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  1. Indian batsmen look scared, insecure and uncertain

    I agree that players look insecure,scared,uncertain,mentally not upto the mark at the crease etc etc... but I would only slightly blame Kohli for that.This because the players are getting their chances time and again.Even proven failures like Dinesh Kartik,Parthiv,Ishant,Pujara,Rohit,Dhawan etc etc are getting their chances.That means they are always secured of their status as a national player,though not being able to play all the matches or formats.Yet they are not performing means they themselves are to blame.The previous era players were far better in this aspect.Laxman,Yuvraj,Raina,Dravid where not all format or all match player,yet they were far better prepared at the crease than some of these players. Kohli's fault is not always getting team combination right,not with players not given enough chances.
  2. Kudos to Indian bowlers

    And to think that all from that group except Laxman turned out to be very good to great one day batsmen too speaks volumes regarding the fall in standards of current set of batsmen.Except Kohli they are all one dimensional....And Pujara is far from even being at least one dimensional.
  3. Just 1 batsman

    And no quality left handed batsmen in the team. Firstly, left hand - right hand combination at the crease adds to the variety and makes more tough for the bowlers to adjust.That being the case, top six including 3 left handers is the most perfect .And here not one quality left hander in the team.What is the team management smoking???????
  4. Kudos to Indian bowlers

    Bowlers deserve all the praises.They collectively performed up to the levels required of them.But batting let us down big time.Apart from Kohli, all have been passengers.Sehwag,Dravid,Sachin,Ganguly & Laxman....they played against far better bowling line ups and performed much better .The dip in the standard has been huge.
  5. Just 1 batsman

    Continuous shuffling of the team w.r.t batting did the damage.Playing proven failures Rohit & Dhawan in place of Rahane & Rahul proved to be vital.This dented both Rahul's & Rahane's chances to get accustomed to match situations and get into rythm as early as possible.When will the team managament learn such basic things?
  6. Parthiv Patel just dropped the morale of the whole team...

    Once again underlining the same statement.Never expect much from BCCI & team management.One is bound to get disappointed time and again.They know Saha is the best 'pure keeper' in the country who rarely misses 'chances that can cost lots of runs and negate what ever extra runs a better 'batsman keeper' can put on the board.They knew Saha was brilliant in the first match as a 'pure keeper'(his primary discipline) and he wouldn't be a failure in each and every outing with the bat in the 6 inns he would get to bat.More over they knew 'getting played in the first test would have helped him a lot for the remaining tests'.Yet they dropped him for the proven failure Parthiv who was the main reason for bottling the once in a century oppertunity in AUS in the 2003-04 series.
  7. Parthiv Patel just dropped the morale of the whole team...

    Yet.... an avg: of 33.66 as of now in this series.Not top gear performances like Kohli,Bhuvi & Ashwin
  8. Ishant should never play for india again

    inevitable results of proven mediocres like Ishant being played again and again showing in this series too. Another one is the supposed wall Pujara & mediocre keeper Parthiv
  9. Parthiv Patel just dropped the morale of the whole team...

