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  1. rtmohanlal

    Replacements of FAB4

    Kohli & Rahane are the 2 vital components required for a quality top 6. All the others' records are so pathetic.Even Rahul who has played 3 series in SENA already is way too inadequate. If this is the sort of selection policy the team management keeps on adopting, then there is no scope of team doing well in further series in SENA too. Provide a rookie talented youngster 3 series each in SENA. If he fails in all 3 like Rahul did , then it should be curtains for him . Out of 4 in SENA , a fresh talent should emerge with being brilliant in atleast 2 of the 4. Other wise he is inadequate to form that vital component of the top 6. Compare that to the previous era. Sachin,Dravid,Sourav,Sehwag ,Laxman all were successful in 2 of their first 4 series in SENA + WI of those times. No wonder they formed such a great batting unit and won & drawn several series abroad during their times.
  2. ok ... you stick with your logic .... because I am not at all interested in arguing to prove a point or some thing like that. And I shall stick on with my justifications for placing Rahane far higher than Pujara... no problems
  3. rtmohanlal

    Rahul Pant Partnership

    and left right combo adds up to it
  4. For me this is the most important fact : Pujara still remains mediocre in all of SENA + WI despite several series in these countries and that says a lot about his general calibre to master those alien conditions. Infact it has been 8 series till date to these 5 alien countries combined and he remains absolutely mediocre in all of these 5 countries!!!!!!!!!!! You believe in what ever you feel of him , but sorry, for me this track record is faaaar from adequate. On the other hand, Rahane has been so brilliant in 4 out of these 5 countries till date. And to me, Rahane convinces me far more in future series in these alien countries than Pujara.
  5. this . Kohli deserved his chances to play in this ENG series because he has been so brilliant in all of SENA except ENG . Similar was the case with Rahane too, but unlike Kohli he couldn't turn it around this time , for which he can be exempted because to be brilliant in all alien countries is an exception rather than a norm. Pujara still remains mediocre in all of SENA + WI . Time to move on from him much intensely than the case is with Rahane
  6. Of these, Pujara played a very small share of 14 inns in 7 tests only in SENA where he avg:ed a paltry 29. Rahane too avg:S only 26.16 from 6 tests in SENA during the same period, but the difference is that he played 10 of those 12 inns in ENG, his bogey team and 2 in SAF where it was so much bowler friendly this time. This shows how Pujara's avg: is highly boosted by performance in ASIA where as Rahane was only good in ASIA with a 36+ avg: . So both players are off from the adequate ' level' required of them .But I would prefer to keep Rahane in the team a lot more than Pujara because of his over all track record in SENA because it is very difficult to find batsmen who has played so brilliantly in 3 out of 4 in SENA till date.
  7. absolutely spot on .... for me this hack along with Dhawan & Shami are the 3 main culprits for India's repeatedly bad series results in SENA. Pujara 's record as you pointed out is the worst for some body having played such high no: of series in SENA . Even in WI his record is below avg: . And even more strange is that some of these arm chair experts do not find any fault with him. They blame Pandya(has great stats for a bowler alone in the series and out performed Stokes in ENG as an all rounder), Ashwin(as all rounder his contribution was adequate in ENG) & Rahane(who only went a bit off from his normal avg: standard in ENG, his bogey team).
  8. yes .... he can be the VVS Laxman of current era.... a test specialist. It all depends on how he is managed by the management and more importantly how he manages himself. If he goes behind extra money from cheap t20 leagues his test career is sure to regress.Other wise he can improve a lot because the ability is there.
  9. rtmohanlal

    Replacements of FAB4

    what ever it is, Rahane's avg:s of 57,54,53.2 & 29.26 in SENA is far more rounded than that of Ganguly's 65.35, 36.14 , 34.80 , 27.71
  10. Of all 4 in SENA, Rahane has been mediocre only in ENG as of now. It is understandable because each and every batsman has their bogey countries. Laxman was brilliant in AUS ,but was only mere good in ENG. Dravid was great in ENG , but average in SAF, Ponting always remained below avg: in IND . We need to evaluate Rahane too based on that .Before this tour Rahane avg:ed 33 in the last tour of ENG . Now he avg: almost 30 only in ENG over all. Can happen. His only problem is ENG.
  11. rtmohanlal

    Replacements of FAB4

    Sourav's avg: need to evaluated based on his 5th position.And his record in SENA + WI combined was better to that of Sehwag even going by mere stats despite him avg:ing over all 42 only because of that 5th position.Yes, if we take all factors into account, then Sehwag might be better to him .But yet, Sourav because of the first factor that carries the most weightage was lot closer to Sehwag as batsman than plain over all averages suggest.
  12. for me it is not Rahane from the list, it is Pujara who needs to be dropped apart from the other 2 obvious choices. All right Rahane 's past 2 years record is not good overall . But his away performance in the last 3 years has been very good with 46+ avg: .
  13. rtmohanlal

    Replacements of FAB4

    spot on. Only 2 from this list are worth a comparison to those FAB 5(Sourav included) , that is Virat to Sachin & Rahane to Sourav. All others are worthless . comparing Rahane to Sourav can raise eye brows, but they avg: more or less same and in alien conditions too they are almost neck and neck.But Rahane needs to rectify his regressing stats ASAP.
  14. rtmohanlal

    Rahul Pant Partnership

    i believe him to be an ATG..... and general perception too is that Dhoni is a certified one day ATG batsman. If you think other wise , so be it.
  15. rtmohanlal

    Series positives?

