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  1. some what similar to Kumble. A swing version of Kumble.Yeah 500 wkts is a bloody good achievement.But he had all the support in the world with Stuart Broad & a few others in the team .Also a great disparity between home & away performances just as was the case with Kumble.So at the least a very good bowler. Not definitely in the top 10.... perhaps may be in top 20.
  2. White Wash ....!

    and to add to all that, this SL team whitewashed the Aussies only 1 year back in SL makes this complete dominance a lot more serious than what it is generally being perceived.
  3. Dhoni is a certified ATG of the game. A legendary one day batsman by being a brilliant chaser & finisher,a clutch player,great wicket keeper,good test batsman & a very good captain who has several achievements to his credit.All in all an ATG player.
  4. Kohli's record is absolutely great.But still he needs to prove a bit more in tournament crunch situations in one dayers.Having said that it really surprises me as to why he could'nt repeat his amazing clutch performances in T20 tournaments into one dayers which are relatively slow paced!!!.Yes... he has time in his hand and hope he rectifies that.
  5. 1.Sachin 2.Sunil 3.Dravid 4.Sanga
  6. Agree with all except that not only Shakib but the likes of Kapil,Botham,Sobers Kallis,Imran,Tony Greig,Vinoo Mankad,Keith Miller etc etc too could have walked into teams with either skill. For instance take some one like Botham. He avg:ed 33.54 after 102 tests.Bowlers he faced were FAB4,Walsh,Akram,Imran,Hadlee,Lillee etc etc.All avg:ing under 25.Now how many avg: under 25 except Steyn? .The likes of Jadeja ,Ashwin ,Rabada etc etc would soon be avg:ing way past 25 once they start to play lot more in unfavourable conditions.I am sure the mean avg: of top 10 bowlers Botham faced would atleast differ by 2 from what is the case with Shakib.That being the case Botham's 33.54 would be atleast 37.54 of today's(2 difference in bowling avg: equals 4 difference in batting avg:)And we need to add in other factors too like comparatively lower str: rates in the 80s etc etc.These are the reasons I believe some one like Botham is lot closer to Shakib as a batsman then the difference in plain avg: suggests. Similarly a lot with others too.
  7. Shakib's avg: outside Bangladesh is hugely boosted by the record in WI vs a real minnow 2nd rated side.If you take that out, that avg: drops to around 36.5
  8. Shakib is Tony Greig type of all rounder.A slightly better batsman than a bowler .And 17 5 fors is a bit misleading because only 3 of them are away from home against non minnows.But despite him being averaging 40+ he only has 5 100s.Naturally we would expect more 100s than 5 fors from such a type of all rounder. This indicates only one thing.A track record characterised by having played vast number of matches at home when compared to abroad. Another thing is that when you take all rounders like Kapil,Botham, you need to judge their batting based on the bowler friendly era they played, their bat position, style of play(aggressive especially Kapil etc etc). That adds up a lot more to their batting performances when measured against todays yardsticks.Likes of Kapil,Botham,Sobers Kallis etc etc are were eligible for this criteria in their periods.The likes of Tony Greig,Vinoo Mankad & Keith Miller too.
  9. the base of the matter is whether it affected the opposition team in any way or not, whether it be while playing in the ground or while being in the country. The base of the matter is that a set of people could create mental disturbance to the oppostion team while playing in a particular country.That is all it matters.
  10. Ranatunga should remember his own team's fate of getting seriously attacked in Pak a few years ago.Terrorists or not , it happend in PAK .Another instance is the one in India's tour of PAK in 89 when an 'one day match' as a whole was rejected due to crowd behavior.What not a psychic spectator came to the crease and tried to attack Indian captain Sreekanth.All these are worse than what happend any where in India.So Ranatunga just appears as a sore bitter jealousy loser.Nothing else.
  11. on the way to becoming one of the greatest all rounders in the history of the game.
  12. Unnecessary dragging of 'India' into this..
  13. Who is currently best all-rounder in world?

    close call between Shakib & Jadeja ... but goes with Shakib ... since he is more rounded & belongs to a weaker team .Both as them have good records in one dayers too
  14. Countdown to Dhoni's 10K ODI run !!!

    he absolutely deserves it being the great player he is.Badly wish he played 100 tests too
  15. India has improved as a team while playing in the sub continent & Srilanka has regressed a lot as a team
  16. It seems you give so much preference to the factors 'win' & 'really come from behind'. For me both those inns are on a par with that of Dravid's 180.Playing Warne in IND with trailing in 1st inns is not an easy challenge,similarly to chase 400+ in 4rth inns in IND too. At one stage of this 400+ chasing IND was in serious trouble when Dravid fell immediately.And Sachin's inns like (68 & 119* ),(116 & 52),(241*,60*),160 in NZL, 146 in SAF ,136 vs PAK etc too were brilliant inns when other factors too are taken into account.For instance with out (68 & 119* ), IND would have lost 2-0 instead of a fighting loss of 1-0. 241* was scored when a golden oppertunity of winning a series in AUS was at stake.160 won the series,146 enabled to draw a series in SAF for the first time.For me this is a case of 'feeling all greenish on opposite side while staying on one side'
  17. Indian cricket has come along way..stats