    On one side, absolute incompetance from Dhawan,Rohit,Pujara,Parthiv On the other side,absolute brilliance from Kohli,Ashwin,Bhuvi Shami,Bumrah,Saha & Pandya,Vijay,Rahul,Ishant in between. Tells the whole story as of now.No wonder we are not able to win ..
  10. My only complaint was the 2 mindedness in the last moments of his inns.Either he should have shown a bit more aggressiveness by taking a few calculated risks and playing a few more shots when the 8th wkt fell itself.Otherwise he should have played as carefully as he did thru out the inns till the end and made the bowlers earn his wkt.Why throw away the wkt unnecessarily????????Any way you can't play for your team mates' blunders,recklessness &incompetence? Isn't it?????
  11. What a champion batsman....soaks all the pressure & leads from the front .Badly wished he showed this kind of maturity and sense in team selection too.But unfortunately too many pedestrians like Pujara,Dhawan,Rohit,Saha giving him company.
  12. Killed the chances of India in the entire series in a single ball.Normally a tortoise with the bat, trying to steal a single of the very first ball as if his life depended on it.Let alone technique and temperament to be successful in alien conditions, does this 'waste of a batsman' possess even a bit of common sense(game sense)????????? Need to be kicked out of the team as early as possible.Wastage of '55 tests investment' by team management.
  13. i think Indian team management needs to get rid of this 'anchor grafter role for the one down spot mentality'.Just because Rahul Dravid became successful in that spot doesn't mean every batsman in that position needs to be like that.Even Dravid was not a complete batsman.And the plus point w.r.t Dravid was that, when he was on song when the conditions and the bowling attack suited his style of play, he made that count immensely that benefitted the team the most.And it is not at all easy to find another Dravid type of player.So a left hander with attractive stroke play to some level of effectiveness as that of 'Lara or Sanga' or a 'Ponting type right hander with even 70% effectiveness' is all that is required for that spot.Pujara is far off from that mark.
  14. a player who is assigned with the least amount of 'workload ,skill sets across formats & necessity to adjust' because of playing only one format.Occupying one of the most vital spots in tests. Yet he fails time and again which emphatically affects the fortunes of the team in abroad conditions.Dropping him for ever is the need of the hour.
  15. This is perfect pitch for Jadeja and Ashwin

    Have been saying this for a while now. Play both of them in the team.They are both chalk and cheese in variety but yet more or less equally effective.And they together provide the efficiency of a 60 avg: batsman.Any way proven failures like Ishant are not the answers, then why not take chances??????
  16. seems this man is taking senselessness to another level.Dropping Bhuvi ....Don't know what to say
  17. Poyyz 74 all out Laugh loud

    That's why ' BCCI & CO '. BCCI and above said entities have some relations & interactions. Isn't it?Naturally the president,selection committee members etc etc of the 'money minded BCCI too have indirect influences on the team results.That is what I intended.For instance, don't the BCCI have the indirect blame on the 'lack of essential preparations' for the SAF tour???
  18. Poyyz 74 all out Laugh loud

    yeah...one of the reasons to never ever expect a lot from BCCI & CO. Not having even the common sense to assume that chasing any descent total against Pakistan would have been huge pressure and there by opting to chase in an all important final against arch rivals.
  19. This interview with Bumrah is frustrating to read

    Moral of the story.....don't place much expectations on these money minded frauds.Then disappointment is the result which has been happening, which is happening & which will continue unless some dramatic changes occur for the good.Let alone experts, every tom dick & harry know that playing some practice matches in more or less similar conditions and pitches immediately before such and important tour would have helped a lot.Instead these frauds chose to play t20 matches with Lanka.
  20. Steve Smith technique

    what I meant is playing quality out and out pace & spin in more bowling favourable conditions. Yes he is convincingly better a test player than other modern day batsmen.Pujara ?????????? it is an insult to others to include this 'waste' along with their names.
  21. Steve Smith technique