    Pant emerged as some one who belongs to. Kohli emerged as complete batsman Hardik Pandya,Ravindra Jadeja & Ashwin proved they can be worth as all rounders in alien countries too Pujara,Shami,Rahul,Kartik proved that 'we need players who turns out to to be great in at least 2 of SENA in the first cycle itself ' so that they can form vital components of the team there by team can win/draw/lose narrowly in these countries.If proven inadequacies like the above said names are persisted with, convincing defeats are the inevitable results series after series in SENA. On the contrast Sachin/Saurav/Dravid/Laxman/Sehwag are the testimonies to what I said. Those days it was not SENA, we can add WI & ZIM(led by Andi Flower) too into that list .Not only that 2 or 3 of these test batsmen need to be highly succesful in one dayers too. And of course bring in as much as left right combo in batting as possible. Sastri is worth only as a useless parasite Kohli is not that worth a captaincy material even w.r.t tosses. Fast bowlers bowled brilliantly. Dhawan is an utter failure as a test opener and need to be replaced with some deserving candidate ASAP(the most chronic disease of all that needs immediate surgery).
  16. rtmohanlal

    Rahul Pant Partnership

    so, in a discussion w.r.t test 100, we can't say that Dhoni is an over all ATG player . Isn't it? Brilliant logic!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Not looking for excuses. It is a fact that winning the toss has a fair share of influence in the out come of a test. Naturally to loss all the tosses , it adds up a lot. Even by law of averages we could have at least won 2 tosses.......... but !!!! Now just asking .....what if we had won all the tosses??? I think we would have at most lost 2-3 .Thoughts
  18. rtmohanlal

    Rahul Pant Partnership

    Did I say that???
  19. rtmohanlal

    Rahul Pant Partnership

    Dhoni for all his performances combined in all formats is a certified ATG. An avg: of 38 in tests for a wicket keeper is a ' very good' category performance. And add his legendary ODI status and being a highly successful captain in ODIs & being a great WK , he is right up there.
  20. rtmohanlal

    Is Ravi Shastri really reason we lost series?

    Shastri too had a role to play in selecting Dhawan ,Kartik & Pujara knowing that they have been till date mediocre players.So from the moment he started as the coach and till the moment just before this series started, he needed to trace out fresh talents by giving them chances in lower priority matches, and he didn't do that.That's why, when Vijay unforunately got sooo out of form India had to rely on this hack Dhawan to guide rookie Rahul.Rahul's selection was ok because he still deserved his chances and proved to be inadequate by failing in 9 out of 10 inns.We can't blame Shastri w.r.t Rahul . And Pujara..... he too was not the ideal choice..... some highly talented youngster who performed some what brilliantly & some what established till date needed to occupy his place too when the series was to take off. And Kartik ....proven mediocrity was selected , don't know on what basis???? So in hindsight Pant,Vihari & another highly talented youngster(most probably be Shaw or Iyer) would have been playing this series right from the start of this series had it for been another sensible coach than this moron parasite Shastri
  21. should be no where near test team
  22. what about technique of Border,Steven Waugh,Graeme Smith,Chanderpaul,Younis khan, Steven Smith, Javed Miandad,Justin Langer etc etc??? I can give lot more names...
  23. infact I pointed to Dravid, Ganguly,Laxman & Sehwag. We have the current version Sachin in Kohli. For instance it is doubt ful whether to call Dravid so much naturally talented, but his technique & temperament!!!!!!!!! Similarly Ganguly & Laxman were like duck into water in ENG & AUS respectively. Sehwag far far better version of Pujara.So i basically meant to trace out those sort of batsmen.If the system can provide 4 such players with in a period of 5 years, why can't it do it again??? But.. of course the effort of trial and error needs to keep on continuing till such players are found .
  24. Pujara and Rahane are both short term options as of now, as was Vijay. But sooner we find adequate replacements in the form of exceptional talents we need to phase out them, especially Pujara. With Rahane at least his record in 3 out of 4 in SENA is still great. But his record in last 2 years is a bit off.
  25. rtmohanlal

    Rahul Pant Partnership

    more than any thing ,this shows the importance of a left-right combination at the crease. And the advantage of this is not minimal either because it is not at all easy for a running in fast bowler to adjust his line continuously in such a scenario. And Pant ....he achieved what even an ATG like Dhoni could never achieve, a 100+ in SENA....that too in his first series before even he turns 21. Hope the team management manages him well for the benefit of the team. Not so convinced with Rahul though.

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