    Agreed that the likes of Umesh, Shami, Aaron, Ishant,Bumrah,Pandya and Bhuvi might be bowling in 140+ on the avg: thru out.But from what ever be the sample size we have got , it is clearly evident that the results are far from satisfactory.Only Shami & to some extent Bhuvi comes any where close to that bench mark. They need not be avg:ing under 25 just as the ATG bowlers used to do.But it has to be atleast in the 26-30 range, i mean all four bowlers in a playing eleven. For that I strongly feel the physical attributes which I specified are a must to maintain that intensity thru out.Other wise a few wkt taking deliveries would be followed by even more no: of boundary balls which has been the case with all these bowlers in general. Even Javagal Sreenath & Zaheer Khan bowled consistantly in 140s thru out but ended up as mere good bowlers only.For instance Sreenath with all the talent he possessed would have been an even better bowler had he been more physically well built.What ever it be, if we need to win consistantly abroad such fast bowlers are a must.Any way the batsmen & spinners are ok level .Fast bowling is the problem.
  18. Another thing that comes to mind is that does 'impact' necessarily means 'winning' alone especially because there are other factors too like 'some other players too contributing to the win'.In Dravid's 233 that was Ajit Agarkar. A match that is etched in memory of Sachin is that Melbourne test of 1999.He was the captain.He was chasing a mammoth 405 AUS first inns score. Yet he scored 116 against Mcgrath,Lee, Warne & Fleming.In the 4rth inns too he scored 52.So a total of 168 runs & an avg: of 84.He was the top scorer in the match from either sides.Baring Ponting & M.Waugh who remained not outs in one of their inns and hence avg:ed slightly better , no one avg:ed higher either.And all the others including Dravid were falling like a pack of cards around him.And what not, that was the 2nd test of the series where India after loosing the first one needed to win it so badly. Sachin rose quite emphatically to the most toughest of challenges by all counts.But others all disappointed.So all in all winning has its 'glamour'.But to deceide 'impact' by 'win' alone is not the right way by any means.
  19. I think Sachin's 155* vs AUS in IND & 103* vs ENG in 4rth inns would come on a par with atleast Dravid's 180 in this list.
  20. Indian cricket has come along way..stats

    Genuine out and out fast bowlers are required to win overseas tests regularly .Unfortunately focus of BCCI in this departement even in these days of much prioritised periods for fast bowling is far from upto the mark., it has to be said.Yes India lags in 'physical built' in general when compared to those people from non subcontinental countries.But what we have is a mammoth sample size of 130 crores to choose from.To find out a basic pool of 20-25 well built 6 & half+ feet men and giving proper guidance is not at all a difficult task for the BCCI.I am not saying all such people automatically will develop into quality fast bowlers, but such 'well built' is a basic requirement towards that step. An Agarkar or Chetan Sharma or Ishant Sharma could only be that much how ever talented they would have been because of the lack of the physical attributes required for a fast bowler.
  21. Who told he was so far ahead ??? But certainly he was the best because he got most of the boxes ticked than most batsmen.In that sense the most complete. After 177 tests 14692 runs @ 56.94 avg: .Both home and abroad avg; almost similar. +40 avg:s in all countries for such longevity.which implies more or less equally comfortable against all sorts of bowling & conditions. Hundreds against almost all quality bowlers of his time. In one dayers too that much longevity at very higher avg: & str: rate.Almost rounded avg:s in all countries he played in. Was brilliant in the world cup.Was brilliant in tournament knock outs, finals, semifinals etc etc. That is why he is the most complete.
  22. ha ha ..that element is included in their names being included in ATG category itself..With out that element Kaptaan especially wouldn't have avg:ed with in 25.
  23. Sachin scored 301 runs in that test with out getting dismissed.And AUS narrowly escaped with a draw. If only that Parthiv didn't drop Gillespie very early in AUS first inns.Similarly Sachin scored some 493 iinns in that 2008 AUS series in 4 tests.And we all know about that Sydney test.One thing I agree was that Sachin for some reason or the other was never destined to be a 'the premier contributer' in India's prestige away wins when compared to some one like Dravid.If we take India's major wins during his times in coutries like AUS,ENG,NZL,WI,PAK & SAF we don't see Sachin contributing as much as Dravid in those wins. That one factor on which he had no control is his only blip in his record.In a way he was not destined because he couldn't have controlled Parthiv's & Bucknor's actions & the likes any way. But yet there were some memorable performances like 57 in 89 vs PAK -avoided a possible loss 68 & 119* in 90s vs ENG - turned an almost sure loss into a draw. 193 vs ENG - though leading scorer, Dravid's 148 was slightly more important. 117 vs WIN in 2002 - won the match 71 vs AUS in 2007 -won but Dravid slightly better. 160 vs NZL in 2009- won the match & the series 91 vs ENG in 2007 -top scorer,won the match & the series So,It was just that Sachin didn't have a mammoth knock apart from against NZL in win ,where he was the major contributor.But other than that his record is almost perfect.
  24. and there is some sort of this 'awe inspring & enthralling' to have avg:ed that much against a bunch of 'very high qlty ' ATG bowlers with that much variety.Each and every one of those bowlers were different from one another in so many ways.Yet they were all greats.Those were Hadlee,Imran,Wasim,Waqar,Ambrose,Walsh,Bishop,Donald,Pollock,Steyn,Mcgrath,Warne,Murali & several other very good bowlers too.Even if any one avg: over 65 against a bunch of 'slightly lesser qlty bowlers on the avg:',that can't match a 57 avg: that Sachin achieved after scoring 14692 runs in first 177 tests.
  25. Nor Smith is that much attractive to watch.

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