    He has got the best method(I won't call that a proper complete technique to counter all conditions & all sorts of bowling by any means). to counter the prevailing generally flat conditions now a days.His supreme hand eye coordination & reflexes make sure his flaws in technique gets converted into advantage for himself in playing on such flat conditions in general.On the other hand the same method would have been his undoing more often if he played on pitches with more pace, bounce.swing etc etc .
  22. drop useless pujara, rohit and dhavan for the good. Play Jadeja too.He along with Ashwin ,Bhuvaneshwar,Saha & Pandya can provide more runs than these 3. Shami,Bhuvi,Ashwin,Jadeja ,Pandya & Bumrah can form 6 bowlers .Then go with 4 batsmen. Going by the averages itself Ashwin+Bhuvi provides the effect of a specialist batsman.Jadeja+Saha forms the effect of another specialist batsman.Hardik is the all rounder.Then 4 batsmen along with 2 specialist bowlers in Shami & Bumrah are only required.
  23. First I thought it to be Smith because of his much superior test record.Almost evenly distributed avg:s in all countries.One negative is the <30 avg: in Bangladesh which is the latest entry into 'non minnow' category.But has scored only 2 100s in the 3rd & 4rth match inns combined.Kohli lags Smith by around 9.5.Also his avg: in ENG: is so pathetic.Kohli has 4 100s in the 3rd & 4rth match inns combined.Just like Smith's over all avg: is convincingly more at home than abroad, Kohli's avg:s too are like that in more or less same proportions. All in all Smith is comfortably ahead in tests.And over all inns they played too is almost the same. But in one days Kohli is far ahead. An avg: difference of 12.5 despite playing more than double the no: of inns than that of Smith.Kohli has 32 100s to Smith's 8. Kohli avg:s 45+ in all countries.Smith has 7 countries where he avg:s <33(In South Africa 1 inns vs Ireland excluded.Also in Bangladesh too he has been paltry even if it was when Bangladesh was minnows). In these days where 50 is the bench mark of greatness in one dayers, this is a very moderate record.More over Kohli's over all avg: is more or less evenly distributed as 58.03 : 54.16 at home : abroad/neutral respectiverly. But for Smith the difference is so glaring.It is 58.8: 32.74.Yes.... Smith has played better impact inns in general when compared to Kohli in world cups , but Kohli too has been brilliant in champions trophy.And Kohli is vastly superior chaser & finisher. And in T20S there is no comparison. Kohli is miles ahead. Though tests carries the most weightage, Kohli's over all limited overs credentials is vastly superior to that of Smith. So it is Kohli for me.Thoughts....
  24. Kohli leads Smith by just about the same measure in limited overs as Smith leads Kohli in tests.Smith scored runs in India. All right, but he flopped in BAN(keep in mind BAN are not minnow any more, they are a lower ranked team) & was just about good in SL. Kohli murdered the same BAN & SL bowlers.'Rank turner' is decided only by 'fielders cooperating with the bowlers'. In that Pune test Smith got not 1 or 2 lives but 6 of them. What would have been a 61 series avg: at the best ended up as 71 as a result. So kudos to Smith, but to down play Kohli, who murdered the same bowlers against which Smith was at the best 'mere good' in the same conditions does not make any sense at all. " Mentos/Hajmola/Kamasutra/Centre Shock/Pan Bahar/Nidahas Trophy" - why such mere senseless emotional statements????? In clutch one day knocks both of them are at par with one another.Both of them played important roles in a world cup final match each.Other than that,if Smith played his role in 2 world cup knock outs, then Kohli also played 3 important knock outs in 'slightly lower to world cup' ICC champions trophy. Apart from that there is no comparison in one dayers. Kohli who avg:s 45+ in all countries he played in, is far ahead.Smith has a paltry 32+ avg: in 'away & neutral matches combined'.And even more paltry is that he avg:es <32 in 6 countries against non minnows.In these batting favourable conditions where 50 avg: is the bench mark, to avg: such less in several countries is a very ordinary track record.And to add to that Kohli is such a successful chaser and finisher of huge totals, a very important feat in inself in limited overs . And in T20S, though much lesser important, it is a no contest. So all in all, as of now I don't find any thing that separates them.
  25. India really fluffed a great chance yesterday

    Things went as expected.Nothing strange. Because this has been happening for years now.A very important tour coming up, greedy BCCI arranges a home series of not only test matches , but limited overs too with Srilanka as a preparation for that tough series ,naturally players have no recent experience of tackling such fast bowling units in adverse conditions and they wilted under pressure. What is so strange in this?Atleast in the 90s , there were some 2 or 3 practice matches with high quality first class teams before tests.

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