the truth.There we can't utter a word accusing their legendary Kaptaan of ball tampering.Then that post will get deleted.On the other hand they can degrade Indian players to any lower levels. I couldn't tolerate it and retaliated with harsh words that resulted in my ban.As you said there are some Indians who doesn't mind all those at the expense of staying there which people with self esteem can never ever cope with.
  5. rtmohanlal

    Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    To be precise, opening threads 'accusing Sachin of all people tampering' in these moments is the most dumbest thing a Pakistani could ever commit.After all Sachin was legally & officially cleared of tampering by the ICC that time itself. Secondly , the legacy of Sachin as a legendary player wouldn't lose by even a bit because his credentials are based on the extremely most difficult discipline of the game, ie: batting. His bowling was just an icing on the cake.But then.... some of these padosis are as foolish and shameless as it can get because of not even having the minimum common sense to realise that it is going to boomerang on them by the legacy of their own so called 'legendary phaast bowlers' getting questioned.
  6. rtmohanlal

    Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    And as a matter of 'divine inevitability' threads regarding 'greats of Indian cricket related to tampering' have sprung up in padosi passion sites.And as always , it getting boomeranging on their own 'legendary phaast bowlers' and hence some of the 'blasphemy posts especially related to the great pioneer Kaptaan' getting deleted is happening there. Uttering a negative word against Kaptaan is blasphemy there.
  7. rtmohanlal

    Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    pathetic highly partial crowd behaviour, sledging like a pack of mad stray dogs, brain fades and now this. But then ... these shameless Aussies have excuses for every thing. And foolish 'brain fade' Smith even don't know as to how to tell lies with the watching spectators not grasping that they are utter lies indeed. leadership team .....with out that thug coach Lehmaan??????... 100 % sure ... he is one of the chief master minds behind all these. And this is the first time?????? No.... every chance that this has already happend several times. Now that he is trapped like a 'hare in front of floodlight' Smith do not have any other option but repent in front of the camera. If this is the case in these multi camera days, what would have been the amount of tampering done by the pioneer great padosi Kaptaan Khan????Not surprising to imagine that he would have brought even knives along with him every time he stepped on the ground. And all these ,raises a lot in my esteem the great Kapil Dev who never resorted to those cheap unethical tricks.
  8. rtmohanlal

    Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    We can't say that with 100 % accuracy. Who would have thought that the mighty WI(perhaps the GOAT team) get uprooted in the final by the then ' border line minnow' India in 83 world cup???
  9. rtmohanlal

    B*Desh Fan lost his mind

    it is fake. i think some Pakistanis are acting here.Except the guy, all others around him are laughing.
  10. rtmohanlal

    Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    that nagin dance is enough never ever to support BAN. The entire team, even one of the coaching staff (i think it is ex player Masood) is seen participating in that ugly OTT celebarations. And all these.... just for a very low prestige T20 league match win. I fear to think what would be it like if they win the world cup by any chance !
  11. OTT , this time at the other end.... these guys will never learn
  12. it is 'relieved' more than 'happy' that BAN lost the game. Otherwise their chest thumping( both of players and fans) would have been unbearable for the rest of the cricket world to withstand
  13. rtmohanlal

    KKD hatsoff

    DK was brilliant today. Hats off. Games are some times won or some times lost. But yet, it is annoying to see the chest thumping of these Bangladeshis. Thanks to DK for avoiding that to happen.
  14. rtmohanlal

    20 years back, on this day - Tendulkar outwits Warne

    yes.... that is the best way to deal with such frauds... 'never respond to their posts' . Hope all sensible posters here be aware of this fact.
  15. rtmohanlal

    20 years back, on this day - Tendulkar outwits Warne

    For these sort of people, big hundreds are defined by only 'numerical value',no importance to the context these inns are achieved like quality of opposition,bowling strength , home or abroad etc etc. That's why a 201 of Sehwag vs SL would always be better than the 169 of Sachin vs SAF for them.
  16. rtmohanlal

    20 years back, on this day - Tendulkar outwits Warne

    And we can find even 'mad stray dog level' posts too.To be more precise suppose that there are multiple functions going on and speeches are conducted on all of these functions. As far as a mad stray dog is concerned , what ever comes from each of these areas are mere noises and it will just bark along with these noises. Here too ,we can see such 'blind anti Sachin' comments in topics that have nothing related with Sachin.Just as is the case of that stray dog, for like minded posters, each and every topic is an oppertunity to bash Sachin. To our misfortune, some time fall into this trap of responding, however strongly restraint ourselves from doing so.
  17. rtmohanlal

    20 years back, on this day - Tendulkar outwits Warne

    Heard that Gary Kirsten was a brilliant tournament final player and his stats in one day finals is out of the world. Let us hope, that too would come into play for pitting against Sachin by any of these Sachin bashers soon.
  18. rtmohanlal

    Was Viv Richards only 2nd to Bradman at his best?

    so what... it is normal that ex players use to praise talented youngsters.What do you expect Viv to say?? To chest thump that he was batter than all batsmen????
  19. rtmohanlal

    Was Viv Richards only 2nd to Bradman at his best?

    Viv took on fastest of fast bowlers with out ever wearing a helmet.Yet avg:ed 50+ in tests.And GOAT in one dayers. So all in all , yes he is the 2nd GOAT.
  20. rtmohanlal

    20 years back, on this day - Tendulkar outwits Warne

    But then..... nothing matters to these blind Sachin haters.How ever clearly facts are conveyed to them , they will come back with the same senseless bull ****, because that is their sole intention.
  21. rtmohanlal

    20 years back, on this day - Tendulkar outwits Warne

    I repeat........projecting another batsman's slight brilliance over Sachin in one batting factor, then completely neglecting Sachin's convincingly better brilliance over the other batsman in another batting factor .......this is the basic principle on which every Sachin hater or every person who opposes Sachin operates.And you are no different.
  22. rtmohanlal

    20 years back, on this day - Tendulkar outwits Warne

    " You can keep your views but they don't stand up against any objective qualitative measure " - I accept that I am not any authority, but then who are you to make up things like these???? not worth to discuss further.
  23. rtmohanlal

    Batsmen for whom you will pay to watch their batting

    Anwar , Hooper, Mark Waugh,Damien Martyn,Laxman - most elegant to watch ...... real artists but naturally took too much risks and hence lacked consistancy and ended up being 'very good batsmen' at best. Sachin - slightly lesser elegant but great to watch.Played some of the most difficult shots ......Back foot punch of good length deliveries to fast bowlers thru mid off and covers .... he made those too easy and such joy to watch. And then flick off pads and straight drive... Ponting - his pull & hook shots were out of the ordinary Sure some other batsmen too were so better to watch but the above players stood out for me in that order
  24. It is not delusion, if we take the adversities I pointed out into account, Kapil was a lot better than his end avg: of 29.64. I would place him at 26.85 avg: . Now even that is not enough to be better than Imran's avg: of 22.81 , going by simple logic.But then comes the fair play factor.Going by testimonies of several cricket related people who played along with & against Imran,who were closely associated with Imran, there is no doubt that the 'amount of positive effects of ball tampering' on Imran's career avg: was considerably large. When you take that also into account, I would never blame any one if he considered Kapil even better to Imran
  25. yes .... sorry , i meant against WI in WI . That carries a lot of weightage.

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